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I am married and having a lovely family life, my wife and my self good looking and very spottily and my daughter is very slim with unusual large boobs 85C, Blond and looks like sexy barbie.
And my story starts exactly four months ago. As my daughter had her 16 th birthday.
We celebrated it at a holiday bungalow which we owned. All of us and her friends.
After dinner the girls and guys were dancing and Mom left with our younger son 8 years back home, leaving all of us back. I was enjoying few dance among all these teen girls, and all of them were very sexy, they were in their best ages fifteen , sixteen, with their hottest clothes.
But what to do, my age has passed and they are forbidden, all i could do was hope one or the other sweet touches of them and to watch them. Around two a clock most of the kids were picked up by their Parents, and even i had to drop the rest of them, My daughter was staying with back with two ofher best friends , who is going to stay the night there. When i came back i saw the girls have opened already a bottle of Vodka , and i jokingly scolded them but what the hell, they are already sixteen. , even i joined them with a glass.
After the third glass the girls were drunk. And i was eying one spacial girl who is daughters very best friend , they know each other since , primary school and even we parents knows each other. She had only her father and mother died few years back. Normally at home i used to eye this girl but tonight she looked extreme sexy.
I got wild after a while where we got in to talk and this particular girl was very close to me.

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   And a evil thought came over me, and i started poring more and more glasses to the girls and throwing away my glass every time it was full, now i could even see the panties of this girl and i am slightly stoking her thighs from knees up to her skirt and even the inside of her thighs.
Then lady gaga song played and all three girls. Jumped up and started to dance, i sat back enjoying the looking at the girls how they move their hips and wiggle of their asses.
Finally all of them doing a sexy pole dace and even pretending to strip.
After the song they came on the idea to cross dress , and forcing me to do so too, i was little hesitating but deep inside i was loving the idea. As i love to dress in women's clothing, even my wife doesn't know. But every time i was alone in this holiday bungalow i used to dress sexy and even go out for a walk. Here in this area is not much houses, and even if they are there they are inside the houses in the night. So i Finlay agreed and went to each room and my daughter drew a mustache on her face and she said so we exchange our clothes and removed all her cloths in front of me. I was looking at my naked daughter who looked like a god-es at the moment her Brest was standing and her hairless pink pussy which was coming up to her belly. she stood their, smiled and said, now go on get naked . So i started to remove too but hesitated a little to remove my underwear as i already had a stand. And it was my daughter. So i told her to turn around and she did so but i saw looking at her corner of her eyes. The first thing i wore from her was her still warm panties.

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   As i took it on my hand i was about to smell them but i controlled my self and wore them. But i couldn't get in to her blouse or shirt it was very small. So i told her , few of moms things were under the bed and if she goes out i could get ready. She wore my clothes and left, i quickly got my
secret suitcase from under my bed, and was happy that i could present three girls also my daughter my girly side. I felt so sexy when i wore my bra. And realized that i forgot to shave today, so i quickly got under the shower and started to shave beginning under my arm pits, i must tell at this place i am normally fully shaved even my legs are ever shaved. My wife thought this is a modern man but she never knew i darker side, being girl. So it didn't take too long until i had smooth legs and boobs. As i came out, i switched the lights on and started to cream my self. And out door i could here the party is going on then, i wore my push up bra and my daughter Panties which was too small had problems to keep my cock in it. Then i put on my dress on which ended right under my (now pubic mounds) and with my tights i already looked just sexy. First i didn't want to wear the wig, because the girls might ask where i got them from. But it looked real funny without it. So i wore that too and make up as usual and blood red lipstick. I looked a perfect bitch again.

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   And then my ankle long boots and i was ready to go out. but any way i was little scared to go out like this. Then i made up my mind saying they are any way drunk and will not remember anything tomorrow.
As i came out of the door ,i heard the giggle and i thought i would faint. But soon all three girls came to me and said wow you look sexy , go up to the pole bitch!! what they called me a bitch. Then i went to the pole dancing. Then now i really needed a drink. And came back , my daughter who was now wearing my underwear as a hotpahnts and my shirt and the other two girls haven't even changed. , i am the only one who was making my self a sissy. Any way all three girls were saying i look very sexy and they even could go out with me like this. And they are joking saying that my daughter had a sexy sister. They even looked under my skirt thank god i had panties on. And my cock was still in position. Having next few drinks we got easy again. And now one by one doing a sexy dance at the pole, this time it was going more towards a strip.

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   My daughter happen to show her boobs and puled down her shorts( my under wear9 and the other girl whom ii eyed also lifted her shirt and showed all her undies but she didn't remove and my eyes bulged out as he took out her boobs out above her top and nice Ly showed them to us and finally she came to me and rubbed them on my face. That it i was now in mood to put on my slutty show. I was give a pole dance better table dance, my skirt was now reveling half of my ass cheeks, and i removed my zip of my top to show lot of boobs of mine, i looked even for me very stunning. And most of all. I am living my sexy life in front of sexy three sexy young girls. I got crazy and and went more and more.
Finally my short skirt was at my belly and i was bending back and rubbing my pubic mound on the pole with fucking movements. Which made the girl to scream and they were watching as if a real show going on. Finally my prick was rock hard and released himself from my panties and burst-ed to wards the girls. They screamed as it happened. I got shock and tried to place it back in to my panties and it was falling out again. I was about to say sorry. And the girls were already screaming leave it that way goon dancing, and my daughter was even telling, don't worry daddy go ahead. I felt silly but it was nice i had my panties on but my erected penis was shooting out from the leg cut and pointing towards these girls and I was now realizing, the Oh god what did i do right now. Gave young girl alcohol, showed my self in bitchy clothing and now even showing my cock to the girls.

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   But the girls didn't make a difference so thought go a head now. And tomorrow you will be the luckiest guy behind bars. So i started to dance sexy again and removed the panties got much applause from the girls for doing this. And now dancing and sexy again and my cock was hard as the pole pointing out from under my skirt pushing my skirt up aiming the girls. And i even got lot of precum and its oozing towards my balls and dropping dripping to the floor. Then i saw my daughter giving a sign to the other girl and the girl came to me and started . sucking and drinking my precum from the tip of my cock. As if it was a straw. I puled my cock back and said no way. No sorry, every think is OK but no way , no sex. Girls you are drunk. And walked away to the room.
This girl the seiest of them all followed me to the room and closed the door behind her and told me. Why the hell i was so stubborn. Being presenting my self as a transvestite with my cock out, and now to make a fuss.

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   I said , even Thant is wrong to do. i got carried away, but cant have sex. Nay way she pulled my self to her and i was lying on her boobs right now. And she said i could fuck her that's no problem. Her father fucks her too. Now i woke up! What? She said yes from last few years she has fucked with him. So it was no problem. All of them wont tell a word about it. And they were being fantasizing to fuck with me too, for a long time now. Now asked who is this we? Dose my daughter know this. She said what do you think your Saint daughter has sucked my father many times. What do you think what we were doing when she stays over at our place? Now that shocked me a lot! I couldn't believe any word at all. I asked again my daughter fucked with your father? She said no she only has sucked him. She is waiting for you to fuck her. Now i was wondering if i am drunk or is this really happening.

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   Then she pulled me by my hand and we came out. My daughter was looking guilty and looking at the ground. I came to my daughter . I told her honey its OK. The next thing i knew the other girl was licking my asshole and one girl was pushing my daughters head to my cock,
i still didn't want anything to happen but i gave up as my tip of the cock was between my daughters lips. next thingknow i was holding my daughters head and she was sucking me up to my balls. and the other two girls were getting undressed. Then they put my daughter on the table and told me so , now show your cock up her , she was waiting for this a Long time. I looked at my daughter and she nodded, i bent down and kissed her ,on her lips. And she whispered i love you pa. The height of the table was exactly right as i stood my cock was at her pussy, both other girls were looking as i pressed against her, and it was SO tight but slipping inside finally as i went in up to my balls even tring to push the in side i paused and asked is it paining. She said no its wonderful go a Head fuck me, but i was very slow enjoying this tunnel of love all the way. it didn't take three or four times i came i tried to pull it out but my daughter held me with her legs tight. I was jetting out in her womb, thrusting and she was screaming oh i feel you, i feel you cumming. Cum in me.

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   I am on pills. I left her go where the last drop also was in her and pulled out slowly, and had two greedy mouths to clean it. As my daughter joined it she rather got anything. As we finished we sat and talking. My cock was still standing pushing my skirt away and throbbing toward my stomach. , we spoke about few adventures we had, i even asked the third girl if she also fucks someone at home. She said no , maybe with our help one day. Then i warned her no words about this at home. she said never i have being doing this also for some times and never lost a word at home. Then my daughter and the third girl were licking giving my favorite girl and me a good show. Looking at them i told this girl whom i was crazy about come to daddy , she smiled and came quickly. And put her legs both side to me and positioned my cock to her cunt and sat, my cock slid very quickly, now i felt the difference to a new cunt of my daughter and this girls, then this girl moved her ass here and there on my lap . Then i told her , you know i was fantasizing fucking you for a sometimes now. She said your fault why didn't you ask me? And then she got her phone and called her father. Saying pa can you imagine what i am up to now.

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  ? I was nervous, although knowing that he too was doing it with her and even my daughter, still we were good friendscome here wearing your party dress. And she giggled , and said bye. Then kissed me turning back. It didn't take half an hour we heard a car out door knew her dad was there. I held his daughter still on my lap and was hiding behind her. But wheni saw her dad, also in a girl latex costume i thought i would laugh. But he/ she looked very sexy , sexy than me too. And came to us, i avoided looking at him. He came to me and asked what are you doing to my daughter? And slapped friendly on my face, and looked at her cunt where i was still locked in then i quickly made his daughter stand up and took my Friend in my arms had to struggle a bit coz my cock was in the way. I said hi pal, you look sexy you bitch and gave a pat on his back.
It was rather exiting where he took a drink sat and his daughter sat on his lap holding her he called me come on friend come and fuck my daughter, it looked so inviting i quickly went there and shoved my cock up her and started fucking. finally he pushed both little high and planted his cock up her ass now we were sandwiching her and my daughter and the other girl was also there ad now they were stroking all three of us and sucking my balls from behind. Which was too much for me and burst fro the second time , but this time in this girl, as i drew it out she held my cock took towards her but guided it to her father,or mother? This man bitch took my cock in his mouth and sucked me clean as his daughter watched, now we both men bitch went to the pole and giving a sex show to the tree girls, rubbing and kissing and finally i pulled his cock out of his hideout , which looked the same as mine, rubbed it nice then i went down on him, and getting the applause from the girls. , next thing i knew i was crying like a slut fuck me fuck me please. I couldn't believe my luck as Sarah pa , looking like a women mounted me from behind and inserted his cock there, this was the first time i had cock in my Ase.

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   I have had dildos up it. but i have tasted cum as i was a teenager. I was feeling little odd where he inserted completely. I looked at my daughter, she was eagerly watching us , then she came to me and petted my face, as i got fucked from the other girls father, all the girls are now behind us and watching how the cock disappear in my ass. Finally he pumped his load, and wanted pull out , but i was scared that i might shit. But he didn't care he said that's OK. pulled out at a force and it pained and i lost a lille on inside too. Soon i felt, i was licked there, and i was surprised that it was my daughter. She told me i had to do this when Sara too gets fucked , which made me stand again. And now the third girl had believe in me. The evening went on tyranny out lot of perverted this you can imagine with two trans sex men and three teen girls. Who was willing for any thing. finally before we went to sleep, all the girls left and Sara's pa and myself was cleaning every , thing showing that we had sex. In case if my wife would come that way. And we both packed our womanly things too away.


   And cleaned our makeup. Sara's pa left immediately as he didn't have any change clothes. Only dressed as a women. Then next noon i happen to bring both girls home it was nice to see them naked in the sunlight ,petted then again well and said we'll do it again. Then brought one girl home and at Sara's house as i happen to understand him well now, i also went to see him. This chap was still naked watching TV , i sat next to him and sucked this time my friend a grown man in my age. And drank a lot of sperm as i could. The girls were not in a mood in fucking but Sara hugged him and sat next to him, massaging his balls. And then left home with my daughter. On our way home we spoke about mom, and our sex life would look like at home. So my daughter immediately told me. My bro of course is looking at me when i change cloths. So its your turn its your wife. If you bring her to have sex with both of us, its all OK then. Now i need any plan which could work out.

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   I am really clueless. .

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