Brother And Sister


"Mmmmm. . " he sighed as her pink flesh came into view, a visible tent bulging in his pants now, as his hand rubbed up her leg, over her pussy, to caress the smooth patch of fur above her cunt. "Loose, you shaved for me" he smiled, and she nodded meekly, half smiling at her brothers obvious approval, his hand now reaching around under her to cup her ass. Lucy watched as he pulled his head forward, down towards her now wet cunt. "Don't make too much noise" she whispered, still cautious that they weren't alone in the house this time. "You like this don't you sis. . your a little whore aren't you? you want me to lick your pussy and make you scream. Tell me you want it, tell me" he muttered, keeping her waiting for his tounge. "just do it quickly!" she giggled, worried that his drunkeness would wake the whole neighbourhood up, but at the same time finding the riskiness of the whole thing a big turn on. He suddenly pulled her ass up hard, slamming her crotch into his face, she yelped in suprise, as he forcefully slithered his tounge straight into her. He was so gentle usually but tonight he was treating her like his own personal toy to use and abuse how he liked. She couldn't help but to get wet, knowing he was in control. His tounge wriggling around inside her, her head rocking on the pillow, closing her eyes as she felt a hand reach up, grabbing at her tit through the fabric of her nightgown, wincing, trying not to yell out as he pulled and twisted her nipple through the fabric. Hearing him mutter, "my wet little cumbucket.

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  . my sexy little fucksis. . a hand squeezing and groping at her ass, another now finding its way up her robe, pulling it up as best as he can, wanting to get his little slut naked for him, wanting his little blonde pussy. Lucy arched her hips up, the feeling of being totally mauled and eaten by her brother too much for her young body, as she started to thrust up to his mouth, fucking her brothers mouth, on the edge as he started to bite her clit, she screamed out, unable to help herself, then all of a sudden, just as she was on the edge, she felt him pull away. Paul got up onto his knees, rolling his exhausted young sister onto her front, face down on her pillow. She felt him pulling at her robe, pulling it right off of her, she lie there naked at his will, her pussy dripping wet, his hand cupping it, the unmistakeable sound of his belt being unbuckled, and his pants falling to the floor. She instinctively picked herself up onto her hands and knees as she felt his hands on her hips, kneeling behind her on the bed. She felt his strong grip pull her back to him, rocking her against him, feeling his cock against her tender young twat, then rocked forward, then back, then forward. . then suddenly she felt him pull her back hard, thrusting into her. She squealed "fuck!!!" and he moaned loudly, rocking her back and forward onto his cock, pushing a little more inside each time, fucking her doggy style, back and forth, back and forth, their panting loud, as he felt his balls tighten, ready to explode. . she screamed as he reached round and rubbed her clit. It wasn't going to take much to make her cum after the licking she had, and after a few heavy stokes, she felt a hot wave over her pussy, releasing her girly juices on her brothers cock.

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   She felt him pull out, just in time as he splattered 3 squirts of his cum all over her ass. They were both exhausted. She smiled meekly as he lay down next to her. The two siblings sighed, both worn out from their session. Neither of them heard the door slip open as they lay there naked, their hands on each other. Suddenly the moment was broken. "What the fuck is going on here?" a stern voice bellowed. They looked at each other, then at the door. To be continued???.

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