Getting to know my step-bro


It was a Friday evening, about nine o’clock. I was a the park with a few of my friends, near to wear my mum lives. At the weekends, me and my two brothers, Callum and Liam, go to stay at my dads house. My mum picked me up from the park and drove me down to my dads house, where my brothers were already staying, having gone down earlier in the day.
At the time, my dad was having all of the bedrooms redecorated, with only one able to be in use, the loft conversion. He had re-married after my mum, to a nice lady called Ali, who already had two sons, Ollie and Josh. I’d seen Josh regularly and we got on well, even though he was my brothers age, at least 5 years younger than me. I had never seen Ollie before today, apart from the wedding! And even then, I always got the impression that he was avoiding me. So, let me tell you, I was a bit surprised to see him here!
So anyway, at about eleven o’clock, Callum, Liam, and Josh went up to the loft to bed. That left me, Ollie, my dad and Ali. I thought it might be nice if we left my dad and Ali alone for a bit, so I asked Ollie if he wanted to go upstairs and listen to some music. I wanted to make an effort to get to know him, for my dad.
Before I get carried away, I should describe Ollie. He is 16 too, about 5ft 8”, blonde hair, blue eyes. He’s a bit of a rocker, and was wearing a tight t-shirt with a band on it that showed his muscles, and a pair of no-ass jeans so big that you could see his boxers!
So anyway, we climbed the two flights of stairs to get to the loft, the only room, apart from the ground floor, that was accessible. When we got to the top, I realised that if we played music, or something similar, we would wake my brothers.

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‘hmmm. . . bummer,’ I whispered!
‘yea. ’ he whispered back. ‘so, what are we gonna do?’
‘I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna go to bed,’ I said, quietly.
I turned around and walked back down the stairs to the first floor. Ollie was behind me. The bathroom was at the other end of the landing, a short sprint away. We both glanced at each other. I began to run, but he rugby tackled me to the ground and started tickling me. Now I have to admit, I am the most ticklish person on the planet, so I was wriggling around and screaming at the top of my voice! It took me a while to get my senses back, but once I did, I realised that Ollie wasn’t just tickling my stomach; his soft hands were skimming over my breasts and going as low as my thighs. Once he realised that I had stopped laughing, he looked up at my face. I gave him a fake ‘what the hell do you think your doing’ look, and he immediately let go of me. I grinned, and legged it to the bathroom laughing out loud, as he chased me down the landing.

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   I got there first and jumped around to slam the door in his face, but he stuck his foot between the door and its frame so it wouldn’t shut, then shoulder barged it open, then closed it and locked us both in.
‘Ollie, what do you think you’re doing?! I need to get changed!’ I yelled at him.
‘Its alright, I’ll turn around,’ he said back, turning around.
I took my top off, revealing a black lace bra before realising that the little git could see my reflection through the mirror that hung on the wall! ’right,’ I thought. ‘That is it!’ I bent down and slipped off my jeans, revealing a matching pair of black lace French knickers. I heard him gasp. My hands snaked behind my back and unclipped my bra, letting it fall to the floor. My tits bounced, my nipples immediately hardening due to the night air. I traced my fingers over them, then down to my abs, then hooked my thumbs under the elastic of my knickers and pulled them down. I heard Ollie gasp again and caught his gaze through the mirror. I smiled, seductively and watched him turn around, in awe of my naked body. I rocked my hips as I walked towards him. I saw his bulge through his jeans. A few feet away from him, he reached out to touch me. I stopped, bent down and picked up a pair of hot pants and a strap top from my bag on the floor, put them on, reached up and kissed his cheek before stalking out of the door and up the stairs to bed.

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   Half way up the stairs, I felt Ollie grab my hand. I turned around.
‘Yes?’ I smiled sweetly.
‘I just wanted to say that…ummm. . . your beautiful,’ he whispered, hoarsely.
‘yea, I know,’ I said, before walking up the stairs again. He pulled me back. .
No, really. You are really beautiful. ’ I stopped. For some reason, I thought he was joking. Now I knew he wasn’t.


   And I knew for definite when he leaned in to kiss me.
He shoved me up against the wall and planted his lips onto mine. I kissed him back and let his hands roam over my body. I felt his tongue sneak an entrance to my mouth and dance with mine. We collapsed up the stairs, still attached by our mouths, and found our way to the mattresses that had been lain down for us. He fell onto them, and I jumped onto him, pulling him close, shoving our mouths together. He was making me so hot I didn’t even care he was my step-brother. I broke the kiss to rip off my top. Again, he looked in awe at my tits. I lowered a nipple to his mouth and moaned softly as he kissed, licked, sucked, and nibbled on it. I gave him the other one whilst massaging the first. It felt so fucking good! I could never give myself pleasure so intense. I climbed on top of him, and I could feel his hard dick rub my slit through his jeans and my hot pants. I sighed, before looking up at him and grinned seductively. I slid to in between his legs and my hands began to fiddle with his belt and zip.

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   I tucked his jeans off him and slid down his boxers revealing the most gorgeous dick I have ever seen. It was about 8inches long, quite thick, and rock solid. I moaned loudly, before realising that shit! My brothers were asleep on the other side of the room. To be honest, that just turned me on even more. Ollie didn’t seem to mind as I lowered my lips to his cock. I showered his tool with kisses and then sucked its head like a lollypop, letting my hand massage his balls. He managed to stifle a moan, as I relaxed my throat and let him enter. I felt my nose being tickled by his pubic hair and then used my tongue and throat muscles to stimulate him. My hands fondled his balls, until I felt them tighten.
‘I’m gonna cum!’ Ollie whispered hoarsely, his head tilted back breathing heavily. He tried to pull out of my mouth but I held him there. I ticked his head with my tongue, as I felt jets of hot salty cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed it all, before moving my head away and licking my lips.
‘mmmm,’ I whispered. ‘just gorgeous!’
‘oh my god! I can’t believe you just did that!’ he whispered, looking over at my brothers who were still sleeping.


   I laughed, sleepily. Id suddenly become really tired.
‘now its time for me to return the favour,’ he said.
‘mmmm, but not now. We’ve got all of tomorrow and I’m tired. ’ I replied.
‘alright. Well, thank you!’
‘its alright. ’
As I drifted off to sleep, I felt strangely contented and happy, curled up on Ollie’s mattress. I could tell he wasn’t tired, but I liked the way he was looking at me so I didn’t tell me to stop. He played with my hair and showered my neck with kisses as I fell asleep…
Part two coming soon.