Farm Brothers' Fun


Entering the barn, Daniel saw his two younger brothers, Joshua and Jimmy piling bails of hay under the loft. "Hey Danny, there ya are," Joshua said gladly, seeing his brother. Jimmy also looked up at Danny, a cloud of worry passing over his face. "Yup, I'm here now," Daniel said. "We've got maybe an half an hour before I've got to get back. Did you bring it like I told you?""I sure did!" Joshua answered triumphantly, reaching into his pocket and withdrawing a medium-sized cube of lard, wrapped in paper, and handing it to Daniel. "It was sorta difficult gettin' it, with Mama in the kitchen the whole time, but I managed. ""Good job," Daniel said, pocketing the lard, obviously very pleased. "Now git up on the loft and keep a look-out. I don't want Mama or Papa comin' in the middle of it. ""What?!" Joshua exclaimed. "I wanna do it too! It's no fair if only you get to do it. ""Don't worry about it Josh. When I'm done with 'im, I'll keep a look-out and ya can do it. ""Oh alright then," Joshua responded and climbed up the ladder to the left. He then situated himself in front of the grimy window that over-looked the corn field.

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  "Okay Jimmy," Daniel said with a lurid grin. "Come on over here to your big brother. " Jimmy shook his head, no. "Come here Jimmy!" Daniel said sternly. Reluctantly Jimmy walked over. "Right, now let's start with ya pettin' my thing for me," Daniel suggested, unbuttoning the fly of his work pants and pulling out his semi-erect penis. When Jimmy didn't react Daniel simply took Jimmy's hand and placed it on his slowly growing penis. "Umm, yeah, now pet it up and down. " Slowly Jimmy stroked his big brother's penis until it had become fully erect, a good five inches. "Mmm," Daniel moaned, "That's good boy. Now jack it. " Jimmy looked up questioningly. "Stupid, make a fist round it and then milk it, like with the cow," Daniel commanded. Jimmy complied with his big brother's wish and wrapped his hand around the shaft. Then Jimmy began jerking his hand up and down, so that Daniel's foreskin went up and down over the head of his penis.

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   A few drops of pre-cum oozed out of Daniel's little penis-hole and lubricated the motion. "Okay Jimmy, that's good," moaned Daniel. "Ya can stop now. " Jimmy did as he was told and let go of his big brother's penis. "Right, okay, now I want ya to suck on it. ""What, yuck, no way!" Jimmy protested. "Look Jimmy," Daniel warned. "Ya better do it or we're gonna tell Mama about the time you were peepin' on cousin Kimmy in the outhouse. ""Oh, come on Daniel!""I sure will if you don't suck on it," Daniel said. "Besides, just pretend it's a lollipop and it won't be so bad. ""Oh okay then," Jimmy said reluctantly. Stretching out his hand he grabbed Daniel's penis and tentatively licked the head; it tasted salty from the sweat, urine and pre-cum that was trapped under the foreskin. Jimmy made a face and looked up at Daniel, but could tell by his big brother's expression that he had better continue. So, with an exasperated sigh he put the tip of the penis into his mouth and began sucking. "Oh yeah, oh yeah," Daniel whispered.

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   "That's good little brother, but try goin' up and down on it. " Jimmy complied, slowly started to orally copulate his big brother's filthy penis. "And lick on it too," Daniel added. Jimmy now began to lick Daniel's penis, slobbering up and down and increasing the speed. In fact he was beginning to enjoy it, his own little-boy penis was hard as a rock and poking at the front of his britches. Placing his hands on the back of Jimmy's head, Daniel began to fuck his brother's mouth hard and fast. Pre-cum was oozing out of his penis and Daniel could feel that he was very close to ejaculating. Not wanting to end this experience too soon he pulled out with an audible plop. "Okay, Jimmy," Daniel commanded. "Stand up and git out of your britches. " Excited as he was, Jimmy was not about to protest, so standing up he quickly unbuttoned his britches and dropped to the floor. "Now your shorts. " Obeying, his brother's order, Jimmy dropped his underpants as well, revealing his small, but hard penis. "Well, well, looks like ya enjoyed suckin' on ma thing," Daniel said gleefully. "Hope ya'll enjoy what's comin' next.

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  "Daniel put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the lard. He scooped off some and warmed it up by rubbing it between his hands. Then he smeared it over his erection, making sure that there was plenty on the head. Jimmy was observing all this with a puzzled look on his face, obviously not understanding. "Right, Jimmy," Daniel said. "Get on your hand and knees like a dog. " Jimmy shrugged, and did as he was told, his bum facing Daniel. Kneeling behind his little brother, Daniel scooped off some more lard and rubbed it between his hands. When it had softened up he started to spread it onto Jimmy's anal opening. "Hey!" Jimmy said. "What the heck are ya doin'?""Never ya mind what I'm doin'!" Daniel retorted angrily. "Do ya want me to tell on ya or not?""Oh, okay then," Jimmy responded. With that Daniel continued to spread the lard onto his little brother's anus. Then, smearing his index finger with a gob of lard, Daniel pushed it slowly into Jimmy's anus. Accompanied with Jimmy's grunting, Daniel added yet another finger and then pumped them in and out slowly, softening up the sphincter.

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   "I know what ya wanna do, Daniel, and I don't wanna," Jimmy said. "Listen to me Jimmy," Daniel said. "Either ya do what I want, or not only am I gonna tell on you, I'll give ya the hidin' of life!"Once again, little Jimmy was forced to comply with his big brother's wishes: "Just do it then!" With that, Daniel got up in a squat behind Jimmy and smeared some more lard onto his penis. Aiming the head of his erection at his little brother's 12 year-old anus and pushing, Daniel's penis ever so slowly began to penetrate. Jimmy grunted and moaned, in obvious discomfort. "Here," Daniel said, handing Jimmy his belt. "Bite down on this. " Jimmy took the belt and clamped his teeth down on it. With another push, Daniel managed to get all of his penis-head into Jimmy's anus. Pulling out ever so slightly he then pushed inwards again, another inch entering his brother's rectum. Continuing this strategy, Daniel finally managed to get most of his penis into Jimmy's tight anus. Now he could begin to anally-copulate his little brother properly, and he begun to do so, pumping his penis in and out with increasing speed. After a couple of minutes, Daniel could once again feel his orgasm build up. Getting an idea he called out "Hey, Joshua!""Yeah?""What's Pa doin'?""He's still way out in the corn-field. ""Good," Daniel said.


   "I'm about to squirt down here, and I want ya to come down and let Jimmy suck on your thing. "Joshua didn't need to be told twice to let someone suck his penis, and quickly came down from the loft. "Okay Jimmy," Joshua said unbuttoning his coveralls and letting them drop. "Let's replace that belt with my thing, only no teeth mind ya. " Jimmy spat out the belt and opened up his mouth, hungrily awaiting his brother's penis. Joshua's penis was naturally rock-hard, what with all the nasty incest that had been going on below him, and (kneeling down) he stuck it into Jimmy's mouth immediately. Jimmy started sucking Joshua, going up and down on him the way Daniel had told him to. The sight of his two younger brothers engaged in this sexual activity was too much for Daniel, and with a few furious pumps he ejaculated into Jimmy, quickly flooding the young rectum. "Oh, boy, that was great," he moaned. Withdrawing his penis from Jimmy's anus with a plop, Daniel wiped it off, and began to get dressed. Joshua wasn't done with Jimmy yet though. "Keep suckin', Jimmy" he instructed his little brother, pushing Jimmy's head up and down on his penis. It didn't take long before Joshua was ready to ejaculate as well, and pulling his penis out of Jimmy's mouth he said "I want ya to lick my pooper while I squirt. ""Sure, I'm game," Jimmy responded. "How do ya want me to do it?""Lie down, and I'll sit on your face.

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  " Jimmy did as instructed, stretching out on his back. Squatting over his little brother's face, Joshua aimed his anus at Jimmy's mouth. Extending a tongue, Jimmy tasted his brother's sweaty and filthy anus. It tasted awful, but Jimmy somehow felt good doing it so he started tonguing Joshua's anal opening heavily. Whilst Jimmy was servicing his anus, Joshua masturbated roughly, pumping his hand up and down on his saliva-covered penis. Putting his hands on Joshua's thighs, Jimmy pulled Joshua towards him and managed to get his tongue into the anus. This was what pushed Joshua over the edge, spinning around he aimed his penis at Jimmy's face, and ejaculated, covering his little brother's face with semen. When Joshua's penis finally stopped spewing out sperm, Jimmy had the white creamy liquid in his hair, eyes, up his nose and in his mouth. "Wow, that was great," he said. "Hey, Daniel, let's do 'im again tomorrow. "More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.