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He called to my mom as he began to pull up my shirt and feel me up. I thought to myself, my mom would help me. As she came out of the bathroom he pulled me up and pulled out his cock. It was huge and hard, the first one I had ever seen. There it was in my face just inches away from me. He told my mom to get behind me and hold my hands. As she climbed on the bed, clad only in her slip she grabbed my hands from behind and held them tight. He then grabbed me by my head and said "open your mouth and suck my dick. " He then started to push his cock in-between my lips. As he did so my mouth was forced open by his squeezing it and the force of his dick going in. In order not to feel so much pain I just began to suck it. His cock had a foul aroma that filled my nostrils. I tried not to think of what was happing and just did as I was told. My dad then started to fuck my mouth with intensity, as my mom now was not only holding my hands behind me but was also kissing my face. She then bent both of my arms back and held them there with her body pressed against mine. She then reached around and began to feel my tits.

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   She whispered in my ear, "you better get use to this. " And my mind reeled. How was I at 15 suppose to get use to being fucked and raped by not one but both of my parents? As she felt me up my dad was rubbing his hands all over me. He was totally enjoying the fact that his cock was in my mouth. After a while he pulled it out and told my mom to lay me down. As she pulled me back he bent down and forced open my legs. I was horrified; my father was about to fuck me, his virgin daughter. When he tried to put his dick in it would not go. So he knelt down and began to lick my pussy. I couldn't help but to get wet, I was so mad at myself. I am not sure what made me wet. My mom was holding my hands and kissing me and my dad was licking me, I was scared, how I got wet I don't know. He then stood up and slid his dick in. I can remember the pain as his dick ripped open my virgin cunt. He then began to plunge his dick in and out like some dagger.

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   As he fucked me the more wet I became. I could not believe that I was actually getting wet from being raped. In the middle of all of this my mom slid forward and placed her pussy over my mouth and told me since I was being fucked by her man that I needed to lick her pussy. I could smell the stench of her sweaty asshole as it was right under my nose. I almost puked at the smell. What was worse she pinned my hands down with her legs and began fingering her asshole as I licked her. I thought to myself, my god she is being turned on by the fact that I am eating her and her husband is raping me. After what seemed like forever I felt my dad hurry his pace as he fucked me, I didn't know it but he was cumming. As he came I heard him say to my mom, "This little bitch is tight. " And at that moment he came. He then instructed my mom to get off me and he pulled me to the floor and to my fear his dick was still semi-hard. He told to lick his cum and blood soaked dick clean. As I did I gagged and swallowed as quick as I could. So there I was on my knees sucking my father's ever softening cock. The crazy thing was I was so lost in my mind that I could not believe what was happening.

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   I could not understand or even remember how I came to be naked, my white fleshy tits just hanging out for the world to see, now my father joined in with my mother in feeling my tits as I sucked him off. He made sure I sucked and licked every drop of blood mixed cum off his dick. After about five minutes he told me to back off his dick and told my mother "You can have all the fun you want with this little whore". He then looked at me and said "You deserve this bitch for walking around in that T-shirt and tight jeans showing your ass off to everyone. " At that point my mom told me to turn around lay with my belly on the floor. She laid down in front of me and told me to lick her pussy till she came. Her pussy was hairy, brown hair with bits of gray and dark pink lips. She was soaking wet from this excitement of her daughter being forced fucked by my dad. My dad just sat down with a beer and watch as I licked my mother's pussy. My dad grabbed a beer and sat down on the bed above us. I could feel his feet rub my butt as I licked my mom's pussy. He watched me eat her and watched her squirm from me licking her. After a few swigs of the beer he decided to come down to the floor with us. He first poured beer on me and began to lick it off my back and butt. He then went and rubbed my mom's tits and made her suck his dick.

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   I watched as he stuck his dick deep into my mom's throat. She sucked his cock till it was hard and thick. As she sucked he pinched and pulled at her nipples. She was squirming between his touch and my licking. He then reached over and grabbed her by the knees and lifted her butt off the floor and told me to lick her asshole why I was down there. I did as I was told my fear grew with every minute. I did not know what to expect next, but I figured if I hurried that they would let me be. As I licked her pussy and ass she squirmed more and more. She was rubbing her own titties and sucking my dad's cock, as I looked up I was not sure how to take all this in, I mean here I am being forced to have sex with my parents of all people. This was not normal. After about 10 minutes of licking my mom she began to moan real loud and shake, I did not know it but she was cumming. When she had finished cumming she begged my dad to fuck her. He quickly took his dick and shoved in her pussy ramming it hard and continuing to ram it all the way in as hard as he could. I took this chance to move slowly to the door, as my dad had pushed me aside. The moment I moved to far He said "get back here you slut!" I quickly moved closer and he told me to watch, so I did.

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   My mom told me to lie down next to her then she began to feel on my tits. After they had fucked for a while my dad told my mom to turn over, he then slide his dick up her ass. He told me to lick her pussy, she let me slide under her to lick it and I could see my dad's dick going a mile a minute up her ass. After about five minutes he let out a loud moan and came. His juices and my mothers mingled down to her pussy, when I tried to move he told me to lick it all up. The he told my mom to sit up and made me lick her ass. I was sick to my stomach at the thought but I did it. My mind was on just getting out of there. Finally when my dad was satisfied I had cleaned my mom's ass good enough he pulled me up and told me to wash up and go to bed. . . I was more than happy to get out of there and hear those words. But he did add as I left the room, "I am not finished with you whore. "Contact me at umpin@hotmail. comMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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