Growing Up With A Secret; Part 3


The next morning I had a quick shower and then waited in my room for my parents to leave for work. Andy was in the shower as I yelled goodbye to my folks . They always left before we did, our school being close by. As he came out into the hall with a towel wrapped around him , I stepped naked from my room blocking his path . "I'm going to skip today" I said quietly, "want to keep me company?" A broad smile broke across his face. "You bet Ames! " he said. He took my offered hand and we went into my room. I quickly shoved my stuffed animals off my bed and beckoned for Andy to lie down sans the towel. " It is my turn to learn about a guys equipment " I stared at his hardening penis , fascinated by the way it was coming to life before my eyes. He looked a bit embarassed but made no effort to cover himself. Andy had his eyes locked on my breasts as if memorizing their appearance. He broke his gaze when I said to him. . . " I want to watch you jerk off ". " You want to what?! " he stammered.

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  " I want to watch you masturbate , I want to see how a guy makes himself cum " I explained. " You didn't just jerk off in the shower did you ? " " No, I didn't " he looked a bit uneasy with my request. "Okay, great, then do it for me now " I quickly moved his legs apart and sat crosslegged between them, Andy reluctantly grasped his cock and began to pump it. He held it tighter than I thought he would. He didn't just move his hand up and down the shaft as I thought , he DRAGGED the skin up and down. And he was so rough with it ! I stared totally mesmorized as Andy's hand rapidly pumped away . His eyes floated from my breasts to my cunt then back again. I put my feet flat and opened my legs to give him a better view. My thoughtfulness was rewarded with a slight moan. ' My God! doesn't that hurt him? ' I thought to myself, amazed at the rapid , rough pounding his penis was taking. His balls now held my attention. It sounds silly I know, but I had never really seen a guys balls before. I had only had a glimpse of Gary Porter's and the Dunigan's when they were packing up after coming in my mouth, pretty much the same with Andy. So my attention never wavered as his scrotum began to tighten up, I watched fascinated as wrinkly lines appeared in his sack and his balls moved higher. I reached out and felt them, then traced a finger down to his asshole, remembering how he had done the same to me.

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  " Let me cum in your mouth" he panted and I shook my head. "No, not this time " I leaned closer sensing the moment of eruption would be soon upon him, " I want to see it squirt". I wiggled my finger against his asshole, then tapped it but didn't penetrate. "OOOH Ames!" he moaned and the shots of semen began to fly out of his purple taut knob, landing on his chest and stomach. I counted seven before there was just a bit dribbling onto his slowing down-but still pumping, hand. Hate to admit it, but I felt proud that I was able to milk more out of him than he was able to himself !Andy lay there trying to catch his breath and watching me closely. He grinned , my guess was he was feeling proud of himself . " Happy now ?" He sat up and began to rub his semen into his skin , something else I didn't know a guy could do. He leaned forward and took my breasts in his hands, lightly squeezing them, hefting them , and rolling my pink puffy nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I was already wet from watching him masturbate, and his manipulation of my boobs wasn't exactly drying me up. " I want you to suck them for me" He didn't have to be told twice. Andy rapidly moved in and put a liplock on my right nipple. He drew on it deeply, like a hungry infant seeking nourishment , and I LOVED it !! I felt another wave of wetness seep down into my cunt. I knew I was close to overflowing. Andy went back and forth between my breasts,sucking deeply on each nipple and fluttering his tongue over them once he had pulled them erect.

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   I was unprepared for how good this made me feel and was perilously close to losing control . I stopped him, reluctantly. " Be sure to do that to all your girlfriends" I smiled at him and he beamed , " because that feels awesome! "" Last night, you licked my clit a bit" I studied his face for signs of an unpleasant memory," why did you do that? Where did you learn about that ? Weren't you afraid it would be gross ?" " I just wanted to " he said and he put his hands on my shoulders and eased me back til I was lying on the bed, my knees still bent and feet flat on my floral patterned bedspread. " I saw pictures on the Internet and read about it" He hunkered down so his face was inches from my cunt, " I knew it wouldn't be gross" His tongue snaked out and licked my slit. With a groan I rolled back and pulled my knees to my chest opening myself up to him. I felt my dew trickling out of my saturated cunt and his tongue began to lap it up. He licked my asshole which stunned me, first because it seemed to me to be the last place anyone would want to put their TONGUE, and secondly because I loved it. Andy moved his tongue up to my dribbling hole and plunged his tongue into my sopping cunt, he slurped my dew like I had his sperm the night before, and I felt the tremors begin inside me. His tongue felt AWESOME and my legs began to quiver and quake as my orgasm built up a head of steam. That marvellous tongue began a slow crawl up my slit , and one of Andy's fingers began to trace circles around my tight anal ring. I moaned loudly, my breathing ragged , my body on fire. I felt my dew seeping down to my asshole where Andy's finger still teased and tantalized,and when it covered my ring he pressed his finger into my ass and started sucking my clit at the same time. I exploded. I moaned and groaned as my orgasm rocked me. My legs had a life of their own, jerking and shaking like they would never be mine again.

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   My lungs gasped for breath and my cunt just FLOODED! Andy flicked my clit with his tongue and rocked my world again, this one was even stronger and I was helpless to try and do anything but ride it out. I was a rag doll with bolts of lightning coursing through me. " I " . . . swirl on my clit,. . " know " . . . . another swirl. " you " . . .

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  a third and another moan escaped me," are a" . . . swirl again and my hips raised " virgin "his tongue slipped down to my sopping hole where my dew was flowing freely. He flipped me over onto my stomach. Taking me completely by surprise he pulled my buns apart just as he had done the night before. "But we can do this. " I felt his knob press against my asshole, not surprised that he was hard once again. He didn't just cum in my ass this time. He lay on top of me and thrust his cock right up inside my tight puckered ring and began to bumfuck me. I lay motionless loving the IMPALED feeling as he pistoned his cock up and down in my tight anal cavity. It was his turn to moan now and he did, louder even than I had. " OOOHHH GODDDD AMES!!!" His hips rocked against my buttocks bouncing us both up and down on my bed. I felt his cock grow larger and knew he couldn't last much longer. "EEEAAAAHHHHH" he grunted and I felt his sperm being jettisoned from his knob into my bum.

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   I thought I felt nine spurts of sperm enter me but it was harder to tell with his cock thrusting as he came. My brother collapsed on top of me and we both lay there panting like dogs in heat. If being fucked in the ass felt this good, I could only imagine how great it would feel to be fucked in my cunt. My brother had taken my anal cherry, if there was such a thing. He had bumfucked me, and by doing so he had increased my resolve to rid myself of my hymen. I was more determined than ever to lose my virginity and move into the world of womanhood. But I still knew it would not be Andy. Please take the time to comment. I can't improve if you don't. Let me know if I should continue or put Amy and Andy to bed!!.