Fax and Fantasy: Chapter 1


This is for Fax, a girl who e-mailed me laying out her fantasy to me which resembles the work I did in "Without Restraint". Chapter 1It had all happened faster than she could have imagined, and she was still wondering how she could be so lucky that her biggest fantasy would come true; but it did. Jo was a 17 year old teenager with the hots for her brother. But not merely the hots, she also felt a nasty lust for him. Jo had been reading filthy porno stories on the net for a while, and as time passed her fantasies about her older bro shifted to match the content in the porno stories she enjoyed most; filthy, depraved stories. Incest-related stories with heavy anal themes. The girl had been fantasizing about her brother fucking her, but thanks to the type of stories she enjoyed she was no longer content with 'mainstream' type fucking. Incest was perverted, but the sex too, with her brother needed to be perverted. It needed to be nasty. Jo didn't merely want to fuck her brother, she wanted to be his slut; his whore. She wanted to be his personal cunt and arse to fuck. She wanted to be his sister to use whenever he wanted to deposit his spunk and he could deposit it wherever he wanted; her mouth, her tits, her cunt, her arse or even on her feet. With every story Jo read, she replaced a man within it with her brother and a woman within it with herself. And the dirtier, the nastier the content and the language was the better. There was one story, or series that Jo liked because it seemed tailor-made for what she wanted to do with her brother; or at least, more tailor-made than most other stories. That story was "Without restraint" by Will Wanton.

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   A story about a sister discovering her brother's perverse lust for her, and then exceedingly indulging him and herself with nasty incestuous sex in a series filled with the filthiest of dialogue. Jo transferred herself into the story in the place of the sister and her brother in the place of the story's original brother-character. She imagined walking into his room dressed in nothing but soaking panties and knee high nylons and subsequently sitting on his lap, liberally swapping spit and having her brother play with her butt hole and having him smell and suck his fingers afterwards. She imagined having her brother lying on the floor, and then squatting over his face and farting in it, and then having him tongue fuck her hard in the arse, and then doing the same to him. And this was merely the first chapter. Jo wanked herself silly, both in her cunt and arse, projecting herself and her brother into the series, and fantasizing about all the things the story had them do, even to the point where she squirted some piss in his face. ***Jo knew, at some point, that she just couldn't bear much longer to not live out her fantasies. Some way, some how, she needed to, at the very least, find out if there was any chance that her bro was interested in being more than a bro; that he was interested in enjoying the hot piece of arse that was his sister. She would make him feel so good, and do all kinds of nasty hot shit with him; how could he pass it up if he were a real man?So Jo started dressing more provocatively around him. She started leaving her panties on the floor of her room so that whenever he came in for whatever reason, he couldn't help but noticing them. They would mostly be wet and Jo tried making the room smell like cunt by wanking herself moments before calling for him for arbitrary reasons. Let him get used to the smell of my cunt, Jo thought. The girl would flirt with him, at the same time taking care that it would seem nothing more than playful, rather than actually seductive in an incestuous manner. She didn't want to turn him off by going too far too quickly, or repel him if he wasn't interested at all. She actively strengthened her bond with him, carefully taking small steps to the more intimate, and not stopping with it when sex became the topic.

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   Sex was to become a normal topic between them, with Jo making sure they could say almost anything. At some point they would actually talk about the sex he had with some girls, even going into details. Jo certainly didn't skirt around mentioning every detail of her sex-life either, and she revelled in talking candidly to her brother about being fucked, hoping to put thoughts in his head. ***Jo would deliberately leave the bathroom door unlocked whenever she was there; both when taking a bath, and when taking a piss. She pretended it was no big deal to her when not knowing she was in there, her brother walked in and caught her. And all of this happened carefully outside the knowledge of their parents (or at least as far as she knew). One time her brother actually walked in as she was taking a piss, and Jo simply waved his embarrassment away by saying that everybody pisses, including him, and there is nothing to get bent out of shape about, as all people piss and shit like all people eat and sleep. As her brother seemed to tentatively accept the premise and did whatever it was he needed to do in the bathroom, Jo would casually talk to him and leaned back so that if her brother would look at her, he would have a good view of his sister pissing. The excitement of the possibility that he would watch her piss made Jo's cunt twitch. This way, slowly but surely, how the merely brother/sister bond transformed into something deeper; something more intimate, to the point where nothing either one did would be embarrassing to the other. Without a conscious reason, Jo's brother stopped locking the bathroom door himself, and Jo would do "stuff" (a MacGuffin for any reason to go in there as her brother was doing something private) as her brother was on the toilet or taking a bath. ***Jo would masturbate in her room, not caring, even hoping her brother would walk in, and being fully prepared to wave any embarrassment on his part away. Most, if not all people wank their cocks or cunts, don't they? Certainly people their age, she would probably say. And this is precisely what happened at one point. For most brothers and sisters it wouldn't work, but in this case the bond between Jo and her brother had been carefully 'intimatized' by her.

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   A rather large jump for most brothers and sisters was merely a small jump for them at this point. So as their parents were out, Jo, in nothing but white cotton panties, lay on her bed with the fingers of one hand in her panties rubbing up and down her slimy cunt slit, with her other hand was stuck underneath her, a middle finger slipping in and out of her arsehole. 'If he catches me, might as well know right away I love something up my shitter,' Jo rationalized. Her knees pulled up, legs spread, her toes curling inward, Jo was moaning without attempting to keep quiet, and she loved how her fingers could be heard making squelching sounds as she frigged her snatch and pucker. Her brother walked in without warning as he'd been accustomed to ever since Jo told him he could, and spotted her on her bed writhing on her fingers. Jo made no attempt to stop, and as she noticed her brother didn't really know what to do or say, she simply said it. "Don't worry about it, bro. All people our age do it. I know you do too. So don't be shocked, I'm just pleasuring myself. You can say whatever you want or get whatever you want. Don't mind me while I wank myself. "Especially the last part made Jo quiver. Not only taking a step forward, but a leap, by underlining the nature of what she was doing and using profanity to do it. Her cunt drenched her fingers for the very reason that her brother was standing there.

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   If only he would just throw caution to the wind and join her, Jo thought. Just join her and take her hands and. . . suck that fucking cunt sauce of his sister's right off her fingers. Or maybe even better, take her other hand and just suck that anal sauce off the fingers of that other hand. Suck those fingers, lick my tits, swap spit with me, suck on my toes, shove your fat juicy prick in my mouth and fuck it hard. Just do ANYTHING to me, Jo thought. But her brother, regaining his composure, started grinning and said "Well, go on and enjoy yourself then", and left for his room. Jo was slightly disappointed, but not too much. It was a bit too much to ask. She quickly got up, and slipped to his bedroom door. Putting her ear to the door, she listened, and a smile crept on her face as she could clearly hear him beating off. And it should be obvious what he was thinking about as he did it. The girl went back to her room, lay back on her bed, and knowing her brother was in the next room thinking about her while jerking off, Jo continued finger fucking her cunt and shit hole, thinking about him.

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   And she came as she never came before. ***As days flew by Jo would continue not to care if her brother walked in while she lay masturbating, and more than that, she actually walked into his room to get something knowing he was pumping his cock. Her brother seemed a bit embarrassed and stopped, but Jo found it encouraging that he didn't put it away. She pretended there was nothing unusual about walking in as he jerked off; saying things to him, taking her time looking for what she claimed to be looking for, and glancing on occasion at her brother and not even trying to do it secretly. At some point, while looking at him, she looked at his crotch, noticed his cock and with her mouth watering said "That's a nice one, brother. Chicks must dig that. "Pretending to have what she came for, Jo smiled cutely at her brother, glanced once more openly at his prick within his hand, and left the room. She heard him proceed to jerk and went to her room with the image of her brother's cock engraved in her mind. It must have been at least 8 inches long and it looked really fat. 'How hot would it feel to have such a fat dick belonging to my own brother up my arse,' Jo thought to herself. With that in mind, she undressed and took from her bedside cabinet the vibrator she had 'borrowed' from her mother's bedroom. After curiously smelling it, she proceeded to lubricate it by fucking her sopping wet cunt with it, using both hands to ram the buzzing tool in and out of her snatch, before she got acquainted with the feeling of a thick shaft up her rear end when she shoved the slick tool, inch by inch, up her shit pipe, all the while pretending it to be her brother's cock. In her mind, he had her raised feet in his hands, and he pistoned his fat meat in and out of her tight crapper. In reality, the fat object pistoning in and out of her tight crapper was her mother's vibrator. She squeezed her tight anal ring around it as it slid in and out, dragging arse gravy out with it which formed a greasy ring around the tool.

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   If only it really were her brother's dick,' Jo thought, and slid the shaft out of her anus. She looked at the arse juice smeared tool. 'If only this was your dick, brother,' Jo thought, 'I would lick that filthy arse juice right off of it. 'Jo, with a face contorted by perverse incestuous lust, licked all of her own arse juices off of her mother's vibrator until it was clean. The 17-year-old didn't even think about the taste. The nastiness of the act was more than enough to drive her to the act. She came more than once as she was doing it. Once finished, she walked into her parents' bedroom and put the sex tool back in its original place. 'If only you knew where that thing's been, mum. Stick THAT in your cunt. " Jo giggled to herself, feeling delicious in her perversity. ***One day, Jo got an idea which she would execute when her brother wasn't at home. So, when that time arrived, Jo walked into her brother's room; his 'domain'. She would be filthy in his 'domain', even though he wasn't here at the time. She took off all of her clothes, shaking as she finally slid her soaking panties down her legs.

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   The very thought of being totally naked, wet and horny in her brother's room made her feel more delicious than she had ever felt. It was so lewd; so nasty. Looking around the room, she wondered what items she would introduce to her orifices. The first thing she noticed was his favourite pen, sitting on his desk. She remembered how he likes to gnaw on the end of it when in thought. She sat on the chair, leaned back and put her naked feet on the edge of the desk, with her legs spread wide. She grabbed the pen, and realizing he often had the end of it in his mouth, Jo started rubbing the pen up and down between her pussy lips. Up and down the writing utensil went in her red, sodden trench, until she could audibly hear the sticky sounds it was making. The teenage girl then proceeded to slide it into her hot cunt, until at least half of it was inside of her. She tightly squeezed her cuntal muscles around it and starting fucking her cunt with it, never forgetting for a second that her brother would put it in his mouth again soon. "Mmm. . . Suck that pen now, dear brother. Suck that pen now that it's been up your nasty sister's snatch.

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   Maybe you can taste her filthy cunt juice on it," Jo groaned to herself. But it wasn't enough for Jo, a real butt slut. So the retracted the object from her vagina, noticing it being smeared with her vaginal secretions. Jo grinned and licked her fingers with her other hand, which she then proceeded to rub over her arsehole, wetting it with her saliva. She then rubbed the end of her brother's pen up and down between her arse cheeks, through the humid, musty crack of her arse. The girl held the pen under her nose and realized her arse smell was on it. She put the pen back between her soft globes, and this time inserted the end of it into her anus slowly. Slowly she started fucking her shitter with her brother's pen, sliding it in and out of her tightly clenching butt hole. "Ohhh FUCK," Jo murmured, "Stick that pen in your mouth, darling brother. Stick it in your mouth and taste my cunt and my arse on it. Suck those cunt and arse juices off of it, fuck stud. "When Jo was finally satisfied that the essence of her arse was abundant on the pen, she took it out of her crapper and put the pen back in its place. If only she could be there when he would put it in his mouth. Or maybe when he puts it under his nose and decides that he likes the smell of it. It were moments like these that Jo just wished she could grab her brother, throw him to the ground, or on the bed, and just sit on his face, rubbing her stink all over it; just rubbing her slimy cunt over his mouth and her smelly shitter over his nose.

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   She just felt like marking her territory, by making his face smell like her arse. This brought her to her next idea. Jo got up from the chair, and turned to walk to the bed. She grabbed the soft pillow, and realizing he puts his head on it to sleep, she put it near the edge of the bed, turned around, spread her arse cheeks with both hands, and sat down on it. Realizing her crack was spread and both her cunt and arsehole were pressed against the soft material of her brother's pillow, she began to ride the pillow. From left to right, and forward and backward, she rode the thing, rubbing her wet cunt and humid arse crack over it. Pretending the pillow to be her brother's face, she rode it and moaned, clenching her cunt and arse muscles as she humped the pillow, imagining herself sitting on her brother's face and intoxicating him with her most intimate odours. Finally, feeling particularly depraved, she internally pushed on her guts, and let rip with a loud, thundering fart right on his pillow. After this she got up from the defiled pillow and put it back in its place. Her brother may think something to be wrong with the smells of his pen and pillow, but he won't be able to know his sister was behind it and accuse her of anything. And hopefully, he would see no reason to do so anyway even if he could because he discovered he actually liked the little fragrance she gave his stuff. As she contemplated all of this, Jo noticed a pair of used boxers on the floor, and her heart jumped. A little present that might have her brother's odours in them, for her to enjoy. Jo picked it up, and looked inside to see they were indeed used. Whatever the reasons may have been, Jo saw that her brother had left what looked like dried cum stains in them.

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   And a light brown stain, probably where the boxers where trapped between his cheeks. Jo felt weak in the knees. She hadn't even thought of this possibility and here it was: her brother's filthy underpants and she could do with them what she wanted. Feeling her heart pound in her temples and the side of her neck, she brought the crotch of her brother's boxers to her face and sniffed at it. The musk of what was probably her brother's cock could be smelled on it. She then looked at the thin brown stripe in the back of it and after licking her lips, she held it under her nose and could smell a faint odour of manly arse. Her body quivering, Jo fell back on her brother's bed. She started diddling with her pussy with ever increasing speed and intensity as she inhaled the intimate odours from her brother's filthy boxers. It wasn't long before she was seriously frigging her squelching cunt as she had started licking at the dried cum in the crotch. Her tongue lapping at the stains, tasting her brother's dried cum, first two then three fingers quickly slipped in and out of her lubricated twat. But what sealed it was when she turned the boxers inside out, and stuffed them into her mouth, both the cock as well as the arse section of it, to try to suck her brother's boxers clean from the stains, and rich flavours filled her mouth. Delirious with incestuous lust, Jo pulled her knees up, spread her legs wide, and as she lay on her brother's bed with his boxers in her sucking, moaning mouth, she finger fucked her cunt to several earth shattering climaxes, while using the fingers of her other hand to jack off her shit hole. It was with two fingers up her milking shit pipe that her cunt came on the fingers of her other handAll kinds of perverted images filled Jo's mind as her mouth was full of her brother's tastes, her cunt and arsehole sensitive and tightly clenching around her moving fingers. Images of herself and her brother doing sexual things; nasty things. Doing them in various positions and situations.


   Her brother doing filthy things to her, and she doing filthy things to her brother. As she came and came on her brother's bed, with his dirty underwear in her mouth, she vowed to herself to make all of her depraved thoughts come true. This was what she wanted most. It even made her feel this was what her life needed to be about; about indulging in perverted, incestuous, filthy pleasures. Having finally come down from her high, her breath rapid, Jo decided to put her brother's boxers back in their original place. She noticed that there was hardly anything left of the stains; she had virtually sucked her brother's underwear clean and she noticed by the rich and filthy, yet sexually arousing taste in her mouth. As she tossed the underwear in its original spot on the floor, Jo noticed something familiar sticking out a bit from under his mattress. She pulled at a piece of clothing, and pulled a pair of her worn panties from under his mattress. At once she realized her brother had been using her panties to jerk off. They were clear off his cum stains, so he must have just used them to smell or suck as he wanked himself. Jo smiled mischievously. If he liked jerking off using my panties, she thought, why not give him something more to work with. Like a pair with content similar to the content of his boxers? Would he like it as much as she did? This was a wonderful opportunity to find out just how much he lusted after her. And so both the seduction of her brother was on schedule, as well as her own descent into incestuous depravity. .

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