Finally 2 - 2-Sisters Return


Finally 2 - 2 Sisters Return
After my rousing night with Ruth and Mary, I had slept until nearly 1 in the afternoon. I guess I had been sleeping so soundly that I didn’t even here Mary and my 3 younger sisters’ head out to the pool. Apparently, Terri and Kathy had returned home from their sleepover and were now creating a ruckus at the pool with Mary and Ruth.
I heard the boom box blaring Eminem and D 12. I slowly raised myself from the sleeper sofa. I hadn’t even bothered to pull it out. I instantly noticed the tightness in my legs and sore muscles in my butt. I was sure this was from the fantastic sex with my sister and my girlfriend from the night before and not from the restrained sleeping conditions.
I looked out the back door and noticed my beautiful Mary rollicking in the pool with my sisters. I cussed briefly about all of the racket that these 4 were making and wishing that I had been able to sleep a bit longer. Then, I was suddenly taken by surprise! I quickly realized and was relishing the sight of my lovely Mary, as well as all three of my sisters, frivolously playing in the pool, completely nude!
I just stood motionless for what seemed like hours, taking in the beauty of these lovely naiads. It was then that I realized I had not yet made it to the bathroom and my cock was about to burst from my boxers! My wake-up hard on was raging from the sight of these gorgeous girls, as well as from my having to take a wicked piss. I didn’t want to leave the door. It was then that Terri noticed me looking through the window.
“Well good morning, big brother!” She beamed, sarcastically. “Are you just going to stand inside and stare out the window or are you going to come out and say hello to your forgotten sisters!”
I wasn’t able to speak.

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   Mary had climbed over the side of the pool and was heading toward the door. I looked from my girlfriend, Mary, to my sister Terri. She was now descending the short, 3-step ladder, out of the pool. My eyes were transfixed on her fantastic, lean, athletic, form. Her short dirty-blonde hair was wet and dripping water down her well-tanned body. I noticed that there was no evidence of tan lines on her lithesome figure. The droplets cascaded down her face and onto her pert, young breasts. My gaze wandered down her shape. The willowy, blonde, hairs between her legs, appeared nearly translucent. It seemed as though the pale golden flax had been neatly coifed. I gazed at her lovely mons venires. It was so evident that she was truly the most athletic member of our family. Her body was flawless. She was the essence of lean and mean.
I was smacked from my trance as Mary pulled open the door.

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“Well hey John-boy! Are you going to answer Terri, or just continue to drool on yourself? Oh my, honey! It looks like you need a little help there anyway!” Mary proclaimed as she gently patted my wake- up wood.
“It’s not what you’re thinking. ” I avowed. “I just woke up and haven’t had time to take a piss! You guys are so damn loud. I just had to see what the hell was going on out here. Now I know why I could never sleep late in this house. ”
Terri was now standing just a foot or so away from Mary and I. The two girls looked almost more like sisters, than my sisters. I was still staring at Terri’s dark, tanned, skin and thinking how exquisite she looked. Her areola protruding from her taut breasts, like two Hershey Kisses, and nearly as dark in color! And the neat patch of wispy blonde hair between her legs.
“Well, big brothers is that a rocket in your boxers or are you just happy to see your family?” Terri implored. “Don’t be so shy, John. Ruth and Mary have already been talking to Kathy and I about your little escapade last night. I know what a big tease my older sister can be. She tries to seduce every guy I bring to the house and half of my girlfriends too!”
Once again I was in shock at how frank my sisters were speaking.

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   What the hell had gotten into these girls? I know it had been a couple of years since I had spent much time at home, but what the heck!
“All right bro, there’s no peeing in the pool, so go make your bladder gladder. Then lose those boxers and lets see what you treated my naughty sister and your hot girlfriend to last night!”
I was still in shock as I turned to go to the bathroom.
“I think that maybe I had better follow him in there to make sure he comes back out. ” Terri whispered to Mary as she followed me inside.
“What are you talking about?” I declared.
“It’s all right John. ” Mary assured me. “We have all been talking about the fun we plan on having today. It seems your sisters have grown up considerably since you left the house. It seems that Kathy is the only one who still has her cherry. Or should I say she hasn’t yet fucked a guy. But that is mainly because her big sisters are still teaching her a few things before they turn her loose on the boys of the world! Less competition for the two of them, I assume,"”
More shock and awe! I just walked to the toilet with Terri close behind.
“I wanna help with that thing, brother. I am so jealous that once again you let Ruth have her fun with your cock before me. You always did let the older sisters have their turns first! Maybe I can change your mind about that in the future!” Terri seductively pronounced.

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As I entered the bathroom, I felt Terri quickly grab my boxers from behind and yank them down. She quickly stood up and instantly, her hands were wrapped around my throbbing cock. She pressed her firm breasts into my back. I felt her pubic bone rubbing against the bottom of my ass. I didn’t know what to do! I was stupefied that suddenly my sister’s wet naked body was pressed into my back. Her slender muscular arms were wrapped around my torso and she had a death grip, with both of her hands, on my cock.
“Oh yea, John. It is just as perfect as Ruth and Mary described. ” Terri was now just holding my cock with her thumb and forefinger, as her she stood on her tiptoes. She dug her chin into my shoulder, gazing down at my aching cock. “Ruth said your cock had grown a bit since out childhood games. Don’t be so freaked out, brother. I’ve handled my share of cocks. I always imagined that yours would be really nice. I’ve thought about your cock lots of times.

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   Especially when I’m doing a guy, and sometimes with the girls too!”
Terri’s breathing was becoming more urgent and I could feel her gyrating against me, her pubic mound pressed against my ass as she slowly rotated her firm breasts over my back.
“Come on brother! You gotta piss before we can start with the games that we have planned for the day. Mom and dad have gone to play golf and have dinner at the club, so we have all afternoon and part of the evening. The sooner we get started, the more time we’ll have! How are your recuperative powers anyway?” She questioned.
I couldn’t hold my piss any longer. As the stream erupted from my cock, my sweet sister aimed the flow toward the toilet.
“Damn, John. You really had to go. I thought that maybe you were just hard from the sensation of my little titties again. I can’t wait for you to slide this nice cock of yours into my tight pussy. You also know I want to get between your luscious girlfriend’s legs. I swear that growing up in this prohibitive Catholic family brought out the naughtiest things in me. I do enjoy eating a sweet pussy, almost as much as I like feeling a stiff cock between my legs. I guess that comes from having such a nasty brother who went off and left me with only my sisters to teach me about sex. ”
“Terri, this is just all too bizarre.

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  ” I grumbled. She was now gliding her hand up and down my still rigid shaft and purring. The stream of piss had subsided and I was sure that if she didn’t stop stroking my dick, I would shoot a load of cum into the toilet, too.
“Turn around now John. I want to see my brother’s handsome cock up close. You know, like when we were younger. But now I really now how to take care of a guys cock. Particularly my brothers. ”
As I turned, Terri dropped to her knees and slid my stiff shaft into her warm, wet, mouth. I bent at the waist; careful not to interfere with her sucking, and let my hands explore her young, firm, golden-brown, orbs. These were the most perfect breasts I had ever laid my hands on. The firm pectoral muscles were capped with two perfectly shaped orbicular tits. I closed my eyes and let my hands and mind enjoy the forbidden sensations of my sister’s body. Terri slid the entire length of my cock down her throat, then slipped my saliva-covered cock from her mouth.
I heard her spit into onto her fingers.

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   She stood and rubbed the spittle up and down the length of my shaft. “Mmmm, John. That makes a tasty concoction, my pussy juice mixed with this slick pre-cum of yours. ” She whispered, her warm breath causing me to push my cock harder into her hand.
She then spit onto two of her fingers and began to rub the saliva into her pussy. She spread her legs, ran her fingers across her puffy cunt lips and slipped one inside of her tight hole. She let another gasp of her warm breath fill my ear.
She removed her finger from her pussy, brought it to my lips and pleadingly whispered, “Taste me, brother. ”
I began to suck the delicious nectar from my sister’s sweet pussy, off of her finger. I looked down at her sticky blonde pussy hair. Suddenly, she removed her finger from my mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and lurched upward. I fell back against the wall as my sister reached down and with perfect precision, aimed my pulsating cock into her tight wet pussy. She gasped. I moaned as I felt her slide down onto my cock, engulfing my entire shaft inside her in one, wet, smooth, swift, motion.

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“Catch you off guard, brother?” She implored in a deep raspy breath. “Shit you feel so good inside of me. I couldn’t wait to fuck you after listening to Ruth and your fucking hot girlfriend. Oh, holy fuck, John! Your cock feels so good inside of me. ”
My sister was bouncing up and down on my shaft. She had thrown her legs around my waist and was using her agile body to swiftly pound away at my pole. Her pumping was like lightening. Then she stopped, momentarily motionless. I suddenly felt just how tight her wet tunnel was, as she used it in a vice like grip on my engorged cock. She loosened one arm, but still maintained a firm hold on me. Her hand reached below. She ran a finger around her clit, then plunged it into her tight pussy, along with my cock.
“Damn, you fill me up! My pussy is so wet for you, brother. Fuck this tight little pussy like you’ve never fucked a pussy before. ”
She removed her finger from her pussy, brought it to her own mouth and mumbled.

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   “Oh god, we taste so good. ”
After a few brief moments of sucking, she slipped her hand down again. I then realized she had inserted the digit in her own asshole and was diddling her tight sphincter, while she still pumped away at my cock. Her other fingers reach down to tickle my balls. I felt her finger sliding in and out of her tight butt. The thin membrane between her ass and pussy seemed as if it was barely separating us. She moaned. Her cunt tightened and the fluids began to squirt from her soaked slit. My sister was creaming herself on my rigid shaft. I began to shoot jets of sperm deep inside her strained pussy canal. We climaxed together, our orgasms coincided.
“Oh shit yes! Fuck me brother! Fill me with your cum…. Damn! Damn! Damn!”
My legs began to give out as my last blast of jizz filled her tight pussy. We slid to the floor, with my cock still buried deep inside of Terri. Her pussy canal was still quivering around my shaft.

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   She held me tight inside her and her dark breasts pressed firmly against my chest. Our bodies dripped sweat together and glistened as we both panted. My sister had just given me the fuck of my life.
Terri released he grip from me. She leaned back. Her chest was still heaving, but not as rapidly. My hands reached for her moist breasts. I gently tugged on her hard nipples. The dark Hershey Kisses had become elongated, tight and wrinkled. I gently tweaked the rubbery tips between my thumb and forefinger. I noticed the pool of fluid forming on the floor below my sisters clenched ass. My cock was beginning to withdraw from her slippery cunt. The damp blonde curls covering her engorged pussy lips stretched along my shaft. I slowly leaned forward, almost completely withdrawing from her cum soaked pussy. Just the mushroom head of my cock remained inside her.


   I lay against her smooth skin.
“Thank-you, Terri. ” I managed to utter. “That was spectacular. ”
She kissed my neck and replied.
“I’ve been waiting for years to fuck you, brother. And you know; your day is just getting started. ”