Casey's nightmare


   Nick watched as his parents drove away to go out for dinner and a movie. After they were out of sight he went back into the house to get Steve. The two of them had been planning this all afternoon and now they knew it was time to get started. Their younger sister Casey was up in her room watching TV and they had noticed recently that she had developed into quite a little hottie. At 15, Casey was 5'5" tall and about 125 lbs. with perfect 34D tits and an ass that was just flawless.  Nick who was 16 had told Steve, Casey's twin brother,  that there was no reason to let some other guy  be the first to get a shot at their lovely sister and Steve had agreed. Steve knocked on her door and asked if it was OK if he came in to watch TV with her. Casey said that she didn't mind and he went in and sat by her on the bed. They had been watching the television for about 15 minutes when Steve told her that he wanted to play a game with her and she asked what kind of game he wanted to play.  Casey just stared at him when he replied, " Let's play 'Casey in the Middle'". How do you play? Nick and I will teach you and Nick came into the bedroom. Steve grabbed her arms and held her as Nick pulled her sweatpants off and then pushed her shirt up her arms where Steve could pull it off of her. Casey yelled at them to quit and leave her alone,  but their response was to tell her they weren't going to leave until they had both satisfied their sexual desires for her. Steve again had her arms and Nick was between her legs and pushing his 8" cock against the lips of her virginal pussy. As hard as Casey fought to keep him away Nick forced his cock into her unwilling cunt and rammed his way through her hymen bringing pain and tears to her face.

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   Steve helped him to roll her over so that Casey was on top of Nick and he grabbed her hips and forced her to ride his big cock. She was still trying to get away from Nick when she felt Steve rubbing her ass with something wet and slippery and screamed when she felt him sliding his 7" cock into her tightly clenched ass. The two brothers fucked her for what seemed like an eternity and she thought they were done when she felt each of them cum in her ravaged body but they would change places two more times before they left her alone in her room. As Steve was leaving her room he looked back and told her that is how you play "Casey in the Middle. " Let us know when you want to play again.

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