Evening With Sis


I'm quite popular in high school. I'm quarterback of the football team and dating the head cheerleader. All the girls tell me they love my personality mostly. They say I'm kind, sweet, handsome and an all around nice guy. After hearing words like that I would smile and blush, they would giggle like a little school girl.

My sister and I attend the same high school and we are both in our final year. Sis and I are 19 years of age and quite close. I have always referred to my sister as sis for as long as I could remember. Sis is a bit of a nerd, but she is a beautiful person inside and out. She wears glasses, braces, baggy clothes and doesn't care much for fixing her appearance. It tears me apart knowing no boy would give her a second look, she has never had a boyfriend before.

Recently sis has been acting mysterious and weird around me. I hope everything was okay with her. Come to think of it, the other day, after I got out of the shower I had noticed that the door was ajar and could have sworn I had closed it. Also I heard feet running down the hallway. Was sis watching me take a shower, I thought.

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  Well if she had been it was okay, I was a bit shy with my body but didn't mind showing it off to sis. I was flattered that sis found me attractive.

I thought I would have a little fun with this. A few times after showering I would be walking around downstairs with only a towel wrapped around my bare body to see what kind of response I could get from her. I had caught sis trying to sneak a peak at my hairless, muscular chest. I was now sure sis liked what she saw.

I was enjoying the looks I would get from sis. As I lay in bed servicing my stiff rod all I could think about was my little sis. This isn't right, I thought, a brother shouldn't have these feelings and thoughts about his sister. I hadn't thought about sis sexually till tonight. I had wondered if sis thought about me when she plays with herself. I had to tell her what I was thinking but I have to cum first then I will go and speak with her.

In bed I was laying on my back, had my right hand around my stiff, hard cock, running my hand up and down the shaft. I felt quite relaxed but I really need a release and needed to cum more then anything. The strokes were now getting faster and longer and I knew it wouldn't be long now.

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  I felt my legs start to buckle, the end was almost near, my breathing getting heavier, my juices were building up inside and then finally there it came. Shots of cum sprayed all over my sheets and felt a little worn out as I wiped up my little mess that I had made. I just laid there rubbing myself slightly with a smile on my face as I was fully satisfied with what I had done.

After laying there for a few more minutes I decided to get dressed and head down to sis' s room and have our little talk. I arrived at my sisters door but I heard buzzing coming from inside the room. Oh my god I thought, sis was pleasuring herself with a vibrator. I could also hear her panting and moaning slightly. A smile instantly came to my face and my limp cock was starting to rise to the occasion once again. I stood there for a few seconds and stuck my hand down my pants to finish the job. I was fully erect again. I knocked on the door and after a few seconds was asked to enter. I turned on the light and saw her pajamas hanging over a chair as well as her panties and knew she was buck naked under the blankets.

"Yes what is it", said sis.

"What are you up to", I said.

"Oh just getting ready to go to bed", replied sis.

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"Is that what all the buzzing and moaning was about", as I teased.

Sis then knew I had heard her and was totally embarrassed about it. She asked me to leave but I wanted to see that lovely young body of hers.

"Did you cum".

"No", said sis.

"I know your naked under there, you can continue if you like, I would like to watch you".

"What, are you serious, well I don't know", said sis.

I then confessed to sis the thoughts and feelings that I had for her. This made things easier for her. Sis told me she had feelings for me as well. This made both of us happy. We looked into each others eyes with love and I slowly pulled her blankets off of her. My sisters sweet and innocent body was finally revealed to me. Sis had small but cute a cup breasts, milky, smooth skin, and nice legs. She looked up at me looking as if waiting for my approval, I gave it to her by smiling and nodding in awe of her stunning body.

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Wow sis had the hairiest pussy that I had ever seen but I liked it. Sis got out her vibrator, turned it on and started massaging the outside of her pink pussy lips, her little treasure looked soaking wet. She then moved it up to her clit closing her eyes in relief and started moaning again. Seeing my little sis get herself off like that was such a turn on as I let my throbbing, wet cock out of my pants. Sis inserted her toy into her pink, wet pussy and slowly push it in a couple of inches.

"You are huge, I can see why all the girls at school are after you", said sis in amazement.

"Thanks sis, but it is all yours tonight".

"Really your the best", said sis.

I looked on intently as sis expertly fucked her muffin with slow and steady strokes. I removed my clothing and sis gazed upon my broad shoulders, and buffed up abs. She commented on how handsome I looked. I stuck my finger into my mouth, after getting it all wet I slid my pinkie finger at the edge of sis' s tight little pooper and started to massage around the outsides of it. Convinced that her hole was now wet enough I invaded that sweet little behind of hers. Sis grimaced a little at first but after awhile my finger was getting used to her virgin ass and she started to accept it a little more easily now. I started with short and slow strokes.


  Sis screamed in excitement as I stuck my whole finger as far as it would go. This drove sis absolutely wild. Both of sis' s holes were being stimulated. It didn't take much longer as sis was now almost out of control. Her heart was beating faster, her body was moving up and down, the sweet nectar was building up inside of her as she could take it no longer.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming", yelled sis.

"Your finger felt so good up my ass, I had never experienced that before now", said sis.

"Your welcome my dear".

Sis told me that she wanted me inside of her and offered to ride me. I gave her control of the situation and explained to go slowly, let her love hole adjust to my wet organ, then to go at her own pace. She got on top of me and grabbed a hold of my six inches and slowly rubbed it all around her sweet spot. After a little bit of teasing she pressed down and let me have access to her. You could literally see the pain on her face. Sis was feeling a little bit sore now but forced herself down trying to take more of my huge love tool. Sis pierced her fingernails into my chest but I took the pain for her, my little sis was getting her first cock.

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  I couldn't feel her hymen break but it must have as she was deep inside of me now. One final push and she had it all the way inside of her. She lay on my warm chest and slide my tool slowly in and out of her womanhood. I also enjoyed the slow and steady strokes. As sis and I were getting closer to orgasm the strokes were getting faster and farther inside of her soaking, tight vagina. Finally sis let out a scream and squirted her love juices all over me as it rolled down onto my pelvis. I wouldn't last much longer either, after a few more strokes I shot my creamy present up into sis.

After our love making session was over sis and I cuddled up together and fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning at the breakfast table our mom asked sis how she liked riding her brothers cock. The passionate moment that sis and I had shared mom must have came into the room without us knowing. At that moment the orange juice I was drinking shot out my nose and I started coughing as I was choking on my eggs a little, sis just looked down in shame. What happened after that you ask, well I guess thats another story. .

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