Feels so wrong, yet so Good PART 2


    The bright sunlight broke through the window and moved over Jennifer's eyes. Opening her eyes very slowly, she looked up at the light. My room doesn't have a window there she thought to herself. She moved a little shifting off her stomach when she noticed a wierd feeling in her vagina. She looked down and saw that she was laying on top of her older brother Brian. She almost screamed out load, but managed to hold it in. Glancing down toward her crotch she found that Brian's penis was inside her!     Her mind started to race. This can't be happening. She closed her eyes tightly muttering to herself.   "That didn't happen. That didn't happen. I didn't have sex with my brother. " But saying it didn't make it so. She started to get that 'Ohhh-shit feeling'  deep down inside her. She did sex with her brother last night. She remembered watching Jessica's breasts bouncing up and down and as she was being fucked.

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   She remembered watching Brian's massive cock penetrate Brodi's tight, virgin ass, and yes she remembered looking down into her brother's face with a look of pleasure upon it as she jumped up and down on his hard prick.     Trying not to wake anyone up, she moved her hips slowly upward off Brian's dick and slide off the bed. Her pussy was throbbing after being open all night. She reached down and touched her lips, soothing herself. She looked up and saw Brodi roll over and in doing so she woke the others up also. When they had opened their eyes Jennifer saw that they were going through the same feeling she had. Trying to disbelieve everything they were remembering. No one said a word for a few seconds until Jennifers eyes met Brian's gaze who had obviously be checking her out again. "I won't tell if you won't tell" she blurted out, feeling embarassed. Brian could only manage a nod of agreement.     After a few more seconds Brodi and Jessica looked at each other and burst out laughing. That was all they needed, something to break the tension. Even Jennifer laughed. The girls got off the bed and slipped on thier underwear that was scattered around the bed except for Jennifer who didn't have a bra to begin with, remained topless. After they were all partly clothed they sat back down on the bed together.

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   "Ok" said Brian "We all have to make a promise that no matter what happens, last night stays between us alright. " They all nodded their heads yes. Brodi was the next to speak. "That was amazing last night!" she looked around at the others "Or was it just me?" They laughed. All of them knew that what happened last night was the best experience of their entire lives.     Jennifer looked around and noticed a bulge in Brian's underwear. Looking up she caught Brian staring at her nude breasts. When he noticed that Jennifer was looking at him he looked up at her with a 'well-I-can't-help-it' sort of look. Jennifer was turned on. "Look mom and dad won't be back until tomorrow night. I think we could maybe fool around a little more until they got back don't you?" asked Jennifer.     "Are you sure you want to keep going with this? Cause if you aren't-" Brian answered. "No, no, it's alright I don't mind, and you guys don't either do you?" said Jennifer looking at Brodi and Jessica. The look on their faces was more than enough of an answer.     "So, what do you want to do first?" asked Jessica.

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  "Let's get in your parent's jaccuzi. " suggested Brodi.     "Alright" said Brian "but I don't think it is big enough for all of us. "    "Oh I think we can make us fit. " said Jennifer with a smile on her face. "Let's go!"    The all got up and headed for their parents bedroom. "Was that you guys first time" asked Brian as they walked.     "Yep it was the first time for all of us" answered Brodi. "You know I have never been more turned on than last night when you all had your little mouths and fingers rubbing all over my cock and your tight, perfect little pussies, ohhh. " said Brian, closing his eyes and replaying some of the scenes from the night before.     "You know, I never got the pleasure of your dick in my pussy last night, just my ass. "    "Well I guess I will just have to do you first then won't I. " said Brian.     When they got the the jaccuzi they stripped off their underwear again. Seeing each other naked again was almost too much to bear.

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   Jennifer reached over and turned on the water filling up the tub. It was very large compared to a regular tub. It was deep enough that only your head was exposed and long enough that all four of them were able to sit comfortably on the bottom. Jessica reached over and grabed a bottle of bubble bath. She opened the lid, poured it in, and swirled it around. The bubble rose up tickling thier chins. "Let's turn on the jets. " said Jennifer reaching over and pushing the button. The water stared swirling around them. Brodi was the first to move. She stood up out of the water, the bubbles dripping of her boobs and covering her crotch. "You want to see whats underneath?" said Brodi moving closer to Brian's face. She reached down and wiped the bubbles away from her shaved, virgin pussy. Then moving closer to Brian she thrusted her her hips toward him. Brian opened his mouth and slipped his tounge in between Brodi's pussy lips.

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   She shuddered and her knees buckled the instant Brian's tounge was inside her. Her breathing got heavier and she started to let out soft moans. Jennifer and Jessica watching in fasination as Brodi slowly rocked her hips back and forth into Brian's face. The girls looked at each other and did't have to say a word. Jennifer stood up and leaned back against the wall. She spread her legs wide and let Jessica dive in. It felt wierd at first but soon she was concentrating on every flick of the tounge Jessica was making.     After a few minutes Brodi wanted to get down to business. She pulled away and sat back down into the water. Brian guided her hips down to his lap and Brodi grabbed hold of his cock. Brodi looked Brian in the eyes and said "I want the most hardcore fuck you can do. " She didn't have to say anymore. Brian lifted his hips up and rammed his cock into her virgin folds. She let out a scream and then a moan already enjoying the feeling of his penis inside her. The faster they went the faster she moaned.

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   Looking up at Brodi and seeing the pleasure on his face was enoughto put him over the edge. His cock erupted with hot cum inside her tight, no longer virgin, pussy. She moved off top the side of the tub and laid her head on the side.     Brian looked over at Jessica and Jennifer and was stunned. he nover thought his sister would do anything like that! He stood up and moved behinde Jennifer. Positioning himself next to her ass, he thrusted his shaft into her tight ass and started pumping. Jessica, seeing that they were. . . . busy. Moved over to where Brodi was sitting. Not even asking she stood in front of her and pushed her pussy into Brodi's mouth. Instinctivly Brodi grabbed Jessica's ass and pulled her in tighter licking lightly around her pussy. On the other side of the tub Jennifer was bent over, hanging onto the handholds getting pounded.

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   "Oh yes, fuck your little sister. Bring her to an orgasm Big Brother!" With that Jennifer sprayed her female jucies all over the side of the tub. Brian pulled out of his sister and sat back down in the water. He closed his eyes not beliveing what was happening to him. Then he felt someone touching his softening prick. He opened his eyes and saw Jessica's ass sticking up out of the water and her head underwater sucking on his cock!. He just laid back and relaxed for a minute letting her caress his slippery member with her soft mouth. After she got tired of coming up for air she got in the same position Jennifer was when she first had sex with Brian last night. She opened her legs as wide as she could and slipped Brian's hard cock into her hot pussy. Doing as Jennifer did she jumped up and down on Brian making him moan softly, pumping the cum out of him. Sucking up every last drop until she was too tired to keep going.     They all laid in the tub, sexually exhausted, thier bodies throbbing from adrenline. All they could do was sit and stare at each others nude bodies untill one by one they got out of the tub and laid down by one another and fell asleep on their parents bed. Until the FINAL PART 3!!.

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