Closet Case


Topic: Closet Case"Bye, Mom!", yelled my 13-year-old sister Samantha as our parents' car pulled away. I watched her wave from the driveway. I was so happy to have them gone. It seems like ever since I turned 14 they have been in my way. It was a treat for me every time they went out of town for a little "alone time". Since I'm 17 now they trust I can take care of my little sister for a few days. They didn't want to give me too much trouble, so they took my youngest sister, Britney, to our grandparents to stay. It really isn't hard on me. My little sister is a perfect angel.
I'm happy that my parents are gone, but not for the reason you might think. The reason is that since I was 15, I have been looking at Samantha as a beautiful girl instead of just my sister. She's about 5'2 with long blonde hair that she usually wears up in a little ponytail. She began to really mature at a younger age, and now at 13 she has beautiful little breasts (which I'm sure will grow even bigger), and the most beautiful rounded ass that sticks out in her tight little shorts. She has this innocent look to her, which makes her look younger than 13, but that doesn't stop all my 17-year-old friends from checking her out.
Whenever my parents are gone, I'm given many more opportunities to catch a glimpse of my sister's beautiful ass or small breasts than if they were here. What I didn't notice is that my "little" sister wasn't so little anymore.

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   She was beginning to discover boys, and was fascinated with what her friends had told her about sex.
As soon as my parents left, I striped to my jockey briefs (I like to walk around in them when our parents are gone) and got comfortable in my dad's chair to watch some TV. After a couple of minutes my sister came out of her room in her little two-piece bathing suit that always made my cock jump, and said she was going out back to the pool to sunbathe. I made sure to take a long stare after her as she walked away, watching her beautiful ass bounce in her bathing suit as she strode. I spent the next hour checking out Samantha's wet, glistening body. God I love when my parents leave! After a while I went back to my room to jerk off. It didn't take long for me to cum (It never does when I'm fantasizing about Samantha!). The next day I spent in front of the TV in my Jockey's. My sister watched TV with me for a while, but I wasn't really watching the show. I was concentrating on Samantha's little shorts which showed off her beautiful pre-teen legs. I tried to be discrete, but my cock started to tent my briefs and I thought I caught Samantha staring a few times. After a while she got up to go to her room, and soon after I went to mine to jerk off again, planning on fantasizing about Samantha's gorgeous body. I shut the door and locked it behind me. I quickly removed my briefs, which by now were tightly holding my rock-hard cock, and layed down on my bed. After a few seconds of jerking, I heard a sound coming from my closet, and realized someone was in there!
"Who's there?!", I yelled.

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   Just then I received the shock of my life. Very slowly Samantha emerged from the closet! I just looked at her. She was wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt and panties, and It took me a few seconds to realize that I was still naked and that she was staring at my cock. I took my pillow and covered myself up and we just stared at each other for what seemed like hours in silence. How was I going to explain to her what I was doing?
"I'm sorry," Samantha finally broke the silence, "I didn't mean for you to hear me. "
"What were you doing hiding in there?"
"I. . I was just. . . I wanted to watch you. . . I wanted to see what a. .

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  . what it looks like", she finally managed to say. As soon as she made her confession, my cock jumped up and became harder than ever.
"I. . . I wanted to see your, uh, thing", she said, obviously extremely embarrassed.
'This is it!', I thought, 'This is my opportunity to fuck her!'.
"Do you. . . uh. . . want to touch it?", I asked, expecting her to turn away, but she just got this curious look in her eyes and came closer.

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   I removed the pillow and my cock stood at attention.
"It's so big!", she said as her eyes grew large and she slowly reached out. The feel of her small, warm hand on my rock-hard cock was enough to make me cum right then, but I held back. She began slowly moving her hand up and down, as she had seen me do earlier, and I found the courage to stretch my hand out and touch her thigh, slowly moving it upward until it came to rest on her soft, plump ass. Both of us had our eyes glued to each other's, not knowing what to do next. Slowly I began to remove her oversized shirt, and with her help, it fell to the floor, leaving her gorgeous little breasts exposed to me. I reached out my other hand and ran my fingertips along her breast, feeling it's firmness for the first time. As I did this, a small moan seemed to build up in Samantha's mouth, telling me she was enjoying this. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her panties, and slowly pulled down. Finally they passed her hairless pussy, where the slightest hint of dampness could be seen. When her panties were finally off, I put my nose down to her mound and caught her musty scent. It was intoxicating.
"Can we go to my room?", Samantha asked, obviously a little uncomfortable in my room.
"Sure. " I followed her into her room, my eyes never leaving her beautifully rounded ass as it bounced with her movement.

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   When we got to her room we both sat down on her bed.
"Can I tell you something?", Samantha said nervously.
"Sure. "
"I. . . I've been getting these feelings for the past few months whenever I'm around you", she began, "Feelings between my legs that feel good. My friends told me about when a guy and a girl, you know, and I want to know how. "
I don't know how, but I managed to get the courage to make my move. I moved my hand up her thigh until it reached her warm honey-pot, and slowly began rubbing it with increasingly fast motions. I knew I was doing good when her eyes closed and a moan escaped her mouth. As my rubbing became faster, she began to lie back on her bed, and I quickly followed. I crawled between her legs and leaned down toward her. My fantasies were finally cuming true!
I pulled my hand away from her pussy and looked deep into her eyes. She looked so small and innocent under me.

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   Even though her body had just begun to mature, she was still a child, my baby sister.
I stroked the side of her face for a moment, then slowly I bent down for our first real kiss. She seemed nervous, but soon parted her lips and wrapped her arms around me. We kissed for a long time. I began to rub the head of my cock up and down her virgin slit, as Samantha moaned with pleasure. I did this for a while, then she stopped me.
"I love you, Zach. "
"I love you, Samantha", I said as I finally thrust all the way into her in one quick motion. She immediately tensed up, but she didn't make a sound. The only sign of pain was a single tear running down her cheek. I stayed still inside of her for over a minute until the pain subsided, then I began my rhythmic movements. It was very hard to move because, being a virgin, Samantha was extremely tight. Her 13-year-old pussy held my 8-inch cock tightly. She began to move and soon picked up in the rhythm as we began fucking faster and faster. Her moaning became more audible as we picked up speed.

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   We fucked faster and faster and faster. I began to get that tingling feeling building inside my balls, but I knew I had to make Samantha cum her first time. I held on for dear life until I knew I had her, and I let go. Her head swung back as she let out her biggest moan yet. Her arms tightly gripped around my neck, her legs tightly gripped around my ass, and her pussy tightly gripped my cock so hard that I couldn't move, as my cum flowed in large spurts. I had never cum this hard before, I must have let out fifteen thick ropes until I stopped. Samantha's orgasm didn't subside for about another minute, and my cock never lost a bit of hardness. After her orgasm subsided, we held each other tightly for the longest time, kissing and touching. We made love three more times that night, and many more times that weekend until our parents and our little sister came back. That didn't stop us from having sex, though. We would often sneak off during the day to make love, and snuck into each other's rooms at night. It became easier the next year, when Samantha came to my school. I knew a girl in the attendance office, so it was no problem for us to get passes to sneak off to have sex in every place in the school. We left our mark under the bleachers, on several teacher's desks, in the boys' and girls' bathrooms, and in the back of the driver's ed. car!
As soon as Samantha got her first period, a few months later, I got her on the pill.

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   Maybe in a couple of years we'll try for a baby.
Now I love my visits home from college, because I know my little sister is waiting to give me several gifts during my stay. But my sister isn't so little anymore. She's now fourteen, and she's definitely grown up. She's now 5'9, and her breasts are now 38C, much different from the 26B I'm used to. One thing that hasn't changed is her sweet innocence, and of course her rounded, plump ass! Got to go, my parents just left and Samantha's calling. . . story is completely fictitious, otherwise I'd be busy right now fucking Samantha's brains out!

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