Geena's First Time With Mom


  It was a nice spring morning when I awoke from a restless night. I was feeling a little listless and knew I was coming down with some sort of bug. I really did not want to have to go to school this morning, so I called out for my mom to tend to me. I hoped I could convince her to allow me to saty home from school.
  It was only a second before mom was at my door enquiring about my need for her. I informed her of my malody and she smirked at me like I was faking it or just to lazy to get my ass out of bed. "Really, mom I don't feel well, really"! She said,"OK kiddo, let me get the thermometer and if you have a fever I will let you stay home". I watched her turn a head down the hall. I was so glad that I was beginning to look more like her each day. She was beautiful. At 38, she was still gorgeous. Long red hair and a pretty slim build which she worked hard to keep. It has just been the two of us since dad left two years ago. Mom never thought she was beautiful, but I sure thought she was. She always joked that her boobs were to small and her hips to wide.
  No way, she was lovely and I hoped I looked just like her when I was finished maturing.

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   My breasts were very small compared to hers. Just small mounds topped by puffy areolas and long nipples, bu they were sensitive and I loved to rub and squeeze them. My pubic hair was very wispy and sparse, not like the thick auburn bush that covered my mother's mound. Well, lest I venture to far from my story I will return to my first lesbian experience and the hands and lips of my mother.
  She came into my room and as she was shaking down the thermometer she stumbled over one of my discarded sneakers and dropped the thermometer and it struck the the tiled part of my floor and broke into pieces. "Damn it", my mother curesed as she regained her balance. "Geena, I wish you would just pick up your room". She turned on her heels and went to get a broom and dust pan. She swept up the mess and then addressed me again.
 " Well, now how shall I take your temperature young lady"? I said I guess she couldn't so I should stay home if I felt warm.
  She started to agree when I saw a thought flash in her bright green eyes.  "I know what to do", she said. "I will get the old rectal thermometer that used when you were younger". "No way, I don't want that thing shoved up my butt", I pleaded.  "It's the only way you are going to get to stay home, so take it or leave it", she called back.

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   "Fuck" I though to myself. She was back in a flash with the thermometer in one hand and a bottle of vaseline in the other. "OK Sweetcheeks, roll over pull down those panties". I pulled off my red panties and rolled onto my stomach. "Don't worry Geena I won't hurt you, just relax".
  She sat down on the bed next to me and stroked the small of my back to ease my tension. The feel of her hand on my back felt so good and soon I was feeling warm in my pussy. My mom asked me to pull my knees up under me so that my ass and pussy was tilted up towards her. She stroked the cheeks of my firm ass and this just excited me more. If she only knew what I was thinking and feeling. I hoped she wouldn't notice my wet pussy as she prepared to take my temperature. She removed the top on the the vaseline jar and put her index finger into the squishy mess.  She asked my to reach back and pull my asscheeks apart so she could easily insert the thermometer.
  I spread my ass wide for her and she rubbed the vaseline around my asshole and then slowly inserted her finger deep into my ass. I groaned into my pillow as I felt her finger worm its way inside me.

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   My pussy began to flow.  Then to my surprise, instead of just removing her finger and putting in the thermometer, my mom began to slowly move her finger in and out of my asshole. My mother was finger fucking my virgin ass. I was getting close to cumming. "Mmmmom", I stammered. "What baby, did I hurt you"? "No momma, I just. . . . " "Does it feel good baby"? "Yes, mommy it feels wonderful " "That's good baby, just relax and enjoy it".
  My mother just continued to finger my ass. I came when she suddenly inserted a second finger stretching me open. When I stopped shuddering from my cum, my mother removed her fingers from my ass and inserted the thin cool thermometer. She moved it in like she had with her fingers for a few seconds and then left it still to take my temperature. She got up and told me to lie still while she washed her hands.

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   I was laying there with the thermometer sticking out of my ass and basking in the afterglow of my first orgasm given to me by another person. My mother returned to my room and when I glanced out of the corner of my eye I realized her legs were bare. I turned my head as she slowly removed the thermometer and was greated by her bush only inches away from my face.
  She was naked. My pussy started to moisten again at the idea that she was nude in my room. She read the thermometer and said I had a low grade fever and I could stay home. I was surprised that thermometer hadn't burst from the heat I was feeling for my own mom. She wiped the vaseline fromm my ass and as I was ging to roll over she kissed the left cheek of my ass. I stopped still as I felt her tongue travel over my ass. I felt her hand find my wet open pussy and she rubbed my virgin folds. I almost passed out when my mother's tongue circled the crinkled ring of my asshole.   "OHHH, mom", I moaned as she pushed her tongue into my ass and her fingers slide into my pussy. "Oh Baby your ass tastes so good and your pussy so tight".
  "Here, roll over", my mom told me. I rolled onto my back and my mother lavished the insides of my thighs with licks and kisses.

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   "Oh mom, eat my pussy please". I came again when her tongue sliced up through my folds and flicked around my hard clit. "Oh baby, baby, you taste so fucking good", she moaned into my wet cunt. Ifelt her finger once again find my tender asshole and I groaned as it slide inside. Soon she was fucking tow fingers inand out of my ass as she sucked on my quivering pussy. I arched and humped gainst her mouth as another orgasm began to build in my wanton cunt. I came so hard that I simply fainted at the end of my mother's tongue and fingers.
  When I came to I was met by her smiling face. Then she kissed me ever so lightly on my lips. This kiss soon became a tongue dancing French kiss that I remember to this day.
She then smiled at me and rolled obto her back, saying, "How about doing your mom a favor"? I smiled knowing what the favore was that she wanted. . . . .

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  . I willingly dove right into it, but I will save that for another time.
I hope you enjoyed this true experience and let me know what you think.
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