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"They are using a rather large Dildo" I responded loosing myself in the film and not thinking about who I was talking to. "Do you and mommy do that with each other?" Kristen asked"why don't you come sit over here and we can talk about it a little, I think its better for you to hear this from me and possibly your mother when she gets home than from someone else in the future""hear what?" she inquisitively askes"Hear about the birds and the bees"sounding confused "Birds and the Bees?" is her reply"well not the bird's and not so much the bee's, but SEX. " I say turning a little red in the face. "Mom has told me a few of the basics already, didn't she tell you I am a woman now. ""No she didn't tell me that you were a woman, thats wonderful. ""yeah about a week after I got my period mom sat me down and talked to me about boys wanting to have sex with me when I get a little older and how they might or would try and take advantage of me, but I didn't know what she was talkig about so she said we would talk about it later. "then with an excited look on her face she asked "will you teach me about sex and what boys will do to me. ""I don't know if I should with out your mother being here. " I quickly answer"But I want to know what that feels like. " as Kristen points to the TV which now has a girl on all fours taking it from behind from a rather hung individual. "I don't know if we should do that hunny""come on dad, she seems to be having a good time. at least from the sounds she is making, they are good sounds right dad?""Yes they are hunny""Then show me that, does mommy have any dildos that you use on her. "now with a rock hard cock in my pants, both from watching the TV and from my daughters questions, I look into her eyes and see only the desiere to have her questions and demands answered in full. "well yes she does, we use them every once in a while. ""then you could do what was on the TV when I came down here. " Kristen almost too excited to say"I could but, I don't know hunny your so young and little still.

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  ""I want you to daddy""Is there anything else that I could do for you instead?" I hesitently ask"Yes" is the only thing that Kristen replies"well what" I question back"you tell me what to do and I will do it, I wont even tell mommy or anybody about it ever, it can be our secret dad. "with my cock about to rip out of my pants I respond by telling my 13 year old daughter just what I want her to do with no thought of anything but getting my ROCK HARD COCK out of my pants"Okay baby, I will tell you what to do but you have to do excactly what I tell you and no one can find out about this. Okay""Okay dad, whatever you tell me to do I will do. "then befor I even tell her what to do she says"dad inbetween my legs feel kind of funny""what do you mean baby""it feels wet, and I think it is from watching the movie""I will have to check and see if you are wet between your legs, but first come over here next to me and undo my pants so you can see daddy's cock, then let me know if you still want me to see if your wet between the legs" I blurt back trying to catch my breath from Kristen's statment. Kristen crawls over on her hands and knees and to my suprise has my cock out and in her had in no time. "OOHH that feels good to have my cock out and in your hand baby. ""Does it feel good daddy" as she looks up at me"O yes baby it feels soooo good, now start moving your hand up and down on my cock. and if you want to you can lick my cock too. ""Do you want me to stick you cock in my mouth like the girl is doing on TV dad""Yes" I reply pantingMy little girl takes hold of my throbing prick and while still moving her hand up and down takes just the head into her mouth and rolls her toung around like a pro. She then suprises me again by trying to take my whole cock into her mouth but because she is so small only about half fits befor she starts to gage and pulles her mouth off to take in air. "your doing a great job hunny, but I want you to stand up in front of me so I can take your clothes off and check between your legs to see if you are wet. ""I think I got wetter putting your cock in my mouth. ""that could be hunny"Kristen gets off the couch and stands in front of me and for the fist time I notice that she has started to develop tiny little breasts. Thinking to my self that they are going to be just like her mothers I take hold of her shirt first and pull it slowly off of her body. "Could you lay on the floor for me baby.

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  " I comand"Sure" laying down and holding her legs in the air from me to take her pants off she askes, "is this good?""perfect" I reply and reach down and take her pants my the waist and pull them ever so slowly off of her body. not even realizing it I pull her panties right with her pants exposing her bare pussy to the open air. my jaw drops as I say "you have a wonderful pussy hunny and you were right it is wet, very very wet. "spread your legs for dad" I camand and she does willingly. I lower my head to taste her sweet young pussy juice. "you taste so sweet and delicious hunny, I could suck on your pussy all day. ""but wouldn't mom find us if you do it all day" she states with a grin"yes she would so thats why I wont"Kristen then looks up at the TV to see a girl in the same possision she is in getting just railed by some guy. "do that to me daddy" she states looking back to be"I will right now baby but not as hard as that cuz it would hurt you to much and I could never hurt you like that. "placing my riggid member at the entrence to her overly moist cave. "Okay now baby this will hurt for a little bit when I put my Cock into your pussy because you have never had sex before""Okay" is the reply as I see her grip at the carpet while I inch my cock head into her pussy. with the head of my cock just sitting inside her pussy I have to rest because it feel as though I will fill her pussy right that secound with all of my hot juicy cum. "are you okay dad" Kristen askes"yes hunny I just don't want to cum to soon, I want you to enjoy your self on your first sexual expierience""it doesn't hurt yet""thats good to hear baby" and with that I slowly inch my cock into her wet hole. Kristen starts to wimper a little so I stop "are you okay baby""yes but it is starting to hurt a little" she whimpers"Okay it will really hurt for just a moment but it will get better in a minute or two so just hold on to me if you want and I promis it will feel really good shortly. " I say trying to comfort her"Okay dad"and with that I push my cock all the way in, and to my supprise her pussy takes in all of my cock. Kristen lets out a cry and lays very still for a moment, so I too lay still with my cock throbing inside of her hunny pot.

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  "let me know when it starts not to hurt baby"then with no response at all she starts to move her littl hips under me making my cock almost empty its load in her warm pulsing pussy. so with that indication I start to thrust slowly at first. "Dad your right that does feel good, go faster"so I start to pump in and out faster and faster"make my pussy slap like on TV dad, it feels so good" she squekes out inbetween thrustsfor a few moments all I can her over the TV is my ball sack slapping my daughters tiny ass, and like a pro she reaches down and holds my balls in her hand messaging them making me almost loose control. then we both look up at the TV to see the guy squirting his cum all over the girls face. Looking back at me Kristen says "dad I want you to do that to me""Okay Hunny just wait a littl longer and I will"Pumping even harder now my little girl starts to shake under me and I know that she is having her very first orgasm, but it doesn't stop right away. She is just like her mom, multi-orgasmic and she just keeps cumming. so with that I pull my dick out of her dripping wet cunt and move to her head. while still stroking my cock Kristen takes the head of it into her mouth and again circles the my cock head with her toung sending me through the roof. "pull your mouth off hunny" I orderjust as she gets my cock head out of her mouth I unload gushing squirt after gushing squirt of my hot Love Juice all over her face, neck, and chest. "your cum tastes good daddy and it feels so warm on my skin""thats good baby, if you really like my cum than you should whip it off of you chest and face with your fingers and lick them clean. "with no hesitation she licks herself clean. we both move to the couch and continue watching the porno that has been on the whole time. the next seen that Kristen asks me about is one where the girl is taking a guys cock up her ass. BUT thats another story. .

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  . . . to be countinued.

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