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I'm sure you can probably guess what happens next. Well if you guessed that the two childhood friends grow up to start dating, then you are correct. Like kids do, we had started "going out" when we were twelve. While most of our friends had a new boyfriend or girlfriend every week, Cheyanne and I were content with each other. Not really knowing yet at the age of twelve what girlfriends and boyfriends do, we just walked home from school together, shared lunch, and occasionally held hands. We were the most famous couple in our school. ************************************"Joey, get your butt down here or you'll be late for school", my mother's voice shrieked from downstairs. Throwing on my shirt I flew down the stairs two at a time, then turned around and flew back up them as I had forgotten my books. Finally sliding to a halt in the kitchen, my mother turned to me with glass of juice. "Jesus Joey, you're fifteen years old. Don't you think it's about time you learn to get yourself off to school?""Yeah, yeah, yeah", I muttered in between gulps of juice. "Just hurry up already, I don't have time to drive you today", she nagged. "I'm going, I'm going. I just have to stop by Cheyanne's. . .

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  . " My words caught in my throat as my mother fixed her icy glare on me. "Didn't I tell you to stay away from that little tramp? How many times do you have to be told not to hang around with the likes of her. Her and her family are no good!""Mom you don't even know her! If you would just let me bring her over so you could meet. . . . " My words fell on deaf ears. "Bring her over? Bring her over? I don't need to meet her to know what kind of a whore she is. Just like her mother was, and so help me god if you don't stay away from her I'll kick your ass from here to Kentucky!"Not wanting to argue anymore and knowing that no amount of arguing would change her mind, I just slammed out the door and headed for Cheyanne's. There she was. The picture of perfection waiting patiently for me at the end of her driveway. Trying to be smooth, I sauntered up to where she stood and abruptly tripped on a rock and fell into her. "Oh Joey", she giggled as she placed a soft kiss on my lips. Trying to hide the blush of my embarrassment from her, I bent down and retrieved our books from the ground.

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   Standing up, I took in the lucious fragrance emanating from her body. "Sorry baby, I guess I'm a little clumsy today", I told her. "That's ok, but let's get going because I don't want to be late", she said taking my hand. We had come a long way with girlfriend and boyfriend stuff since we were twelve. Although not yet having sex, we had pretty much explored each other's bodies in every other possible way. My mind began to wander to the previous night when we had both snuck out to meet in our "special place". Our place was just a small field behind the woods at my house, but no one but her and I knew that it was there. I began to slightly stiffen when I thought of the way her lips glide gracefully over my cock, and how she squeals her orgasms with my mouth burried in her pussy. Stiffening even more, I pulled her hand to the crotch of my pants. "What do you say we skip school today and hold a private session of our own", I said to her in my most seductive voice. She gently squeezed and rubbed on the outside of my pants, making my cock stiffen to full capacity while pretending to think it over. "Ummmm, tempting offer but I'd rather make you suffer 'till tonight", she answered back with a smirk. "You're just damn lucky I love you so much, and am willing to forgive your teasing ways", I jokingly told her. Finally reaching school, we quickly kissed and hurried off to our separate classes. As school tends to do, it dragged on monotonously until the final bell set us loose.

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   Locating Cheyanne, I grabbed her hand and we began our walk home. Stopping in front of her house, we began our daily makeout session before she had to go in. With promises of meeting later that night, I kissed her one more time and went home. "Joseph Scott Campbell, I thought I told you to stay away from that fucking little slut!", my mother screamed at me. "What the hell are you yelling at me for now?""You know damn well! I drove by that little whore's house and saw you sucking face with her. Like I want everyone in town to know that my son is hanging out with THAT family!""Either you tell me what the fuck you have against Cheyanne and her family, or just leave me the fuck alone about her!", I spat at my mom. Her hand came up like she was going to slap me, but then she just let it drop and left the room. Thinking that I had won at last, I turned and grabbed a soda out of the 'fridge. Popping the tab, I had taken a few good gulps before I realized my mother had returned and was holding a piece of paper out to me. "What's that?", I asked. "Just take it to your room and read it, and for god's sake don't blame me for any of it. "Confused, I snatched it out of her hand and stomped up to my room. Plopping on my bed I unfolded it and began to read. It was dated August 15, 1993, the exact day my father had died in a car crash. I began to read.

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   By the end of the letter, all my strenghth had left and the paper floated slowly to the floor. I sat back trying to make sense of what I had just read. A letter from my father to my mother stating that he couldn't hide his lie anymore, and was going on a trip to the see the child he had fathered. A child born to a Korrin Williams. A Korrin Williams that had died shortly after giving birth to a daughter. A daughter she named Cheyanne. Not realizing I was crying until I felt my chest vibrating with sobs, I scooped up the letter and raced down the stairs. Not even pausing to say anything to my mother, I ran out the door and flew into the woods and didn't stop until I reached the field. I don't know how long I sat there crying, but the melodious voice of the girl I was in love with jerked me back to conciousness. "Joey, baby whats wrong? Why are you crying?"Silently, I handed her the letter. She brought her flashlight up and began to read. The emotions that crossed over her beautiful face while she read it are emotions I never want her to have to feel again. Disbelief, followed by shock, followed by anger. When she was finally done, she raised her eyes to meet mine and the intense hurt I saw behind her eyes was like a sledgehammer. It smashed my heart into a million microscopic pieces that floated into a thousand differant directions.

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   She hurtled herself into my arms. "Oh god Joey, oh god! It's not true, it can't be. It's not, it can't. . ", she kept repeating over and over. Her tears soaked my shoulder. Our tears ran together and formed one pool of anguish. I still couldn't believe it. This was the girl I was in love with. This was the girl I had planned on spending the rest of my life with. This was the girl I would die for. This girl was my sister. Willing it not to be true, I raised my head up fiercly kissed her. I kissed her as if my life depended on it, and at that moment I was pretty sure it did. "No Joey, no stop.

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   We-we can't do this. It's not right", she protested while still sobbing. "Tell me how it's not right!", I shouted. "I love you more than life itself, and you love me too. We're soulmates, we belong together!""It's against the law Joey, it's wrong", she pleaded as if trying to convince herself. "No, no it's not wrong. When two people love each other as much as we do, there is nothing that can make it wrong. Don't you understand? You were brought back here, back to me, for a reason. And I'll be damned if this is going to tear us apart!"With a sob she brought her lips up to meet mine. Our kisses were like none we had before. Our lips desperate, our tongues searching. I ran my hands up her shirt, enveloping one of her soft tits. I felt as if I was exploring her body for the first time. Her nipple instantly stiffened under my fingers and she moaned into my mouth. Taking out my hand, I then pulled her shirt up over her head and lowered my lips to her waiting nipple.

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   She threw her head back with a cry as I devoured first on nipple, then the other. By then, my cock was begging to escape from the confinement of my pants and I stood to take them off. I slipped out of my pants and my boxers followed shortly after. Kneeling in front of me, Cheyanne began placing soft kisses up and down my stomache. Her lips felt as if they were burning my flesh every time they made contact with my skin. When I thought I was going die if I didn't feel her lips on my cock soon, there they were. Sucking on just the head of my cock, she ran her tongue in circles over the tip. Her lips were made of velvet as she slid them over my cock, putting me all the way in her mouth. She tightened her lips on the base of my cock, and slowly pulled her mouth back over the length of it before slamming back down again. With her lips expertly making love to my cock, I couldn't help but grab the sides of her head rapidly fuck her mouth as I felt my orgasm building. In and out in and out, my cock flew as I fucked her mouth harder and faster. Feeling her hand massaging my balls finally had me shooting shot after shot of cum down her throat. I fell back on the ground pulling her with me as I tugged off her skirt and underwear. I savagely attacked her mouth with mine, tasting my cum on her lips. My hand trailed down her stomache to her moist, ripe pussy.

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   Pulling the lips apart, I rubbed her protruding clit with my thumb while inserting another finger inside her burning pussy. She threw her head back and ground her pussy against my fingers. She made a cry of protest when my fingers left her pussy, but then made a contented sigh as she felt my lips and tongue replace them. Gliding my tongue over her slit, I let it enter between her expectant pussy lips. Her scent was hypnotizing as I strived to burry my tongue as deeply into her intoxicating cave as I could. I gently nipped at her throbbing clit, causing her to thrust her upper body up. "Oh god Joey, p-please suck on my clit. Please Joey, suck on my clit and finger me. I need you to make me cum so bad Joey", she begged in between moans. I sucked her clit into my mouth while shoving two of my fingers deep into her slippery pussy at the same time. I sucked and nibbled, and shoved and slammed into her sweet delicate pussy. Feeling her pussy tightening around my fingers, I drew them out and shoved my tongue back into her pussy just as her orgasm overtook her. She squeezed my head between her thighs and ground her pussy into my face while she screamed her climax. Shudder after shudder made their way through her body until she lay still and panting. She sat up and brought my fact to hers.


  "Kiss my Joey, I want to taste myself on your lips," she whispered while leaning towards me. I happily obliged by shoving my tongue deep into her mouth. God she tasted sweet. She grabbed onto my semi hard cock and began jacking me off. I bent down until my lips met the silky freshness of her tit flesh. I sucked and gently bit on each nipple while her hands increasingly moved up and down my cock. I gently layed her down on the ground and positioned my body over hers. Love, lust, desire, and most of all need shone from her sky blue eyes. "Tell me this ok Joey. Oh god I need this to be ok, make it ok Joey. Make us ok", she pleaded with me. Without answering her, I dipped down and kissed her begging lips. She hungrily kissed me back. Our bodies burned for each other as I guided my cock to her pussy. I knew we had to do this.

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   We needed to do this. My cock met the outside of her pussy, then slowly slipped past her dripping lips to the treasure waiting. With a little difficulty, I slipped the head of my cock into the opening of her tight, aromatic pussy. Pushing a little at a time I finally came to the barrier I knew I was destined to break. I hesitated at the thought of hurting the woman I loved. She looked up at me and nodded her head. "Please just do it Joey", she said simply. Crushing my mouth against hers, I quickly broke my way into my lovers tomb. She made one small cry and then began to meet me thrust for thrust. My cock drove in and out of her pussy at a desperate rate. She was so damn tight and the sensations her pussy sent through my cock were none I had ever felt before. "Joey, Joey, harder. Please fuck me harder Joey. Oh god I love you so much, fuck me Joey. Fuck me!"I fed my hungry cock in and out of her equally starving pussy.


   Her hot, wet pussy devouring my cock with every fast paced stroke. Our body heat pooled together to make us one burning inferno of passion. Her pussy tightened around my cock as the beginning of her orgasm made it's way through her lust filled body. "Oh god I'm c-c-c-cummmmming!", she half stuttered, half screamed at me. The force in which her pussy was clenching around my cock as I fucked her relentlessy, soon had me propelling shot after shot of my cum into her as her pussy eagerly ate every last drop. Collapsing on top of her, I knew that this was right. And that nothing would ever tear us apart. Not my mother, not a stupid letter, and certainly not the same gene that ran through our blood. The EndOk I know I'm still pretty new at this, this being only my third story, so as always comments are welcome. I know that this is not the style of some of the readers, but that it is to others. So hopefully some of you will enjoy it. .

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