Aunt Juliana


We caught up with family history over dinner that night. Guiliana was to stay a month but it seemed we had to cover twenty years of family history in just one night. Mom was animated, Nicky was intrigued, I was just plain bored, especially since poontang was going to be in very short supply for the duration of Guiliana’s stay. The next couple of days, Mom, Aunt Guiliana and Nicky took off for some retail therapy and I kicked around at home. By mid-afternoon on day two, I was badly in need of a good fuck. In desperation I decided to investigate Guiliana’s luggage. Who knows, I thought, maybe I’ll find something to take my mind off this need to jerk off to the broads on the fitness channel. I drifted into her room, just across the corridor from mine, and idly pulled out some drawers. Not much there, blouses, shirts, hankies – the usual shit. On a shelf in the adjoining bathroom, a wide array of perfumes and skin lotions, enough to stock a fair-sized small-town drugstore. Remembering the four suitcases I had hauled up the stairs, I opened the wardrobe and saw enough clothes for a year in the bush. What was this, a short vacation or a fucking six-month safari? Back to the drawers. Ah, finally! Her underwear! And what a selection, especially if you liked outsize. What was she, a size sixteen? Fuck me, I thought, my age was her size. Her bras were real works of engineering, Brunel would have been proud. Who designed her clothes, fucking MIT? You couldn’t miss the fact that these things were made for truly awesome tits, at least a 38, maybe a 40, C or D, who the fuck cared.

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   At the same time, they were typical Italian. They weren’t black, or like widow’s weeds, they were snow-white and very, very sexy. Their support system was built around the sheerest silk and you just knew that her big nipples would thrust out and through the flimsy material, given half a chance. Then I found her panties. Again, big – and I mean big. But soft, silky, sexy, cut high on the thigh, silk embroidery just where her big soft pussy might be. You knew that it would be a big man who would fill this girl’s pussy. I lifted a pair to my face, clean but redolent of her perfume and her pussy. I breathed deeply, the pants close to my face. Aroused, I tossed the pants on the bed and pulled open the beside locker. Fuck me! A treasure chest of pleasure toys! Oh Aunt Guiliana, you are a bold girl! I thought to myself. Five or six dildos and vibrators of varying sizes, types and textures. One for every fantasy, I thought. Maybe Aunt Guiliana was not such a dull prude after all. I wondered what Mom and Nicky would have made of this little treasure trove.

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   Better still, maybe Mom, Nicky and I could have some fun with these toys. I picked up one of the dildos, a big flesh-coloured latex knob, perfectly sculpted right down to the bulging veins. You could almost imagine the real thing throbbing in your hand when you flicked the ‘on’ switch and the big artificial cock began to surge and weave. I held it idly in my hand then lifted it to my nostrils. Hello, I thought, this thing has seen recent action. I could smell Guiliana’s pussy juices on the rubber. I was still aroused. Sunshine came through the window and the room was silent, hot and airless. I opened my chinos and touched the dildo to my cock. My cock reacted immediately to the pulsating throb of its artificial counter-part. I stood with the throbbing dildo in one hand and the real thing in the other. I stroked my cock, touched the dildo to the head, tickled underneath, teased my balls, even nudged the buzzing vibrator into my anus, just enough to feel the excitement. I turned it off then and dropped it to the bed. I lay down on the bed and draped Guiliana’s silk pants over my face. Stroking my cock, I imagined Guiliana’s big pussy in front of me, I saw her inserting the big artificial cock into her gaping cunt and begin to push it in, pull it out, push it in, pull it out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in time to my stroking of my cock.

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   I wrapped the pants around my throbbing cock and began to masturbate with serious intent. I came quickly and easily, shooting a heavy load of cum into Guiliana’s knickers before I collapsed on the bed, turning my head into her pillow. I could smell her perfume on the sheets. A few minutes later I heard Mom’s car turn into the driveway and I quickly grabbed the sodden pants and went to my room to clean up. Only later, as I heard Aunt Guiliana’s steps on the stairs, did I realise that I had left the dildo on her bed, but by then it was too late to go back. Anyway, when Mom came to my room at midnight for a little R & R, I soon forgot all about Aunt Guiliana, especially when Mom offered me her beautiful ass, begging me in a whisper to butt-fuck her. This was the real thing, not a kid’s fantasy about his Aunt’s big tits or bigger pussy. OK, for just a moment as I shot my load in Mom’s ass, seeing her biting the pillow to stifle her own shouts, I pictured Aunt Juliana’s big breasts in my face, her even bigger ass right there in my face, and I admit, the vision gave an added spur to my last hard strokes deep in Mom’s ass – but it was Mom’s ass I was fucking, not Aunt Juliana’s. Hers would have to wait. I got a couple of funny looks from Aunt Juliana at breakfast the next day, which made me wonder if she had seen Mom come into my room the previous night, or maybe heard something when we were playing hide the salami up Mom’s asshole. There was no way to tell so I decided on a policy of sweetness and light. “Juice, Aunt Guiliana?” I asked courteously. I leaned over from behind as I poured the juice, one hand resting on her shoulder, my hip nudging her. A minute later I reached across her for the honey, saying glibly “Want some honey, honey?” and letting my hand rest for a split-second on her bosom. “Guiliana, I’ll be out most of the day today and Nicky will be gone too.

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   Will you be able to amuse yourself while we’re gone? I’m sure Johnny here will keep you company, won’t you, Johnnny?” asked my mother. “Sure, Mom, I’ll be happy to stay here with Guiliana, er, Aunt Juliana” I replied. “We can go down to the Mall later if she wants, we’ll find something to do. I have to cut the grass later anyway so I wasn’t planning to be anywhere else”. “OK, that’s settled. We’ll see you guys later”, said Mom, getting up to leave. Nicky left soon afterwards, leaving me alone with Aunt Juliana. Outside, the sun was well and truly up and the day was shaping up to be another good one. I got the lawnmower out and set about the lawn. It was hot work and it wasn’t long before I had to strip off my tee-shirt. Soon afterwards I came inside and changed my long chinos for a pair of cut-offs but it was still too hot for comfort. I was wiping my face and neck when I glanced up to see Aunt Juliana at the big window, gazing out at me. She was wearing a loose diaphanous kaftan of some sort, split to the thigh and cut low across the bodice. She stood against the cool of the window, holding an ice-cold can of Coke against her neck, her other hand resting between her legs as she looked out at me. Had she been touching herself? She suddenly realised I was looking straight back at her.

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   I grinned and waved and she hurriedly turned away, pulling the drape as she turned. I went back to work, sweat dripping down my back and chest. I finished the lawn a while later and went inside to get a cold drink. I strolled into the living room with a cold one in my hand and drank deeply from it. I glugalugged the can in one long shot and burped loudly. I looked up to see Aunt Guiliana standing in the doorway, looking at me. “Ciao, Johnny” she said. “Finished?” “Uh huh”, I answered carelessly, looking at her outline. She still wore the loose white kaftan and I could clearly see the shape of her body against the light behind. Aunt Guiliana wasn’t such a barrel after all, I thought. I could clearly see that she had a true hourglass figure, curvy and full-figured, yeah, but stacked, I mean really stacked. Her curves were in all the right places, from her full and heavy breasts to her narrow waist to her wide hips and her awesome ass. She looked me up and down just as I had looked her up and down. She seemed pleased with what she saw. “Oh, Johnny, you are perspiring.

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   Here, let me dry you off” she said. “That’s OK, I’m OK, really, Aunt Juliana” I replied but she had already bustled into the kitchen to pick up a towel. “Here, Johnny” she said. I thought she meant me to take the towel, but no, she came up behind me and began to wipe down my back. “You are very strong, Johnny. You have grown up since I saw you last”. She took her time on my back, wiping me down very carefully, smoothing my skin from my shoulders to the top of my cut-offs. She lifted the top of my cut-offs and slid the edge of the towel inside to catch the last few drops of sweat. Then she turned me around and started on my front, starting on my forehead and working her way slowly down my neck, shoulders and chest. She was slow, methodical, covered every inch of my body. Her face was just inches from mine. Did I imagine it or was she especially attentive to my nipples? Wiping the sweat away very slowly, examining every pore…. “Johnny, I have to ask you something,” she said without looking up. “Were you in my room last night? I mean, did you have to go in for something? “Gee, I don’t know, Aunt Guiliana” I answered, mentally replaying the memory tape of my visit to her room. Had I taken those pants with me? Christ, had she found them still sticky with my cum? Then I suddenly remembered.

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   The vibrator! The big vibrator! I had thrown it on her bed and hadn’t put it back in the drawer when I heard them downstairs! “Is something wrong, Aunt Guiliana? Is something missing?” I asked innocently. She put her hand on my shoulder, turned me around to inspect her careful ablution of my torso. “I think you know what I mean, Johnny. Let me explain”. “There’s no need, Aunt Juliana, there’s no problem,” I said. “No, I must tell you” and she tossed the towel onto a chair. I didn’t move. Her face was just an inch from mine. “It’s five years since Tony left me. There’s been no one else since. I need to take care of myself, you know what I mean”. She looked up at me, a question in her eyes. “Yeah, I guess” I said. “I mean, there’s been no one else… you know… “ her voice trailed off. “I can’t believe that, Aunt Guiliana, a beautiful woman like you”, I said.

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   What the fuck else could I say? There was five foot six of sex on legs standing one inch from me, her gorgeous big tits practically in my hands, my cock, a separate uncontrollable existence as usual, was already straining to get into her pussy. “ I need to find a man, Johnny”, she said, one hand on my chest. “I need to find a man to take care of me, you know what I mean?”. I knew what she meant, all right. What she needed was a good hard fucking, a long hard cock in that sweet box of hers. “What do you mean, Aunt Guiliana?”, I asked in what I considered a guileless and off-hand manner, as I lifted my hand and traced the outline of her nipple through her kaftan. “I mean, I need a man, Johnny” she said, putting her hand firmly between my legs and grasping my cock. “I need a big strong man, not a piece of plastic. I need some warm-blooded flesh between my legs for a change” she said, rubbing me, feeling my cock already hard. I lowered my mouth to hers and kissed her tentatively on the lips. Her lips opened and her tongue touched mine, softly at first then greedily, seeking out every crevice of my mouth as she groped between my legs. I slid the kaftan off her shoulders, it fell to the floor and she stood there naked, in just her high-heeled shoes. All my previous perceptions were banished instantly. Her body was plain fantastic – plump, yeah, but perfect, her breasts as full and as heavy as I had thought, her waist narrow, her belly flat, her buttocks flowing over my hands, her pussy hidden in the dark hollow of her thighs, a neatly trimmed bush hardly shrouding its promising softness. Where Mom’s body was firm, toned, Aunt Guiliana’s was soft, inviting.

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   Where Nicky’s was lean, muscular, Aunt Guiliana’s was billowing, like white sails on a tall ship. Where Mom’s ass was rounded, where Nicky’s was taut, Aunt Guiliana’s was full, a veritable moon of waiting pleasure, her whole body powdered and perfumed. I lifted my hands to her breasts as we kissed, weighed them in my hands, wondered at their inviting softness. She slid her hand down into my cut-offs and grasped my cock, now standing stiffly at attention, waiting to be saluted. Oh, she saluted it OK! “Oh my God, Johnny, what a monster!”, she said. “What a beautiful monster!”. She opened my belt, pulled my cut-offs and my boxers to my feet. She had to kneel to get them off over my work-boots and she stayed down there when she had done that, caressing my cock, marvelling at my sixteen-year-old manhood, squeezing, caressing, kissing, licking it from base to head, under the shaft, along the shaft, watching it grow and grow under her hot breath and wet lips, until finally she took me deep into her mouth and began to suck my cock in earnest. I held her head gently as she sucked, watching her as she struggled to get all of me into her mouth. “What a beauty, Johnny! What a beauty!”. I lifted her to her feet and led her to the couch. I sat her down and edged her legs apart. Standing in front of her, I proffered my cock again, steering it into her waiting mouth, past her full lips, past her small white teeth, to thrust against the roof of her mouth before she lowered her head and started to suck again. I reached down and lifted her breasts, massaged them, kneaded them, squeezed them as she sucked. Lifting her head, she asked, “You like my breasts, Johnny? You like my tits? You want to fuck my tits?” I nodded and watched her as she positioned my straining cock between her breasts, the shaft cushioned in their pillow-like softness, almost disappearing in their beauty.

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   She moistened her fingertips between her lips and began to rub the head of my cock, gently at first, then harder, squeezing the tip, before lowering her head again to lick me, to suck me, sucking me deep as she squeezed her breasts together around my shaft. Our hands joined on her tits as I pushed my hips forward to meet the downward dip of her head, up and up, up and down, loud slurping sounds echoing around the room as her saliva mixed with my pre-cum until finally I could hold back no longer and my cum exploded. As she felt the impending deluge Aunt Guiliana lifted her head, her eyes met mine, she went on furiously stroking my cock in her two hands as a thick rope of cum arched towards her mouth. Mouth open, she caught it and swallowed deeply, whimpering as she did. The flow of cum was never-ending as she pumped my cock, now directing my cum to her breasts. She squeezed her tits around my cock again and used them, like a cunt, to squeeze the last of my cum from my cock until the valley between her breasts was full to overflowing. She lay back on the couch, her breasts lolling, her legs apart, and she rubbed my cum all over her breasts. “Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, that was beautiful. You are so big, so much beautiful cum”. She dipped her fingers and scooped my cum from her breasts, brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked deeply. “So much beautiful cum!” she said again. She scooped again, this time bringing her hand to her pussy and rubbing my cum into her cunt. Reaching for my cock with her other hand, she frigged herself slowly, delicately, her eyes closed. My cock was still hard and I brought it to her mouth again as she moved the hand between her legs faster, harder and she began to grunt. All delicacy was gone now, Aunt Guiliana was on heat, naked, covered with my cum, on her back, her legs open, her hand a blur between her legs.


   I fell to my knees between her legs and my mouth joined her hand on her cunt. I began to lap her softly but she wanted more, she wanted it rough. She dragged my head into her cunt and threw her legs over my shoulders. Her thighs were soft, yielding, cool, the thighs of a wild mare, her cunt was perfumed, a mixed aroma of perfume, powder, my cum and early cunt-juice, a heady mixture, the smell of pure lust. Again and again I pushed my tongue deeper and deeper into her, nipping her clitoris between my teeth, lifting her generous ass off the cushions, wallowing in her sex. I could hear Aunt Guiliana grunting above me, it was time to bury my cock in her cunt and let her know what a real cock was like. I rose and lifted her with me. I moved her the end of the couch. “What are you doing? What?” not knowing what I wanted. I wanted her ass. I bent her over the couch, saw her breasts spill over the sides. I kicked her legs apart from behind with the edge of my work-boot, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. Gripping her hips, I rammed my cock into her dripping cunt and drove it home. Her body fell forward and I pulled her hard, back into my thrusting hips. I felt her push back to meet my thrusts.

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   Each savage thrust was met with a hard push back Aunt Guiliana gripped the cushions, her knuckles white and I heard her swear, “Oh God, oh God, oh God, Johnny, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh God”. I glanced at the big wall-mirror and saw myself as I rammed my cock into my Aunt’s cunt, saw her big breasts swing, saw her body tremble under the force of my onslaught, heard her gasps, heard her cries building. God, I’m good! I thought. A month ago I was lucky if I enjoyed a solitary wank and now here I was, riding the ass off my beautiful Aunt, servicing her like a stallion, and she didn’t even suspect that I was also fucking my own mother and my own sister on a daily basis. I pulled out and threw Aunt Guiliana on the couch. She immediately pulled me down and pushed my cock back into her gorgeous gaping cunt. She lifted her legs over my shoulders and braced me there. Her heels bit into my back. Her hands were on my cock as I rammed it into her again. Her arms framed her tits, cupping them, pushing them forward and up, her head bent backwards over the couch as I gripped her thighs and began to drive into her harder and harder, faster and faster. I heard her grunting again, an animal sound as she gave herself to the first the first good fucking she’d had for years. I gave her no respite, I intensified my stroke, my hands on her tits now, kneading, squeezing, pinching, twisting, seeing her face grimace in pain but her hands never loosing their grip on the base of my cock as I rammed it home, deeper and deeper, banging against the walls of her cunt, feeling her heat, her wetness, her hunger. She began to shout, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, Oh God, oh God, more, Johnny, more, more, oh God, fuck me, Johnny, fuck me, fuck my cunt honey, fuck me, oh God, fuck me baby, oh Johnny, what a cock, what a beautiful cock, oh baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”. She threw her head wildly from side to side as her orgasm swept over her and I released another torrent of cum, this time into her gaping cunt, feeling our juices rush together and wash over my loins and hers, spilling over her belly. Even then I didn’t stop, I went on pounding my cock into her pussy long after she had finished, until I brought her off again and again.

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   I stood over her, cum dripping from my cock as she reached up to lick me, the valley of her cunt awash with cum, her eyes filling with tears of pleasure as she licked me clean. Lucky for me my beautiful Aunt Guiliana was to stay for another few weeks, because this bout was just the beginning. ©THE AUTHOR, 2003. .