brotherly love


My mother got pregrant with me when she was about 17, 4 years later my mom had my brother. Ever since then it has always been the 3 of us. My mom had 2 jobs so we hardly ever saw her. Me and my brother were very close since we always had to watch out for each other since we had no one else.
When i was 15 years old i was about 6'1 had brown hair and green eyes I worked out a lil so i was in pretty good shape. My little brother was 11 years old at the time he had dirty blonde hair, and brown eyes. He could never sit down longer then 5 minutes so usally him and me were wrestling or doing anything that evolved movement.
It was on a friday night my mom was not home like always so it was just me and my little brother. We were wrestling in the living room and all that good stuff for a while. After me pounding him over and over again he grow bored of it, and left to play in his room. I flip on the tv looking for anything good to watch when i caught a movie in the middle of a sex scene. from watching it i got a lil bit horny and started to slowly jack off. Pleasure started to get to me and i didnt even notice my little brother standing there in the hall way to the living room just watching me. I dont know how long he was standing there but i knew it was long enough.
I instantly slide my hand out from beneath my pants and try to pretend nothing strange was happening. My brother still looking a little strange at me walked over to me and sat right next to me to watch some tv.

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   Out of the blue he asked me the one thing i was hoping he wouldnt ask " what were u doing brother?". I thought for a quick second and the only thing i could think of was to say " I was just making sure everything was okay down there". He looked at me for a little while then excepted my answer then he said " How do you check if it is okay?". I thought to myself what should I say the only thing I could think of was to tell him to "all you need to do is grab it and move it".
For a second he was silent then from no where he grabbed the top of his jogging pants and his white briefs underneath them and with one push pulled them to his knees. There he sat showing all he had I didnt no what to do. Then he reached down grabbed his tiny little dick and started to shake it around after a couple of seconds of that he asked me " is this how you do it?". All i could think to do was tell him "yes". after that answer he gave me a big grin happy he was doing it right and contuined to shake his lil dick. I dont know why but from seeing him doing all this i started to get more horny then i was before.
I found my hand slowly inch closer and closer to my dick. My little brother must have seen this and said " will you show me how u do it?". " Sure i will show you" came out of my mouth before i knew it. I slowly unzipped my pants, and with one great push i slide my pants and boxers down to my knees. Their stood striaght up my 7 inch dick for the world to see my little brother just sat their in shock since it was so much bigger then his.

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I grabbed it frimly with my hand and started to jerk off. with every movement with my hand his eyes followed. Then almost in a wishper my little brother said " can i touch yours?". First thought in my head was to say no zip up my pants and to end all this to it goes to far. The thought of my little brother touching me turned me on so much that i couldnt help but say " if you want to man". With that my little brother hand glided thru the air and grabbed my dick. I thought i was going to cum right then and there. His hand was a little cold and it felt great against my hot dick. his little hands just barely made it around my whole dick.
After a couple of seconds he let go of my dick, and started to pull up his jogging pants but i didnt want it to end just now. " hey man since you got to touch mine i think i should get to touch yours". My brothers face looked at his little dick then said "okay". Without even double thinking about what i was just about to do i reached out and grabbed my little brother's dick. It felt like a rock barely half of it took up space in my hand. I slowly started to jerk his little dick in my hand " oh that feels funny" was all he said.

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" do you want to feel something really funny" he just shooked his head up and down. I grabbed his leg and pulled him so he would be laying down on the couch. I slowly lower my head down to his little dick and started to just lick the head. After a couple of seconds of sliding my tougne up and down his dick I swallowed it all up in one gulp. He just layed their with a blank look on his face trying to figure out all the new feelings he was feeling in his dick.
I pulled off the jogging pants and briefs so i could lay in between his legs as i suck him. After a while he started to trust his little dick into my mouth. His breathing got a little harder and harder. He started to thrust harder and harder then all the sudden with a final strong thrust he fell limp on the couch still breathing hard.
after sucking him a second later after he orgasm the pleasure was to much for him, and pushed my head away. I slide up him and gave him a deep kiss then wishper in his ear "did you enjoy that?". he wishper back "yeah". After a couple of seconds laying their I realize how hard i was after doing that. I sat back up and started to jack off. I told my little brother " well since I did that to you i think you should repay me".

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   He slowly raised up and said "okay".
I grabbed his head and dragged it to it was a inch away from my dick. He looked at it for a second then with his mouth open as much as it could be he slide it down over my mouth. Omg I have never felt anything like this he could only get like a 1 and a half into his mouth but the pleasure i was just getting from that was amazing me. I let my head fall backwards and my eyes to roll back into my head as he sucked me for a little while.
I started to jack off the rest of my dick that his mouth couldnt cover. Using my other hand on his head helping him to go up and down as he sucked me. Then in the middle of it he pulled off me " my mouth is hurting" All I could think was come on and suck me again, but then another thought came to me. I told him to get on the couch and to lay on his stomach. I slowly slide my hand up and down his crack. " now this may hurt you for a little while but it will feel good after a while" without any warning I shoved the head of my dick into his hole. He let out a little scream and try to pull away but i grabbed him and held him firmly as i shoved a little harder. With a pop my dick went half way into his ass he lot out a little louder scream but i cover his mouth just to make sure no one would hear him. i started to thrust my dick deeper and him and deeper to finally it was all the way in. he was crying a tiny bit but i was so horny i didnt care.

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i started to trust against his ass he was so tight i couldnt believe the pleasure i was getting out of all this. Only nosies you could hear was my balls slapping against his ass and him whimpering. I could i was about to to cum and thrusted harder and harder and finally with one great thrust i shoot my load deep in him. After i cummed i just sat there with my dick in him to i got soft and it finally fall out. I turned him on his side and kissed him again.
I told him i was sorry for doing it and he accepted my sorry. Later that night he camed into my room and. . . . .