Brittany and Rob - Part 2


He wasn't sure how far he would go with his sistereven if he got the chance, but he knew that her tightlittle body excited him. Fuck her? Probably not. She was still his little sister. Finger her twat, feelher up or check her out? You bet! "Nice underwear, Robbie," Brittany said, looking himover up and down with a show of mock admiration as ifshe were inspecting a male centerfold. "Wow!" Shethought. "Her brother in his underwear! It was gonnabe impossible for her to not let on that she was get-ting turned on by this. ""Like you're overdressed, Brattany!" Rob said, hisplay on her name one of the little insults he used onher whenever she got too close to understanding hisreal feelings. Brittany plopped down in the overstuffed chair andpulled her knees up to her chest, her arms aroundthem, half watching the video on MTV. Her positionallowed Rob a slight view of her panties below hertee shirt. "You goin' with Jeremy?" he asked. "Jeremy is a Dweeb," she responded. "I hear you got felt up by a Dweeb. ""A Dweeb with a big mouth. That's why he didn't getanywhere. ""Oh. That's the reason.


   It's not because you don'tknow what to do with a guy yet, is it?""Like what I know or don't know how to do is none ofyour business, Robbie. Just forget it, okay?" Withthat she went to her room. "So it was true. She did do it with Jeremy, at leastthe feeling and frenching part," thought Robbie as hestroked his cock through his shorts. He thought aboutJeremy with his finger buried in her cunt in the backof his older brother's car parked in his driveway ashe started to jack off. And then he realized that hewas jacking off when his sister was in her room byherself and at this rate he would never get to doanything with her. They had to get past the bickeringstage if anything was to happen. It would have to beup to him to break the impasse. He went to her roomand knocked. "I'm trying to get some sleep!" was the reply. He opened the door and entered the semi dark room. A dim night light burned in the corner. "I'm sorryBrit," he told his sister. "Yeah, okay, but I still want to get some sleep," sheresponded. "Okay, I'll join you.

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  " Without waiting for a re-sponse, Rob hopped in bed under the covers. "And what do you think you're doing? Get outta myBed!""Chill out, Brit. I'm not gonna do anything yourDweeb boyfriend wouldn't do if he had the chance. ""He didn't fuck me, Robbie. Like it's any of yourbusiness if he did. We were having a great time kissingcuz I thought he was a neat guy and he's cute and thenhe started forcing his had down my pants. He wouldn'tstop until I threatened to scream and then he did. Andthat's it. That's all that happened. Now, he'stelling everybody that he did it with me. What ageek!""He didn't tell me that. I overheard him tell someguy that he felt you up, that's all. You want me tokick his butt?""You would do that for me?""You are my little sister and I do like you both asa sister and as a girl. Do you want me to kick hisbutt?""No. It isn't worth your time.

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   Forget it. Butthanks, anyway. "There were several long minutes of silence. The moodbetween them had definitely changed. But Brittanystill had her back to Rob and both pretended to beresting, each not sexually interested in the other. Brittany broke the silence. "What do you mean thatyou like me as a girl?""Uh, well," Rob stammered shortly, "like I noticedthat you are one of the cutest girls at school. Andeven though we fight sometimes -- I've known you allmy life, and stuff like that. "Brittany turned toward her brother. "That's nice. Thank You. Um, you know, you probably won't believethis, but I like you as a boy, too. "There was a short period of silence, once again brokenby Brittany. "Why are we in bed together, in ourunderwear - or, I mean, in your underwear?" Brittanygiggled at her mistake. Rob laughed back.

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   "Well, if my being in my underwearbothers you. . . " Without finishing his sentence hereached down beneath the covers with both hands andslipped his jockey shorts off over his hips. He brought his legs up in the air to slip them offcompletely and for a second Brittany caught a glimpseof his cock. He held the underwear up in the air fora few seconds and then ceremoniously let them fall tothe floor beside the bed. "Shit, Robbie, what are you doing?" Brittany felt asif she had to protest. She couldn't let her brotherknow that her body was racked with a tingling sensationjust at the thought of having him naked next to her. "Your my brother!""I'm a boy. And your a girl. ""But, Robbie, we're related!""No problem," he joked. "Just pretend I'm Jeremy. ""No way! I would rather do it with you than thatcreep any day!" Then Brittany realized what she hadsaid. Silence again. Longer this time.

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   Brittany and Roblooked at each other for a long time before Rob reachedout and placed a hand gently on his sister's neck,drawing her close to him. And then he kissed her,gently on the lips. They looked at each other again -sort of in amazement, and then, in passion, fell intoa lingering kiss. Their mouths opened and theirtongues entwined, the children kissed for at least fiveminutes. Kissing his sister was making Rob's cock throb. Brit-tany's whole body was tingling in passion as she madeout with her brother. Rob was afraid to make anysexual moves because he didn't want to frighten hissister and make her stop. Brittany was enjoying thekissing too much to do anything else. But soon, theirlips and tongues tired, the two stopped to rest. Brittany looked down at the bulge underneath the coverwhere Rob's cock was actually raising the blanket. Heat first tried to cover it with his hand in embarrass-ment, but then decided that he wanted his sister tosee her effect on him. "I guess that means you likewhat we're doing," she said with a nervous giggle. "Guess you could say so," Rob replied. "Lemme see it?" asked Brittany. Rob pulled the covers down over his cock and let themlay at the foot of the bed.

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   He had a much better viewof his sister's pajama clad body now. "Wow, what does that feel like?" she asked. Rob took her hand and guided it to his swollen tool. At first there was a little resistance when she real-ized that her brother was guiding her hand to his hugeswollen cock, but her curiosity and sexual arousaltook over. As she touched his prick, her fingerscaressed it. Rob showed her how to stroke up and down. "Is this how boys do it?""Do what?" Rob asked, pretending ignorance. "You know, jack off. ""Here, lemme show you how I do it," he said. Robmoved her had to a resting point on his thigh andgrabbed his swollen cock with his right hand while hemassaged his balls with his left. Brittany watchedher brother masturbate. Rob was getting excited byhis sister's intense interest. He continued to strokehis cock and massage his balls for a few minutes. "Itworks better if I have something to look at," he saidwith a sly smile. "Like what?""Well, like I usually use playboy pictures and stufflike that.


  ""So go and get some. ""I would rather look at you, um, naked. "Brittany realized that they had gone to the point thatit probably didn't make a lot of difference anymoreanyway. So what if Rob saw her naked. He had seen hertwo years ago when he'd jacked off on her. She wantedthem share everything -- all of their secrets. Shewanted to tell him what REALLY happened with Jeremy. She wanted him to see her play with herself, too. "Youmean you would rather watch your little sister nakedthan some big busted model while you jerk yourselfoff?""Yes. I would. So off with the clothes. " Rob hadstopped jerking himself off and was watching hissister, waiting for her response. Without a word, Brittany reached up underneath herlong tee shirt and pulled off her white cotton panties. Then she pulled the shirt over her head. "How's that? Think you can cum as well to that assome Playboy girl?""Better," Rob said as he grabbed two of the fourpillows on the bed and propped them up against thefootboard.

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   He turned around so that he and his sisterwere facing each other from the head and foot of thebed and with the pillows stacked behind him, he onceagain begin to jack off. As Brittany watched, shebegan to finger herself, her index finger making smallcircles around her swollen little clit as the otherhand held her cunt lips apart. Rob had a perfect viewof her pink slit and soft mound covered only with avery light spattering of soft brown hair. Rob couldn't believe that he was laying on his sister'sbed, completely naked, jerking off in front of herwhile she did the same in front of him. He watchedBrittany manipulate her little clit and she now had afinger sliding in and out of her hole. As he strokedhis stiff cock, he felt a familiar stirring in hisballs. He stopped stroking so that he wouldn't cumright then and there because he wanted this to lastindefinitely. "Why did you stop?" Brittany asked?"If I don't, I'll squirt," Rob replied. "I wanna watch you do it. " With that Brittany movedto a position right over her brother's throbbing cock. With one hand, she started gently stroking it and withthe other she gently massaged his balls as she hadseen him do himself, earlier. "Does it feel good,Robbie?" she asked. The chain reaction had already started and Rob did nothave a chance to answer. His cock erupted sendingstreams of hot jism into the air. One splattered onBrittany's cheek, another in her hair as she continuedto stroke her brother.

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   Her hand was covered with thepearly cum and Rob's stomach was covered with splotchesof the white goo. She continued to jerk her brotheroff until his cock began to loose it's hardness. Thenshe looked at her gooey hand and smiled. "What do youdo with this stuff when you do it by yourself?" sheasked her brother. Rob was breathing hard just getting over the bestorgasm of his life. Seeing his sister there with cumdripping down her cheek and her forehead made him wantto cum again. "I have a towel between the mattresseson my bed," he answered. Brittany examined herbrothers sperm on her hand and then reached down be-tween her legs and spread the gooey cream all over hermound. "Guess after tonight we won't have any secrets at allfrom each other, Robbie," she said. "Yeah, I guess not," he replied. Rob moved so that he was now laying on the bed in thesame direction as his sister. He reached over andwith the undershorts he had discarded earlier he wipedhis sister's face dabbing off the ribbons of cum thatdripped down her cheek and forehead. "Is that the first time you've seen a boy's stuff?"he asked her. "No. "Rob was shocked at the reply.

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   He felt his groin startto stir once again. "No secrets, remember?" hereminded his sister of their earlier agreement. "Okay, that's the way I want it too. So, you knowNicole Edwards, right? She's a sophomore. She's inyour class and she goes to my gymnastics class. Well,after gym the other day we were walking home and Jeremycame by on his Honda scooter. He asked us if we wantedto watch TV at his place. Well, he sorta asked Nicolebut because I was there he asked me too. From the wayNicole giggled, I knew something was up but Jeremy isa hunk and I wanted to go to his house just so I couldsay that I had been there. "Brittany stopped for a moment. Her brothers fingeringof her cunt while she told him of her experiences wasgetting her hot. She could see Rob's throbbing cockand knew he was getting more and more turned on too. "Yeah, I know Nicole. She is really cute. She is oncheer and I have World History with her.


   So, what didyou guys do?" Rob asked impatiently as he pictured inhis mind the platinum blond girl at school who couldpass for Kelly on Married with Children. "Well, Jeremy rode on ahead of us to his house andNicole told me what a stud he was and asked me if Iwould like to get it on with him. Well, I didn't knowwhat to say so I said 'No' but she said 'That's okay,you are still kinda young yet but you can watch us ifyou want to. ' Like, I was in shock. I was going toget to see Jeremy naked and fucking Nicole. "Well, we went to his house and watched TV. Nicolesat by him on the couch and pretty soon they weremaking out. Jeremy had his hand under Nicole's shirtand before long they got up and went into Jeremy'sroom. I stayed there and watched TV for a few minutesbut then I got up to see where they had gone. Thedoor to Jeremy's room was wide open. They were onJeremy's bed fucking. " The work Rob was doing on his sister's cunt inten-sified. She was beginning to take pauses to catchher breath. "Oh, man. They were actually doing it?Wow, what did it look like??" asked Rob.


  "Well, Nicole was on her back and I could see Jeremy'scute butt pumping in and out. Her legs were way up inthe air on either side of his waist. I watched for afew minutes and then Nicole saw me and winked at me. I came in the room and Jeremy got off of her and Icould see his stiff cock, all wet and shiny. Jeremytold me to take off my clothes and join the party butI said no. Nicole told Jeremy to let me do things atmy own pace and he said 'whatever. 'Then Nicole went down on Jeremy and started suckinghim off. I just watched but Jeremy kept looking atme. Then he reached over and put his hand underneathmy dress. I started to pull away but I couldn't seeany harm in getting felt up so I let him. ""Wow, did he finger you like I am doing?" Rob asked. "No, He was feeling me through my panties. It feltgood, and watching Nicole suck him off made me geteven hotter. Then Nicole stopped sucking and waswatching Rob feel me. His cock had gotten huge andshe was stroking it like this.

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  " Brittany took herbrother's prick in her hand and began to lightlystroke it up and down, rubbing the palm of her handover the head. "That's it, Brit, damn, that feels good when you dothat. So what did they do next?" Rob inquiredanxiously. "Well, then Nicole got on top of him and straddledhim and ran his cock up into herself and startedpumping. She shaves her pussy because she is on swimand doesn't want the hair to show. Anyway, next thingI know, Jeremy had my skirt off and he is reallyfingering my cunt. So I got up on the bed with themand Jeremy moved one leg on either side of his headand started sucking my pussy. I was so turned onwatching Nicole get fucked that she and I startedfrench kissing. I could tell when Jeremy started to cum because histongue ran halfway up my cunt. After he was all done,Nicole got off of him and I could see the stuff oozingout of her crack. She saw me looking and said 'Wannasee?' I said 'yeah', and she lay down on her back andspread her legs real wide. I got real close and lookedas the stuff came out. Jeremy asked me if I wantedsome of that up my cunt and I said 'Not really. '"Nicole stayed there and I think they did it again butI came home. And that's it?"Rob's cock was once again at full hardness and throb-bing.

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   His sister had seen Jeremy and Nicole naked andfucking and had got naked in front of him herself. Wow. "So what about the deal in his brother's back seat?"he asked. The phone by Brittany's bed rang. Rob answered it. It was their mom. They would be staying overnight andwanted to make sure everything was okay. Rob smiledwhen she asked him not to be fighting with his sister. THE END More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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