Fun with colleague’s wife
by skyclear
My name is Rahul, I am 35 married I was working in Baroda in a Pharamaceutical company, since the tax & excise duty liberation for North was announced, my company bought a place in Jammu &transferred from Baroda to Jammu. My wife was carrying & she was not in a position to shift with me I left her at her mother’s place and went alone toJammu. As I went there the local guys put me in a Hotel near to the factory. Jammu is a nice place 6 months cold and 6 months hot, when I reached it was hot and the winter was to start in a month’s time. I started work and to kill time in the evening went to a bar nearby with my local colleagues, after a few days I told my colleagues that they should search for me a place where I can live with some family as paying guest since daily eating out was spoiling my health, the colleagues told me that it will cost anywhere between 3500 to 4000 for staying and with meals for which I agreed, one of my junior colleagues named Kundan who used to come to me to bar to give me company asked me to stay at his housesince he required the money badly, he took me to his house, he introduced me to his wife Preeti, his brother’s wife Poonam & told me that his brother is in the Army as soldier, then he introduced me to his old parents, he showed me a room which was having a cot and told me that you will be staying here, he asked me whether I liked the place for which I agreed and gave him Rs. 10,000/- as advance, he took it from me and gave it to his wife Preeti. I shifted my luggage to their house and had dinner and slept, morning when I woke up & wanted to go to toilet I found it was already occupied so I went to the bathroom where Preeti was taking bath inside and from the door crack I could see her nakedness, since it was my first day turned my back and came back, Kundan came and told me that if I get up early I could get the toilet and bathroom free after which it is occupied by all the 5 people. Preeti called her husband to tell me that breakfast was ready and we joined and that is when I asked Kundan what I should call Preeti by name or should I call her bhabhi, Preeti said bhaisahab call me Preeti and call my sisterinlaw Poonam you may add bhabhi no problem, be free to stay ask whatever you want do not hesitate after breakfast, Kundan said sahabji will be back in 15 minutes and then we will go & he went out that is when Preeti took me and showed her and Kundan’s room which was just adjacent to my room & then she showed Poonam’s room which was opposite side and showed her inlaws room, then she caught of my hand and took me up where there was a roomfull of discarded old items and a small bed, I asked who sleeps here she said in case we have guests we put them up here, she was still holding my hand and a small current was passing through me. We went to work and came back in the evening and that is when Preeti asked her husband that we will go for a movie for which Kundan agreed and I also agreed and went with them Preeti, Poonam, KUndan and myself, we went inside the theatre and we all sat Kundan and myself were sitting on each end and Preeti and Poonam were in the middle, the movie started and it was a romantic hot movie, my legs was feeling Poonam’s legs and it was nice I purposely let my hand slip from the rest and it fell on her lap she did not object and slightly moved my hand downwards, she kept her hand on my hand and pulled it upwards to her thighs and she boldly kept her hand onmy thighs, my god my dick started throbbing I knew very well she was starved of sex since her hubby was away for months together, she boldly removed my zip and inserted her hand inside and started playing with my erect dick, it was making me mad, the movie was coming to an end and I straightened up and closed my zip after which we came home & after that whenever I could brush against her could feel her body against me, once she called me to her room saying bhaisahab kindly read this letter which has come from my husband & then started reading she was pressing her complete body on me and was listening to what I was saying, seeing here and there I just pulled her and kissed her and felt my hands on her body, but could do no more some days passed as usual and observed that Poonam gets up early and takes bath when no one is awake, one day I went and was peeping through the door crack seeing her removing the clothes and her under garments made me mad, she was damn sexy I waited there till she took bath and came running back to my room, that day she brought the tea to my room and said how did she look nude I saw you peeping from the wooden crack, I pulled her towards me and kissed her and tried to put my hands on her delicious boobs but she stopped me saying that everyone in the house are awake she said some othertime. After this incident there were several occasions where Ihad brush with Preeti or Poonam while going to the bath or toilet and at times when Preeti gave me tea I could feel her fingers & at times I would enter the kitchen and stare at her bums & her structure from behind, one day she asked bhaisahab will you please hold this stool I will climb up to get the Box kept up which contains Wheat Preeti climbed the stool and was trying to get hold of the box at that time she slipped and I caught hold of her, she slipped and came down her dress had gone up my hands were on her waist her whole body was sticking to me, she was so close to me that I purposely pulled her more towards me, she was still holding the box in her hand and then she lowered it and I left her, this incident had aroused her and me, after this there were small incidences which she did not mind my hand touching he thighs, sometimes her butt, she used to just smile. One day Kundan came and told me that Preeti’s mom is not well in their place which is 200 kms away and he will be leaving today with Preeti and will come back after 3 days and asked me to take care of Poonam and parents. Preeti came to me and asked bhaisahab can you lend me some money for her mothers treatment so I gave her 5000/- but at the same time the lights went off and it became dark, in the darkness I just kissed her and told her not to worry & get her mother treated first, as far as returning the money we will think about that later, she was happy she hugged me and kissed me and said bhaisahab you are just great,but also asked me not to tell Kundan about it, I said Ok that is a secret between you and me. Next day I went to work and came back in the evening Poonam welcomed me, she was wearing a sexy dress which showed much of her assets, then she served me and her inlaws after which she put some powder in the milk and served her inlaws and started chatting with me she asked me about my wife and kids, how my wife looks and whether she misses you and so on I also asked her how come she & Preeti are not having kids for which she said Preeti got married recently and she got married 2 years back after that she had hardly time with her husband Sunder, she told me that her husband is expected in next 10 days time, she went to see her inlaws they were fast asleep she came to me and said sahib come to preeti’s room , I asked her why not her room she said if my inlaws wake up first they will come to my room that is why this room we entered the room she pulled me to her and started kissing me She put her smooth arms around my neck, pulled me closer. I felt her breasts pressing against my chest. The softness of her breasts was stimulating. She then started kissing me on my neck, chest andmy lips.

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   I told her "…. . Bhabhi what will happen if some one comes here……" She replied "……I have more concern about it than you dear Then suddenly we began to kiss passionately & soon we were liplocking. The taste of her lips alongwith the lipstick was awsome. I sucked her lips hard so does she. I was surprised that she was a perfect kisser. Then we started playing with our tongues. Her tongue massaging my tongue & we kissed deeper & deeper. I removed her dupatta & began caressing her boobs. Her nipples were so hard that I cud feel them over her clothes. Soon I put my hand under her Kameez & found her bra & unlocked it. She too began opening my shirt. I found the zip of her kameez & unzipped it completely & slowly pulled it down along with the bra.

The sight of her perfect breasts made my cock very hard. Though they were tiny,the shape & curves made me mad.

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  I grabbed her boobs & began kissing them. The nipples were so erect & hard & tasty too. I began wriggling my tongue over her tits. She started moaning. I bit her nipples with my teeth & sucked them harder. My hand went over her Shalwaar. Here she offered some resistance but soon gave up. I untied the knot & pulled it down fast. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties & the sight of hairy pussy made my blood rush. I pulled off my pant & underwear & now we both were completely naked. The sight of Her firm breasts,curvy body & juicy cunt I can never forget in my life. I started kissing her navel & going down I went over her pussy. Her cunt was fully wet. The hairs around had also become wet. I began to kiss around the bush.

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  It was lovely hairy pussy. As I kissed her clitoris she spread her legs wide so that I could get my tongue inside the vagina. my tongue went deep inside & I began to lick it. . It was so tasty that I began to swallow the juices which came out of the cunt. As I licked it deeper & harder she began to moan loudly, and asked me to suck her more, she said she was enjoying it and never had such pleasureable nights before For sometime I fingered her & again licked it deep. She was enjoying & of course me too. The I took out my tongue & went over her mouth. She was eagerly waiting to taste her own mucus & I gave her as I kissed her deep in her mouth along with my saliva. She licked my mouth completely with her tongue. She appeared to be very thirsty & hungry since after marriage her husband could hardly satisfy her properly & had to leave for border on duty. The manner in which she licked my tongue was unforgettable. My cock had become completely wet & hard so I shoved it in her pussy,as my cock went inside her, a sudden feeling of hottness gripped me. Her vagina had become very hot with mucus coming out continuously. I thrust deep inside & began gliding in & out of her pussy.

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  She began to moan so loudly that I feared if anyone heard her. I fucked her harder & deeper. Her firm boobs were juggling with joy. I began sucking them as I fucked her faster & harder. Then I realised Climax was near. I didn’t want the climax to come so soon. I wanted to fuck her as much as I can but I had no control over it. And as I thrusted my cock to the deepest for the last time before climax,she moaned loudly as never before. And then I leaked into her, she thanked me and said to me that she enjoyed as if in heaven and then we slept together in the same bed, we continued for next 2 days after which Kundan and Preeti returned and after that Poonam’s husband also came on leave, he had come with 2 bottles of rum and when we came back in the evening Kundan and his brother Sunder said that we will enjoy the evening and we started drinking, Poonam and Preeti were serving us at that time Preeti’s pallu fell down and could see that her boobs were well developed and she was also a nice meat for me but with 2 men around it was difficult to do anything, Preeti came and sat in between her husband and me, that is when Kundan said that we will play cards, the ladies also joined the game, while playing my legs were touching Preeti’s legsThe first few hands were pretty uneventful. Kundan gave us an idea he said why not we play with money for which sunder and I agreed but what about the ladies both the husbands said yes and shelved out money to ladies and we started playing, the first round was won by Kundan and next round by Poonam and then I won thrice consequently I kept the money near Preeti’s legs so that occasionally I could feel her with my hands, by now after drinks every one had removed their shirts and banian since it was hot, immediately the lights went off, I purposely kept my hand on Preeti’s thighs & started rubbing, she did not object & I further poked my hand till her cunt on the dress she was also enjoying it, I slowly spoke to her in her ears that I want tokiss her she agreed & I pulled her and kisser her and pressed my hands on her breasts, at that time since it was dark I removed a sleeping pill and dropped it in Kundan’s drink and then we said bottomups since it was dark Kundan did not observe anything I was roaming my hands on Preeti’s back & then I asked Kundan to have another fast drink and then go to bed sohe made another round we said bottoms up he drank I just changed my glass with that of Sunder who had gone to bed, then Kundan said that lets stop this and go to bedSunder & Poonam werehot and they wentinside to their bed room, while going inside the room Poonam came near me & kissed me since it was dark and went, Kundan was too drowsy and he went staggering to his bed with Preeti, I went behind them & waited for a few minutes and then entered Kundan’s room at that time Preeti had removed all her clothes she was just in her blouse and panty went & embarrassed her she objected and said he will wake up I told her that he will not get up since he is totally high I pulled her on my chest and started kissing her, she resisted & tried to get out of my hold, she said she cannot do this if some one will see or inlaws will come to know they will beat me & scold me for which I told her nothing will happen, we will close the doors and do it in her room only no one will have doubts I stillkept holding her tightly and kissed on her neck and then on her chest, I started unbuttoning her blouse and then inserted my hand inside her bra to cupp her inviting boobs, my god it was magnificient, I started slowly kneading her tits and nipple she was getting more and more excited  I grabbed both of her tits, squeezing them, and then I moved up the bottom of her bra, exposing her nipples, gently gently rolling them between my fingertips. I unclasped her bra, releasing her full ripe breasts into my full view; they looked so beautiful and inviting and I started to lick and suck them, startling her again. I began sucking her nipple harder and faster, driving her crazy with need; she started to pull away from me so I increased MY sucking to a point where it felt too good for her to stop me. I moved over to the other breast and slowly began tonguing it before taking that nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard and fast on it just like he had with the other, causing her to throw back her head in pleasure, moaning out loud, and holding me tightly, pulling my head into her bosom   Myself  slipped my hand down to her belly and then slowly inched lower and lower, gently caressing my way down to her inner thighs, caressing the silkiness of her inner thighs. Preeti enjoyed the way she was getting aroused she couldn’t resist as she felt me softly massaging her pussyMy hands pushed her legs farther apart and the feel of my  strong hands were driving her mad, sending chills up her spine and turning her blood into warm honey that stirred and pooled in her belly awaiting release.

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  I let himself move still closer and spreading the hairwas ecstatic to see her wet moist cunt. When she realized that I had exposed her private parts and was seeing them, she went wild with desire and her vagina's lips started pulsating and she came heavily. Immediately I sawthe dripping juices flow out of her cunt and slide down her thighs, to see this was something very enchanting and my cock too started vibrating in her hand. . When she felt my cock pulsate in her hand, she cupped it in her fingers and started jacking it up and down and when she felt my body jerk with excitement, she brought the cock nearer to her face and caressed it on her cheeks. She was too pleased to have made me comforted and took my cock and inserted it inside her throbbing cuntI put my weight on her She hold me by locking my back with her both hands. Her legs were on my shoulder. I put my prick on her wet cunt and with one forceful stroke, inserted my prick deep inside her cunt. I kissed her and kissed her all over her neck. She was also holding me so tight that her nails were prickingmy back. I put my both hands on her both boobs. Squeezing her boobs, I started pumping her. Closing her eyes, she was responding wildly. I was fucking her &stroking her, I removed both her legs from my shoulder, bent it on her knees and put it on her stomach so as her knee was touching her boobs. I lifted her buttocks and put my prick inside.

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   Now I was ramming her cunt by hitting her buttocks . I could do with force by holding her. She started moaning and lifting her buttocks. I was mad anyway seeing her fair and shifting her buttocks. I did for a few minutes fucking her. Suddenly I turned her & started kissing Her backIt was so goodstroking her. I was resting on her back putting my both hands on her boobs and was fucking her like wild animal. I was near to jerk my all juice inside her. She had her orgasm as her cunt was totally wetShe was in ecstasy. She told me that this is very unique experience for her. I was rubbing her body with my body as I was moving up and down on her. Her boobs were getting rubbed badly with my chest and my lund was lifting her cunt rubbing it badly. My thighs were having friction with her thighs. My lips were also moving on her face. I increased my speed and she also responded by lifting her buttocks speedily.

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   Now, I was just working over her body like express train. She was also lifting her body. I was removing my prick and then ramming again in her cunt by rolling my body on her body up and then coming down. With every stroke, my lund was lifting her cunt too. And then, I collapsed n her by throwing all my juices inside her. Preeti exclaimed bhaisahab you are great, you gave me pleasure which till date my husband has never given, she preomised to have more. We were breathing too heavily so we relaxed like that for 15 minutes and then I went to my room,& slept but still thre was Preeti and Poonam whom I wanted to take together which will be narrated later on.

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