Crush on Cousin Chris


A few moments later everyone was in the kitchen just talking about old times. Helen and Janie were talking non stop about what they'd been doing in the past 3 years. Angie could see Chris was bored. "Hey cuz you wanna go to the living room and watch some t. v. ?" Asked Angie. Chris nodded and they walked over to the living room and sat comfortably in the sofa. "So little cuz," asked Chris, "what you been up to?" Angie felt more nervous than ever! Why was she so nervous around him? He was just her cousin she kept telling herself. "oh not much. I'm in junior high now of course and I'm captain of the cheerleader squad. And um. . " she was about to tell him about all her sciene awards but he interrupted by asking "Do you got a boyfriend?" Angie giggled nervously but Chris just smiled sweetly at her. " No. Mom says I'm too young to have a boyfriend. Chris kept his eyes on her cooly.

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   "Well your a very pretty girl. I'm surprised your not sneaking around. " Chris said playfully. Angie felt her whole body blushing. She couldn't believe the thoughts she was having about her own cousin. "what about you? HOw is college? You got a girlfriend there?" Chris slouched on the softa getting more comfortable. "Ah college life is pretty good. I'm done next semester comming up. NO girlfriend right now. I just broke up with one. She was really dumb. All she wanted to do is party out and get drunk. So I'm all single now. " He wouldn't stop staring at Angie. Angie could feel his eyes piercing at her the whole time they watched t.

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  v. As the week went on Angie and Chris would hang out a lot. They'd go to see movies, go out to eat or the the park. Just having a goodtime. Of course all the times they hung out Angie was a nervous wreck. She kept stuttering her words and giggling a lot. Chris seemed to keep his cool. He was smooth alright. Angie wondered if all guys his age were that smooth. Angie began to feel this little crush developing. "no way" she thought to herself. "I couldn't possible have crush on my own cousin!" She kept trying to avoid thinking that way of him as much as possible. But it was getting harder and harder each day as she would see him walking around the house in his boxers and t-shirt or sometimes just his boxers! He had an incredible body! His chest was not too muscular but just right with no hair on it just like Angie liked it. A washboard stomach that you could just run your tongue on! So it was tough not to think of him sexually. Angie had found herself at night masterbating wildly about kissing Chris.

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   About how his tongue would feel like between his legs. She wondered how many girls had been lucky enough to have had him in bed! Most of all she wondered how big his cock was. She'd seen a few cocks in porno movies that her friends dad had but wondered if chris' cock looked like any of those that she saw on the movies. The summer seemed to go by so quickly! It was now down to the last week of her cousin being there. The last week she'd get to seem him walk around half naked around the house. Angie wanted so badly to kiss him. To have him teach her how to fuck how to kiss a man. It was now saturday night. The last night before auntie janie and Chris left. Auntie Janie and Helen decided to go out for a girls night out. They told Chris and Angie they were leaving all night and going to have their fun before they would part once again. Angie was paranoid about being left alone with Chris but deep down she was excited and thrilled! Thier moms left about 8pm. Chris was laying on the soft watching some movies. Angie was upstairs trying to figure out her plan to seduce her cousin! She took a long warm bath making sure to wash everything really well. She washed her hair 3 times to make sure she smelled good.

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   She decided to put on a little bit of makeup to bring out her beauty more. She wore her silky hair down letting if all over her shoulders and wore some short white shorts and a sleavless little black button up top. She legs were smooth now from all the lotion she'd rubbed on them. She wnated to be perfect for Chris. She put on some slip on sandles and quietly made her way downstairs. She saw Chris laying down in his boxers and t-shirt almost falling asleep watching t. v. Angie cleared her throat as Chris woke up a bit stuttered. She stood before him looking right at him. His eyes widened at she looked at her. She could see him lick his lips. "Hi Chris", she Angie said in a soft sexy voice, "I want you. I've wanted you so badly ever since I first saw you. " Chris swallowed hard. He couldn't believe his baby cousin was telling him this.

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   Angie could not believe she was saying this! for months now she'd wanted Chris and now she was going to have him!Chris stood up slowly moving towards Angie. "Oh Angie. I've wanted you for a long time now too. You've gotten to be so fuckin' beautiful. I just didn't know how to control my erections around you. " That got Angie's pussy dripping wet! Those words comming from Chris were just so hot! She felt him rub his hands up and down her arms sending goosebumps all over her body. His touch was gently but very arousing. "Chris, kiss me. Show me how to kiss. I wanna learn from you. " Angie whispered. He moved closer to her as their lips met. His lips were soft and wet. He kissed her soflty at first just lips no tongue. He put his arms around her holding her tightly next to him.

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   she put her arms around his waist. He was such a sexy guy! He sucked on her lower lips which drove her wild for a few seconds and then slowly slipped his tongue in her mouth as their tongues met and caressed. His kisses were getting her more excited than she ever had been! He sent chills up and down her body with his kisses. Slowly he bagn to kiss her neck softly. She could feel his breath on her skin. He picked her up and carried her to the couch. Chris layed her down and took off his shirt as she just watched him. she couldn't wait to touch his chest his stomach his back his whole body! He stood in front of her as she ran her fingers thru his hard stomach. He bit his lip watching her get aroused. "Baby, I wanna show you everything. If you let me of course. " chris said soflty. Angie exhaled "Yes Chris. I want to learn everything from you. " With that chris manage to get on top of Angie and he begain to kiss her more now.

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   More passionatly. Angie was going crazy on Chris as he began to kiss her neck again and slowly she felt him unbutton her top. She didn't wear a bra on purpose. To show him she can be a little slutty but innocent. She felt the summers warm breeze hit her skin as he opened up her top exposing her small but sexy 34a cup breasts. "I'm sorry I know they must be kinda small than what your used to. " Shy said Angie. Chris was breathing harder now. "no baby they are just so beautiful. I love them!" He began to suck on her tiny pink nipples. Running his tongue on them and sucking on them like crazy! Angie had never felt so much pleasure. She was on fire now. She wanted him to fuck her as soon as possible! She felt his hands move down between her legs. He began to rub her pussy over her shorts gently making her dripping wet! Chris started to take off Angie's little white shorts ready to see what cute panties she had on. Angie could feel Chris' cock begin to twich on her legs as he saw her little white cotton panties.

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   They were just plain white coton panties but Angie could tell that drove Chris wild! He slowly removed her panties exposing her bare pussy. No hair. She knew he loved it. Angie coulnd't wait to see her cousins cock! She knew he was so hard now she could feel it on her leg. "Baby get on top of me I don't wanna squash you or anything. " Chris said jokingly. Angie stood up ready to get on top of chris. Ready to show him she could be as much as a woman as the other girls he'd dated. He layed down and Angie jumped on him. She started to kiss his chest and moving down to his stomach runningher tongue on those washboard abs like she'd fantasized about. Finally it was time. Time to reveal her cousins big cock! She pulled his boxers down slowly and in awe she stared at his beautiful huge cock! It had to be at least 8 inches with a mushroom head. It was pink in color and she could see the veins popping out. It was so hot! He shaved she could tell. He had not one hair on his cock which made her want him even more! She loved the fact that he shaved.

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   That way she could really get her mouth all over his balls and cock. "Suck it baby cuz" Chris said anxiously. Angie knew he wanted her mouth on his cock so badly! Angie wasn't sure how to suck a cock but she'd try her best. She 'd try to remember how the girls did it on the porno's she saw. She wrapped her fingers around his balls touching them and then slipped the head of his cock in her mouth. She couldn't believe how incredible he tasted! I dug her mouth deep on his cock taking it all in her mouth, savoring all his precum. Chris moaned in pleasure as his baby cousin sucked his cock. Angie coldn't believe how much of a slut she was right now but she loved it! Chris pulled her hair a bit and she stopped to look up at him. He looked down at her with hunger. "Baby put your pussy on my face while you suck my dick. " Angie was so overly exciged! He wanted to 69! She'd seen that in pornos too and that had her masterbating for days! She quickly got on top of her cousins face fucking it. To her surprise she felt a rush of excitement run through her as his tongue slapped her clit so fast! She contintued to suck his cock as he ate her pussy out. It'd only been about two mintues and she already felt she wanted to cum! She took Chris' cock out of her mouth and moaning she said "oh Chris i'm about to cum!!" Chris pushed her head back down as he knew he was going to cum too. Angie almost gagged on his cock as she began to cum. She moaned muffled as she kept his cock in her mouth.

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   Just as she came she felt him spray his load of cum in her mouth! She devoured his juices as fast as she could as she felt some of them drop out into her chin as she tried to lick them up. It was the sexiest thing ever having to have her cousin cum in her mouth. I moved her hips a bit more as he got the last jucies of her cum in his mouth. Angie got up and kissed her cousins neck. He held her tightly. "Oh baby you know how to suck cock so good! ARe you ready for me to take your cherry?" Angie looked up at him with her eyes dancing. "Yes! Chris take my cherry! I want you!!!" He stood up and told Angie to get on all fours. Angie followed his orders and felt him stand behind her. He playfully slapped his cock on her ass and she loved it! "Ok are you ready to be my little slut?" Chris said in a deep voice. "Yes. I wanna be your cumslut" said Angie. He put his hands on her back as he slowly entered her pussy with his cock. Angie felt the sharp pain in her as he entered her. She closed her eyes trying to avoid the pain because she knew sooner or later it was going to be nothing but pleasure. She could feel her pussy opening up.


   He pussy juices flowing more now was chris began to go in and out of her slowly and gently. Chris held on to her small frame as he put his hands on her ass. Pretty soon he began to move faster and faster making his balls slap on Angies ass. Angie now was feeling nothing but pure pleasure. Chris was going crazy on Angies little pussy. Angie felt him pull her hair and slap her ass a few times. She wondered if she was now a full slut. She sure felt like one at least. She could hear her hot cousin breath heavily as he fucked her. "Shit Angie your so tight! mmmm baby!" he continued to fuck her fast. Suddenly she felt him slow down as he began to cum in her. She felt his sticky hot cum just squirt in her and ooze deep in her. It was a beautiful feeling. Chris layed his head on her back as he tried to recover from his hot load shooting in her. All of a sudden they heard the front door slam and oops! There was auntie Helen and auntie Janie very pissed off! Now Angie has to dream about Chris since the moms argreed not to let the cousins see each other for a long long time!More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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