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Both of the nineteen year old fraternal twins were home from college for a weekend visit to their parents’ house, in the suburbs. It was nice to be back in familiar surroundings, although Danni tended to miss the freedom to come and go as she pleased when at college, whereas it made little difference to her brother where he loafed, so long as his relaxation wasn’t interrupted. The buoyant young girl hopped onto Alex’s lap, grinning up at him. Her warm brown eyes shined with irrepressible energy, and his attention was torn from the daytime movie he’d been watching to meet her gaze with his own soft brown eyes. Those eyes were the only physical trait they both shared, and occasionally they almost felt as though they could look into their own soul when they looked into one another’s eyes, although it wasn’t a feeling they’d ever voiced aloud. “What’cha doin’, Lexy?” Danni grinned impudently, since A) She knew that he hated being called that, and B) She was the only person allowed to use that nickname. “Watching TV, and playing furniture for a particularly annoying sibling” Alex returned her grin with a faint smirk, his expressions reserved, as much as hers were uninhibited. “What? Annoying siblings? Where?” Danni looked around with an exaggerated curiosity, feigning ignorance. Her protestations were cut off by a gentle nudge to a ticklish spot just over her ribs, and Alex’s smirk broadened. “Awww…” Danni gave him a little pout, and curled up in his lap, making herself at home with the same sense of divinely granted eminent domain as a housecat. Alex’s smirk softened into a smile as his sister nuzzled into his frame, and even the relaxed, sarcastic young man found himself hard pressed to resist her adorable pout. He began to find himself drawn into the trap of gazing too long at her eyes, as certain repressed portions of his brain began to note, with what he tried to convince himself was detached interest, that his sister was quite pleasantly warm, and felt soothingly natural in his arms. He stifled that portion of his brain entirely when it began to admire the soft skin of her arms pressed against his, and the gorgeous, gorgeous lines of her face… his eyes drifted towards the neckline of her shirt, and he caught himself, looking back to the movie, although he suddenly found himself unable to remember the plot, characters, or anything remotely resembling a coherent thought about anything but how he’d suddenly tried to get a peek at his sister’s perky little rack. Danni watched a flash of conflict trace over her brother’s expression, then guilt, and finally a blush as his gaze left hers. She began to wonder what was the matter with him, noting how he’d suddenly stiffened… and then a moment later she noticed it wasn’t just his tall, slender frame that was stiffened either, although that sensation passed so quickly she managed to assure herself it had merely been her imagination. Freud would have a field day with her motivations for summoning up such imagery into her head unbidden.

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   After all, why on earth would she be interested in her brother’s hard, delicious cock?…. Oh goodness, perhaps Freud might be onto something. A similar flash of conflict, then guilt, and a sudden scarlet blush swept over her sculpted face, as she realized how natural and comfortable being in his arms felt, how soothing his warm skin was… and what a gorgeous, gorgeous face he had, not like most men’s. Even at nineteen, Alex shaved maybe every three days, if he could be prodded into doing it, and most of his torso was still smooth. A late bloomer, perhaps, Alex nonetheless had a beautifully sculpted face. She’d often giggled when she heard women tell her brother he was pretty enough to be a girl, and his reaction somewhere between horror and amusement. But she could see the grain of truth in it, and for the ten thousandth time since adolescence, she felt her hormones begin to rise at the sight of him, and instead of drawing away as her less impetuous sibling had, she pressed softly into him, running with the flow of the moment. “What’s the matter, hon?” Her soprano voice came as a soft, warm purr, expressing her content within his embrace, and tinged with a hint of her ever-present sensuality. “Nothin’, Danni, just a little warm. ” Alex had noticed the blush as well, and hoped to disguise the rush of blood and hormones as induced by climate, rather than the more nubile features of his own sibling in such tight proximity. “Hmm…. ” The interrogative little sound was more of a kittenish purr, sounding even more cuddly and content that before. “What’s got you so warm? I’m nice and comfy…” There was the hint of a mischievous smile in her voice, as though she could read his mind, and was taunting him with the forbidden thoughts that were dancing around in his fruitful imagination. After all, Danni had quite an imagination herself…“Dunno… body heat or somethin’… You’d be cooler, on top and all…” His voice wasn’t stammering, but he was speaking in an even more laconic manner than usual, taking his time to try and summon up words that didn’t indicate any guilt. It was silly, he tried to reassure himself, to assume she was even insinuating anything.

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   Yet there was that note of challenge in her voice, as though she had a hint at his conflict, and maybe even found it somehow deliciously amusing to prod him a little. They could almost read one another’s mind, after all, as close as they’d always been to one another. Danni grinned brightly at his answer, and looked up at him through her thick, dark lashes, not fluttering them flirtatiously just yet… it was too early in the game, and she couldn’t risk spooking her prey. Still, a bit of broad hinting might test the waters nicely…“So, maybe you’d feel better if I were on the bottom?” Completely straight faced, and without too much insinuation in her tone. That took effort. The reaction was worth it, as Alex’s eyes widened a bit, and he just looked down at her, then swallowed once, and tried to respond to that in as straightforward a manner as possible. “You’re too small for me to sit on, I might hurt you”… There was a world of added meaning on the last part of his statement, even though he didn’t realize it. “You won’t hurt me, Alex… you’ll never hurt me, and I’ll never hurt you. ” Danni’s reply came softly, and she turned around in his lap, facing him, as her legs slipped around to straddle him. “You won’t hurt me, Alex… you’ll never hurt me, and I’ll never hurt you. ” Her hands slid up his sides, and came to rest on his chest, as she rose up to look him in the eyes, her doey eyes glimmering warmly at him, with affection, and a growing desire. Never one to inhibit herself, she was just allowing herself yet another experience, one she’d been repressing for far too long, not out of fear of societal restrictions, but of what his reaction would be. But she could read it on him now, he wanted her to be more than just his sister, he was just too afraid to do anything about it. Well, he’d been too afraid to ride a bike until she showed him how, too. The fair-skinned young man just sat there as his mind reeled, trying to catch up with the events unfolding before him.

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   He’d had dreams about this sort of encounter, which he’d been quite certain would land him in a therapist’s chair for years to come. He read her eyes, and saw something there that both frightened him, and thrilled him. His own expression was full of confusion, and anxiety, but the undercurrent of repressed, frustrated desire was what gave his true feelings away. “C’mon, Alex… I’m sure being on the bottom for once won’t kill me…” Danni allowed herself a wry grin at her own bad pun, and rolled to the side, her arms tugging his shoulders, and her legs twisting gently on his hips, as she moved to lay back on the couch. To his surprise, Alex found himself moving with her, and the next thing he knew, they were lying there, together, in a position usually reserved for people who, well… people who weren’t blood related. Her arms were draped around his shoulders, and she smiled up at him with a growing satisfaction, as she gently drew him out of his repressed little shell, and into the vibrant, sensual real world. Alex found his arms wrapping around her taut, athletic little body as though they had a wantful little mind of their own, and their legs twined together, leaving them wrapped up in a tight, sensuous embrace. Danni looked up at him, and without any shame or reticence, kissed him right beneath his jaw, on that little spot that just made him melt. He shut his eyes, and just drew in a long, shuddering breath, still trying to adapt to what was going on, as Danni left a trail of soft, sweet kisses up the line of his jaw, then planted her warm lips right behind his ear, sending a little tremor of pleasure down his back. By this point, resisting or protesting was far from his mind, and Alex turned his head a little to the side, offeringly. Danni’s smile sprang fully onto her face, glowing with delight at her triumph. She pressed her nose into his soft brown hair, and inhaled deeply, filling her senses with every aspect of him… that delicious aroma of fresh peaches in his hair, the warmth of his body, the soft smoothness of his hair and skin, the sound of his breathing, and the taste of his skin, as she nibbled gently on his earlobe, and trailed the very tip of her tongue around it, purring quietly right into his ear. Alex began to respond to her with more than just acquiescence, and his hands slid up and down her back. One arm began a slow trip down the curve of her spine, until it was just above her finely toned rear. An encouraging purr from his sister lured him further, and his hand slid down further, cupping her for a moment, then gently kneading the firm flesh of her superbly maintained body.

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   His other hand slid up in the opposite direction, until he slipped his slender fingers into her hair, settling his hand at the back of her head, and cradling it as she whispered into his ear. “I love you, Alex…” Her breath came warm and moist against his cheek as she whispered to him, and he found himself becoming lost in the sensations of the moment, beginning to feel, rather than think. “…I love you too, Danni” He opened his eyes, and pulled back a little bit, so his nose rested against the tip of hers, and they looked into one another’s eyes for a moment that seemed to stretch out for an eternity, but could have only been a second. They each saw the same thing in the warm, compassionate brown spheres looking back at them… a shared affection, passion, and dedication. Then the moment flowed into another, as one note in a concerto flows into another, as part of a greater, beautiful continuum, as they kissed. Neither of them began the kiss, neither took the initiative. It was as though the moment for it had come, and the kiss simply happened, without any impetus. Their lips moved together, and they melted into each other, mouths opening, and tongues pressing together, then exploring one another’s mouth, in a warm, wet little dance of love. Their arms tightened around one another, and she pulled him down more urgently, deepening the kiss, as his legs tightened around hers, pulling her more tightly to him. The kiss was a beautiful thing, and it awakened them both to the emotions they’d been refusing to feel for too long. Feelings of deep, intense passion, of a love so powerful and meaningful it had no name. They swam together in a boundless, depthless sea, completely losing themselves in the kiss, and in one another. Gone, for a brief yet eternal second, was the boundary between two people, and they simply melted into each other…. To Be Continued?., a simple domain which will provide the universe of XXX in manners you have never seen before. A world of sex where you will get the pleasure to sort and classify your favorite porn content according to your own lust and needs. pornoheli is home to a big selection of adult sites, all of them being secure and trustful sources for you to take your normal dose of porn without having to worry about anything.

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