Fathers and Daughters, Part One


Her father…Molly’s thoughts jumped to Kevin Devlin, and she smiled the giddy grin only a teenage girl can produce. Of course, Molly loved her dad for a lot of reasons, but here in this place and in these circumstances, it only made sense that her imagination would go first to his body. Kevin Devlin had begun work as a young man in construction, and still owned his own building company. He was not beneath getting his hands dirty, and his frequent trips to the gym kept his body hard, firm and toned. At six-foot, two-inches, he towered over Molly, and he must have outweighed her by nearly a hundred pounds, all of it muscle as far as she could tell, and she had had her hands on just about every square inch of his incredible physique. Sometimes, when they made love, he would so overpower her that all she could do was hang onto to his arms or back, and let him encompass her completely with his strong, masterful body. As she mused, she remembered the last evening, causing her body to tingle again from the thought. They had left the house in the early afternoon for the airport. Her mother had driven them there, and the unspoken tension between father and daughter in the ride over was intense. Molly had managed to get a few special things into her suitcase after her mother’s last inspection, but the teenager still felt a thrill of danger. Had her mother seen some of the clothing in her daughter’s things, there would have been some serious questions. The check-in and the good-byes seemed to go on forever, but at last Kevin and Molly were alone and able to risk handholding and close snuggling as the plane lifted off. Kevin ordered a cot for the hotel room, for appearances’ sake, but they both knew it would not be used. Once the door to the room was firmly closed and locked, Molly threw herself into her father’s arms and kissed him hard and long. He returned the kiss enthusiastically, as his hands roved over her back and ass. When Kevin reached up to pull Molly’s shirt over her head, she stopped him.

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   "Oh, no you don’t," she said. "I have something special to put on. You just wait a minute, ok?""Ok, but just a minute," her father responded. "It was a long flight!""It’s been a long week and a half since I felt Big Daddy filling me up, but I can wait a little longer! So can you!" With that, Molly grabbed her suitcase and ran into the bathroom. Kevin called to her, "So what should I be wearing?" "As little as possible," Molly said, "but leave me something to take off!" "I have just the thing," he replied with a chuckle of his own. Kevin stripped off his khakis and sport shirt, kicked off his shoes and was ready for Molly’s entrance. He was wearing only his underwear, but it was a special pair he had had made for the occasion. When he had been out of town a few weeks before, he found a silkscreener who could pictures on clothes. Kevin had a picture of Molly (his girlfriend he had said) placed onto a pair of briefs. Her face was right over his crotch, with the words "Molly’s Place" across the top. Kind of silly, he knew, but he thought she would get a kick out of it. Very soon, the bathroom door opened. There stood Molly and Kevin’s eyes twinkled as he laughed at the sight. Not too long before, they had both endured a shopping trip to the mall with his wife, and the two of them managed to entertain themselves by secretly showing each other clothes that Kevin might like to see Molly in. Here she was, wearing some of them, but in sizes one or two too small for her, so that these "little girl" outfits looked very sexy and quite obscene on her.

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   The top was pink, with sparkling letters spelling "Daddy’s Princess" across the chest. It was so tight that it looked like Molly had painted it on, and Kevin marveled at the way the shirt made her tits look more huge than usual. The shirt barely came down to her belly button. Her shorts hardly covered her ass, and had the word "Hottie" across the rear. Her hair was in pigtails, and she was licking a large lollipop. "Hi, Daddy," she said in her best little girl voice. "Whatcha lookin’ at?""A sexy piece of ass!" Kevin replied as he stepped up to her. "Noticed my shorts?" Molly looked down and gasped. "God, Dad, how did you get those past Mom?" "She usually doesn’t spot check my underwear, but I changed in the bathroom on the plane. You like them?""They’re great! My God, that is so funny!" Molly reached out her hand to squeeze her father’s crotch, already growing to great lengths. "You like your little girl?""Hell, yes," Kevin said as he pulled Molly against him. "Holy fuckin’ yeah!""Umm, good," Molly purred. "I like to make you happy. How about I take ‘my place’ down below?""Excellent idea," Kevin replied as Molly sank to her knees before him. Braced against the wall, Kevin sighed as his daughter pulled off his underwear and took his engorged cock into her hands.

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   Even as hard as it was now, Molly was always amazed at the smoothness of her father’s cock. It had scared her at first, measuring over eight inches and thick too, but she had learned to love the pleasure it could give as it pistoned in and out of her. She had even learned to like the taste of it, after a while. Her mother would not suck, much less swallow, but Molly enjoyed the pleasure it gave her dad, and he certainly appreciated it. Sometimes, a blowjob was all they could manage for days on end, with a quick fingering from Kevin to try and help out Molly’s needs too. Now, she worked her mouth up and down the delicious shaft that had made her, and soon she felt the familiar throbbing as Kevin’s climax neared. She reached up to fondle his balls to help with his release, but Kevin moved his hands from behind her bobbing head and told her no. He slid his glistening cock from his daughter’s mouth and said, "We do too much of that at home. Here, all I want is to make love to you, the real way, as much as we can. " He reached down and pulled Molly to her feet, then bent and kissed her hard as his hands tugged her shorts over her firm ass and dropped the pants to the floor. Their bodies crushed together as the kiss intensified. Molly felt her father’s engorged cock pressed hard against her belly and her breasts, still covered with her playful shirt, crushed to his naked chest. Kevin lifted Molly up into his arms, their lips and tongues still pressed together, and he walked her backward to the waiting bed. In one fluid movement, he lowered her to the bed and followed her down, their kiss barely disturbed. Molly opened her legs wide for her father’s cock, and he positioned himself over her.

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   With little delay, Kevin slid his aching dick into his daughter’s wet, tight pussy and shoved it into the fullness of her body. Molly groaned at the sensation, arching her back and digging her nails into her father’s strong upper arms. Kevin shuddered at the wonder of the feeling of being back in Molly again, and looked down at her with a large smile on his face. "Big Daddy is home!" he said, using Molly’s pet name for his cock. "Oh, God, that feels so good, dad," she said with her eyes shut, savoring the feeling. "Let’s get that top off," Kevin said as he balanced himself on one hand and tried to use the other to get the tight and twisted shirt off of her. "I need some quality tit time!"Molly laughed, knowing that her dad was a tit man almost as much as he liked to fuck. But the angle of their bodies, and the snugness of the shirt, made it impossible to get it off. "Let me roll on top, and I’ll get it off, plus give you a show," Molly said, and Kevin agreed. Wrapping one arm under her, Kevin rolled and Molly sat on his lap, impaled on his cock. She tugged a bit and slowly pulled off the shirt, setting her tits in motion as they bobbed and bounced. "Shit, those things are beautiful," Kevin said, and then added, "Shit, you’re beautiful!" He reached up and took hold of her breasts as Molly rocked in small circles as she lifted herself up and down on her father’s manhood. A long pleasurable moan escaped her lips as her father squeezed and kneaded her tits, flicking her erect nipples with his thumbs. Waves of pleasure washed through Molly as mini-orgasms rose within her. Kevin pulled himself back and up, to rest against the headboard, as Molly continued her obscene lap dance.

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   Kevin pushed back up to a full sitting position, took her hands in his and whispered, "Ride it, baby! Ride it good for dad!"Molly did as she was told, bouncing and grinding and humping as she got more and more out of control. Kevin gritted his teeth to keep a handle on his own cum. Once Molly began to lose her ability to keep up her pace, her sounds reduced to whimpering Kevin pulled his legs up so that Molly fell forward toward him. Pushing with his legs, Kevin rocked Molly up and down against his crotch as he used his hands to press her tits together and flick her nipples fast and hard. Those sensations drove Molly to the brink. She gasped, flung her head back and let out a wail of pleasure that shook to the depths of her soul. Kevin felt the climax hit her as her cunt muscles clamped hard around his dick and her nail drew blood from his shoulders. "AH MEH GAWD," Molly cried as her whole body shook from the intensity of her cumming. "AH SHIIITT!"Kevin smiled as he heard his little girl cussing as she came. He knew that meant it was really good for her. Yet with that thought, he too could not keep control and flooded Molly’s incredible pussy with his cum, pumping load after load into his child’s body. He too cried out with a deep moan and then the two of them, sweaty and gasping for breath, rolled to their sides, still connected at the crotch. Through panting, Molly said, "That was the best we EVER had, dad. That was incredible! God, thank you so much!"Kevin grinned and thanked her back, for the chance to be the lover of the sexiest girl in the world. Molly blushed and ran her fingers through her father’s chest as Kevin stroked her hair and playfully caressed her breasts.

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   In the next hours, the two lovers made love several more times, softly and hard, slow and quick, until both were spent and sore, finally falling to sleep in each other’s arms. Molly’s musings were interrupted as her father came out of the bathroom, dressed she noticed with disappointment. "Sorry, honey," he said. "I didn’t want to wake you. " Then seeing her wrapped in the sheet, he added with a smile, "Why so modest, Daddy’s princess? You weren’t shy last night. ""I’m cold!" she said with a laugh, and then let the sheet drop to reveal her naked body. "Last night I had a hard, hot sexy man in bed to keep me warm. ""Don’t tempt me," Kevin said. "I’m already late. " Still, she loved the hungry look in his eyes as she took in her form from top to bottom. "Tonight, we meet back here for dinner, okay. ""Okay," Molly said with a pout. "That just means I get to shop all day. ""Just buy something nice for me to see tonight," Kevin added. "Keep your cell phone on too.

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  ""Why? You thinking a quickie at lunch?""No," he said, "I told you no quickies here. But I might want to say hi. "Molly laughed and hopped out of bed to hug him. "Okay, dad. I’ll miss you!""You too, kid," Kevin said as he patted her on the ass. "I gotta run. "After Kevin kissed Molly deeply and left, she drew a bath, relaxed and got ready to hit the stores. She loved to shop, but she did not look forward to a long day without any sexual excitement. She need not have worried…. .
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