Alice Part 2


That evening, after we had all had dinner; Alice, her little sister Jenny and myself went upstairs to play. Whilst we played together, me an Alice would steal glances at each other, and even copped a feel of one another when Jenny wasn't looking. Eventually the sexual tension got too much and we excused ourselves from Jenny, explaining that we had something to talk about privately.
Alice and i retreated to the bathroom, locked the door and immediately started to kiss, hold and strip each other. As Alice unzipped my jeans, i cupped her breasts through her top, massaging and squeezing them. I slipped my hand up her skirt, and pushing her panties aside, inserted a finger into her pussy. I slowly curled and uncurled it inside her, making Alice shiver with pleasure and her hands accelerate in their mission to undress me. By this point i was in just my boxer shorts, but those were quickly gone. My dick sprung out of the confines of my boxers, swaying whilst pointing directly at Alice's pussy. Sensing what i was thinking, she took her top and bra off, soon followed by her skirt and panties. Now, we were both naked.
Alice perched her cute little ass on the toilet, spreading her legs wide. I guided my dick towards her rosy, glistening pussy. As the head touched the lips, a shock of pleasure wracked us both, and my dick was shoved in to the hilt, my balls slapping against her ass. We both stared at each other in wonder - it felt as good this time as it did the last time. I began to withdraw my dick from her pussy.

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   Then, when the head was about to slip out, i thrust it all the way back in, slowly. I kept on doing this, savouring the feeling of the dick penetrating my cousin, Alice. Her face was a mask of arousal; her head way tipped back, her eyes were closed, and am expression of absolute pleasure covered her features. I cupped her head in my hand and brought her face up to mine. We kissed and kissed and kissed, whilst my dick maintained its slow thrust. As we kissed, my rhythm sped up, and soon Alice was bouncing up and down on my dick, moaning in pleasure.
After what seemed like hours of fucking my cousin, i felt the tell-tale tingle in my shaft and, as if in unison, Alice began to impale herself on my dick even harder, shaking with the onset of orgasm. As we climaxed, we hugged each other close, our lips meeting in the most loving kiss i have ever known. Our cum mixed within her; mine entering her womb, hers leaking from around my shaft.
We collapsed in exhaustion as the reality of how long we had been at it dawned on us. Alice quickly used some tissue to clean up the excess cum that was leaking from her pussy, whilst i got dressed. After Alice finished dressing, we unlocked the bathroom door and returned to my bedroom, finding Jenny just then sitting down. Looking up at us with a curious expression on her face, she asked
"James, what were you doing to Alice?"
Part 3 to follow. Again, i want reviewers to let me know what they want from this story. So, please put either "yes" or "no" at the end of your review, as to whether you want Jenny included in the 'goings on' Between James and ALice.

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   FYI Jenny is 4'5" with white/blonde hair, icy blue eyes and quite slim.

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