For Daddy's Love


 For as long as I could remember Daddy had come to my room in the night to play “our game. ” He would remove my nightgown and run his hands all over my naked body while telling me how much he loved me. He would have me tug on the rod between his legs and than suck it till he squirted his white juice all over me. He said it was our secret, a special way people show they love each other. I knew that was true because I saw Momma do it with Daddy. Sometimes my younger brother Steven would hide in the closet and watch.
 I remember the first time I saw Momma do it with Daddy; it was after they had a big fight. She told him she loved him and said she was sorry, he asked how much and she fell to her knees in front of him opened his pants and pulled them down so she could suck his rod. All she kept saying was “See how much I love you! Cum for me baby!” Daddy kept groaning and muttering, “Oh, yeah Baby! I love it!” True I didn’t have Momma’s boobs or her long hair but that didn’t seem to bother Daddy. I guess I surprised him the first time he got mad at me and I made him happy the same way Momma had.
 I remember one night after Momma put us to bed I could hear them fighting downstairs. Steven climbed into bed with me to hold me because he was scared. I told him not to worry because Momma knew how to make everything all right. Sure enough after a while it got quiet and I climbed out of bed and crept to the top of the stairs to peek through the railing. I could see Momma’s clothes on the floor beside her and she was kneeling in front of Daddy sucking his thing. He kept moaning and saying how good she made him feel while pulling her head against his crotch.

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   Momma laughed and sat on the floor tapping the area between her legs as she spread them wide saying, “Why don’t you put that where it belongs? I need it bad. ” I watched in fascination as Daddy lifted her legs and stuck his pole in her pee hole. Momma laughed and squealed in delight as he did so telling him how good it made her feel after all that was what it was made for.
 I wondered why Daddy had never played this game with me and determined to have him do so. I wanted to have fun too. The next time Daddy came to my room we played, as before, but this time instead of sucking him until he sprayed his cream on me I stopped just as the head of his pole began to swell. I lay back on the bed spreading my legs wide and rubbing my crotch, as Momma had, and begged him to, “Stick it in me!” Daddy hesitated and stared down at my virgin snatch rubbing his pole and saying, “Baby are you sure?” I smiled my best smile and asked, “It’s what it’s made for isn’t it?” Daddy nodded his head and flashed the biggest smile ever as he stepped between my legs and nested his pole against my pee hole. Momma had squealed in happiness when Daddy put his pole in her so I knew it must have felt good. From the start it felt different his pole was stretching my pee hole as he poked it in. I tried to be brave but it made me uncomfortable than on one push I felt it bounce off something that drew a surprised yelp from me, “ Daddy it stings! Please make it stop!” I cried out. “ Shh, Baby it’ll only sting for a minute than it’ll feel great. I promise!” I nodded my head and he pulled his pole back a little easing the stinging sensation. His hands grasped my hips as he drove his hips forward while pulling me toward him. This time when I felt his rod drive into me it hit that thing again but this time I felt it pop and a warming sensation deep within my body filled me as his pole drove into me. I bit my lips and gasped as his hairy crotch scratched against my hairless one.

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   He paused his pole now seated deep within my body, bent and kissed my face and told me how wonderful I felt. The new warming sensation deep within me spread from my stomach to my fingers and toes as I realized Daddy and I were now one. Momma was right this feeling was unlike any I had ever experienced. I had always felt alone, isolated even in a family as big as ours but now I was a part of someone else and they were a part of me. Daddy slowly began to withdraw his pole and I sank my ankles on his hips to pull him back in. He drove his rod back in me and I began to experience new feelings of warmth and a need for him to do it again as a knot began to emerge in the base of my stomach and a need for something else? “Daddy you feel so good please don’t stop, don’t ever stop. ” I pleaded. I don’t know when Momma entered the room but her voice startled me as she hit Daddy on the back and yelled, “Robert, what are you doing?” When she hit him it triggered something and I felt Daddy’s cream splash deep inside me and a feeling washed over me of joy and well-being even as Momma dragged him off me and out of the room. I could hear them arguing in the hallway as my hands sank to my crotch. Cream oozed from my pee hole and I ran my fingers across my gash finding it sent wonderful shivers through my body. I smiled and understood why Momma had said, “This is what it was made for. ”
 I heard the door slam as Daddy left the house and Momma came back in my room to scoop me in her arms and hug me. She rocked me in her arms as she cried softly, she kept saying, “I’m so sorry. ” After a time she carried me to the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water and gave me a bath. She scrubbed every inch of my body with a washcloth and cleaned me with harsh gentleness I had not seen in her before.

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   As Momma was drying me she said, “ Baby, I promise this won’t happen again but you must promise never to tell anyone. ”  This disappointed me but I nodded my agreement, as it seemed what she wanted. She smiled and put my pajamas back on and lay down on the bed next to me till I fell asleep. She would lay with me every night till I fell asleep, till that fateful night.
 Some weeks had passed since that night with Daddy and the house had grown oddly cold and silent. Momma never allowed any of us out of her sight when Daddy came home. She avoided any physical contact with him and would push him aside if he tried to touch her. They didn’t argue anymore, Momma would scowl at Daddy and he would storm off angry. Momma kept me busy with house cleaning and taking care of my brother’s and sister’s. It seemed the twin’s diapers were always dirty or someone was hungry and meals had to be made. My brother Stephen was always willing to help but his mobility restricted how much he could do. Momma reminded me, that on the shoulders of the oldest always fell the most responsibility. I rarely saw Daddy now and than only when others were around. He told me he missed me and loved me and would kiss my forehead.
 I awoke with a start to a room filled with smoke and went to the stair railing to look down at a living sea of flame below me.

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   I could make out the silhouette of the twins crib bathed in flame. I heard the muffled whimpers of my brothers and sisters coming from the bedrooms behind me and rushed to their doorway to peer through the smoke into their room. Their beds were empty and they were nowhere to be seen; yet I could hear them. I got dizzy and found it hard to breathe as I felt my knees buckle beneath me and I slid to the floor in the hallway. Through the smoke filled haze of the hallway I could her my mother’s voice calling out to me and I choked out a reply gasping for air. Through my blurred vision I could make out the figure of an angel surrounded by fire rushing toward me. It scooped me up in its arms and carried me to the end of the hallway to throw me through the second story window. For a moment I had the sensation of flying, soaring through the air until my body struck the hard ground my leg twisted behind me. I heard the distinct crack of a tree limb breaking (my leg) and a warm feeling rushed through my body followed by a numbing cold. I couldn’t move my eyes stared up at a pillar of smoke rising from our home. I don’t know how much time passed before I saw a fiery figure soar out of the window I had just come through and soar through the air to fall atop me. The next thing I remember I was sitting with my back propped up against a tree in our backyard. Fireman scurried about the yard directing long streams of water toward our fire engulfed home. I heard a moan beside me and turned my heard to see the blackened figure of a woman (I could barely discern the scorched nipples on her breasts). She had no hair and her face was swollen beyond recognition.

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   I looked down at her swollen fingers to see the glint of her gold wedding band.
 In the days and weeks that followed I remember only glimpses of my life as I drifted in and out of conscientiousness. I remember waking to the howls of pain my mother made as she fought for life, only to succumb to her injuries after three days. In the silence that followed the nurses were very kind to me as they turned me on my bed and bathed me. I would awake, now and then to see Daddy sitting by my bedside. The weeks turned into months as I struggled to cope with my injuries. Momma had broken my back when she fell on me and I had to learn how to walk again. The kindness of my caregivers gave me the strength and courage to heal. They inspired me to be like them. The day finally came for Daddy to take me home and I was happy to be with him as he was all the family I had left. He drove me to our new home and grandma, grandpa and my uncle were there to greet us. Daddy made it his personal goal to care for me and he helped me to dress, bathe and even go to the bathroom. In the quiet times I would see him sit in his chair and drink from a tall bottle. He was very sad. One day, after he had fallen asleep in his chair, I snuck into the room.

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   I quietly took off my clothes and knelt before him (as Momma had) and parted his robe to see the object of his happiness. As gently as I could I licked it till it began to grow to a point where I could suck it. It took a bit but his rod soon grew to its full size at which time I nipped it. Daddy woke up with a start to see my face smiling up at him his rod firmly imbedded in my mouth. His hands gently grabbed the sides of my head as he moaned, “Oh, Baby! You know how to make Daddy feel so good!” He bent over to kiss the top of my head. I lay back on the floor one arm behind me to prop me as I spread my legs and planted my feet firmly on the floor. My other hand traveled to my crotch to rub it and spread its lips to expose my pee hole to Daddy. “Please Daddy! Stick me!” I begged as I flashed him my brightest smile. Daddy looked dazed as I said, “Its what it’s made for. ” Daddy grunted and smiled as his robe dropped from his shoulders and he sank to the floor between my legs. He drove his rod into my welcoming pee hole and I groaned as his man meat completed me. Daddy took his time, teaching me new and different ways he could put his rod in me. I loved the feel of his hairy body against mine. I could feel his rod throb to the heartbeat of his excitement deep inside my body. The more he drove his rod in me the tenser my body became.


   I felt as though all my muscles were forming into one large knot. It became difficult to breathe and than Daddy’s knob grew larger inside me and I felt his hot creamy substance slam into me causing the knot to unravel and that wonderful sense of well being to wash over me. Daddy withdrew his rod and lay on the floor next to me wrapping me in his strong arms. We slept there locked in each other’s arms through the night. In the weeks that followed I took to sleeping in Daddy’s bed. He would leave early in the morning for work and I would get up and clean the house.
 One day while Daddy was at work Uncle Gene came to visit unexpectedly, I thought it was Daddy and greeted him naked with a beer. “Well what have we here?” he asked. “Daddy isn’t home,” I stammered. “Well isn’t that convenient,” he said as his face lit up with a smile.  

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