Colony 02


The van door opened. The trees all had Spanish moss that was hanging in the afternoon sun. My father looked at me and winked. “Here we are son. ”
My  step mom ran from the car and spun around till she fell. I stepped out of the van’s sliding door too see her arching back and her hands crossed to pull up her shirt. Then she laid out in the grass looking up at the sky in just her jeans and bra. “It’s so free!”
I walked across the grass and stood over her, displaying shadow over her sun-streaked brown hair, and big smile. “are you going to stop there mom?”
“Oh hahaha. Naughty. ” Her back arches again, and she reaches under her back to undo her bra, and then those wonderful c cup breasts are exposed once again to the sun. I got on my knees and started kissing her chest. “Oh help me! These jeans are too tight. ”
In the living room I was welcomed with two wonderful sights. Betty and Jessie were blowing my father on the living room couch. As I could see Sarah bucking uptops Mike’s monster slong.

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   “Guess I should take a bath. ” I said walking backwards into the room.
“From you Sherri. Only if you’re planning to hold on me. ” Zip. My boner flings and springs off my body. I pull my shirt off. Bare chested, my pants practically fall from me. Again on my knees I am kissing my mom’s chest, my boner pushes into her hip curve. She just laughs in fun and caresses her legs.
“Come on boy, we gotta get registered. ” My father says stand over the two of us. Jessie and Betty stand naked next to him. I grin: I can’t wait!
We approach the main plantation house. A woman walked out in a grand dress.

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“Oh, welcome back, The McMurphy family!” We all waved to Ms. Carry.
Ms. Carry is the owner of the plantation. Her great grand father was the one who bought the surrounding property to create what he called a ‘nursing Eden. ’
Sarah runs up with her ass swinging  in the summer breeze, “I missed you!”
Ms. Cany hugged her deep and remarked how much she missed Sarah.
“My, my, how you still grow my girl!” Ms. Cany’s hand rubs over Sarah’s tit, and cups for the full weight.
“Where are we staying this year granny?”
“In the cabin right down the trail. Hearts content. ”
“Ohh really!?”
“Yes my dear, the one with the five queen sized beds. ”
Here she beckoned my father into sign the paperwork. I looked at the big naked Mike who was trailing behind us looking a bit nervous. I just winked.

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   As Sarah ran into his arms and rubbed her pelvis up against his, “we get our own bed sweetie!”
“I’ll race you!” I say to Betty and Jessie.
Those two both take off in a flash, our naked feet slapping against mossed over pavement. I was so much faster than them so I would run up and pinch at their butts as they would giggle and try to run faster. Once down the path I could see our cabin. So I sprinted ahead and opened the unlocked door, shutting the screen door in their face I remarked,
“You know what happens to loser’s don’t you?”
“No!” they both shouted, “you cheated!”
“Cheated with my longer legs!? Bullshit. ”
I opened the door and walked into the second bedroom. ” I get the bed by the window!”
“That means we get the bed by the door. ”
“What are you going to do about it?”
I then tackle Jessie. And push her back against her bed. “Stop bully!”
I kiss her neck and pull at her chest. I pull up so the soft side of my cock rests on her slit.   I start rubbing back and forth. “I win, turn over. ” 
Jessie submits. This must be too much for Betty who starts to rub her clit, just standing there in front of the window staring as Jessie submits.

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Jessie’s ass points out over the bed, as her tippy toes push up so she can meet me. I spit in my palm as I rub around her asshole.
“no not there!” Jessie remarks as I lean in. The tight border line. She moans. Betty climbs on the bed. At that moment Sherri and my Dad come in. Sherri comes into the room to see me humping Jessie from behind. She sits on the bed leaning up against the headboard and pulls Betty’s arm to the bed.
Betty rides up between Sherri’s legs.
“will you go down on mommy?”
“Betty just nods. ”,
Sherri giggles and laughs as Betty plays with her trimmed cunt.
I pick up Jessie’s legs and start pushing into her, she moans ‘i-uh uh uh. ’
“Hey Davis, how about you come here and keep mommy company?”
“Alright. ” I said pulling out of Jessie’s abused bumbhole.

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I sat down next to Sherri and kissed her on the neck and cheek, progressing to move down to her tits, I suppled her nipples and caressed her tummy.
“Alright Betty. That’s enough. ” Betty peered upbetween Sherri’s legs.
I remember when Sherri used to be my babysitter, when she lived next door, before she married my dad. And she used to play around with me while my baby sisters were asleep.
“I’m ready Davis. ”
“Alright mom. ” I said as I got between her legs and lined up.   It slid in as wonderful as all the other times.
I would pull out all the way till my head would rub up against her clit. Then I would slam back in. Then I would just grab on by her tits. She would just scream
“Oh Davis, oh son. Oh fuck me, harder- harder.

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My dick would get harder and push up against her cirvex, I would slam harder and harder into it until I pushed my hand over her face, and screamed as I pumped harder and held deep.
I stayed inside her for a few more minutes and kiss her tits. And looked up pleasingly into her big smile. Her freckled 28 year old face. “I love you. ”
“I know you do!”
“Wanna take a shower?” I said picking my self up off top her.
“I’ll see you in a few minutes. ”
“If you insist. ” I said unbuttoning her jeans, unzipping to flesh, she went commando this day in anticipation- her trimmed bush was substantial under her zipper. I grabbed the pantline from her ass and pulled it around her curves. And there was my mom, naked under the Spanish moss, her legs spreading as I stood over her brown bush with little blonde streaks… “are you going to hide that boner from me Davis?” she smiles up from the long grass.