Fun on the Weekend


     When i was a teenager (14) my cousin and I (13) were alone in her house because her mom had left to go to work.   She and i decided to stay up pretty late and when she was away i turned on a little porn on TV she walked in quietly and saw me rubbing my cock through my pants and she all of the sudden said "What are you doing?"  Then i got up really quickly forgetting to turn off the TV and also forgetting that I had a huge hard-on.   She was apparently craving sex because she walked over to me and asked if she could jack me off.   Of course i said yes and when she took my 8 1/2 inch cock out of my pants she was amazed at how big it was.   Then she started jacking me off and i was going insane because it felt so good having her jack me off.   It didn't just stop at jacking me off because next time i was there i immediately went to her room when her mom left.   She was waiting for me in there naked and it was clear what she wanted me to do and i knew what it was too.   She then started sucking my cock to lube it up and then she decided it was ready and she got into the perfect position and stuck her ass straight up in the air.   Then I decided not to go slow at all so I put the head of my dick in her pussy and pushed it all the way up to the hilt.   She all of the sudden started screaming because I immediately pushed past the cherry and then she started moaning when it started feeling good.   I started screaming i'm cumming and then filled her pussy with my cum.   We decided just to go to sleep right away with my dick still in her pussy and woke up to her mom yelling through the door. "HEY GUYS TIME TO WAKE UP"and all of the sudden we both woke up and tried to get dressed and realized that my clothes were in the living room underneath the couch.   She was kind of big for her age so I decided to dress in some of her clothes and we both left the room.   My aunt didn't say anything at first until she asked why i was dressed in her clothes and i simply answered mine were lost.   Then she asked jokingly what are you wearing her underwear too and i said yes which she thought was a little strange but she went along with it.

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