Air Raid


Tom put his arm round his mother and as he cuddled into her he felt the warmth from her body seeping through his thin cotton pajamas and immediately his penis was erect. He felt his face growing red in the dark but he couldn't help himself. Jean felt him pushing against her thigh and realised with a shock that her little boy was growing up into quite a man. As she lay there in the dark Tom pushed himself closer to her and within a few minutes he had set up a definite rhythm so she could feel him rubbing himself off against the top of her leg, slowly she turned toward him but the movement stopped him and she felt him draw away from her. Slowly she moved her leg so that Tom could push against the inside of her thigh and soon she felt the shape of his hard young penis grinding into the side of her groin. Within minutes she heard Tom sigh and felt a warm dampness seeping through her skirt, she realised Tom had come and it was only then that she realised what she had done. The following day Jean analysed the nights events and concluded that Tom had only followed his instincts, if anyone was to blame she was but, her husband had been away in the army for the last 4 years and she was still a young woman with all the needs and passion of any healthy female and try as she may she could not feel too guilty at having relieved her son in his time of need. During the next few weeks Tom saw his mother in a different light, he realised that with her dark wavy hair and plump but solid body she was an attractive and desirable woman. Whenever he got the chance he watched her in the hope that he might catch a glimpse of bare flesh but he did not have any luck. His luck changed during the long summer holidays, his mother asked him to help her to change the blackout curtains in her bedroom. The windows were old fashioned and very high, as Jean stood at the top of the step ladders Tom looked up and gasped, he could see right up his mothers skirt. The flesh at the top of her stockings bulged slightly outwards and his gaze travelled upwards to the vee shape of her white cotton knickers. His mother heard him gasp and as she looked down she realised that he was looking up her skirt, she quickly came down the ladder and told him she would finish the curtains by herself. After Tom had left the bedroom Jean was breathing heavily and she was amazed to find herself thinking the most erotic thoughts about her own son, she told herself to snap out of it and turned her mind to finishing the curtains. The following Thursday Jean had bathed the two younger children and put them to bed, then she had fallen asleep on the old sofa. She was woken up by a tickling feeling on her leg, she slowly opened her eyes and saw Tom sitting on the floor by the sofa.

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   His hand was slowly rubbing up towards the hem of her skirt, Jean pretended to still be asleep but by opening her eyes to a slit she could watch her son. Tom's heart was beating so fast and hard he was frightened the noise would wake his mother but he was determined to get another look up her skirt, slowly but surely he pushed the hem of her skirt upwards, past her knees and on towards her thighs until he could see the tops of her stockings. He pushed the material of her skirt higher and then he was rewarded with the most erotic sight he had ever seen in his young life. There was a gap from the top of the stockings to the curved leg of his mother's white cotton knickers, her flesh was pale and plump and Tom's penis was straining at the confines of his short trousers. Jean was curious as to how far Tom would dare to go and she decided to keep up the pretence of sleeping no matter what he did, then to encourage him a little bit she let one of her legs slide sideways opening up the view for her incestuous boy. Tom couldn't believe his luck, he could see the outline of his mother's cunt lips through the faded material of her knickers, he softly called her and touched her leg but she didn't respond. Quickly he took out his hard penis and gently lay on top of his mother, he laid his penis length wise down the outline of her cunt lips and very slowly started to move gently up and down. After a few minutes of this Tom lost himself in his passion and putting his hands on his mother's plump hips he started to grind his hard young penis into the soft fabric of his mother's knickers. Jean was finding it hard to stop herself from responding to the mock shagging by her hard young son but suddenly she felt Tom's hands grip her hips tightly and then with a groan she felt her son's spunk spread across her knickers and soak through. Tom lay on top of his mother not daring to move but when she made no sign of waking he gingerly got up. As he stood there looking down at her he was amazed when he realised that he was getting hard again, his rubbing against her had driven the material of her knickers into her cunt and he could see the full outline shape of her cunt lips, his hand moved down to the elastic of her knickers leg and softly he ran one finger under the material and pulled them to the side. Jean was almost hypnotised wondering how far her son would go when she felt his fingers spreading her cunt lips, it was time to put a stop to this before it went too far so Jean mumbled and pretended to slowly come awake. Tom hurriedly ran out of the room and up to his bed. Jean knew that if she wasn't careful her son would commit incest with her and she determined to be stronger in future. A week later there was another air raid and the family were back in the shelter, within 20 minutes Jean felt her son holding her hand and asking if he could sleep in her bed, she said o.

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  k. and felt him slide into bed beside her. Tom shyly put his arm round his mother's waist and then very slowly he ran his hand down her hips. When his mother made no protest he let his hand slide to the front over her belly and then down over the fabric of her knickers until he could feel the shape of her cunt through the material. Despite her misgivings Jean was becoming excited by the feel of her son's fingers running up and down the lips of her cunt and without realising it she opened her legs to give him easier access. Tom was so excited by this that he pulled his penis out and started to push against his mothers leg, Jean quickly turned round to him and taking his face in her hands kissed him on the lips, Tom groaned in ecstasy and shoving his penis as hard as he could against his mothers belly he shot his spunk all over the front of his mother's knickers. Jean lay there for a few moments then she pulled her son fiercely to her kissing him and telling him she loved him. Tom knew by his mother's reaction that he would be able to explore her body as much as he wanted and letting his male instincts take over he kissed her and moved his hand down in between her legs. As his fingers pulled her knickers to one side and he played with her cunt he felt his mother's hand take his penis and rub him back to hardness. Feeling bold he whispered to his mother that he wanted a shag, Jean pulled him over on top her and holding her knickers over with one hand she guided his hard young penis into her cunt with the other. She was surprised to find that the head of his prick stretched her cunt lips and then as he drove it fully into her she gasped at the length. Tom pistoned his prick in and out of his mother's cunt shagging her for all he was worth, the feel of her knickers rubbing against his shaft excited him so that he shot his sperm into his mother within minutes. Both mother and son fell into a light sleep and by the morning the 2 younger children had joined them in bed. Jean quickly roused them all and returned to the house to prepare breakfast, during the course of the day nothing was said about the previous nights events but the looks that passed between mother and son were full of erotic promise and passion. After the two younger children had been put to bed and the blackout curtains had been drawn Jean and her young son went into her bedroom and undressed for bed.

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   Tom pulled his mother down onto the bed and kissed her while his hands roamed all over her body then he spread her legs and shoved his hard prick up her cunt, he found his rhythm and within seconds his mother was moaning in delight and urging him on telling him to shag her a hard as he could. As his mother orgasmed Tom shot his incestuous spunk up into her womb. Two months later Jean knew she was pregnant, she was carrying her own son's baby. To avoid any scandal she packed the children off to Kent to stay with her sister and she returned to her parent's farm in Wales. When she explained to her mother and father that she was pregnant Jean was upset to find that her mother rejected her and said she could fend for herself, but her father told her she could stay and he would support her and the baby. Jean would often cry during the next few weeks and Ted, her father decided it was time to talk. The opportunity arose when Jean's mother went to market. Ted called Jean into the barn to talk and to find out who the father of the child was. They sat in the hay loft and when Ted asked about the baby Jean burst into tears and confessed everything. To his horror Ted found that instead of being disgusted, he was excited and felt his prick begin to harden in his trousers, he put his arms round his daughter and pulling her to him, he let her cry on his shoulder. As her sobs subsided Ted made soothing sounds and slowly his hands started to roam over Jean's body. Jean stiffened but did nothing to stop her father as his hand slowly travelled up her leg and then onto her thighs, Ted couldn't help himself, his hand smoothed the skin of his daughter's thighs and then reached the elastic leg of her knickers, he deftly pulled them over and slid his finger inside his daughter's cunt. He slowly started to massage her slit and Jean, despite her horror became aroused, her father encouraged by this moved over his daughter and pushed her skirt up over her hips. Releasing his now swollen prick from his trousers Ted looked down at his daughter and told her it was time she was shagged by a real man and not some young boy, Jean pulled her knickers over to one side and then her father placed the tip of his swollen prick on the entrance to her cunt, as he slowly started to push it in Jean gasped and lifted her hips to meet his throbbing prick. She had never had a prick so huge in her life, she felt the walls of her cunt being stretched as her father plunged his member in and out with a furious frenzy, she started to come and in her excitement she was calling out, "Oooh yes dad, SHAG ME, DO IT HARD.

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   HARDER, SHAG ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK. "Ted needed no urging on, his daughter had the tightest cunt he had ever shagged in his life, as he looked into her eyes he gave one last thrust and moaned as he shot his load of hot incestuous sperm into his daughter's hole. As her father collapsed on top of her Jean pushed him off and pulling her legs up to her chest she started to rub her cunt, grinding her hips she could feel an orgasm approaching, as she looked up she saw her father kneeling at her side, his huge hard prick was pointing at her face. Her father shoved his prick at her mouth and hoarsely told her to suck it. Jean opened her mouth and taking her father's prick between her lips sucked him until she felt his hot sperm hitting the back of her throat. After that first time in the barn the father and daughter kept each other sexually satisfied, although they couldn't always have a proper shag, sometimes a mutual wank had to suffice. One night when her father was particularly randy but her mother was still in the house, Jean lay over the edge of a chair with her white cotton knickers pulled to one side while her father shagged her and kept up a conversation with her mother who was washing up in the kitchen, her father grunted and then with his hands under her arse he lifted her off the edge of the chair and she could feel his big prick throbbing as he shot his sperm into her cunt. When her mother came back into the room Jean had pulled her skirt over her knees and as they sat talking she could feel her father's spunk leaking out of her cunt into her knickers. After the baby was born Jean moved back home and the children came back from Kent. The two younger ones were delighted with their new little sister but Tom knew the child was his daughter/sister and his feelings were equal pride and love. The first night home as soon as the younger children were in bed Tom put his arms round his mother and pulled her to him, Jean felt his hard young prick pressing into her through her dress and despite her intentions not to let anything happen again she immediately felt turned on and responded. She kissed him on his lips and ground her hips against him, Tom guided her onto the sofa and still kissing started to push her dress up over her hips, Jean hurriedly undid her son's trousers and took his prick in her hand. She felt it throbbing and before she could pull her hand away she heard him groan and then felt his hot spunk shooting out all over her legs. Tom kissed his mother and told her he was sorry but Jean told him it was alright, she took his hand and guided it down to her knickers and told him she needed relief as well. He slipped his fingers under the leg of her knickers and gently started to play with her cunt, Jean pushed her groin onto his hand feeling her own orgasm start to build when she felt Tom pull his hand away, looking down she saw her son kneel in front of her and she felt him sliding her knickers off.

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   Lifting her hips to help him she saw that his prick was hard again, Tom left her knickers round one leg and guided his prick to the entrance of his mother's hot cunt, as he placed the head onto her cunt lips his mother pulled his face towards her and whispered to him, "Shag me Tom, make me pregnant again. " He pushed his prick full length into his mother's hot slippery cunt and began fucking her as hard as he could, as he did he was shouting that he was going to shoot his spunk up her as far as he could, within minutes Jean felt herself coming and as she wrapped her legs round her son's back she felt his prick begin to throb and then he shot his incestuous sperm into her twat. When Jean's husband returned from the war Tom was 15 and he thought his sex life with his mother would end, but his mother had other ideas. Her favourite way was to ask Tom to help her in the old wash house and she would lean against the wall with her dress pulled up, she always wore an old pair of knickers, the elastic on the legs was very loose and she pulled them over to one side while Tom put his penis in her cunt and shagged her up against the wall. Only once had they been caught and luckily for them it was Tom's younger sister who was only five, she walked into the wash house and asked them what they were doing, Jean told her it was a game they played, Tom was frozen for a second but then he realised how erotic it was and he deliberately pushed his prick further into his mother's hot gaping cunt making her squeal in delight. Jean knew that her eldest son was turned on by the fact that they had been caught in the act and she in turn pushed her hips downwards grinding her clitoris against Tom's hard young prick, as they continued the shag Jean felt Tom go rigid and then his seed was shooting into her cunt making her come as she collapsed against him. When Tom was 18 he joined the army and because of the separation Jean's sex life dwindled to almost nothing, her husband was continually drunk and her only form of release was when she played with herself. The three children left at home were her life now and she put most of her energy into their lives, whenever they were together she would invent games for them to play, the children's favourite was Monsters. This involved one of them covering him or her self with a sheet and chasing the others, when they caught one they threw the sheet over them and pretended to eat them up. On Danny's 14th birthday they celebrated with a party and then during the evening the children said they wanted a game of monsters. Jean went upstairs and brought down the sheet, the youngest child was the monster first and he caught his sister , then Mary became the monster and it was Danny's turn to be caught. As soon as Danny put the sheet on he started to chase his mother and Jean ran round the room screaming in mock fright, when he finally caught her he threw the sheet over them both and they fell to the floor. Danny was holding his mother down but as Jean struggled Danny found himself getting caught up in her long skirt, as he pushed it out of his way it rode up her legs and onto her waist and the boy suddenly had his face leaning on his mother's bare thighs. He caught the scent of her sex in his nostrils and looking up he could see her dark patch of pubic hair through her white knickers, slowly he moved his face closer to her cunt and as he did his tongue licked along the top of his mother's legs. Jean looked down at him and as she realised the effect of her body on her son she pulled the sheet tighter round them, Danny looked up into his mother's eyes and recognised that she would not stop him from exploring, he moved his body in between her legs and pulled her knickers over to one side.

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   He gasped as he got his first look at a woman's sex, Jean opened her legs to give him better access and Danny tentatively spread the lips of her cunt with his fingers. Jean was becoming more excited and reaching down she pulled her son on top of her, Danny immediately felt his cock grow hard and started to push against his mother. The two other children were pulling the sheet and Jean knew that she would have to stop before they managed to pull it off but Danny was disappointed. Standing up Jean told the two younger ones to go upstairs and get ready for bed but she told Danny to stay downstairs and help her to fold the sheet. When the little ones had left the room she put her fingers to her lips then she shut the living room door, Danny stood there and as his mother took his hands he was trembling in anticipation, Jean whispered to him that he must never tell anyone about their secret and then she led him to the sofa. She pulled her skirt up and lay down opening her legs, then she pulled Danny down onto her body. Deftly she unzipped his trousers and took hold of his cock, pulling her knickers over to one side she placed the knob of his prick at the entrance to her hole and told him to push it in. Danny pushed and then he felt his mother's warm wetness grip his shaft, whispering to him and using her hips his mother guided him in his first shag. As he felt his orgasm build Danny thrust harder and faster and within minutes he felt his sticky sperm shooting into his mother's cunt. During the next few months Jean taught her son all about sex and Danny was a willing pupil, his favourite way was to play the monster game and while the two younger ones were stood by he would slide his stiff young cock into his mother's hot cunt and shag her. Just before Christmas Jean's mother died and after the funeral she discussed with her husband the possibility of her father coming to live with them. He agreed and Ted moved into Tom's old room. As soon as Ted settled in he started to look for opportunities to resume his incestuous relationship with his daughter. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.