Florida Incest: Chapter I


 W e Pulled up in front of the old Trenton House. I stepped out smelling the fresh Florida air. My legs were killing me from the 14 hour drive from Illinois.
Me and my mom greeted my aunt and uncle at the door and made our ways inside. It was a small cabin with only a few rooms. The living room consisted of a couch, a chair and a TV. Jennifer, my cousin was sitting in the chair in the living room. She was a year older than me. And I'm 16. She has grown a lot since the last time I've seen her. Her breasts were about a 32C, compared to my 36C. We looked very similar also. She had blonde hair with a little bit of natural curls. She was always very pretty.
I greeted her with a hug and sat in the living room with my mom and talked with the family for a few minutes. "Mom, I'm getting kind of tired.

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   Its like 1 in the morning. Where am I sleeping?" I asked. "Your gunna be sleepin' in Jenny's room, Darling. Jenny you best be gettin' to bed too. " Aunt Cathy replied. "Yes mama. " Jen started. "Lemme get ready. " She walked back to the bathroom and closed the door. I went back to her bedroom and put my bags on the floor. She had a queen sized bed in the corner of the room with a oak dresser on the opposite wall.
I closed the door to get ready, Unzipping my pants and dropping them in the corner by my bag. Then taking off my red top and socks off too. I rummaged through my bag for my large shirt that I sleep in.
Jenny walked in.

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   "Ah, Hey. Go ahead and get changed. Just gotta take out my ear rings. " She told me walking to her dresser. She was wearing just flannel pants and and pajama top.
I faced the wall and unsnapped my bra and dropped it in my clothes pile. I slipped on my shirt and turn around. She was under the covers already, rolled over to her side. I switched off the light and walked over the the bed. The bed was against the wall so I had to climb over her. I usually sleep in the nude so the T-shirt and panties was much more than I usually wear. The panties would probably bug me all night so I slipped them off underneath my shirt and climbed over to my side.
The next morning Jenny was still asleep. I could hear my mom talking with my aunt and uncle. The sun was beaming bright on my eyes.

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   I slid over her carefully and walked to my clothes pile to get dressed. The shirt only went down to a little below my vagina so any arm raising will reveal myself. I quickly got dressed and went outside to the kitchen for breakfast.
Jennifer had asked me earlier if I wanted to go explore their 100 acre lot, so we decided to take a ride out in the forest on their ATV. I walked out to the back and their it was, the large red Four-Wheeler, as I like to call it. "You can drive if you want," Jen said as she started it up. "Just press this knob to accelerate. "Ok, sweet. " I said as I jumped on. She got on behind me and put her hand around my stomach. I pressed the gas and jerked forward and off we went on our forest trek. I sped up feeling the wind in my hair. I felt her warm hands on my stomach as she raised them to just below my breast. I could feel the tops of her hands pressing against my breasts as well as her soft breasts pressing against my back. "Go through there!" She pointed to an off trail.

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   "There's a river down there. " I pulled into the trail and came across a very still river that almost looked like a beach. There was a small water fall dropping water into the river. "Wow its beautiful. " I said. "Yeah, I come down here a lot. You want to go for a swim?""What do you mean? I don't have a swim suit. ""I go skinny dipping in this river all the time with my friends. Don't worry, its just me. " She got off the ATV and took off her shirt revealing her pink bra. I turned off the engine and stepped off. "Come on, get undressed! Don't be shy. " She unsnapped her bra and tossed it on the ground revealing her large pale breasts. Her nipples were very large and perky. I took off my shirt and pants and hesitated to take off my underwear.

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   I felt uncomfortable. I haven't seen Jennifer in 2 years. She slipped off her jeans and panties now revealing her shaved vagina lips. She seemed so comfortable and relaxed in the nude.
"Come on Melissa! You don't want to get your undies wet now do you?""No, I've just never showed anyone my body before. It feels weird. " What I meant by weird was that it was making my legs weak and my vagina wet for some reason. Like it did on my first kiss. "What do you mean it feels weird?" "I dunno. . " I was very shy.
She came up to me and put her hand on my shoulder. "Melissa, come on. Its me your cousin. You have all the same parts as I do.

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   Nothing I haven't seen. " Then she moved her hands down to my panties and pulled them down. It startled me and I put my hands over my vagina. I started to speak and she put her fingers over my lips. "Shhh, Come on Mel. " she said in a low voice. She moved her hands down to mine and caressed my hands. "Relax. ""Jen, This is really weird, I thought we were just going to go for a swim. ""We are, silly. What did you think we were doing?" She pulled my hands off of my vagina and put them to my side. "Take off your bra and jump in. ""Ok, I'll be right there. " She went over and stepped in and started to swim around. My pussy started to get very hot and I felt very aroused.

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   I unsnapped my bra and jumped in. The water felt wonderful on my naked body.
"Doesn't this feel great? I have had sex in this river so many times because it turns me on so much!""Are you serious? You've had sex?""Mel, I'm 17. You mean you haven't?" She seemed so shocked. "Your a virgin?""Yeah, sad isn't it?""Very. So how do you feel, feels great right?""Yes its wonderful. "
Every so often a big gust of water would come through and shove us under the water. It wouldn't wash us away in the river though because our feet could touch the ground. "So do you have a boyfriend or anything?" "No, I used to but we broke up. " I answered. "Do you?"I looked at her for a second and she looked like she was really concentrating on her answer. "Well do you?" I asked again. She leaned into my ear and put her hand on my stomach. "I need to tell you something, I lost interest in men a few years ago. " She put her hand around my waist and pulled me in close to her pressing her breasts against mine.

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   I could feel her hard nipples pressing against me. She moved her hand down to my butt and gave it a comforting grasp. "How does this make you feel?" It actually felt extremely good. My clitoris was very swollen from the excitement and my nipples started to get very hard. I've always had some interest in some girls in school. I've just always been afraid to accept the fact that I was a lesbian and I just tried to fight it. I let out a moan and put my arms around her. I guess I would experiment with her and see how I liked to be touched by women.
"That feels good. ""If you don't want to do this, we wont. This is probably making you feel uncomfortable right?""Not anymore, it did at first. It feels good for you to touch me. Have you ever had sex with a girl?""No, all the lesbians at my school are ugly. That's why I wanted to play around with you. Your very pretty.

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  " She put her hand on my face and gave me a long passionate kiss on the lips. She pulled away and looked at me. I wanted more so I moved in for another kiss. I moved my tongue into her mouth and swirled it around her tongue. I put my hand on her warm hips and slid it up to her breasts. I pinched and twisted her nipple between my fingers and she started to moan. "Lets get out of this water, and lay down in the sand. " I grabbed her hand and we walked out of the water and I laid on my back and put my hands on my pussy and started to rub my clitoris. She laid on top of me and started to rub my thighs and kiss my neck. She moved her mouth down and started to suck on my nipples. Swirling her tongue around my erect nipple. My legs started to get weak from the excitement. I put my hands on her butt and gave it a squeeze. We stood up and she grabbed my hand and placed it onto her wet pussy. She squeezed my hand hard into her pussy and I slid my fingers over her steaming hot lips.

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"Oh my god! that feels amazing. This feels so much better than with men. " I kneeled down and started to lick her bald pussy. I slid my tongue over her pussy and caressed my hands on her ass and thighs. She started to moan and her legs got weak and she started to twitch. She ran her hands through my hair. The aroma of her female parts were intoxicating. I slid my tongue between her juicy lips as far as I could and pulled it out with juice stringing off my tongue and her pussy. I stood up and looked at her, awaiting her orders. Chapter 2 Coming soon