Brother visits Sister at College Part 3


  After Michelle got out of bed and went back to her room to get the video camera, I also climbed out of bed, but my destination was much different than hers.   I was headed over to Brian.   As I walked across the room, I made no effort at all to conceal myself from him, after all, he had already seen me naked, as well as have sex with both a girl and a guy.   I looked him right in the eye and asked him.   “So, do you still think I’m a lesbian?”
  He paused a minute then said, “Well, you really seemed to enjoy that with him. ”
  “If only you knew,” I thought.   Then I did something that if you would’ve told me 6 hours prior I was going to do, I wouldn’t have believed you, but here I was, and I did it.   I reached out and placed my hand over Brian’s now limp cock hanging between his legs.    I started moving my hand and trying to work some life back into his cock.   Deep down inside, I hoped that he still had some energy and cum left for me.
  As I sat there kneading life back into my brother, I looked him right in the eyes and said, “You know, I do love pussy, but there is absolutely nothing like a hard cock. ”   I then sat on his lap startling his stomach, but being sure to leave enough room still so that I could continue working on him.   I looked at him in the eyes and started moving my face closer and closer to his.   Our lips finally met for the first time in years.   We started to slowly kiss, and then a little ways into it, Brian started pushing his tongue into my mouth.   I happily worked his with mine.

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  It was at this point that if anyone was watching (which I’m sure Melissa was back by this point filming this whole thing), the thought that this kid was my brother would’ve been their last thought.   We weren’t acting like siblings, we were acting like two teenage lovers.   We started kissing like we had been kissing for years, not like it was our first time.  
  I think all this action had awoken the little monster I was holding in my hand because I started to feel it grow.   I held it in the palm of my hand and just held it and felt it grow in my hand.   It was a pretty cool feeling, I liked it quite a bit.
  Brian’s hands seemed to have a mind of their own.   They were wondering all over my body.   Up to my neck, to my chest where they would rub and caress my breasts, and down my stomach where they would take passes by my pussy.   I kept my hand on his dick and was slowly jacking him off.
   I broke our kiss, gave him a smile, then slowly moved down and got on my knees in front of the chair.   I took his dick in my hand again and slowly guided it towards my mouth.   I took it into my mouth and swirled my tongue all over his head.   He let out a moan when I did this.   I slowly started bobbing up and down on his cock.

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     I was using my tongue to swirl around the head and lick down the length of his shaft.
  With one hand I was stroking the length of his shaft, and with the other one I was fumbling with his balls.   He seemed to be enjoying this quite a bit.   Of course, I’ve never known a guy who hasn’t enjoyed a blow job, let alone from his own sister.    I deep throated him a couple times.   I could actually feel his dick going part way down my throat.
  When I pulled him out again, he motioned for me to stand up.   I did, but never once let go of his dick.
  “I want you to go to the bed and lay down, I want to do things to you that I’ve been dreaming for years. ”
  I just smiled at him and walked over to my bed, dragging him by his dick.   I climbed up onto my bed and then laid down arms at my sides and legs slightly spread and looking at him.   He was standing beside me just looking my body over.   His eyes started at my feet and slowly made their way up to my eyes.
  He then took his hand and lightly placed his fingers on my foot, then slowly (and I do mean slowly) started dragging them up my body.   He went up the inside of my leg, up to my pussy where he went right up the middle of my very wet slit, then continued moving them slowly and lightly up my stomach.

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     He went right up the middle of one of my breasts then up my neck and finally to my face and mouth, where I slowly sucked them in and started to suck on them a little bit.
  I don’t know why, but what he was doing here was really turning me on.   I had never had a guy do this to me before.   Little did I know that he wasn’t even close to being done teasing me yet.
  Brian climbed up on the bed with me now, his dick still hard as ever.   He kind’ve stratteled my ankles and supported himself with one hand.   With the other, he grabbed his hard dick and started to do the same thing with it that he had with his fingers.   If I had any leg hairs, or hadn’t shaved this morning, they would’ve stood straight up on end.   Having his hard dick moving slowly up my perfectly smooth leg was almost too much for me.   It sent a shiver and tingle through my body.
  Brian was slowly guiding his dick up the inside of my leg to my pussy.   He then used it to trace up and down right through the middle of my slit.   I couldn’t take it anymore, I let out a pretty loud moan.   There’s nothing in this world I wanted more at that moment than to have him inside me.   Instead he was just laying there on top of me rubbing his dick through my pussy getting covered in my juices.

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     A couple of times, he sunk himself in just as deep as his head.   It wasn’t really deep enough to call anything, except being evil and teasing his own sister!   My eyes were closed by this point and my hands were at work on my breasts, as I was in my own little pleasure world.   Each time he buried his head in me I screamed out, not because it shocked or hurt me, but because I was hoping he was going to go father, even though I knew he wouldn’t.
  The last time he stuck his head in me it was too much, I felt my whole body shake as I erupted with an orgasm.   He screamed out too when my pussy grabbed and squeezed his dick.   He then pulled it out and continued it on its journey up my body.   I had my eyes closed, my hands at my sides and my head off to one side as I used all my remaining energy to concentrate on the sensations he was giving me.   I could feel him tracing slowly up my stomach.   I could feel him then strattle my stomach and sit on me.   He used his still rock hard dick to start rubbing my breasts.   He was rubbing them all over.   He was tracing my tits, getting them to bounce back and forth, and just basically using his dick to play with them.   I actually liked this too, no one had ever used their dick to play with my boobs before, so it was something that was new for me too.
  I then felt his hands on the sides of my breasts and felt him pushing them together.   I felt his dick enter the space between them and start pushing in.

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     They were really dry, and his dick moving wasn’t very smooth.   He must have realized this too, because he reached down and scooped a handful of juices from my pussy and slapped them on his dick.   This time it was much smoother and felt a whole lot better.  
  Brian sat there on my stomach and started to tit fuck me.   At first he was just slowly sliding his dick up and down between my breasts, but he eventually started to pick up the pace.   With my boobs, I could feel every contour of his dick, everything from its hardness to the veins in his shaft.   It was amazing.
  After he had been tit fucking me for a little bit, I leaned my head up and when I saw it emerge out from between my breasts, I would stick out my tongue and lick his head.   He moaned when I did this the first time, so I kept it up.   Not too much longer, he moaned/yelled out and I saw him starting to shoot a load of cum on my upper chest and on my face.   I opened my mouth and caught some in my mouth.
  After he had shot his entire load, we both just kind’ve sat there for a moment, then he started to move back down my body. “oh god, what now” I thought.   He moved down and laid on his stomach between my spread legs.   I felt his tongue dart out and touch my already sensitive pussy.

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     “OH GOD. ” I screamed out as I felt his tongue go to work on me.
  As Brain worked that magic tongue on my pussy, I used my hands and started to rub the cum he had just shot on me into my breasts.   I was moaning from the shots of pleasure he was sending through my body.   I was squeezing my breasts and lifting my ass of the bed, grinding my pussy into Brian’s face as he ate me out.   We continued this for a little while before he broke off and came back up to my face and we started kissing again.  
  We were really going at it, and just like before, if people didn’t already know we were brother and sister, they would never be able to guess it.   We were going at it like we had been going at it for years.   Making out with him, I could taste his cum, as well as mine on his lips and on his tongue, but I didn’t care, this was way too good to pass up.   He broke the kiss and looked straight into my eyes as if asking me if I really wanted to do this.   I kind’ve laughed inside that he was asking this NOW.   I nodded and a moment later, with out him ever breaking eye contact with me, I felt him slip all the way into me.
  I moaned and gasped when I felt him enter me.   A day, even hours ago, if you would’ve told me that I would be having sex and enjoying it with my brother, I wouldn’t have believed you, not at all, but here I was with him, and we were joined in the best form of love two people can show for one another.   After he pushed himself all the way in, he just kind’ve held it there, as if he was in shock as much as I was, and wanted to savor the moment and never let it get away. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

     So there we were, with him on top of me, fully in me, just staring into each others eyes.  
  After a little bit he started moving.   Slowly at first, but then he started to pick up the pace, as well as how much he was pulling out.   I knew right now what I wanted was a hard fuck.   I was sure that later we would really settle down and make love the way it was supposed to be made (but that’s another story!), but right now, we just wanted to fuck each other’s brains out, and that is basically what we did.
  I spread my legs as wide as I could and Brian pushed them up to my chest to give himself the best access to my pussy he could.   He placed his hands on the underside of my thighs as if to hold them there, and supported himself on his knees as he drove himself in then pulled himself out.
  We laid there for a while, him giving my pussy a pounding which I haven’t received in a while, if ever.   There we laid, him holding my legs up and away and fucking me senseless.   I could feel and hear his balls slapping my ass each time he pushed in.   I wish I could describe what it felt like to have my brothers dick inside of me, but it was something special.   It didn’t feel like any dick I had ever had before.   It felt more filling, made me hotter and made the sex, the best I have ever had.
  After we went a while in this position, we switched.   He pulled out and laid down on my bed, and I climbed up over him and strattled him.

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     I wanted to see him, and I wanted him to see me.   After looking him in the eye, I grabbed his dick held it straight up and slowly sank onto it.   My eyes rolled back into my head.   God damn, I wish I knew what made this so good.   I started to ride him, impaling myself on my brothers cock, then pulling myself off.
  He was memorized for a little while at the sight of him disappearing into his sister, then he looked up and looked me in the eye and started fucking me back.   Every time I pushed down, he met me with an upward thrust to send himself even that much deeper into me.   I didn’t last too much longer and screamed out when I felt another orgasm rip through my body.   I was exhausted now, I had been having sex for quite a while now, first Michelle, then Ted, now Brian, I was pretty tired now and had no energy left, but Brian just kept going.
  Despite me stopping from my orgasm, Brian just kept on fucking me. Being impaled on his cock was the only thing that was holding me up, my limbs were jelly other wise.   Brian’s breaths turned to grunts and I knew he was nearing his orgasm.   I looked at him looking me in the eye and I just nodded.   I wanted to feel his incestuous cum erupt inside of me.   I wanted to feel his little sperm swimming around inside my belly.

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  A few grunts later he grabbed me tight, shoved himself as far in as he could go and erupted.   We both screamed out as he started shooting load after load into me.   His cum felt so hot inside of me, but felt really good.   I could feel it reaching to the extremes of my insides and reaching every crevasse it could.
  We looked at each other one more time, then I collapsed on the bed next to him.   I managed to put my hand on his chest and drape a leg over him.   He turned his head to me and our lips joined in a single kiss.
  I heard some movement on the other side of the room and looked over to see Michelle sitting there with a video camera with a stunned look on her face.   I had totally forgot she was here, I was so drawn up in the moment that I completely forgot.  
  She looked at me with her stunned look and softly said, “Damn, that was so hot. ”   All I could manage to do was smile.
Don’t worry, the adventures aren’t over yet, stay tuned for part 4!