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Instead, it was my 15 year old little sister Lynn who walked through the door dressed in her catholic school uniform and with a painful look drawn across her face. I immediately lost all thought of getting myself of and helped her to the couch, sitting her down because I could tell something was wrong. Lynn had her legs crossed and was grimacing as though she was in excruciating agony. "What's wrong Lynn," I asked, not a little bit scared. Lynn may have been only 15, but unlike most teens, she loved going to school and would never fake being sick just to come home early. "sort of," she answered and I noticed she kept squeezing her legs tighter. "do you want me to call mom and dad at work. Do you need me to take you to hospital. " What the hell was sort of. "I think something's wrong in my belly, but I. . . I I'm not sure Mick. " she told me and squeezed her legs together again. The first thing that popped into my mind was her appendix was getting ready to rupture. I was a bit of a hypochondriac.

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   I thought about some of the medical dramas I had seen on TV and remembered they always placed pressure on the patients’ side. What the hell, I gave it a shot. "Lynn, is this where it hurts. " I pressed on both sides. "No. It's not really a "pain" "pain" but it does hurt. . . sort of. ” It was the first time I looked at my little sister in along time. Whereas she used to be just a flat chested tomboy, I now noticed her breast were beginning to blossom; no more than an a-cup but she was obviously early in the process of puberty. Then it hit me. I knew what was wrong even if she didn't. But how do I explain it without frightening her and what can I get out of it. What can I say, I was a scumbag.

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   A sexually frustrated scumbag who had my big plans innocently interrupted. I knew what I was going to do. I placed my hand over where her pubic hair should be and pressed. Lynn gasped, but not in pain. "Did that make it feel better," I asked. "A little. " was her tremulous reply. Her eyes were wide and curious, however so I asked if she wanted me to try it again. Looking down on my adorably innocent sister with her big blue eyes so trusting and her long blonde hair caught in a childish ponytail, I felt a pang of guilt. But then I thought of Ron fucking that girl up the ass and guilt fled before lust. "Let's try this," I said trying to sound reassuring instead of lecherous. Lightning quick I slid my hand under her skirt and pressed my palm forcefully on her pussy. Lynn jumped, not from fear but from brief, unexpected relief. The second my hand touched her pussy I could feel soaked her panties were. "That felt good, didn't it.

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   it was phrased as a question but it wasn't. My baby sister was horny. Lynn nodded to my question, to confused too speak. "sit back down on my hand I cooed, and I'll make it go away and make you feel better than you ever have. " Lynn looked at me for a moment but I could see in her now-lustful eyes that that briefest touch against her newly awakened pussy left her wanting more. Guiding her down so her wet panties were perfectly aligned in my hand. I directed her to press down until it felt really good and then start grinding her little hips in small circles. In the span of a few seconds Lynn found her rhythm and ground her tiny pussy harder and harder on my hand. Her breath was coming in increasingly quick gasps and a low growl started in her throat. My hand was totally soaked, her little panties a sodden mess that would need to be trashed after this. Of a sudden her body tensed, becoming rigid on my hand. With small hand Lynn gripped my arm and dug her nails in. Lynn screamed and cum gushed right through her panties filling my hand with my baby sisters’ first orgasm. I removed my hand and held Lynn as she trembled with small aftershocks. When she finally looked up at me the realization of what I just did made me terrified.

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   But Lynn jut looked at me and said in a little girl voice. "Can we do that again. ” To be continued. .