Family fun in colombo


Family Fun 
: By Tharushi
This is a true story and nothing is exaggerated but of course, the names are changed. Let me go to the story directly. I am tharushi, 21 years old lady from colombo. We are 4 members in my family – my dad (Rajeev), mom (Latha), and brother (rajesh) of 24 years. I am a graduate student in one of the colleges. My brother works in a private company and dad in a bank. Mom is a housewife. My sister (Deepa) is married with a guy (Deepak). But they often visit us and spend at least two nights in a week. So we are not missing them as such.
Our family is a kind of open minded one. We all smoke in front of each other and we don’t mind to take drinks together in some cases. Moreover, we are free to wear anything inside houses. My sister and I never had any problem going in front of our dad and brother in bra and panty only. I have seen my mom total naked a couple of times and to be frank my dad too. Seeing dad was an accident, I should say.

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   But mom is not a problem, as sometimes we took bath together and sister also.
Well, it was a summer hot day when I came back from my college early, as there was a strike. The front door was opened and I went to my room, changed myself in loose t-shirt and shorts. I never wear bra in the house if I wear t-shirt. I felt to smoke and found that I did not have any cigarette. So I went to mom’s room to check if she had any. Her room was opened and I could listen some conversations. I was surprised who it could be. I went to room and stunned with the scene inside the room. Oh! What I was seeing? My mom was stark naked sitting on the bed and sucking my brother inlaws’s tool. At first they didn’t see me and I was confused what to do. Neither could I speak nor I could take the eyes off the scene. I was just standing at the door – a kind of senselessness.
After a couple of minutes, my mom saw me and stopped sucking. “How did you come so early from college tharu?” she asked still holding Deepak’s dick.

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   “You didn’t go to college?”“Omm Aaaa, there was a strike”, I was too nervous. “Why are you here then? Did you take bath?” She asked. “No, I came here to check whether you have any cigarettes. ” I said. “You want to smoke here or in your room? You want to see us having fun?” She just asked shamelessly. “She should see, I think. Wouldn’t you like it tharu?” Deepak asked. What could I say. I just kept quiet, lowered the head. I went nearby them and took a cigarette from her pack and lit it. “Relax tharu, just sit here and finish puffing, in the meantime mom will be finishing sucking my dick and you will see the real scene. ” He said and put his long dick into mom’s mouth. Mom took it happily and ate it as she was too hungry. When I finished half of the cigarette puffed up, then mom said something to Deepak. And Deepak lied on the bed and mom went on top of her but in the opposite position.

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  “We are going to do 69 tharu, keep looking. ” Deepak said and started licking my mom’s cunt. Mom was sucking his dick. “You should have shaved your nice hole honey. ” Deepak said moving his tongue around mom’s asshole, as if he was talking to a whore. He then inserted his tongue into mom’s shithole. “You help me in shaving after this. ” Mom told. “That will be exciting. It seems that you mom and daughter are lazy in cleaning your holes”. Said Deepak. “What are you for then?” Mom said and laughed.
After a while they got up and mom lied on the bed. Deepak then inserted his huge dick into her hairy cunt. It was a dirty scene for me as my own mom was being fucked by her own son-in law.

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   I should have left the place, but I was stuck with it and came to sense when the cigarette heated my fingers. I lit another one. In fact I was also feeling something inside my panty. It became wet. Mom was moaning loudly oh………aaa………. you mother fucker, don’t you feel shame to fuck your wife’s good………. fuck me hard………. tear my pussy……………Deepak was also moaning and saying…………………. . you horny bitch……………. fucking whore…………………………….
After 15 minutes Deepak became tired and lied on top of my mom. Mom was moaning loudly…thank you son, thanks. But she did not let Deepak to sleep like that. She wanted to the white fluid that came from Deepak’s dick.

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   She ate all that. “How did you like this tharu?” They asked me. I didn’t say anything. “Now, let me shave your pussy. ” Deepak said and went to bathroom to get shaving kit. Mom sat on the bed and asked me to lit a cigarette for her. I obeyed her. Deepak came with shaving kit and applied shaving cream around her pubic area. Mom was smoking and Deepak was shaving her cunt carefully.
The telephone rang. Mom just pressed the hands free mode and started talking. It was Deepa (my sister) who was calling. “Deepa where are you? Is Rajesh also with you?” She asked. “Yes Rajesh is with me, we are in the market. ” It was my sister.

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  “When are you coming back?” My mom asked. “In around 30 minutes, what are you doing? Is Deepak there?” Deepa asked. “Yes he is here, he is shaving me. ” Mom told. I was stunned to listen this that even Deepa knows that her husband fucks her mother. “Oh, mom why do you want to shave? Maybe it was Deepak. He always wants shaven one. ” Deepa said “How did it go anyway?”“It was nice, but to be frank, I am still unsatisfied with it. So I want Rajesh to be here soon. ” Mom said. “I am waiting him naked”. “What a horny lady you are mom, you never get satisfied with one session. We will be soon at home” My sister said and disconnected.
What is this? I was going to see some more unwanted thing. I was completely embarrassed to know that my mom was being fucked by her own son.

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   Then dad? Does he know all this? I was not finding what to do. After some time Deepak went to bathroom, my mom’s cunt was now clean, a kind of teen’s cunt. Mom lied on the bed. I was still in her room. Then the doorbell rang and I went to open the door. Deepa and Rajesh were there. I could not see in their eyes. They were not expecting me to open the door probably. So they were looking me in a strange way. They directly went to mom’s room. I closed the door behind me and followed them.
“What is this mom, you did it in tharu’s presence?” Deepa asked. “Yes, she enjoyed our fucking, I guess. ” Mom told and laughed. “Did you see everything tharu?” Deepa asked me.

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   I nodded positively. “What do you think then?” She asked. “In the meantime, you two sisters talk, Rajesh come to satisfy your mom. ” My mom told. “Yes mom, I am here” saying this Rajesh undressed himself and lowered his mouth towards mom’s cunt. “No I want you to pump my pussy directly, look it’s oozing” Mom said. Rajesh soon started fucking his own mom right in front of his sisters and brother-in-law.
“Do you want to join our club, thau? My sister asked me. She was unzipping her jeans in the meantime. “What club?” I asked. “It is a sex club that you are watching now. We are 5 members in the club and if you want to join, you are welcome. We donot want to take this matter outside the family. ” Said Deepak holding my sister’s two breasts. “We will not force you.

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   Actually it’s fun. For outsiders we are a respected family. But inside we are sex lovers. If you want to join us, it’s ncie but we don’t just force you. ” Deepa said. Now she was in her bra and panty. “Who is the 5th member?” I asked. “Dad” Deepa said unhooking her bra. “Let me take your panty off with my teeth, honey” saying this Deepak pulled her panty down to knee by his teeth. On the bed, Rajesh was pushing his dick in the same hole from where he came to this world. Now the rhythm was faster and we could hear the cracking sound of bed and pumping.
I was just thinking whether to join or not. I was crazy for sex and I was always masturbating. But now it was a chance to have sex always and without any problem. “In the meantime i decided, please fuck me Deepak.

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  ” Deepa said and bent towards front. Deepak inserted his dick into her cunt from behind. They were in doggy style. Now in the room I was the only one with clothes on. All four others were naked fucking. The doorbell rang and I ran to the door. It was my dad.
“Hi tharu, where are others?” Dad asked. “They are in the room. ” I said and closed the door behind me. Dad went to the room and saw all fucking. “Oh what are you doing in front of our little princess?” He laughed. “Probably tharu joins our club. ” Said mom who has just finished her second fucking session in front of me. “Is it? It is nice, we were lacking one cunt actually.


   What do you think tharu? Can you hold three dicks?” He asked me as if I was a whore than his own daughter. But I was determined to have sex in the home. So I said, “I think so. ”“It’s great, let me see your tiny hole then”. Dad said. He himself was already naked by then. He came towards me and grabbed my shorts. Deepak pulled my t-shirt and saw me without bra. Dad pulled my shorts down. My sister was surprised to see me wearing g string instead of panty.
“Oh Seema, where do you get g string in colombo? I was looking for a pair. ” She said. Rajesh pulled my g string and I was standing naked in front of three males for the first time. Unlike my mom and my sister, I regularly shave my pussy. I did that the same mornings.

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   Dad bent and inserted his tongue inside me. I was shivering. I was fearing as well as enjoying and excited to look forward what would it go. “It’s better to take dinner first. Afterwards we can have more fun. ” Mom declared. Everyone agreed. But Rajesh was just squeezing my boobs. All of us stayed naked until dinner was ready. Then there was a debate about who will take my virginity. Deepak wanted it because he did not have any virgin pussy as she had been fucked by my dad and brother before her marriage. Rajesh wanted that because he hadn’t tasted any virgin pussy so far. But dad told that he was the one who broke mom’s and sis’s virginity, he holds the right to break mine too. Dad won and it was set that dad will fuck me, Rajesh fucks Deepa and Deepak fucks mom after dinner.
After dinner, mom and sis set the bed on the floor of the sitting room.

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   And it was a great start for me. First everyone thought of having a ring festival. So we slept in a ring such that Deepak licked my pussy, I sucked Rajesh’s dick, Rajesh licked Deepa’s pussy, Deepa sucked dad’s dick, dad licked mom’s cunt and mom sucked Deepak’s dick. It was really good. I was in the heaven; I think I came twice in Deepak’s mouth. We all were moaning.
After then we went for the big session. Dad started on me. I didn’t care who was fucking who nearby. Dad slowly inserted his huge dick into my tiny pussy. Oh god! It was so painful that I could not stop screaming loudly. But everyone told me to relax and convinced me that it would be ok after few strokes. And it turned to be true. Now I was enjoying the fucking. Dad was pumping hard.

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   I was moaning. was so so good. I was listening the moans from my mom and sister as well. I opened my eyes and looked at other fuckers. It was really nice to be fucked in front of others and seeing others fucking as well.
The first round went for some 15 minutes. I felt something coming from my dad’s dick, probably the same kind of seed from which I was made. The warmth of this gave me a lot of pleasure. Dad and Rajesh declared that they were not going to their work the day after. Deepa and Deepak declared that they are not going home as well that means they want to enjoy the whole night. Next round we swept. Deepak fucked me, Rajesh fucked mom and dad fucked Deepa. Afterwards, Rajesh on me and dad and Deepak on their respective wives. At around 3 in the morning we finished and were totally exhausted. My cunt was bit sore.

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   But mom and sis told that it was normal. The next day we didn’t wear any clothes and fucked the whole day. Once more in the night. The day after Deepa and Deepak left promising to come back in the weekends. Then I got to know why they were visiting us so frequently.
After that day, we never wear any clothes in the evenings and dad and bro fucks me and mom alternatively, means one day dad fucks me and bro fucks mom and the other day dad fucks mom and bro fucks me. In the weekends we have this group sex with sister and deepak. I wonder how these men are slaved to we women. They wash our panties, and in the night we donot need to go to the toilet to piss as both bro and dad drink directly from our cunts. Later on we tried the ass fucking. It was a new stuff for my mom and sister too. So there was not any debate about who wants to tear whose ass first. But I don’t know Rajesh wanted mom’s ass to fuck.
Deepak chose me and dad fucked Deepa’s ass. I am sure that when I get married then my husband fucks my mom and sis too.

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   And I am sure that when my bro gets married then my dad deepak and my husband fucks them. This will happen same to my husband too. Then we will have more fun for sure. Maybe I also go for fucking with my would be son but can’t say right now as we are having a kind of family fun everyday. Please send me your comments at wpnjaya@yahoo. com.

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