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I learned how to suck cock from my ninth grade History teacher while my tenth grade English teacher was the first to show me the joys of girl-girl pleasures. She used to invite me to her home for some "special tutoring. " We would read to each other from Victorian sex novels, then when we were too hot to control ourselves we would eat out each other until our cunts were raw. I finally lost my cherry at the junior prom, and even I have to admit that I was a little wild during my senior year. I fucked as many of the boys in class as I could, some of the girls, and most of my teachers. I would have been expelled when the principal found the photos that the art teacher took of me fucking the soccer coach, but I convinced him that fucking my tight young ass was much better than throwing it out of school. Of course, I had to be discreet around my parents, but as soon as I got out of the house on a full time basis I started fucking and sucking on a full time basis too. It started right off the first night at college with my roommate. Cindy is a really great looking girl, tall like a model with big firm tits and long trim legs. She also has a permanently hot twat, just like me. I saw the way her tongue came out to lick her lips when I got undressed for bed that night, and I could tell that she would be receptive to some hot lesbian loving. When she stripped to put on her pajamas I just pushed her down on the bed and started to lap out her labia. She didn't protest at all, and soon we were knotted together in a heated sixty nine, ramming our eager tongues into each others' hot boxes. She confessed later that it was her first lesbian experience, but the way her tongue worked out on my clit she sure had a lot of natural talent. Cindy and I spent most of that semester on a cock hunting safari. We almost flunked out, and would have, except that we balled all of our teachers too and got great grades, especially in Biology.

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   We used to double date a lot, and sometimes fucked the boys in the same room, getting off on the sound of each other's cunts being stuffed with hard cock. It wasn't long before I took on both cocks when Cindy pooped out. I soon found that group sex was a real turn on, and I became an orgy addict, needing to get laid in groups at least once a week, with lots of other adventures in between. I pulled more than my share of trains at the frat houses, sometimes with Cindy cleaning up the caboose. But that's a story for another time. When I went home for Christmas vacation my Freshman year I was disappointed that all of the boys my age were still either at school or were complete nerds. I looked up my old Chemistry teacher and we had a quick fuck on the soapstone lab bench for old time's sake, but he was involved with a new student and didn't want to risk screwing that up by bringing me along for a threesome. So I had to resort to my own talented fingers and my favorite dildo. After about a week of this I was ready to climb the walls and my pussy was crying out for some real cock. Lying in bed the morning before Christmas with my fingers idly playing with my wet cunt I decided to get my Dad to fuck me. This wasn't a sudden decision, I've had a crush on him for years. He was only forty five, and in really good shape. We live in Florida, and have a big house with a private pool in our back yard, so I used to see him in a bathing suit a lot. When he wore his Speedo suit his cock bulged out very nicely, especially when I pranced in front of him in my little bikinis. His dick looked larger than almost any other that I had made it with, and I fantasized about fucking it all the time.

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   Sometimes I pretended that it was his parental dick in my snatch even when I was getting fucked by some horny fraternity stud. The afternoon of the day before Christmas Mom had to go out to the store for supplies for the family party the next day, so Dad and I planned to lounge around the pool in the sun. I went and put on my skimpiest suit, a bright yellow two piece that barely covered my tits on top and molded itself to my pussy mound below. It wasn't a thong suit, but the back was cut really high and showed off lots of ass. The crotch was so narrow that little tufts of cunt fur escaped on each side, and I encouraged this by fluffing my pussy hair out. Behind my sunglasses I watched Dad as he snuck glances at my little snatch as I sprawled on the chaise. He licked his lips like he was imagining eating out my sweet honey pot. His dick swelled and stretched the fabric of his boxer suit. He adjusted it for comfort when he thought that I wasn't looking, and it sure looked good enough to eat. My own tongue came out and licked my dry lips as I imagined deep throating that beautiful slab of cock meat. I stretched like a cat and made sure that my cunt was pointed right at him. I practiced this move in front of a mirror so I knew that the crotch of my bikini was being pulled deep into my slit, exposing and enhancing my pussy's charms. I was rewarded when his dick grew even more, the large pink head slid down his leg and almost peeped out from below the edge of his suit. I shivered a little with lust and felt my snatch really start to drip. I could feel my cunt lips quiver and flex as if they too imagined sucking on his big boner.

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  I dove into the pool and swam around a bit to cool off, or I would have attacked him then and there. When my pussy cooled off to a low simmer I got out and went into the house, walking right past Daddy. I knew that my suit had just become completely transparent, showing off my hard little nipples and my full triangle of dark pussy fur. I made sure of this by removing the lining in the suit the day before. I wiggled my nearly bare ass at Daddy as I disappeared into the house. Giving him a minute to think about the sight of my charms, I returned with two beers. His eyes went up from my crotch to my tits as I handed him one and started to sip the other. "My little girl isn't old enough to drink beer," he said. "I'm not a little girl any more, Daddy. I'm eighteen now and I have beer all the time at school, so why not here. Besides, no one can see us. " I pushed my tits out at him as I said this, my nipples hard and long from the cold water and my own growing lust, and his tongue got so hard that he couldn't argue with me. Just as I planned. I sat down next to him on the wide chaise, drinking my beer as he chugged his. His eyes never left my tits as my nipples sprang up even more in response to his hot stare.

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   As you might imagine, I love to have a man panting after my tits and pussy. It really turns me on. The fact that it was my dear Daddy who was ogling my charms didn't bother me in the least. In fact, I was really getting off on teasing him, just because he was my Daddy. "Would you like to suck on this?" I asked, leaning towards him, my nipples quivering right under his nose. "What? What?" he sputtered. "What did you say?""Would you like to smoke this joint with me?" I held up the hand rolled cigarette that I took from behind my back. "I know that you and mom get high. I could smell it down the hall last night. I just thought that you might like to try some that I got at school. It's really great pot. "Well, after very little convincing, my handsome Dad and I were soon toking on the dube. I was impressed with how long he could hold the smoke in his lungs without choking. He laughed and said that it came from years of practice. He told me that he had been getting high since he was in college in the 60's.

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   He said that he and Mom used to get high all the time at rock concerts. Soon we were both nicely lit, laughing at each other and at nothing at all. I made sure that my tits jiggled right in front of him as I giggled. He soon lost his inhibitions and he didn't even try to hide his beautifully swollen cock. My own pussy was leaking like mad and I had to grit my teeth to keep from attacking his dick like the wanton slut that I am. "I love to suck joints," I finally said, pulling hard on the last of the roach. "All kinds of joints. " Mustering my courage I leaned over and rubbed his hard dick, which was leaking pre-cum into his bathing suit. "Emily, baby, stop. We can't do this. I'm your Dad," he protested weakly. "So what," I replied, still rubbing his cock persuasively. "I don't care who you are. You have a hard dick and I have a warm mouth that just loves to suck cocks. We don't have to go any farther, but I want to taste your cream really badly.

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   Please, Daddy. Please. I'm soooooo horny!" Without waiting for a reply I hauled out his large dong and went to work on it. It was about ten inches long and really thick, just the way I like them. My cunt pulsed with joy as the large head slid into the back of my mouth. "God, baby, you're doing it. You're licking my cock. You're sucking it. Sucking it good! Good cocksucking daughter!" He kept babbling like that as I stuffed his beautiful big boner into my throat and showed him some of my best blow job techniques. All the boys at school loved it when I did it to them, and Dad was no exception. Sliding the smooth head deep past my tonsils I used my throat muscles to give it a massage as my tongue swirled around the thick veins on the shaft. Then I slowly slid it almost all the way out, and used my tongue to lick up the pre cum that was leaking out. Mmmmmm, tasty! Soon I had him so hot and horny that his cock was vibrating between my lips. It swelled even more, making it more like a foot long and as big around as my wrist. It stretched my mouth to the limit and I worried for a moment that it would be too big for my cunt.

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   But then I remembered how much I liked fucking the starting linebacker on the football team, and his black pussy pleaser was even bigger than Daddy's. As I sucked him I pulled off my top and rubbed my aching nipples against his hard thighs. His curly leg hair scratched my nipples and made them tingle with pleasure, just like when I rub them on Cindy's muff. It's one of my favorite things to do without actually fucking. I used one hand to jerk on the base of his pole and the other to fondle his big balls. I could feel them start to rumble as he came closer and closer to a really explosive climax. I continued to slurp on his bone, sometimes pulling it out of my mouth so that I could lap at his balls. The musky flavor was really turning me on, as was the knowledge that it was my own Daddy's dick which had given me life that was now tickling the back of my throat. My cunt turned all mushy and creamy wetness flooded into my bathing suit. I really wanted him to jizz down my throat, but even more I wanted to feel his cum shooting deep into my loving cunt. Suddenly even the tiny bikini bottoms were much too much clothing to bear. I pulled the little bit of sopping wet cloth down over my ass and dropped it on the pool tiles where it made a wet plop. Then I climbed up the chaise and straddled daddy's hips, pressing his cock into my dripping slit. "No, baby. Don't fuck me.

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   It's not right. It's incest, for God's sake!" he protested, and tried to push me off. Well, I knew how to overcome his objections. Like every other man, Daddy was a pushover for an aggressive girl with a nasty mouth. I leaned over until my nipples were rubbing against his chest and whispered in a sultry voice. "Please, Daddy, please. I love you so much and I love how hard and big your dick is. My little pussy is tingling with excitement. It wants your cock. Your sweet long cock. If you won't fuck me, then just let me rub my cunt off on your dick. Let me cream my wet snatch on your fuck pole. " I went on like that for a while as I rubbed my dripping quim persuasively over his boner. The smell of overheated pussy rose in the air. "Ohhh, you're rubbing my cock on your clit.

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   On your slit. Your hot wet cunt. My dick loves it. Loves it. Hot horny daughter cunt," he mumbled as drops of pre-cum oozed from his prick head and mixed with my own snatch juices. "Yes, daddy. Yes. Let me stick it in. Let it slide into my hot cunt. You know you want me to do it. You know you want to fuck your little daughter. " In no time at all I had broken down his resistance completely. When I moved up and started to slide my twat down his shaft he made no objection at all. "Yes. Yes, like that," I moaned.

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   "Slow and sweet and so big in my cunt. That's it. That's it. Fucking my daddy. Fucking my daddy's big cock. I love it so much!""Damn it, Sweetie. You know that I can't refuse you anything. You have the hottest cunt that I've ever fucked. Damn, you're so wet! So fucking hot and tight and wet!"Well, it was the best fuck that I ever had too. I rocked back and forth, up and down, and all around. My cunt felt so stuffed that I was sure that he had the biggest dick that my pussy had ever enjoyed. I leaned down and rubbed my tits in his face, and got a blast of sexual electricity when he took a nipple in his teeth and bit down. I was never into pain, but this was so hot and sweet that my cunt just exploded. "Ohhh, Daddy, I'm cuming. I'm cuming.


   Can you feel my cunt cuming?""Yes, baby. I can feel it squeeze my cock so hard it's making me cum too. Here it is. Here I cum. I'm shooting into your lovely cuming cunt. My daughter's lovely cunt. Aggh. Aggghhhh!!"We ground our groins together as his cream splashed into the deepest recesses of my twat and my cunt juices spilled down his balls and onto the chaise. We must have come for ten whole minutes, or at least it felt like that. With a satisfied groan Daddy's cock finally slipped out of my cunt. I bent down and took his soft sticky cock back into my mouth, lapping up all the mixed cream that coated it and pooled on his balls. It was the best dessert that I ever had, and I made a vow to get a lot more of it in the very near future. I slid up and lay next to my wonderful daddy, my head cuddled into his shoulder and my breasts pressed into his chest. I slid a leg over his and gently rubbed my pussy mound on his thigh. My hand just naturally continued to toy with his cock, which wasn't really hard, but had never gone completely soft.

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   We just lay there for a while, savoring the exquisite loving-good sensations. Much sooner than I expected, I noticed that dad's cock was rising to life once again. My, my, what a virile stud I had for a father! Of course my pussy had never completely cooled off, and its temperature rose with every twitch of his dick. "Mmmmmm, what have we here?," I said, stroking the swelling shaft. "It's like a big, strange flightless bird with one eye. ""I studied this in college," daddy replied, "and I do believe that it's a red headed pussy pecker, looking to find a warm, dark, nest. Do you think we can help the poor creature before he expires?""Of course we can," I laughed. "I got my Girl Scout merit badge in lifesaving. Maybe if I give him some mouth to beak resuscitation, he'll come around. "I leaned down and slurped the head back into my sucking mouth. In no time at all he was steely hard again and raring to go. God, I love a virile man!Dropping his cock as if I was no longer interested, I turned around, bent down, and started looking through a pile of towels that lay on the pool tiles next to the chaise. Of course, to do this I ended up kneeling on the chaise with my curvy ass pointed right at Daddy's face. I knew that he was staring right at my well-fucked cunt and pretty pink rosebud. As planned, I felt him climb to his knees and get up behind me.

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   His pole nudged the insides of my sticky thighs as he peered over my shoulder. "What are you looking for, Emily?" he asked. Aren't men stupid sometimes? It's so cute, I could just eat them up, and I usually do. "Satisfaction, Daddy. Satisfaction," I said with a grin as I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock. With a tug I had him lined up on my dripping hole. Even if he was a little stupid sometimes, Daddy was no dope, and didn't need a written invitation. Grabbing my hips he drove all the way into my cunt with one hard shove. It felt like the head of his dick was going to pop out of my mouth. It felt great!For a long, timeless age he pumped in and out, pounding my tender pussy into sweet jelly. I came once, then again, and then it seemed to blur into one long orgasm that went on forever. Ohhhh, sweet daddy fucking his loving little girl. But after a while even my experienced and eager twat had enough. "My ass, daddy. Fuck my ass now," I told himBeing the gentleman that he is, he complied immediately.

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   On the next stroke he pulled out of my cunt, lined himself up, and drove right up my Hershey Highway. It was a good thing that his hot rod was highly lubricated with Pennzoil Number 69, and that I was used to butt banging. Otherwise I think my moan of pleasure would have been a scream of pain. For another timeless age he ravished my shit chute. When my own orgasms subsided to the point that I could think again I started to squeeze my rectum rhythmically around his cock. Girls, this is another technique that guys like a lot, so I hope that you're taking notes. Soon daddy was grunting and gasping, his big hands clenching and squeezing my hips to the point that it was almost painful. But in a good way, you know? I knew that he wouldn't last long, and I helped him over the top by reaching underneath our joined groins to grasp his swinging balls. I could feel them twitching as he started to reach his climax. Wetting a finger in our mingled juices I slid it up his ass crack and pushed the tip into his tight asshole. He exploded!Yelling like a banshee his dam burst. I could feel a flood of hot jizz fill my rectum like the biggest enema I ever had. The pressure increased until I thought that some cum would surely shoot out my ears. Just before it became too intense daddy slumped back and his cock pulled out of my ass with a loud pop. As he fell onto the chaise I could feel a tide of sticky juices run down my thighs and drip onto the lounge.

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   Only then did I realize that I had been yelling too and pinching my nipples so hard that they still burned. I could barely move, I was so fucked out. I just lay down next to daddy's limp form and passed out. About a half hour later I woke when daddy tried to get his arm out from under me. I had been laying on it so hard that his fingers were blue. We laughed as he massaged his hand back to life. Then he took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. Not just a daddy kissing his daughter kind of kiss, but a lover kissing his lover kind of kiss. It was sweet and tender and hot and sexy all at once. It was a kiss that said "I love you, my daughter, and I love making love to you, and I love fucking you, and we'll do this a lot from now on. " My return kiss said the same. After a long hug I quickly wiped away an emotional tear or two, then we took a quick dip in the pool to wash off, and were fully dressed and proper when Mom came back from the store. She eyed my teeny weeny bikini for a moment, but didn't say a thing. With a happy smile on my face and a very satisfied pussy, I drifted off to sleep. It wasn't even Christmas Eve, but I already had the best present ever.

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   Little did I know that there were many more presents that would be opened before long. I'll tell you all about them, if you want . . . just let me know. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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