Best Friend Helps with Sis!


    My sister is a fox. She has brunette hair that trails halfway down her back. Her body reminds me of the girl next door type. She has a set of breasts that are very nice and firm looking. I spent most of my years in high school getting yelled at by her because no one would date her after they found I was her brother. I played on the varsity football team for three years and was one of the bigger guys in school. I said I was sorry many times but they still wouldn't get to close to her. Most of the guys were jerks anyway.
    I never said anything to my sister but I was kind of glad they didn't ask her out. It gave me more time to be at home with her and spy on her. I used to watch her every chance I got. Many times I had dreams of just walking up to her and taking her when mom and dad were out somewhere. I even got bold enough to walk up behind her sometimes and "accidently" bump up against her backside. Just the feel of her ass against my crotch was exciting.
    I never did anything about this when we were growing up. I did continue to have many of dreams and fantasies about her.

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   I eventually left the house and travelled a while before getting married. I stayed married for awhile before I could take anymore and got divorced. I stayed single and hung out with my best friend from high school. I had told him about my fantasy many years before. He was okay with it. He had told me about fantasies about his sister too. He never did follow it up.
    One day, all of this was changed and for the better. My best friend Keith and I decided to go out for one of our all night fishing trips down at the river. My sister had heard about it and asked if she could go along. She had taking a liking to Keith and really wanted to go. Keith and I both said okay. At first we tried to get his sister to go along also. We had planned on me being with his sister and visa versa. Keith's sister wasn't able to make it but we went anyway.

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   My sister Diana had no idea what she was getting into. She thought that we were going to go spend all night fishing and she could get with Keith.
    We always go to a spot that is back off the road and acrossed a small foot bridge. It was where we used to go and spend all night fishing, drinking beer and getting high. We had both quit getting high but we still fancied our beer. So we finally get there and set up camp and gathered wood for the fire. It was hot that day and very warm that night so Diana wore her shorts and a T-shirt. I was in another world as I watched her walk around camp bending over. She probably wore the outfit for Keith but we both enjoyed the view.
    Once the fire was started and the lantern was lit, we started drinking the rum we had brought along. Keith and I started playing drinking games with sis. some how she kept loosing and had to drink two drinks for every one of ours. She was really getting waisted. Diana gets really horny when she drinks, so she started getting handsy with Keith. She lost all thought of me sitting there facing them.

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   Keith was enjoying himself but decided to move things along. He decided that we should play spin the bottle. I was ready and Diana was so drunk that she said okay.
    This game played out pretty evenly. We were all down to our underwear. I was having the thrill of my life watching my sister sitting acrossed from me in nothing but her panties and bra. It had been a few years since high school but she still a great body. I couldn't wait to see her naked. I was a tiny bit nervous though because I was sitting there with a hard on. I was hoping that sis would loose her clothes before mine.
    Then came the next two spins. Diana lost both times. She wanted to quit before taking off her panties. Me and Keith convinced her that we were all adults now and it was no big deal. So she finally took her panties off.

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   I was sitting there with an even bigger hard on now. I had a perfect view of her tits and pussy. Keith was eyeballing her in a sexy way which kept her going again. The bottle stopped on me next and I slid off my undershorts and watched to see my sisters reaction. She didn't make any gesters about anything. Keith spoke up though. He asked my sister if I looked fuckable. She just looked at him and said no. She said I was her brother and that it was wrong. She leaned torward Keith and said that she wanted him.
    I had expected that though. I caught on that she wanted to fuck him right then. I made up an excuse to wonder down river and fish. At least that is what Diana thought. I put some more wood on the fire and grabbed the lantern as I walked out of sight.


   Once I was a small ways away, I stopped and turned around. I turned out the lantern and watched from around a tree. Sis didn't waist any time getting at Keith. She pulled his briefs off and climbed right on top. I stood there with my dick in my hand watching as Diana fucked my best friend. I envied him. He was talking to her about something. I couldn't hear them but it must have had something to do with them fucking because sis started to really get into it. Then I saw Keith look over my direction and wave for me to come back.
    I walked back into camp and up by them. Diana was enjoying herself so much that she had her eyes closed. I was excited now that I put the lantern down and walked up so that I was facing my sister. Keith looked up at me and jestered for me to put my dick in her mouth. I stood there for a minute watching her tits bounce every time she rode up and down. She had her mouth open and was moaning.

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   I could take it any more. I just knew that she would freak out but I just had to get my dick in her mouth. I moved real close to her mouth and aimed myself just right. As sis raised herself up I put my hand behind her head and shoved as much of my cock into her mouth as I could before she realized. Once I entered her mouth I let go of my dick and grabbed her head with both hands. I had control of where she was going now.
    At first, sis realized what was going on and tried to pull away. I held her head firm on my dick. She stopped fucking Keith and tried to get away. Keith just grabbed her by the hips and started to really fuck her hard now. He was trying to keep her in her place while I just tried to keep my dick in her mouth. I was able to push my dick into her mouth a little but she continued to try and resist. I knew that what we were doing could constitute rape but I was to gone to care. I just knew that at any minute she would try and bite my dick. If she wasn't so drunk, she probably would have but she instead kept moaning no around my dick.

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   I didn't listen though because I was so excited about finally getting my sister that I continued to fuck her face.
    Keith continued to fuck my sister's pussy as hard as he could. He must have been doing the right thing because Diana finally gave up trying to fight me and slowly gave into my dick. At first she just let me fuck mouth. Then she started to enjoy it. Sis was actually taking my dick into her mouth now. I stood there with my knees shaking as I felt her starting to suck on my dick. She even tried to deep throat me a few times. I watched my cock go in and out of my sisters mouth imagining that I was just in a great dream. She was an experienced cocksucker and definately knew all the moves to make me fuck her face even more.
    I had a hard time trying not to blast her with my cum. I wanted this to last for ever. Keith was getting close to coming himself. He picked up the pace and told my sister that he was going to cum. All sis did was fuck back at him harder.

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   She got what she wanted because Keith suddenly shoved his dick deep into her and started to cum. This must have sent the thrill in the right direction because my sister then came as she sucked my dick deep into her mouth and slid her tongue under my cock. She sent over the edge as well. I couldn't hold back. I told her I was going to come and she gripped my cock with her mouth and reached behind me and shoved my body into her face. I let loose and came like I had never come before. I could feel dick pulse in her mouth. I had never had a woman let me cum in their mouth before. It was such a great feeling that I felt like I could come for ever. However, the sensation finally subsided and I let go of her head. I carressed her cheeks as I looked down into my sisters eyes while I slid my dick out of her mouth. She was so hot. She even licked the head of my dick when I pulled it out. My legs finally could not take anymore and I sort of fell down on my ass while Diana climbed off Keith and he sat up.
    We sat there not saying anything for awhile.

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   I was trying to get my strength back in my legs while sat there looking at my sister while she just adjusted her part of the blanket. I could tell that she was still drunk and the thought of this started getting my dick hard again. Seeing her wobble around had me wanting to grab her and jump on top of her before she could react. My buddy then spoke up. "Hey man. . . your dicks bigger than mine". I just sat there as I watched my sister moving around. Even though she had just been fucked royally, she still was looking very hot. Keith told my sister that she should fuck her brother. She didn't say much. She was drunk but she still had her senses enough to finally say that she couldn't do that. She tried to convince us that it was wrong. She said that what we had done was wrong as well but it wasn't as bad as fucking me.

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   She said this stuff while she continued to look down at my cock off and on.
    Keith just kept repeating that it would be awesome to watch her fucking me. He continued to play with her tits and pussy while he was saying these things. I could tell that she was getting turned on by Keith's playing around. I scooted a little bit closer to her with my dick facing her. Diana kept trying not to look but she continued to glance back at me and my dick. As my friend kept getting her turned on more and more, she finally spoke with a different message. She finally looked at my dick and at my face a said that she had never had a cock as big as mine. She said it was too big. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She was sounding like she wanted to but she was afraid of my size. I then moved closer to her so that she could get a real good look. She was so turned on and drunk that I don't think she realized it when I reached out and started playing with her tits and carressing her leg.
    Diana just sort of lost her control and started to enjoy what Keith I were doing to her body. Keith layed her down on her back and got next to her while he kissed her and played with tits.


   I moved up next to her other side and was busy playing with her pussy. I could feel that she was wet. Keith had wore a rubber so she was only oozing pussy juice. I slid my finger up inside her a couple of times while she fucked back at my hand. She was drunk and turned on that she was completely unaware that her very own brother was finger fucking her. I wanted to bury my face in her snatch but I knew that she would know then that it was me again. Keith then asked her if she was ready for a good fucking time again. All she could do was nod her head yes as he sucked her nipples and I fuck her with my hand. Then Keith motioned for me to get on top of her. He pulled himself away from her for a minute as if he was getting ready. Sis spread her legs wide for me as I crawled closer up between her legs. I grabbed my dick and aimed it at her hole. I put the head right at her opening and signaled the okay to Keith. He then leaned down by her ear and said to get ready because here comes brother.
    As he said this I entered her slowly.

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   I did not want to hurt her. Sis suddenly opened her eyes and looked down between her legs as I fucked into her pussy. She had a scared look on her face but she didn't anything. She looked down at my dick pushing into her. She watched as I stopped once I felt she was tight. She then looked back into my eyes. I was to far gone to stop now so I pulled back a little bit and pushed forward more. I had half my dick in now as I watched her drop her head back down on the blanket and her eyes rolled back into her head. She also raised her hips to fuck back at me. She was so wet that I had no problem getting into my sisters tight little pussy. Each time that pushed forward, I went in a little further. Every time that I would fuck my dick into my sister, she would respond back by fucking her hips against me. She even grabbed her legs and lifted them so that I could get deeper into. I could not believe it. Here I was finally fucking my wet dream of many years.

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   It was better than any dream about her.
    I put my arms by her hips and really started getting into it. I was now completely inside my sister and was fucking her wild. She was enjoying it and fucking me back. She even got completely into it. My sister was begging for me to fuck her harder. She kept telling me to fuck my sister with my big dick. Sis even grabbed me around the back of neck as she looked into my eyes and told me to give her all of her brothers cock. I did as she asked. I fucked my sister as much as she wanted. Her little pussy was so tight that I could feel her muscles squeeze my dick. She finally let go of her legs and reached down with her hands and grabbed my ass cheeks while she pulled me into as she fuck my cock like mad.
    My buddy Keith just layed there watching her fuck me as he smiled ack at me and gave me the thumbs up. I continued to fuck my sister for quite a while. I did not want to stop but I could also feel my need to come getting closer.

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   I kept putting it in the back of mind. I was determined to fuck my sister as long as I could hold out. It also occured to me that I did not have any protection against pregnancy. I just planned on fucking my sister until she came and then I would pull out.
    Diana and I fuck for while longer before she growled that she was going to come. I continued to pump that tight pussy into a frenzy. I then leaned down and told my sister that I wanted to feel her come before I came all over her stomach. She just grabbed me tighter and fuck me harder as she told me no. She said that she wanted to feel me come inside of her. I continued to fuck her hard and reminded her that I wasn't wearing a rubber. All she could do was pull me into her and said that she didn't care. She reminded me that she wanted my cum inside of her. I could not believe what I was hearing. I picked up the pace as I brought my sister closer and closer to coming. I was determined to shoot my load into my hot little sister.

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    Diana fuck my dick like mad. She had now rolled her head back and started to build to that climax. She started to convulse as her pussy vibrated on my dick. Suddenly she gave out a loud howling like sound and went stiff under me as her pussy massaged my dick with stimulating vibration. I couldn't hold out anymore. I shoved my dick deep into her and let loose of my own orgasm. I could feel my cum pumping out of my dick and into my sisters unprotected pussy. Just knowing that I was really cumming inside my little sister's pussy made me cum even more. We both held each other tight and enjoyed the sensation of our incestuous love.
    Finally, I was able to relax and just layed down on top of my sister with dick still inside of her. She kept her legs wide open and held me in her arms. Keith just sat there with his dick in his hand as he spoke again. He said that that was one of the best things that he had ever witnessed. He had jack himself off watching us fuck. Sister was no longer drunk and she was very aware of what happened.


   She lifted my head and gave me a sexual kiss and said thank you. For the remainder of the night, we didn't get much sleep but Keith and I fucked my sister many more times. By the time we left she had taken my cum four times. Keith insisted on wearing condoms but he fucked her about four times also. What a night it was.

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