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I didn't think a lot about it at the time. I always knew she found me attractive even though I was her father. We were very close from the beginning. I guess in the back of my mind I had planed or at least hoped something would take place this weekend. I am 58 very healthy and still enjoy sex very much. I don't need viagra if you know what I mean. My wife on the other hand has gone through a hysterectomy and has lost all desire for sex. I have become very horny and I am afraid it shows. I didn't know at the time but Trish and her husband had not been sleeping together for over six months. She was ripe also. Putting two horny people together is dangerous even if they are father and daughter. We finished watching the movie and decided to go to bed. I went first. I sleep in jock shorts and nothing else no pajamas or tops. I still don't look bad for 59. I stay in shape and work out.

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   Trish followed me to bed after going into the bathroom. She had on her robe and her nightgown. As she pulled off her robe I could tell she had nothing on underneath the cotton gown. No bra no panties. I was a little surprised she didn't cover it up as she slid into bed she was sure I got a good look between her legs as she pulled the cover up to her chin. Nothing happened until about 2:00 AM in the morning. I woke as I sometimes do at night with a huge hard on. I was still half asleep and I was used to sleeping with Helen my wife, even though we not have sex anymore we still like to cuddle. I as habit turned on my side and slid up to the back of Trish my hard cock pushed into the crack on her ass. My arm went under hers and my hand landed on her firm tit. She groaned and pushed her trim little ass into my hard cock. Her hand went on top of mine and she moved it down until it rested on her hot belly just above her clit. She turned over not saying a word and took my cock into her hand. She threw her leg over mine and guided my cock to her hot wet pussy. She rubbed the lips of her pussy with the head of my cock, which was rock hard by now.

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   I couldn't believer this was happening. I had wished and wanted to do this for so long, but never had the nerve to approach her. The only thing she said was Oh daddy I have wanted you to do this to me since I was 13. I was afraid to let you know how I felt. I was afraid you would hate me or think me strange for wanting to have sex with my daddy. She didn't say another word but sit on me with my throbbing cock deep within her pussy so hot and wet. She must have rode my cock for at least 20 minutes before she raise herself from my pulsing cock and slid down between my legs where she took my hard pussy wet cock into her mouth. She was very good at this task and had no trouble deep throating all my manhood. She did this for a few more minutes and then rolled on her back and wanted to know if it would eat her pussy. I was ready. I always enjoy eating pussy. This being my daughter made it even better. There is no sex like having sex with your own daughter. I ate her for awhile and she asked me to fuck her please she said I want your cock in my pussy and I want all your cum in me. Please daddy cum in me.

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   I want to feel your hot juice fill me. My husband will not cum in me and I love it so please daddy please cum in me. I told her I would and it would not be a problem because I was shooting blanks since my vasectomy. We played until about 4:00 Am and then went to sleep. Next morning we got up and went out for breakfast. Nothing was mentioned aboutlast night. Only a little crooked smile from my daughter, and a nod from me. It has been about eight months since that night and we have not done it again, however I am planning a trip next month. I am thinking of asking Trish to go with me. Trish has suggested we take the granddaughter on the next trip. I wonder what she has in mind. A hotel room with one bed maybe?. is the top online escort agency in Belgium!

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The city of Batumi itself boasts a vibrant and diversified nightlife scene, which is mirrored in the city itself. There is something for everyone in Georgia, from traditional Georgian restaurants featuring live music and dance performances to opulent casinos, hip nightclubs, and sophisticated pubs. At night, when the neon lights of the city reflect off the Black Sea and the city comes alive with the sound of music filling the air, the city is at its most vibrant.

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