My Mom in law is a pain in the neck, she is bossy. treats everybody like shit, wants everything done her way, she is 59 now, she is a bomb very sexy and gave me a hard on the very first time I saw her. this happened a good five years ago. My father in law was 16 years her senior, when he married her, was a heart patient for about 10 years before he passed away and she used to boss around him too as she used to work and he had retired, he passed away seven years ago. I and she couldn't see eye to eye, we used to avoid each other to the maximum, even if we used to meet on the road, we used to pass each other without acknowledging, I hated her very sight, and she never used to visit our house when I was around, which was fine by me and I was happy for that, she used to live about five minutes away from where I lived. After my father in law passed away, she wanted to do some investments but she had no time and I was not helpful to her either, as this part of the job was handled by her husband, so one bright day she met a friend of mine who was working for a investment house and asked him to do some investments for her, as they were chatting, to my bad luck or rather good luck I passed by at that moment on my bike and thinking my friend had not seen me I felt happy for a moment that i didn't have to see my mom in law but the joy was short lived as my friend called out to me and I cursed my luck for taking that route, I was in a catch22 situation, where I had to say hi to my mom in law as I didn't want my friend to know about our family traits (what a hypocrite I am) and turned around and came to where they were standing and chatting I said hi to my friend and mumbled a hi to my mom in law, she asked my friend to come over and explain everything at home. I immediately said a quick goodbye and was about to leave when my friend said why don't you come over too. I dreaded the moment but said that i was a bit busy and will catch up with him later. At that moment my bossy mom in law opened her fat mouth and ordered me to come home so i followed their car and went to her house. At home my friend ex pained to her all the investment details and she asked me if they were okay, I was surprised and taken aback when she asked me because she had never asked for my opinion before if I approved of my friends investment plans, I wanted to say yes and get out of her house ASAP but I was too scared to say yes because if anything goes wrong with her investment then she will hold me responsible by saying that I had approved of the plan so very diplomatically I told her to think and sleep over it, and the ultimate decision is hers, so she said okay and my friend got up to leave and told her to give him a call if she is interested and I too got up to leave along with him only to hear her order me to sit back as she wants to discuss things with me and I told my self to get ready to be slaughtered.

After my friend left she asked me if I wanted anything to drink, I said no, then she asked me if the investment plan is good, I said it is interesting but you take your own decision she said okay and said that her back is aching and if I would give her a massage I hesitated first than said okay and she went to the bedroom after changing she called out to me and I went to the bedroom she was lying face down on the bed and had raised her T shirt to just below her boobs level, she was not wearing a bra, and for the first time she used the word please massage my back, I started massaging her back slowly and then as time passed my hands started moving higher up her back to her shoulders making her T shirt move higher up and exposing the sides of her tits looking at her naked tits I was having a tough time to put my pecker to relax, and as I was wearing tight jeans it was even more difficult to hide it, as I was enjoying giving her a massage I felt, she was also enjoying getting the massage I moved my hands from the back to the sides and then again to her back and so forth every time I reached the sides I massaged the sides of her tits a little longer than usual, her nipples were still covered by her T shirt so I couldn't get a peek of them, as her T shirt wouldn't move above her tits as it was pressed against the bedspread and the tits I could feel her body relaxing and was hoping that she would not stop me now, but I could hear her soft barely audible moans, I became a little more bold by massaging the sides of her tits a little longer and pushing her t shirt away from her tits and the massages on her back were going much below her waist almost to the top of her ass cheeks and I could see the top crack of her ass, it was easier to go down her ass as she had left the button along with quarter of her zipper undone of her skirt so that I could get easy access to her lower back, she was wearing no panties either, every time i massaged her sides and tits she would wriggle which gave me the advantage to move her T shirt still further up to just above her tits, and as my massaging hands went down, they went down faster so the zipper started to get undone little by little and her ass was getting exposed little by little and as I came up, I went to her sides and straight to her tits and as she was wriggling it was helping me to get a feel of her nipples, I started very slowly tugging at her nipples without making it obvious trying to get a sneak peek of her tits and nipples, and as I was playing with her nipples I noticed that they had become as hard as pebbles with the tugging and the massage. I knew that she was not dumb and she very well knew where my hands were moving so I didn't bother and kept at it as if I was seriously giving her a massage as long as she didn't stop me from giving her the massage, she also knew that I was massaging her tits and ass more than her back. I knew she was mine for the taking, but I had to make my moves very carefully, so I massaged her back, her tits and her ass a little longer, and then asked her if she wanted me to massage her legs she mumbled a very quick yes so I went down to her legs, and during all this time I had become so hard that I desperately wanted to go to the bathroom and wank as I was about to cum anytime, but for fear she might tell me to go away that I didn't go anywhere leaving this sex bomb alone and wouldn't have bothered if I came in my pants. Even if she had to accidentally touch my pecker I would have cum. I had a plan in my mind and wanted to see if it works. I also wanted to see if she pulls her T shirt down and her skirt down and covers her tits and ass but she didn't cover herself.

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   I started tickling her under soles with my fingers and she started to giggle, then I went slowly up her leg to her thigh and came down then went up again this time a little higher, this process of going higher and higher continued till I reached her ass cheeks and the entrance of her pussy I then pointed my thumb at her pussy and allowed it to enter a little bit she gave a loud moan, I shifted to the other leg and pointed my thumb at her pussy and this time I went in further and I found that she was very wet, this process continued for some time, I then stopped inserting my thumbs waiting for her reaction, and also wanted better access to her pussy, she raised her head to see why I had stopped, and as I got up she was confused, I then parted her feet to about 25 to 26 inches and squatted in between her legs, as soon as she saw me squatting between her legs she put her head down and I continued massaging one leg at a time, as I reached her upper thigh I kept my thumb straight so it would brush her pussy and kept it there for few seconds longer, before coming down only upto her knees and started going up again, this time as I went up I knew where my target was, as her skirt was like a band at the middle of her ass, I could see her pussy lips, I kept my thumb straight again and aimed for the crack of her pussy lips, as I approached it, I again heard a barely audible moan before I reached her pussy lips and just when her moan stopped, I entered my thumb inside her pussy and she gave a loud gasp, I found her very wet, now I was positive she was mine for fucking, I kept my thumb inserted in her pussy for a few seconds longer during the up down massage of her legs, the massages started becoming shorter, only the in out motion of my thumbs entering her pussy one thumb in one thumb out, then I found her very wet, she was moaning very softly, her pussy was trying to reach my thumb instead of I trying to enter her pussy, this was all I needed, she was red hot as an iron, her pussy was dripping wet and she spread her feet even further giving me easy access to her pussy.

I told my mom in law I was getting late and am going, although I was bursting in my pants, I wanted to see her reaction she looked at me with sorrowful eyes and said why don't you finish the job that you started with her face turned towards me, I looked straight into her eyes and with a straight face I said you are better with the massage I have already given you, she looked at me and said not the massage what ever else you were doing to me, I looked at her and said I was giving you a massage which you had requested of me and that's it, nothing more, she looked angrily at me and said you were poking your fingers up my pussy and playing with my tits, I said yes that was also part of the massage, I further said are you sure if what I was doing was not a massage, then why didn't you stop me, which means you were enjoying it, she kept quiet, I repeated were you enjoying it and she broke down and said yes damn you, that's the bloody reason I want you to continue and finish what you started, playing with my pussy and tits, I then asked her to turn around and lets see what you have to show me, she was still arrogant and said you come around and turn me and take a look at my tits and pussy, by now I knew she was a loser, and i said no way, you turn around and tell me what you want me to do with your own mouth, she said you dumb fuck, I want you to fuck me and rip my pussy to shreds is that good enough for you, I said that's better, but you can still ask mepolitely to fuck you or do I have to instill some manners in you, at that moment she turned around on the bed giving me full view of her tits and nipples as well as her pussy keeping both her feet parted, then she slowly got of the bed removed her T shirt and skirt and looked at me and asked if I was satisfied with what I saw, I said yes, I was fully clothed and was looking at her, she could also see my big bulge in my pants, she questioned me with her eyes why am I still clothed and and I answered with my eyes that it was her turn to take of my clothes, it was a very funny expression of the eyes, it was my turn at playing hard to get, then she finally asked me why are you not removing your clothes I said it is your turn to remove my clothes, she got up and came towards me and put her hand first on my prick and looked at me and said you are so hard why are you acting hard to get, I know you want to fuck me, I reminded her that I am married to her daughter and her daughter is a wonderful fuck and gives a fabulous blow job, I then told her you say no I go and screw her daughter and have a good time, it makes no difference to me but it makes a hell of a lot of difference to you I am not a loser I will have the best of both worlds and it is she who has no one to fuck either she has to get herself off with her hand or she has to look for a gigolo to have a good time, that was the time she broke down and told me that her husband had stopped fucking her from the time he had his first heart attack and that was when she was 42 years and even before that it was once in three months that too he would not get a hard on as he was already 58 years, I was getting bold enough with her and asked if her husband wasn't playing with her pussy although he couldn't fuck and making her cum with his hands or mouth, she said he was a very conservative type and he wouldn't suck her or allow her to suck him.

She started to remove my clothes and started kissing me and requesting me not to tell her daughter about this episode I said okay, as she pulled my pants and briefs down together she gave my dick a lick and that was all I required and I came and send one spurt straight at her face she hastily pulled my dick in her mouth and stared hungrily swallowing my cum as spurt after spurt hit her throat. she sucked me clean and then continued sucking me as she was sucking me I asked her where did she learn to suck like this, as she had just earlier told me that her husband was a conservative, she said that she had brought a dildo and was fucking and sucking it as her husband couldn't satisfy her, she went on sucking my dick till I became hard and it didn't take her long because her very nude sight was appealing and her sucking was mind blowing I pulled her of my dick as I didn't want to cum again and pulled her up and started kissing her, our tongues were intertwined and we were just enjoying sucking each others tongues, our face were wet licking and sucking each others mouth then I made her sit on the bed and started sucking her tits first one then the other till her nipples became as hard as pebbles then I squeezed both her tits together and took both her nipples in my mouth together and sucked them she was in ecstasy and pulled my mouth hard into her nipples with both her hands and was moaning loudly without a care in the world and I suddenly found her getting tensed and I knew she was cumming, I squeezed her tits and sucked and bit her nipples which she enjoyed and she started to push me away, so that she could stop cumming and wanted to relax and catch her breadth back. She then put her head down on the bed and closed her eyes and just relaxed, I shifted her legs and saw a big wet patch on the bedsheets where her pussy was and looked at her she still had her eyes closed and had a small smile on her face.

I then pulled her knees away from the edge of the bed till her pussy was at the edge of the bed and since I was squatting on the floor I blew air on her pussy lips and she shuddered, she raised her face above the bed level to see what I was doing and went back to rest her head the moment I blew air into her pussy again, I spread her legs a little more wider to get better access to her pussy and put both my thumbs to her pussy lips and spread her pussy lips and blew air inside her pussy, she gave a loud gasp and I lifted my head from down to see her face and I saw that she was biting her lower lip with her eyes closed, I went back to her pussy and as her pussy lips were still spread I gave her a slight lick to her outer lips and again she gasped, I licked her inner pussy lips this time and again she gasped and at that time I jabbed my tongue right inside her pussy till my mouth and nose were buried inside her pussy, I went on flicking my tongue inside her wet pussy till I was out of breadth and had to come out for air and all this time she was gurgling and moaning. I continued this process for a few more minutes and then started licking her pussy lips and the folds of her pussy lips till I found her clitoris which was hard like a marble I went on licking her clitoris and was enjoying when i heard a loud scream, for a moment I was stunned with the sound of glass shattering screech and I stopped licking her, thinking that the roof was falling apart or if there was an earthquake, Only after a little less than a minute did i realize it was her scream I cannot describe the scream, I was worried if her neighbors would come to find out what was the scream about so I didn't go back to her pussy but she pushed my head back into her pussy and made me lick, all this stoppage time took less than a minute and i went back to licking and sucking her clitoris with my ears cocked open for the door bell ringing and inquiring about the scream I was nervous that if any neighbor comes and asks her about her scream and if she points at me and says that I had tried to rape her I am as good as dead meat because nobody would believe me and I would hit ground bottom in everybody's eyes, and as I went on licking, I was praying that nobody rings the door bell, as I was praying and licking and sucking I heard another thunderous scream and I pulled my self away from her and said to myself, that, its curtains mister, now there will definitely be somebody coming at the door as I was contemplating what answer to give to the questions asked of me and formulating the questions, that, she again pulled my head into her pussy and made me lick her, again I prayed and I licked and I sucked that she wrapped her legs around my head in a vice like grip and I was unable to breadth I tried to get her legs of me but there was no chance that I could even loosen her grip slightly, all this while I went on licking her pussy thinking she will loosen her grip on me, bad mistake, the grip went on becoming more and more tighter, I started licking and praying but this time it was for my safety and ask god to forgive me all my sins and if given a chance to stay alive I will do anything, I had no more energy left in me and was about to say goodbye mother earth, I must have turned from white to red to blue to green, when I felt her grip loosening with my last few ounces of energy left in me I quickly pushed her legs apart and pulled myself out from her vice like grip and took a very deep breadth in and out, in and out, till I was breathing became normal, all this time she was looking at me curiously as if I was from outer space and then realization hit her and she jumped out of bed and came to me and said that she was so sorry and started massaging my face when I looked down on the edge of the bed there was a bigger wet patch then the previous one and this included my sweat too, during all this ruckus my dick had deflated, but I asked her if she enjoyed and she said no great shakes it was okay but she had a very naughty smile on her face, I knew she was teasing me, to be one up on her I said if it was okay then why the glass shattering scream and she said that was normal, I asked her even with the dildo she screams the same way she said yes, I kept quiet and she looked at me and asked why had I deflated, I said since you didn't enjoy the session with me it had deflated and I am on my way home, she said poor baby you really thought that I had not enjoyed I was just joking with you in fact it was the first time I had such an orgasm and that too even though we have not yet started fucking and as she was talking to me she was playing with my balls and dick and I was enjoying it and was becoming hard, I then asked her if any of the neighbors had to come, what would she have told them she first said I was enjoying so much that I wouldn't have opened the door, I said I would have insisted on her opening the door as they may call the cops, yes, she said I had not thought from that perspective I asked her what answer would you have given, she looked me in the eyes and said I would have told them that I was having a wonderful orgasm with this young man and that you have come and disturbed my orgasm, I said be serious she said I am, and I kept quiet, I thought to myself she is loony too, she knew what I was thinking and said don't worry I would have told them that a bird flew into the house so I was nervous and I screamed.

All this while she was caressing and playing with my dick and it had become very hard and then put her other hand around my head and started kissing me she then put her tongue inside of my mouth making me suck her tongue I was already sore with all the sucking I had done but I still continued, very slowly, not putting any pressure on my sucking and as she realized this she pulled her tongue out and put her lips on my tongue and started sucking my tongue, same result I was getting sore as she was pulling at my tongue muscles, I had to think fast to make her stop the sucking of my tongue and so I put my hand on her pubic hair and started massaging her mound and her pussy lips she left my tongue to moan and I was happy with her freeing my tongue, I parted her pussy lips and pushed my middle finger up her pussy and started doing circular motion inside her pussy with my finger, she brought her lips close to my ears and I moved my head away with a jerk for fear that she may bite of my ear a la mike Tyson she gave me a dirty look and came close to my ear and whispered lets go to bed my legs have turned into jelly and I cant stand anymore I wanted to make her suffer by keeping her standing, but my legs had turned to jelly too and were wobbling so I said okay and we hit the sack. We continued to caress each other and was playing with her clitoris, I then inserted one finger in her pussy and finger fucked first with one finger than i pushed two fingers and then three as she was very tight it was only because she was wet that I could push three fingers that too only a little more than hallway and I had to pull out one finger and insert only two fingers right up her pussy and she was pulling my foreskin down and and wanking me with her hand till I was rock hard, as she was already wet and since I didn't want to cum in her hands I pulled her hand away from my dick and she looked at me and smiled and said are you going to cum so soon I asked her how many times has she cum, she cutely told me atleast twelve times I was shocked because I had heard her cum may be five or six times she even told me that she came at least twice when i was giving her a massage once during the massage of her tits and then when my thumb was entering her pussy, as she spoke I was happy as I tried to concentrate on her and not on my dick resulting in my pecker becoming normal hard and not extra hard where within a few strokes I would have cum so I let her talk and asked her to tell me the exact times that she had cum so she closed her eyes and was thinking when all she had cum and all this while I was finger fucking her as I wanted her to be wet so she started to tell me the third time was when I sucked her nipples and twice when I sucked both her nipples together then she closed her eyes again I thought she was thinking when she squeezed both her legs together with my fingers inside her pussy and gave a loud Moan and I knew she had cum and I thanked god that it was not my tongue inside but my fingers for I would have been squeezed to death and she opened her eyes and continued to tell me that she must have cum at least six to seven times when I was licking and sucking her pussy and clitoris that she lost count there then she said I came just now once again, she told me that I have magic in my tongue and fingers and with a straight face she said I hope there is magic in your prick too so at that time I removed my fingers from her pussy and spread her legs and climbed on top her and told her okay big girl guide my dick inside your pussy, and I lifted myself up so she could put her hand between us and hold my dick in her hand and guide me to the entrance of her pussy she looked at me and said its your job to find my pussy hole I said I cant see so please guide it and she said thats better you young fellows do not know to use the word please I had half a mind to get up and get out of there and tell her to go fuck yourself, but as usual the mind was willing but my dick wasn't willing to get out of there and go as he had been fantasizing about fucking this gorgeous pussy even before he wanted to fuck her daughter it was my dicks dream come true to fuck this beautiful broad and he wasn't going to give up on this chance of fucking this beautiful gorgeous mom in law of mine as I was thinking all this thoughts when my mom in law took my dick in her hand and pointed it to the entrance of her pussy and told me to push and I pushed my dick inside of her it sailed in smoothly till halfway and stopped as she started getting tight I asked her what have you inside of you how come you are so tight and she said give a harder push to your prick haven't you fucked tighter women I said other than my wife no who is tight but not like this she said that's because your father in law had a thin prick, and as for your wife you have been fucking her continuously and she is used to your prick and she stretches as per the demand of your prick, I looked at her and with a straight face and said that there is a vacancy in the local school for a sex education teacher for which I got a whack on my ass cheek and she said very funny and then asked me to get on with the job on hand and said to push with all my might and I pushed with all my might and bingo I was home and she gasped with the pain, I started fucking her slowly at first pushing it in slowly staying inside her for a few seconds and then pulling it out slowly upto my tip staying for a few seconds and then slowly inserting inside her I wanted her to get used to my dick, as she got used to my dick my strokes became a little faster and she started meeting my strokes coming into me, she was so very wet that at least twice my dick popped out of her with a plop sound as I tried to pull it up to my tip and she glared at me as she had to start all over again to get her rhythm back I was enjoying fucking my mom in law and our strokes became faster and faster and she was matching my every stroke and then I slowed down again, and again she glared at me and I said to her that I didnt want to cum so soon so I had slowed down, she said you better not till I cum I asked her how far she was she said close, cant you hear my moaning and I said please don't give your piercing scream she said I will try not to, and then I gave her a pillow she asked me what is the pillow for I said scream your lungs out into the pillow I also told her both mother and daughter have the same screaming habits and she smiled then she opened her mouth to say something to me but kept quiet, I then raised her left leg over my shoulder and then raised her right leg over my shoulder so as to give her still deeper penetration and started to fuck her hard and fast her knees were touching her shoulders and I was trying to kiss her on the face and she looked like a round ball I went on fucking and she looked at me and told me I can feel you right inside my stomach and she closed her eyes and I knew that she was getting ready for her orgasm, there was a lot of squishy squashy sound coming from our fucking and I could not control any longer I was about to cum but I wanted to make her cum first and I knew that she was in seventh heaven because she had a smile on her face and was about to cum and then I knew how to make her cum fast before I could cum, I moved my right hand which was squeezing her tit and pulled it down to her ass and all this time I was fucking and pumping her, I found the target I was looking for and just shoved my thumb in her asshole and she opened her eyes and gave me a surprised look and opened her mouth to scream as my body was resting on her legs and although we were dripping in sweat and my eyes were covered with sweat I removed my left hand which was squeezing her other nipple I looked for the pillow to cover her mouth,to stop the scream which was leaving her mouth I found the pillow and covered her mouth not before half a scream came out of her mouth and because of all this commotion I didn't cum as my concentration was to stop her scream and not on my cumming, I then started fucking her vigorously and for the first time concentrated on cumming inside her pussy and enjoying fucking her like there was no tomorrow by this time she had recovered from the orgasm and started matching me stroke for stroke and then I felt my sperm rising from my balls and it was a wonderful feeling of fucking the woman I wanted to fuck for a very long long time and as my balls tightened and the first spurt of sperm hit her inside her cunt and then jet after jets of sperm filled her already soaking cunt, I was in seventh heaven, and almost came for a full minute I held her tight and kissed her and then released her legs from my shoulders, she then wrapped her legs around my waist and we continued to kiss each other it was a wonderful fuck after we got back our composure I asked her when her periods and she screamed at me why couldn't I cum outside of her I was dazed and thats when I lost my cool I told her go fuck yourself as I had got what I wanted in the first place that was to fuck her I just got of the bed went to the loo washed myself off and wiped my dick to the front side of her skirt and then threw back the skirt at her face she pulled the skirt away from her face and glared at me and I glared back at her. She opened her mouth to say something and I put a finger to my lips and said shhhhhh she was still lying on the bed and looking even more gorgeous so I went and sat near her and told her if she misses her periods she can go and abort the baby she asked whether I would go with her I said yes but separately and I will not want my wife knowing and if she wants to keep the child she is welcome as I am not in favor of murder and at the same time it was nice having both mother and daughter as wives and that our child will be my wife's stepsister and also will be my children step brother/sister and also step uncle/aunty she asked me do you seriously want me to have your baby I said why not as long as my wife does not know who the father is she looked at me for a long time and said sorry, that wish would not come true as I have stopped getting my periods three years ago and if I was getting my periods I wouldn't have allowed you to fuck me without a condom I was only testing you and I asked how have I done in the test and she said with flying colors, then I gave her a knock out punch by telling her that I knew all along that she had her uterus removed because of excessive bleeding three years ago she asked me who told you that and I said my wife / your daughter as she had to leave the kids at home and come to take care of you and her face fell and she said you are such a prick always one up on me I finished of with a final punch line saying that I fucked you by being on top of you, I then showed her my middle finger and pushed it inside her pussy and told her you are a good fuck but not as good as your daughter. I thought she would scream but she only politely asked when will she see me again and I told her the moment she stops trying to be one up on me she said that I assure as of now I will not try to be one up on you I was still finger fucking during all this conversation with my middle finger when I asked how come she wants to be nice to me and she said that it was she who was in need of me and not the other way round as I had a wife at home to fuck whereas she had nobody and she said beggars cannot be choosers, after saying this she got up from bed and hugged me and lovingly squeezed my dick and balls and said thank you for the lovely time I gave her and she wouldn't mind one more round but it was too late and my wife would wonder where I have gone and I told her to tell my wife the truth of we meeting along with a friend and not about us fucking

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