Brother visits Sister at College Part 4


  We fell asleep like that, Brian and I that is.   We fell asleep in the same position we were
in after our extremely hot sex session.   I slept really good that night I have to say.   Curled up naked next to him, feeling the warmth of his body next to mine, it was really nice.   I was glad I had a brother.
  Brian’s and I relationship was totally different now.   We weren’t siblings, we weren’t constantly fighting or bickering like siblings usually do, we shared a special bond now.   Of course we did have sex, the single most affectionate sign of love two people can give.   What we didn’t wasn’t fuck just to fuck, what we did was out of pure love, not lust, there is a difference.
  I woke up a couple hours later with Brian looking at me.   We looked into each others eyes for a minute, neither of us saying anything or moving, just looking at each other.   Nothing was needed to be said, we both knew exactly what the other was thinking.   His head moved towards mine, and I moved towards him and our lips met in the middle.
  It was life was in slow motion at this point.   Our kiss was extremely slow not like earlier where we kissed like we had years of passion built up (that’s argumentative…), but this time it was full of meaning.   We just laid there kissing for the longest time, not doing anything else, just making out.

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     I haven’t had this much meaning built up in any one I’ve ever kissed before, so this was new for me.   It was a new experience that I wasn’t quite ready for.   I was could feel myself getting flushed and extremely hot and start to sweat and get wet again.
  After a little while I could feel his hands start to roam.   I was so caught up in the moment and so taken over by this feeling of love that we were sharing that I couldn’t move, at all, I was at his disposal, and there was nothing I could do to stop him.
  His hands started at my face where they were lightly holding my head and helping hold my hair back as we kissed.   He slowly and smoothly rolled me back onto my back without ever breaking the kiss.   I didn’t even realize what was going on until I felt his hand start to move down off my face to my neck then to my chest.   I was confused for a moment, but then figured out what he had done. ‘Damn this boy was good. ’ I thought
  He slowly guided his hand down off my face and neck to my chest and placed it over my right breast.   He just held it there for a little while while we continued to make out in slow motion.   The feeling of his hand just resting there on my breast was amazing.   Once again, I could feel the heat of his body transferring into my body through his hand on my breast.   My nipple was hardening at just the feeling of his hand on it.

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  He then started to move his hand and lightly and slowly (once again I was convinced that something had happened and life was now passing by in slow motion) started rubbing and caressing it.   I could feel my juices now just flowing like someone had turned on a faucet.   I was so hot and horney now, I don’t know if I had ever been here before.  
  As Brian’s hands continued moving over my breasts and caressing them, and as we continued to kiss, I couldn’t help but start to moan and slowly move my hips and grind them into him.
  I realized now that Brain’s fully erect cock was pressed between our stomachs.   I completely understood, in fact, if this hadn’t made him hard yet, I would be a little concerned.   I gathered up all the strength I could and overcame my feelings of emotions from this set of events, and I moved my hand up and slowly moved it towards his dick.   My finger tips touched it and I was at first scared that for some reason this wasn’t his dick that I had grabbed.   It felt really really hard to me.   I was confused because at first I thought I had for some reason, somehow grabbed a wooden pole.   It was about as hard.   I was surprise, because he wasn’t this hard earlier when we had fucked and I blew him and stuff.
  I used my soft hand and slowly wrapped it around his dick up near his head.   I moved my hand up and down slowly over his extremely hard member.   This was the first time I heard him let out a soft moan.

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     I guess he really liked my soft hand on his member.   It also made me feel a little bit better because it told me that he found this whole session as hot as I did.
  So there we were, laying there completely naked on my bed slowly, passionately making out.   I was laying on my back on the bed and he was sort of half on top of me off to the side.   His hand running over my breasts, and I had my hand on his dick and was slowly stroking him.
  His hand left my breast and slowly moved down my soft toned stomach and brushed across my pussy.   If we hadn’t been in the middle of a kiss, with our tongues swirling, I would’ve screamed out, I was that sensitive and close by this point.
  Instead of staying there on my pussy he instead brought it up and put it over my hand on his dick.   We both held it there for a moment, then I slowly took my hand off and guided it up his chest up to his neck and placed it on the side of his head and used it to hold him as we continued to kiss.
  Brian grabbed his dick and slowly moved it down our stomachs, closer and closer to my pussy.   Finally I felt him place it at the entrance to my pussy.   Without either of us breaking off the kiss, he slowly started pushing it in.   I let out a pretty loud moan and gasp when he did this.   I could feel him sliding in.   He felt really big and hard, but my pussy was so soaked in juices at this moment that he slid right in with no problem at all, and was having no problem reaching to the depths of my pussy.

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  He put his hand around my waist and turned me so we were both laying on our sides and kept his hand there on my hip.   Everything that was happening right now was just way too much for me.   I couldn’t continue to do it all.   I had to pull away from the kiss, so I did and just held my head back and was completely lost in the moment of his dick sliding in and out of me.
  Everything happening in slow motion was continuing now as he was very slowly pushing in deep, then pulling almost all the way out, then pushing in deep, then pulling almost all the way out.
  This basically was the extent of our sex.   We just both laid there, him slowly pushing in then pulling out.   I wish I could describe to you how hot this was, how completely how this was.
  He laid me back down on my back and positioned himself on top of me without ever pulling out.   He continued to make love to me in this position now.   My hands went up to my breasts and started to squeeze them and tweak my nipples, and Brian just kept going.   He would occasionally give me a kiss on the lips, which once and a while I returned.   But basically at this point we were staring into each others eyes, never breaking contact.
  The look in our eyes was one of complete love.   We were making love, we weren’t fucking like two rabbits, we weren’t in this for the pure physical pleasures it gave us.

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     This was as meaningful as it can get, we were making love to each other.   That’s why it was in slow motion, I figured that out now.   This whole morning was going in slow motion because we were making love, not just fucking like we had the night before.
  Our love making continued as we stared into each others eyes.   Occasional grunts and moans were heard from us, but besides that the room was silent.   Once and a while the slurp of him sliding in and out of me could be heard, but that was it, no more sounds were present in the room.   Finally I felt my body tense up and knew my orgasm was here.   I don’t know why it took so long considering how completely hot this all was.   I figured that it waited because it was enjoying this all too much too, and knew that once it came and went, I would be spent, there would be no way I could continue.   Probably the same for him too.
  He felt my muscles start to tense up and knew what was happening to me.   He started pushing in deeper and deeper, finally when I was about to explode, he pushed in as far as he could go.   He was deeper in me than any guy had ever been before.   I swear to god, his balls must have been half way inside of me, I don’t know how he did it.   But right then when I felt my orgasm start to rip though my body, I felt him get really hard inside of me (I was convinced that he was already as hard as he could be, but I guess I was wrong) and start to shoot his load inside of me again.

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  He felt like he was so deep that his cum should’ve been coming out of my mouth he was shooting it so far into me.   We both laid there, having reached our orgasms at the exact same time.   After all the excitement calmed down, we opened our eyes again (as they had been closed the last little bit) and stared right into each others eyes.   He moved down, and kissed me.   We got a couple in before he finally lost it and collapsed beside me.
  Not too long later, I heard his breathing that meant he was asleep.   I looked over at the clock, it was the middle of the night!   We had fucked the afternoon before and then fell asleep at the end of it, then woke up now in the middle of the night and just had what was probably the hottest sex known to man and not a word was spoken!
  I don’t know how he did it, I don’t know how I did it, but we did, we woke up in the middle of the night and made hot love to each other.   Throughout the whole thing not a word was said, and the only sounds that could occasionally be heard were those of our deep breathing or soft moan, but we didn’t once speak to each other.   We didn’t have to, we both knew exactly what the other wanted, what to do, and what was going to happen, we didn’t have to speak words.   We spoke through our eyes and our actions.
  I laid there with my brother at my side and his arm across my chest and head on my shoulder in total awe at the events that had just transpired between us.   This was probably… no, the best sex I had ever had.   Who would’ve thought?   The best sex of my life was with my own brother.
  A smile came across my face as I thought of 24 hours prior where I was having second thoughts about having to put up with my brother for an entire weekend and how I was going to have trouble coming up with things to do.   I thought of 24 hours earlier where the idea of fucking and having sex with my brother wasn’t even a thought, wasn’t even an option.


     Twenty Four hours prior I was revolted at the thought of having sex with my brother, but here I was, quickly drifting off to sleep with more images in my mid of the events that had transpired over the last 12 hours, and the many more that would follow in the next day and a half until he went home.   A small smile crept across my face as I dozed off.
  The last thing I remember seeing before I fell asleep again was that of the camcorder sitting on my dresser on the other side of my room.   I wondered what exactly Michelle caught on the video tape, I wondered what happened to Michelle….
Part 5 coming!   Stay Tuned.   Please… Please give me feedback!

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