Audrey and Jason


Jason really didn’t want me to watch him, but I promised him I’d be quiet and he wouldn’t even know I was there. Usually after his workout he’d go out to the in-ground pool in the back yard and swim a few laps to cool off. Today I had decided to wear my new bikini while I watched him. Mom and I were at the mall yesterday after school and I told her I wanted one and surprisingly she agreed. I knew I had a little time after school let out, so I walked with my girlfriend’s like it was a normal day until I got in the house. I ran upstairs to my room and took off all my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. My titties were starting to show, finally. The little mounds were tipped with a thick nipple and I loved to play with them. My monkey would get so wet when I pulled and twisted my nipples. I only had a little bit of hair on my monkey, but being a blond they were hard to see. I wanted my nipples really hard when I went downstairs to watch my brother. I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger and my monkey was dripping on the inside of my legs. Reaching down, my finger felt the slit, and I rubbed it up and down, while playing with my titty. I had to sit on my bed because my legs were getting wobbly and I was tingling all over. My finger slid into my monkey and I quickly felt myself quiver all over as the dreamiest feeling flew over my body. When I could stand up, I opened a drawer and brought out a silver lamay bikini and slid the top over my little titties.

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   The top kinda pushed them together and made a little cleavage, which is why I wanted it. Slipping my legs into the panties, it felt so nice going up my legs, like little fingers brushing against my skin. I again looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe how good I looked. My blond hair was cut in a pixie style around my heart-shaped face. I had very large eyes for my size, and they were a deep blue. Thankfully I haven’t had any acne problems, as my cheeks were a very pink color. I only stood at five-feet, and I guess my best feature right now was my butt. I’ve overheard a lot of boys in school say they’d like to get their hands on it. I still had skinny “girly” legs, which I hated. I stayed in my room until I heard Jason in his room next to mine. When I heard him leave, I waited a few minutes, then slowly walked downstairs. “Hi Jason, mind if I watch you?” Jason looked toward the stairs and his eyes took in his little sister. My God, look at that kid sister of mine, she’s getting to be a real looker, he thought to himself. Licking his lips, he said, “Go sit over on the chair, and don’t bother me. ”Audrey sat down with her legs under her, in a yoga type position which spread her legs out wide.

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   This gave Jason a good look at her crotch, if he looked her way. She also leaned a little forward with her elbows on her knees in an attempt to show off her little cleavage. Jason started his workout as usual, with stretches, knee bends and the like. He was facing Audrey during this and couldn’t help but notice how sexy his little sis was. He didn’t miss the opportunity to look between her legs. The way she was sitting, her bikini bottom was pulled tight across her pussy and he could almost make out her mound. The top of her bikini didn’t lose his eye’s either. For a thirteen-year-old, she was really cute, even if she was his sister. The sight of her was giving him an erection, and he cursed himself for wearing the smallest shorts he had. Stop that shit man, she’s your sister. She’s not some chick from school that gives it to everyone, he thought to himself as he started to do some bench work. Audrey also noticed the growing bulge in his shorts and knew she was getting to him. Good, I hope his cock explodes while he’s looking at me. If it grows any bigger, it will stick out the bottom of his shorts, which I wouldn’t mind. When Jason laid down on his bench, Audrey got a better look at the lump in his shorts.

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   In this position, she could see how large it really was, as the cotton shorts tightened on his legs. At the end of his workout, Jason noticed that Audrey had hardly moved a muscle since she sat down. He took the towel he brought and started to wipe the sweat from his body and as he looked at Audrey, She had a big grin on her face. “What are you grinning at?” Jason asked. “Oh, just you big brother, just you,” Audrey said. “What’s going on in that little head of yours today? You’re acting different. For some strange reason,” Jason said, as he looked at her quizzically. “If I tell you, you have to promise that it will be just between you and me. You can’t tell anyone else,” Audrey said. Now Jason was sure something was up, so he sat on the arm of the chair she was in and said, “Whatever it is sis, it can stay between you and me. ”“You know that some of my girlfriends think you’re a hunk?”Jason nodded his head. “Well for the past month, I’ve been looking at you as if you weren’t my brother, just another older teenager. ”Jason was taken aback by her statement. He now realized why she wore the bathing suit to watch him work out. She was making a play for his attentions, by showing her body off to him.

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   He didn’t want to embarrass her and had to think of something to say. “Audrey! I consider that a compliment, coming from someone as pretty as you are. But I really think you should give that attention to one of the boys your age,” Jason said. “The boys my age don’t care! All they do is want to play sports or talk about the cars they want to get when they get older. When I watch you do your thing down here, I get tingly and a lot of goose bumps looking at you. Look at me can’t you see them all over me?”, Audrey said. Jason looked down at his sister’s body and saw all the goose bumps, but he also noticed how nice her little tits looked in that top. His eyes’ also saw that the crotch of her bikini bottom was much darker than the rest of it. Jason looked into her eye’s, took her hand in his and said, “Come on with me, I think we both need a little cooling off,” as he lead her up the stairs and out the back door to the pool. Jumping in the water, Jason told her to jump in too. She did, and the two of them swam a few laps together. Audrey tired out first and with her back to the wall of the pool, she watched her brother swim a few more laps. On his last lap, he was headed back toward Audrey, his face in the water, feet kicking, arms going over his head and into the water, pulling him forward at a quick pace. He didn’t realize he was so close to her and with his last arm swing, his hand caught Audrey’s bikini top and this motion pulled her tiny breasts free from the top. Jason stopped and his face came out of the water and his sister’s titties were right in his face.

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   To this day he doesn’t know why he did not just swim away, but instead he eyeballed her nipples. Audrey was at first surprised by his hand on her top and even more surprised when her breasts were exposed. She watched her brother’s face as it came out of the water and stared at her chest. She didn’t cover them up, this was the perfect opportunity for him to see her, so she let him stare at her. Jason was suddenly lost in lust, and he had never been with a girl at all, still a virgin. Those nipples looked so tasty, which he brought his mouth to one and sucked it in. His tongue flickering over the hardened flesh. Audrey gasped, took in a large amount of air, as her brother sucked on her titty. The feeling immediately started to make her pussy wet. Audrey placed her hand on the back of Jason’s head and encouraged him to continue what he was doing. “Oh my God Jason that feels so nice,” she said. Jason’s arms went around his sister’s waist and he pulled his body close to Audrey. His erection was pressed into her abdomen. His hand came up and engulfed her other breast and he played with her nipple. Audrey was in heaven, having her brother’s mouth on one tit, his hand on the other and his hard cock pressing into her.

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   She wanted him closer, so she reached down and slid her bottom off of her and pressed herself back against his cock. The feel of that hard flesh, made her pussy want him even more. Her breaths were coming harder and she was close to cuming. She pulled Jason’s head from her breast and said, “I want your mouth on my pussy, please?”Jason didn’t waste a moment, he lifted her out of the water and sat her on the edge of the pool. Spreading her legs’; he looked at the very first pussy he was to see for real. It was his sister’s smooth, almost a hairless cunt he was looking at. Having never eaten a girl before, he wasn’t certain as to what to do, but Audrey grabbed his head and brought her pussy to him. Jason’s tongue lapped at his sisters little love lips. Tasting the juice of his first pussy, he liked it and continued licking her. His tongue found her entrance and he stuck it in. “Shit Jason, Yes, that is so good, do that,” Audrey grimaced. At her urging, Jason did just that. His tongue was going in and out of her as her hips bucked in his face. Jason brought his hand up over her leg and by accident, his fingers found her clit. He fumbled with the knob as though he knew what he was doing.

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  “Sweet Jesus Jason, I’m gonna cum,” Audrey squealed. Audrey’s hips were moving faster on his face when all of a sudden he was hit with a torrent of hot liquid. This was the sweetest nectar he had ever tasted and he gulped it down. Audrey held onto his head and leaned back as she had her first orgasm from another person. The feeling was so intense to her that all she could do was gulp for air and shove her pussy into his mouth. When she was able to, she let loose of Jason’s head as he backed off and looked into her face. “Did I do it right?” he asked. “Jason. . . Oh Jason, did you ever do it right, my God Yes!” she said as she smiled. Suddenly the realization of what he just did, hit him. He looked up at his sister’s face and started to apologize for being such a pig. Not giving her a chance to react to what he was saying, he pushed himself away and pulled himself out of the water and ran into the house. Audrey was left sitting naked, in her backyard.

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   Reaching down she pulled the bikini top up over her breast’s and then fished her bottoms from the water. Standing, she put them on and again tried to figure out why Jason took off like that. Not knowing what to do, she went in the house and up to her bedroom. Jason had locked the door to his room and lay on his bed. His mind was so mixed up. What I did to Audrey was wrong, so very wrong. I’m her older brother, I’m supposed to protect her from guys’ that wanting to do that stuff with her. Instead, what do I do? Hell if mom and dad ever find out, they’d kick me out of the house and disown me forever. How the hell can I ever look at Audrey in the face again and treat her just like a sister?Jason’s tears were flowing; his pillow was getting soaked as he thought that his parents would see to it that he was thrown in jail for the rest of his life. What was he going to do?Some time later, Jason’s mother knocked on his door and told him supper was ready. He told her he wasn’t hungry and that he’d like to stay in his room. At the supper table, Audrey’s dad, Fred, asked where Jason was and if he was okay. Audrey didn’t answer and her mother told him that he wanted to stay in his room and wasn’t hungry. They ate supper without much conversation except that her parent’s told her they were going out with friends this evening and would be back around midnight. While Audrey did the supper dishes, her parents changed and left the house.

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   She went back up to her room and then took a shower. Placing her naked body in a cotton robe, she headed back to her room. There wasn’t a sound coming from Jason’s room and she knocked on the door to check on him. No answer, so she went down to the living room to watch TV. Jason heard the knock on his door, he just laid in his bed and hoped whoever it was would go away. About an hour later his stomach started to growl, so thinking that he’d have the downstairs to himself, he went to the kitchen to fix something. When he got to the bottom of the stairs, he heard the TV and figured it was Audrey watching it, as he heard his parent’s car leave earlier. Fixing some cold-cut sandwiches he headed back upstairs. Audrey heard him in the kitchen and when he was near the stairs she called to him. “Jason! Will you please come in here and talk to me? I’m sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t mean to, please come in here?”Jason thought about what his sister said and decided to talk to her and apologize for what he did. He turned toward the living room and sat on the couch, across from Audrey. “Audrey, I’m so very sorry for everything, what we did this afternoon was wrong and I promise it will never happen again, please don’t hate me,” Jason said. Audrey was puzzled by his remarks, sorry, never happen again, hate? What was he talking about? with “Jason, why in the world would I hate you, and what are you apologizing for? Nothing happened this afternoon that I didn’t want to happen. It may be wrong, but I love you brother, I love you very much and I don’t want to stop,” Audrey said. Jason listened as she spoke, his worries of her telling his parents were relieved, but she was saying that she didn’t want it to stop either.

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  “Audrey, it isn’t right for us to do that. I mean, my God, you’re my kid sister, and if mom and dad ever found out we’d both be dead,” Jason said. Audrey came off of her chair, over to the couch and sat next to Jason. As she spoke, her hand was on his thigh. (He still wore the same shorts). “Jason, I’m telling you that I don’t care. I’m saying that I want to be with you in every way possible, but if you don’t love me like I love you, then I won’t do anything else with you. ”Her hand radiated a heat, the same heat he felt earlier. Looking in her eye’s, he lowered his face to hers and kissed her lips. While he kissed her, his erection popped out the leg of his shorts and was at her fingertips. She brushed the head of his cock with her fingertips. It was the first penis she had ever felt. Getting bolder as he kissed her, her hand reached out to hold more of him. It was hard and warm in her hand, and she liked the feeling. “Jason, I want to see it, let me see it please?”, she begged.


  Jason nodded yes and raised his hips to allow his sister to remove his shorts. When she got the down, she sat there just looking at her brother’s dick. Her hand went back to it and circled around it. Jason took in a deep breath when her hand found him. Jason said, “Move your hand up and down the shaft, slowly. ”Audrey did what he said and his head fell back on the couch as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of having someone else stroking his cock. Audrey watched his cock as her hand traveled its length. It was about six and a half inches long and she liked the way it looked. She also remembered what Jason did for her this afternoon, so she lowered her head until her mouth was positioned over the fat head and she stuck her tongue out to taste the fluid at the tip. Jason’s head rose immediately, when he felt her tongue. Just in time to se her place his cock in her mouth. This excited him so much that he felt himself cuming. “Oh sis, I’m cuming, I’m cuming,” he said to her. Audrey didn’t really know what to do, so she put as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. She felt the first spurt hit the back of her throat and she gagged.

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   Almost choked as another shot, then another flew into her mouth. It was dripping from her lips to his lap, she had so much in her mouth, then she swallowed his juice. To Audrey he tasted like a sweet drink with a little salty aftertaste. She didn’t remove her mouth from his dick she lapped at his cock and cleaned all of him before his limp flesh fell to his lap. Jason was amazed at the feelings that was going through him. The love that he felt for his sister had increased tenfold. Taking Audrey by the sides of her face he kissed her and tasted the salty taste of his own cum on her mouth. His tongue flew into her mouth Audrey loved the feel of her brother’s lips on hers. His tongue exploring her mouth sent shivers throughout her young body. While she was being kissed, she loosened the belt on her robe and hoped it would allow Jason to see her naked body again. The thrill she had just knowing he was looking at her was amazing to her. Jason felt her move a little and he stopped kissing her to look into her face. What beheld his eyes was seeing her sitting there with her robe completely open and his eyes went to her breasts. Recalling his mouth on them this afternoon, he again lowered his mouth to her chest. Jason’s tongue darted out to the erect nipple nearest his mouth and flicked it.

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   His tongue then traced the smallness of her tit. He then took in its entirety into his mouth and tugged on it. Audrey had shivers throughout her body while he sucked on her breasts. She wanted more, so she took his hand and placed it on her thigh, hoping he would play with her pussy. Jason may have been a virgin when it came to sex with another person, but he knew when they wanted something. His hand crept up her thigh and felt her virgin pussy lips. His finger slowly moved up and down, parting her lips, and he heard her moan. Audrey was so wet from the excitement she felt, that when Jason placed his finger at the entrance of her love tunnel, it went in easy. She wanted to spread her legs more, but the position she was in didn’t allow her to. Jason’s finger explored his sisters pussy. He had never felt a pussy with his hand and it felt so nice to be inside of his sister. The tip of his finger hit a blockage and he thought about her being a virgin too. Jason’s cock had risen to full rigidity and was aching to go again. Looking at Audrey’s face he said, “Is it okay if I fuck you? I haven’t ever fucked anyone and we’re both virgins, so it might hurt you some. ”Breathing hard she responded, “Yes! I want you to put your cock in me.

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   I liked your finger in thee, but your cock is bigger. You have to go slow and I don’t think it will hurt that much. ”Audrey laid back on the couch and Jason Pushed his shorts all the way off and climbed between Audrey’s spread legs. Placing his cock at the entrance he gave a little shove and watched it enter his sister. He moved it in a little more and the tightness of her unused pussy was pressing on his dick. Sliding it back a little he then moved in deeper until he reached her virginity. Audrey felt his hard rod enter her. It felt like he was using a baseball bat in her little hole. She grits her teeth and when he started to move in and out, it started to feel better. Her pussy was coating his dick with her juices. When he stopped at her hymen, she knew it was going to hurt, but she told him, “Break it Jason, break it and you can fuck me anytime you want to. ”Jason needed no further encouragement and this time when he pulled back, he lunged forward hard and his cock tore through that thin membrane and seated his cock all the way in her. By the look on her face he knew that it hurt her. When Jason pulled his cock back and lunged, Audrey grit her teeth and closed her eye’s waiting for the pain of her maidenhead to be broken. It hurt like hell, and her eye’s welled up with tears as the skin tore from its hold on her.

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   She was glad when he stopped to let her recover a little bit. Jason wiped the tears from her face and kissed her on the forehead and told her, he loved her so very much. When she felt better, she told Jason he could move again. Jason slowly pulled his dick out and then in until both of them were coated with fluids and he knew he wasn’t hurting her. Quickly after that he was pumping his cock pretty fast in her wet pussy and was near a climax again. “Cum with me sis, cum with me,” he grunted. Audrey’s hips were meeting his thrust and she was getting mini orgasm’s the entire time he was pelting her pussy with his dick. “Yes! I wanna cum with you, make me cum Jason,” she squealedAs one, their hips came together and parted in a heated frenzy, wanting that ultimate feeling. Audrey wanted to cum all over her brother’s cock and Jason wanted to feel what it was like to shoot his cum somewhere else other than his hand. Audrey felt it coming on first as her young body was thrown into one big throbbing mass of flesh. Jason watched his sister in the throes of her orgasm and it was just what was needed to set him off. Jason’s cock expanded in her pussy and she felt his cum shoot into her. Opening her eye’s, she watched Jason’s face contort as his dick filled her pussy with cum. Their hips continued to push into one another until Jason felt himself getting smaller. He dropped on top of her and they lay on the couch as one.

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  “Jason, I’ll always remember that it was you who took my virginity. This is the best day of my life, thank you for making me feel so good, and so loved,” Audrey said. “Well Audrey you’re the one that got my cherry too. I think we’re going to be good for each other. Maybe we can do this again before mom and dad get home,” Jason said. THE END.