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           My family is average sized.   My mom and Dad had three kids.   Me(Tom), the oldest(at the time 14), my younger sister Theresa(13 at the time), and the baby Mike was just 5.   I was in good shape for a 14 year old because I played football, baseball and I wresteled.   But I've always been shorter then most guys.   My little sister was a cute litte girl.   Blond hair to her shoulders, bright blue eyes, perfect skin and a smile that would light up any room.   As a big brother I was definately becoming aware that I would have to help my father keep the boys away.  
         It was about this time in my life that  I discovered masterbation.   My God I loved it!  Every chance I got, I rubbed one out.   And for all that jerking off I did a bang up job of keeping it private.   That is until one day after dinner. . . . .

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  . . .
         We had just finished dinner and had sat down to watch TV.   My father was flipping through the stations and stopped on "Wheel Of Fortune. "  Well that did it for me; one look at Vanna and I had to excuse myself.   I told everyone that I had some reading to catch up on for school and went up to my room.
         Once I got up to my room I locked the door and went strait for the box under my bed.   This box contained all a horny guy at any age needs: one Victorias Secret catalog, one dirty rag, and one Sears catalog(for the ladies undergament section) just for a change of pace everyonce in a while.   But tonight it would be just me and Vanna so a grabbed my rag, took off my cloths and hopped on my bed.
       I was really getting into it when I thought I heard some one at my door.   I turned and looked but saw nothing and returned to the work at hand.   I was almost there when I suddenly heard my sisters voice: "What are you doing, Tom?"  Oh my God ! was all I could think.   The door, I thought for shure I had locked it!  I tried my best to cover myself up but i was bare assed naked on my bed with only a nasty rag in front of me.   My only saving grace was that my back was to the door.

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    I said the only thing that came to my head: "None of your business! Don't you know how to knock?!"  "I did knock you but-head. Are you alright?" replied my sister.  
      Was I that into it? It didn't matter at this point. "I said it's none of your business, it's guy stuff.   Now get out!"  My sister was stubern and continued to probe:  "I'm your sister, Tommy, you can show my anything. "  "Not this, now would you plea. . . " but it was too late my sister had walked around to the side of my bed and was staring and my hand as it struggeled to hide my member.
       "Wow!" she said, "Is that what I think it is. " "Yes, it's a penis now would you go.   If mom and dad saw us like this they would kill us. Go!!"
     My sister walked towards the door and just as soon as I thought this ordeal was over my sister closed the door and said: "Now the door is locked and no one will see.   Show me what you were doing. "   "I'm not gonna show you.

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   You don't want to see. "  "How do you know what i want to see.   My friend Jenny told my how she jerked a boy off and that all this stuff came out.   If that's what you're doing then I want to see. "
     I could see that this conversation was going no where and I was aching to pop so I said: "Alright, but you can't tell anyone about this. "  she agreed and took a seat at the other end of my bed.
      I closed my eyes and went back to work, trying to forget that someone was watching, when my sister said: "Why are you doing it with your eyes closed?  Don't you wanna watch?"  "I've seen it a hundred times.   Besides I'm thinking of a pretty girl when I do it. "  "Ohhh. " She said, "Do you think boys think about girls like me?"  "I'm shure some do. Your very beautiful. Now stop interupting and let me finish. "  "Well then why don't you look at me while you do it.   I don't mind. "
     Before I could say a thing my sister was pulling her shirt over her head.

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    Her chest was tiny but just barely noticeable with perfect little pink nipples.   It was all a boy could take.   I blew my wad right then.   My sister giggeled and said: "Wow Tommy, if I knew that's all it took I wold have done that five minutes ago. "  "Oh man that felt good. " was all I could say.
     "Is there a way for girls to do that?" asked my sister.   "Yeah.   My frind Dave's older brother said he gets his girlfriend off by rubbing her clit and then fingering her. "  My sister sat there for a moment thinking while i cleaned myself off.   Then, to my suprise, she stood up and took off her jeans and panties.   I just stared in amazement as my sexy little sister laid down across from me on the bed and spread her legs wide.   She was sexy indeed.   About 5'4" and maybe a 100 pounds wet.   And she was hairless below her eyes.

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       She reached one hand between her legs and began to explore.   She found the little nub and the top of her slit and began to play with it.   "OOhhhh. " she moand, "This has got to be the clit.   That feels ssoooo gooood. "  Instinctively she started to play with her nipples with her free hand and began to buck her hips.
      My cock was now throbbing again so I went back at it as I watched my little sister begin to finger bang herself.   She was now staring at me with wanten lust as we masterbated together.   "Oh my god sis you are so hot your gonna make me come again. " "Oh Tommy, watching you is making me hot all over!  Oh yeah, Oh yeah!  Ohhhh. "
     I came and then she came.   I slumped over in axaustion.   My sister layed there quivering with satisfaction.   After afew minutes my sister got up and got dressed in silence.   I did the same.


    My sister fixed her hair in my mirror as best she could.   she then turned around kissed me on the cheek and said: "We have to do that again soon. " and then skipped out the door.
     My first naked girl was my little sister and she was awsome. It wouldn't be soon enough until I saw her that way again. . . . . . . . .

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