Daddy's lil Tease


"Yup. " she answered. "What are you watching?" she inquired standing just ahead and to his right. "The news baby. " he answered but his eyes had slowly made there way to her firm little ass. Her form could easily be seen through the shirt from the light of the TV. Then she walked forward and turned the DVD player off. What absolutely floored him was that she had to bend over to do this. In the process her nightshirt rode up. Slowly her tight little butt came into view. Her pale skin fully exposed since there were no panties evident. He adjusted his eyes not totally accepting what he was seeing. She hovered for a moment. Then looked over her shoulder at him. "You were done with this right Daddy?" she asked a little grin appearing on her face. 'YES BABY!" he suddenly was shocked back to reality.

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   She caught me he thought! How could I be so stupid! Then it dawned on him, she was still bent over. Staying there for a few more seconds looking at him. Then standing up she walked over and sat on his lap as usual. This time he found her sitting more toward his inner lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she moved her head so their foreheads touched. They then touched their noses to one another and she gave him a soft but quick kiss on the lips. "See you in the morning Daddy!" she said leaping from his lap and heading upstairs. He sat there stunned by what just happened. Then reality hit him again, he was hard. Rock hard. His wife's voice suddenly caught his attention. She was on the phone in the den. Getting up he walked toward her voice. At this stage no common sense was in him, just lust. Walking into the den his wife was sitting in the chair behind the desk.

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   The back facing the doorway. Walking around the desk she turned and was face first with his large bulge. Surprised, her eyes widened and the conversation paused. Then she snapped too. "Yea sis. I'm listening. " she answered, smiling at him but holding up her thumb and fingers indicating 5 minutes. He smiled. Knelt down and turned the chair to face him. She shook her head no but he put his hand gently between her big breasts and slowly pushed her back into the chair. She had her blue little summer dress on that she wore to relax around the house. His other hand went up her outer leg before lifting it up onto his shoulder. Her hands were on his head but in the role of trying to get his attention so he would wait. That however didn't work and he buried his face into her lacy panties. Both hands were now under her dress tearing the black panties apart.

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   Once this was done they were thrown on the desk. His hands then went under her tight ass and lifted her yummy pussy to his mouth. He looked up into her face and her eyes were shut. He was good at eating pussy and new it, so it was no surprise she was in agony trying to keep up her conversation. She was down to "yeps" and "no's" as he swirled his tongue into her mound. Her wetness quickly developed. He loved how she tasted. Her chest heaved as he blew on her clit and then stuck his tongue deep inside toward her stomach searching for her button. He could always find a woman's spot and she new what he was looking for. Both her legs were on his shoulders now. As he devoured her, she pushed her pussy against his face. He was like no other. She never had to guide him or manipulate the situations so he found what she wanted him too. He pleased her in everyway, that's why she never had or would stray. He completed her and right now he was making her lose control.

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   She was sweating. Her breasts were swelling and her ass began to give off the slightest quiver in his hands. "Ssssis! I have to go. Tina is calling! I'll call you back!" With that she slammed the phone down and grabbed his head with both her hands. "Awwwwwwww! FUCK YES! she cried and she orgasmed. Twice to be exact. "Oh my baby. " she said as her body was just beginning to slow. He moved up and they kissed. Her juice still on his face. He picked her up, put her on the cabinet against the wall. She spread wide for him as he backed away for a moment. Yanking off his shirt and pants, his large member flung out. She loved his big hunk of meat and she told him. "Uhhh yeah bring that too me!" she moaned.

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   "I luv it when you don't were underwear. " she added looking at his naked, muscular form. He grinned. Moving forward as she spread wider. They kissed. Lifting her off the desk with his powerful arms. He continued on much to her delight, slipping into her. It seemed like forever till he was fully in. Then their toned bodies were one. "UHHhhhh your so fucking huge!" she grunted like an animal. Give it to me!"He knew what she wanted. But she wasn't gonna get it just yet. He slowly pulled out to the tip of his cock then slowly put it all the way back in. Then repeated for another 4 times. By this time they were soaked.

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   Her juice was smeared between their sweaty bodies, with more on the way. "Uhhhhhhhhh! You dirty lil tease!" she said smiling at the irony of not only his size but pure size of 6'4 250 pounds. "C'mon!! GIVE IT TO ME! she squeeled and bit his shoulder. This spurred him on. He pulled out to his tip but this time slammed back in. His forced slammed her against the wall. Again he did it. Again. Again. All the while she was pinned against the wall. Her ass literally bagging against it. She was being hammered by a machine. An animal and she loved it! Her gutteral moans grew louder and louder. Oblivious to everything except the orgasm after orgasm she was having. "Uhhhhhh fuck yeah! I'm gonna cum on your big cock again you stud!" and again bit his shoulder as she groaned like an animal in heat.

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   Then there was what seemed to be a figure in the doorway. No care was put to it as she exploded, more powerful than the others due to her stud firing into her. They were both breathless. She leaned against him as he put her back down on the cabinet. She kissed his neck and opened her eyes to see her daughter. In the blink of an she was gone. "Shit!" she whispered. "What?" he responded. "Tina. She saw us!"to be continued.