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She is laid back on the couch, naked, with hers legs spread wide, and her knees up to her big boobs. They are at least 40d and like fleshy pillows. The fingers of her left hand plunge deep and rapidly into the swamp of her wet cunt. He can hear the squishing sounds from where he stands. She slides three fingers of her right into the tight pucker of her shitter. She is panting and shuddering into a violent orgasm. He is mesmerized by the display she makes, his cock swells quickly and strains at his jeans. It is more than any wet dream or fantasy he has had. He has imagined her frigging off, spied on her naked in the shower. The way she is now is amazing and arousing. He etches every detail of her into his brain. Her long blonde hair is a disheveled mane around her flush, sweaty face. A sheen of sweat covers her entire body, making it glisten. Her silver dollar size areolas are dark, her nipples are long and fully erect. Her almost flat belly ripples with the force of her climax. His eyes drop back down to her pussy, her fingers still sliding between them.

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   The it hits him. Her pubic mound, her cunt is completely shaven smooth. her long, thick cunt lips glisten with her leaking juices. He slowly moves closer to her. When he thinks there can be no more surprises he spots the silver ring pierced through her clit hood. Her eyes are closed tight as her orgasm wracks her body with violent convulsions. She forces yet another finger into her already stretched shitter. “ Ah! Fuck! YES!” she screams with pleasure and pain. “ Make it hurt Tim!” He is awestruck as she screams his name in such a way. She is getting herself off thinking about him. He is not sure, but he stands over her watching her climax. He slowly opens his jeans and pulls out his engorged cock and begins stroking it slowly. She sighs as the last tremors subside. she slowly opens her eyes and sees her son standing there before her, over her. She is too aroused and exhausted to be shocked or shamed.

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   Besides, it is what she has always hoped would happen. She is staring right at his huge engorged cock as he slides his fist up and down it. It is shiny with his precum. “Mother is so happy her big boy is home. ” says gasps, still trying to catch her breath. She pulls her hand from her twat and points to the floor in front of her, between her spread thighs. There is no thought, just action. He sinks to his knees, and puts his hand on her inner thighs, pushing them even further apart. He lowers his face to her crotch and starts licking and sucking her sopping snatch with a lustful hunger. The smell and taste of his mother makes his head swim and his dick throb. He zeros in on her clit and the silver steel ring pierced the hood. She presses his face into her, her head goes back in a loud groan of pleasure her body stiffens with her forth or fifth orgasm. She is amazed at how good he is at eating pussy, and a twinge of jealousy tightens her belly as she thinks of him eating out some cheerleader or sleaze princess from school. Finally she pulls him off her cunt and kisses him wetly on the lips, tasting her own cunt juices. “ Stick your fat dick in me, honey.

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  ” she purrs. Reaching down, she guides his long, thick shaft of muscle into her hot and slippery hole. “ I have wanted this for so long. ” she moans as he fills and stretches her. All fears, doubts, and guessing are over. After the initial penetration and first few slow strokes, passion turns to lust. He grips her hips with his strong fingers and thrusts deep and hard into his mother’s cunt. Animal urges overtake him and he rams into her brutally, pulling her to him with each pounding push. He is covered in sweat and grunts with his efforts. His hands move to her large, fleshy boobs and begin gouging, squeezing, and mauling. He ignores her cries, yelps, and shrieks of pain, and pleasure. She wraps her legs around her son and pulls him to her as tight as she can. Her body rocks with the force of his thrusts and the pain exploding through hers boobs brings her to a new level of excitement. A loud groan from him signals his eruption just before her snatch is flooded with hot, creamy cum. The sensations collide as she screams again in an orgasm that wracks her entire being.

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   She holds him to her with powerful legs, not wanting the moment and pleasure to end. As the release of his climax subsides, he feels another urge start to build fast in him, in his bladder. All that he drank at the party has now made it’s way to wanting out. “ Mom! I have to pee. Mom, I will be right back, I have to. . . ” he warns, but her hold stays tight. “ Mom, I mean it, I u-u-ummm. . . ” The geyser of piss rushes into his mother vagina, and quickly overflows her hole and runs down her ass onto the hardwood floor. He watches her with shame and amazement. There is a look of total bliss and satisfaction. She shivers, and coos, “mmm that feels so good.

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   Just the way I thought it would. ” They lay in her bed, the living room clean, they have enjoyed a hot shower together. They kiss and caress, not missing a moment to explore each other. He confesses that he has always had a lust for her ass, practically saying that he worships her behind. Before he can muster the courage to ask, she rolls onto her belly beside him, pushes he butt up in the air. “ Mommy loves to have her ass fucked, do it to me?” He swings his leg over her and straddles her upper thighs. He gazes down at her full-rounded cheeks, split down the middle by a dark, mysterious crevice. His mother reaches back and digs her fingers into her butt cheeks, spreading them to expose her dark pucker. He starts to press his cock head to it. Her voice breaks in. “Take the bottle of lubricant from my night-stand, Timmy. ” her voice is soft and assuring. As the cool lube drizzles over her asshole she adds, “This will make it much nicer for both of us. ” He has put the bottle on the stand and is pressing at her pooper again. “Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me if you want to be rough about it.

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  ” her voice is husky getting husky. He pushes into her, slow and steady. His brain records every second and every inch as his cock shaft slides into his mother’s stretching anal ring. The slippery lube eases the penetration. Finally, he is buried deep in her butt. Slowly, he pulls back until just the head is inside her. Then he pushes it all back in. Several, long minutes pass as he relishes in the sensation. She is moaning, her breathing harsh. “Harder sweetie, do it harder!” she gasps. She feels her son shift his position and thrust deep and hard inti her rectum. “Aahhh, that’s it baby!” He leans over his mother’s sweaty body, his palms on her back, pressing down on her. His hips thrust faster, his hard shaft plunges in and out of her asshole. His balls swing and slap the back of her inner thighs. “Yes! Do it like that! Pull my hair Timmy! Yank my head back!” she demands, her voice getting higher.

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   Leaning on her, he reaches up and grabs a handful of her blonde hair. Knotting it in his fist, he pulls back as he stabs his dick into her. She lets out a yelp as her head is jerked back. Her eyes lock on a photo sitting on the shelf over her bed. It is a portrait of her and Timothy. She remembers getting so wet during the shoot, because he had to sit right behind her on a stool. His knees had pressed against her waist and his hands were on her shoulders. The heat of his body had been like fire. Now his hard cock was like a red hot poker in her shitter. A lust he can’t describe swells up in him. The images of the movie his mother was watching fill his head. He feels his sac tighten and his shaft switch. His thrust became fast and furious. The sound of his mother whimpering and squeaking. “I am cumming in your ass mom!”His words hiss through clenched teeth.

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   She holds a lungful of air as her son’s sperm gushes into her bowels. She can feel every throb and twitch. He is planted as deep as he can possibly get, pulling her head back as cum surges up his shaft and into her hot, tight hole. He lays on top of her, his semi-hard cock still embedded inside her pooper. They both breath hard. After several minutes, he says in her ear, which is merely a inch or so from his lips,”Mom, does the stuff in that movie excite you?” “I would think that would be obvious, but yes dear. ” She takes a few more breaths and adds, “and yes, I have wanted you to be the one to do those things to me. ” Her words sink in, and his cock begins to swell inside her ass. He tightens the hold on her hair again. “Mom, anything you want. ”.

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