“Shelly,” My aunt Rhonda called. “Look in the office for more tape, will you? It seems we’ve run out down here. ”“Sure,” I yelled down the stairs. I walked down the hallway, and opened the last door on the left. “Oh!” I jumped back. There was my cousin, Josh, sitting in front of the computer. He was shirtless, and his jeans were unzipped. He was stroking his erection as he scrolled through the erotic story on the screen. When I walked in, he grabbed his shirt off the floor, and covered himself. He tapped a few buttons on the keyboard, and the screen went blank. “Shelly!” He jumped, his face flushing. “Um, I was…erm…”The image of Josh’s hard cock was flashing behind my eyes. I couldn’t see it under the shirt on his lap, but just knowing it was bare and hard beneath it was enough to bring the blush to my cheeks. He was two years older than I, and had come home from college for the summer and the wedding. With his curly hair, dark brown eyes, and fabulous body, he was the topic of many locker room conversations. I laughed and blushed along with the other girls, but I never thought of him that way…he was, after all, Julie’s brother, and my cousin.

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   All week long, he had served as the muscle of the house, moving furniture and bringing in tables and chairs for the party. It was obvious he was taking a much-needed break from the hullabaloo of his sister’s wedding. “Shelly!” My aunt calling me again snapped me out of the trance I was in. “Oh,” I said. “Um, tape? I need some tape. ”“I got the last roll out of here yesterday,” Josh mumbled, turning his back to me as he zipped up his jeans and put on his T-shirt. “I’ll go get more. ”“No,” I said. “I’ll go. ”We headed for the stairs, where we found Aunt Rhonda about to come after us. “Josh, I’ve been looking for you. Well? Tape?” She asked, looking at me. “We’re all out,” Josh began—“I was just going to get more,” I interrupted. I had to get away from him. “I won’t be long.

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  ”“Okay,” Aunt Rhonda said. “Josh, go with Shelly. We need some ice, and I want you two to pick up the cake from the bakery. ”Josh didn’t say a word as we left the house. We got into my car and ran our errands, stopping at the bakery last. With the cake secured in the back seat, we started home. As we pulled into the driveway, he put his hand on my knee. “I’m sorry,” he said. Blushing again, I told him not to worry about it. “I can’t help it, Shelly,” he whispered. “I was reading this story the other night about a guy who was fucking his cousin. Damn, it was hot. I kept thinking about you, so I snuck off to read another one, and get off…I thought it would help me concentrate…I’ve been thinking about you all day. Man, when you walked in, I almost blew my load. ”“Josh,” I said, shocked.

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   “I’m your…we’re cousins!” “Aw, hell. That doesn’t matter…Christ, I think you’re beautiful. And that body…” He groaned. “Don’t tell me you’ve never looked at me that way…I’ve caught you flirting. ”He was telling the truth. While I’d never out and out thought about having sex with him, I’d wished for something…a look, a touch…a more-than-just-cousins kiss… I hesitated, and he knew. He brought my hand to the growing bulge in his jeans. “God, I want to feel your hands on my cock…and your lips…your cunt…” He leaned towards me, and I could feel his hot breath on my neck. He kissed me softly, and gently tugged my earlobe between his teeth. “Shelly, I want you…do you want me?”Oh, I did want him! But it was so wrong; I knew we couldn’t. “No,” I said firmly, pulling away from him. “Right,” he laughed, putting his hand on my leg, he began to creep up my shorts. “I’ll bet your panties are soaked. ”He was right again, but I knew I couldn’t give in. I looked him in the eyes, “No, Josh.

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   We can’t. It’s not right. ”He jerked away from me. “Bullshit. ” He said, yanking open the car door. We carried in our purchases, and Josh disappeared again. I met him again in the empty upstairs hallway when I was coming back from the bathroom an hour later. He grabbed me around the waist, and pushed my shoulders up against the wall. He crushed his lips to mine as one hand pushed my shirt up, and the other undid my shorts. I gasped for air as he harshly twisted my nipple while plunging his other hand into the front of my panties. His tongue invaded my mouth as he kissed me, and I began to feel a warm rush over my whole body. I stopped struggling and began to kiss him back. He paused, gentler now, and leaned down to kiss my nipple. I bit my lip to keep from screaming in pleasure as he ran his tongue over the tiny bud, and used his teeth to tenderly tug it into his mouth. His other hand had found entrance to my womanhood, and he was running his fingers up and down my slit gingerly.

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   He placed first one finger, and then another in my love hole while his thumb was massaging my clit. He began to fuck me wildly with his fingers, and my hips left the wall to meet his every thrust. He brought his face back to mine, and kissed me again. This time, his lips were softer, and my tongue sought his. My breathing became faster, and I felt wave after wave of pleasure colliding through my body. I buried my head in his neck, and sobbed as my orgasm hit me, and I lost control. I looked up at him as my internal chaos subsided. My cheeks flushed as I remembered we were standing in the hallway of his parent’s house with at least 20 people downstairs. He smirked at me, and licked my juices from his fingers, “I knew you wanted it. ” With that, he took off down the stairs, and I heard the front door open and close. “Josh, is that you?” I heard my aunt’s voice nearing the steps, and I ducked into the bathroom to compose myself. When I entered the kitchen a few minutes later, my aunt and my mother were there, drinking coffee. “Honey, what’s the matter?” Asked my mother, “You look flushed. ” “Oh, I was…erm…I was helping hang the balloons outside…geez, it’s getting hot out. ” “I’ll say it is,” Aunt Rhonda agreed.

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   “Hey, have you seen Josh?”“What? No! Why? No,” I repeated firmly. She sighed, “Well, I think he’s taken off again. The least he could do is help with his only sister’s wedding reception. You know, if you need a break, you could go catch a nap in his room in the basement. It’ll be cooler down there. ”“I don’t think so,” I stammered. “There’s so much to do…”My mother cut me off. “Nonsense. You’ve been working so hard today, and we really appreciate it. We don’t have to be at the church for…” she consulted the clock. “There, another five hours! Plenty of time for a much-needed nap. You should have just gone with Julie to the spa today. Rhonda and I can handle it. ”Reluctantly, I agreed. I opened the door to the basement, “Josh? Are you down there?”Hearing no answer, I proceeded down the steps.

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  The light was dim, and the heavy curtains kept out the hot sun trying to creep through the basement windows. The bed was soft and unmade…and it smelled like Josh. Tears came to my eyes as I realized just how much I wanted him. Why did we have to be cousins? “Why does it have to be wrong?” I asked aloud. Sighing, I lay down on the sheets and stared at the ceiling. Sleep evaded me, though I was grateful for the rest. I stretched my body, still reeling from the orgasm I’d had in the hallway upstairs. I ran my hands over my breasts, smiling to myself as my nipples hardened under my own touch. I unzipped my shorts, and cupped my warm, wet cunt. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum again. I touched my pussy lightly at first, but soon grew impatient. I wanted cock. I wanted Josh’s cock slamming into me as we fucked right here on this bed. Having to make do with no cock for now, I used my fingers. First one…then two…I paused to suck my juices from them, and I groaned, imagining sucking the juices off Josh’s cock instead.

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  I had three fingers buried in my cunt when the basement door opened and closed quietly. I had my shirt pulled up over my tits and I was pinching my nipple with my free hand. I knew the bed could be seen from the top of the stairs and I was busted. I opened my eyes to face the music. There was Josh, frozen there with an astonished look on his face. “What are you doing?” He asked. I didn’t move. “Taking a nap,” I said, shyly. “I couldn’t sleep. ” He came down the stairs and stood by the bed, watching me. I felt the tears sting my eyes again. “I’m sorry,” I whispered. “I do want you…Please?”That was all the encouragement he needed. He took off his clothes in a heartbeat, and did away with mine as well. I stared at his cock.

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   It was already hard and a good eight inches…and mine. He leaned down on the bed and kissed me. He massaged my breasts with his big, warm hands before softly sucking each one into his mouth. His tongue worked a trail down my stomach to my wet pussy. He lightly flicked his tongue over my waiting clit, and then began fucking me with his tongue. His breath was so hot, and his mouth was so wet…God, I wanted him. “Josh, please…” I whimpered, “Fuck me…I want to feel your cock inside me. ”He moved up my body, and kissed me again. He reached for the night table, but I caught his arm. “I’m on the Pill. ”“Oh Jesus, thank you…” With that, he rammed his stiff rod into my cunt with such force, I was sure the whole house would hear us. He felt so wonderful…and his cock was so big inside me. I raised my hips to meet his, and wrapped my legs around his waist. Oh, he was slamming into me hard and fast, and I could hear his balls slapping against my ass. (God, I love that sound!) I could feel every inch of his cock filling me…growing bigger…just waiting to explode.

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   “Shelly, Shelly,” He groaned. “Oh my God…years…I’ve wanted this…you feel so…so good. ” He was nearly incoherent. “Ride me,” He said. “Ride me, please. ”He rolled over, and I climbed back on, impaling myself on his shaft. He went even deeper than before, and we both saw stars for a moment. I raised up and slowly eased back onto him, stopping with only the head of his prick in my cunt. “You tease,” He grunted. He pulled my hair, “Fuck me!”I sat down hard and began to rock back and forth atop him, my big tits bouncing with every move I made. “Wow,” he said, reaching out to squeeze one. “I like looking at those. ”I laughed softly, and said, “Touch me. ”He reached between us and fingered my clit while I rode his hard cock. “Faster,” he groaned.


  I fucked him harder, his hips bucking with mine, and suddenly I saw white. The orgasm hit me with such a force that I grabbed Josh’s shoulders as he held my hips into place. I gasped for breath and moaned, forgetting about the house of people upstairs. He pushed my head down to his, and our lips crushed together once again. We groaned into each other’s mouths, and I felt his cock twitch inside me and his hot cream filled my cunt. “Oh,” I moaned, shuddering again, collapsing on top of him. “Are you okay?” He asked, kissing my forehead, stroking my hair. “Depends,” I answered. “Is the room spinning?”He laughed, “I think so. ”“I never thought…” I swallowed hard…those damn tears again. He was my cousin for crying out loud! “It was…I was…we’re—““Amazing together,” Josh answered. .

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