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"It will feel fine after I get it in Sis, just give it a chance. " Right after he said it I saw his ass move down and my daughter's legs squeezed together. She was moaning from my son's thrusts while I looked on. "How does it feel now?" he asked her. "Better," she quietly cried. He was slowly moving his ass in and out, completely filling her and then pulling almost completely out. She tightened her legs as he pushed in. I started to get this incredibly strange, horny felling watching my son and my daughter fuck. I reached down and started to feel my tits. "That's it Sis, you're getting the hang of it now. "She began to moan again, but this time with pleasure. He was pushing into her faster and faster. "I'm going to cum Sis, make me cum. " She wrapped her legs around him really tightly. He pulled out of her, and whacked himself off as he came all over her little tits. " Now that wasn't so bad was it Sis?""No, just messy.

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   Uh," she said innocently" can we do it again sometime?"I quietly ran into the bedroom and got into bed. I couldn't believe that they had sex. Not only that, but I couldn't believe that I was getting off on it too. But it was rousing to see them fuck. I laid there next to my husband and fingered my self to sleep thinking about them. The next morning I woke up to a strange felling. My husband had lifted up my nighty and was lubing up my crotch with Vaseline. No wonder I was having kinky dreams with him playing with my ass and pussy like that. I just laid there like I was still asleep and let him do what he wanted. He was behind me with two fingers in my pussy and his thumb up my ass slowly pulling them in and out in unison. I know he was trying not to wake me up, but that was too late. After a couple of minuets of that he stopped and pulled my panties off and started rubbing his rock hard cock against me. Then he pulled my hips back a little and stuck his dick right up my ass. There must have been half a fucking bottle of Vaseline up my ass because his cock just slid in. The feeling was incredible, but I pretended that I was asleep while he slowly fucked my slicked ass.

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   It was making me so hot. I could feel my clit throbbing because it was so hard. I wanted to rub my clit so bad, but I just laid there and let his cock slide in and out of my ass. He slid his dick all the way up and held it there. I could feel his hot cum fill my asshole - god it felt good. He slowly pulled out and gave me a kiss on my shoulder. I turned slightly to watch him get out of bed. As soon as he left the room I put my face in my pillow and screamed. It was so good!I herd the water come on so I knew my husband was in the shower. My cunt and ass were so juicy, and I was so horny. I reached into the drawer by the bed and pulled out my dildo. I didn't need to lube it up, I just slid it up my ass and started where my husband left off. I pumped my ass hard while I fingered my clit. Feeling that dildo vibrating up my cunt was too much and I came wildly. I let the dildo slide out my ass naturally and quickly feel back to sleep.

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   When I wake up about an hour later I got out of bed and took a shower to wash off the juice. I had to wash my pussy and ass really good to get all the Vaseline off. My pussy was so clean it glistened. I got out of the shower, dried my self off, and put on my nighty. Even after all that I was still horny, so I laid down in bed to watch TV. While I fingered myself. I wasn't trying to make myself come or anything, I just lightly played with myself. There was a knock at the door. "Can I come in?" my youngest daughter said. I lifted my knees up so she wouldn't see me fingering myself under the covers, and told her to come in. She looked so pretty in her little night shirt. It was getting to small for her, and barely covered her ass now. Her legs were so smooth and thin, and the nipples on her little tits showed through the shirt. "I've got a question," she said. She seemed a little upset, and I told her to go on.

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   " Yesterday . . . uh. . . one of my friends. . . uh I mean," I told her that it was all right, and just spit it out. She was quiet for a second and then she said, " One of my friends at school kissed me yesterday. " She was complaining, I thought? " One of my girlfriends!" she said. I didn't know what to tell her, because I can remember some good times I had with some of my old girlfriends. I wondered how far this went. "It's ok for girls to kiss friends," I said.

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  "No, see, she wanted to touch me," she said. I pictured the two of them together and suddenly got very horny. "Did you what to touch her too?" I asked hopping for more information about the encounter. She turned bright red and said, " I don't know? Kinda, Maybe?" I didn't want to think it was bad, but she needed guys too. "It's ok for good friends to be intimate," I told her. She looked up, almost in relief. Her story made me extremely horny. I sat up so she could give me a hug. " Thanks mom," she said," I needed to hear that. " She stood up, but I still had my hands on her shoulder. I stared into my daughters light blue eyes. I don't know what came over me, but I pulled her back toward me and gently kiss her little mouth. She didn't offer any resistance, I just held my lips against hers. A hot flash came over me, I'd never felt lick that before, with anyone! She pulled away after we finished kissing. "But mom.

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  . . " she said innocently," should we? I mean. . . "Never before had I felt the way I was feeling. I wanted her, my own daughter, my own thirteen year old daughter. I was sitting on the side of the bed, and she got on her knees. I look at her young body and remembered her as a child. Now, though, she was all grown up, and there was so much I wanted to show her. "It's always ok if you love the person, and Gina, I love you. " That was all the encouragement she needed. "I love you too mom. " She smiled a little and stood up. I could see the outline of her young tight body though her shirt.

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   Her nipples were standing straight out like little buttons. As I began to lift off her shirt, I stood up next to her. She had gorgeous breasts. They were small and looked like halved grapefruit with large red nipples -- very firm and round. I lifted my nighty off and moved toward her. We embraced, our nude bodies pressing together. I kissed her again, this time she responded by opening her mouth to mine. She moved her hands down my back, and began caressing my ass. I felt her young firm ass as I lifted her on the bed. I spread her legs apart and moved my head down toward her pussy. "This is what you can do the next time your friend kisses you," I told her. Her pussy looked so red and tender, and was only covered with peach fuzz. I gently liked her juicy pussy. She responded with a moan, and caressed my long brown hair. I slowly licked her crotch, from her little pussy down to her tiny ass.

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   She started to squirm her legs as I stuck my long tongue into her virgin cunt. I sucked one of my fingers to make it wet, and then slowly pushed it into her pussy. " How dose that feel? Dose it hurt?" I asked, when my finger was all the way in. "You know mom. . . it doesn't hurt one bit. . . in fact it feels. . . kindda great," she said, in between panting. She was really getting off on it and wanted some too. I rolled over into the center of the bed and moved my daughter along side me.

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   " Let me taste it," she said. I responded by frenching her tiny mouth. " That's really what it tastes like?" she asked. "Why don't you find out? It you turn around I can eat you while you eat me. " She turned around and got on top of me to put her pussy in my face. I felt her move her head between my legs and taste my pussy. My daughter stuck her tongue inside my cunt and wiggled it around. I grabbed her ass and licked her erect clit. She began to tremble and I knew she was going cum. I licked her harder and she did the same for me. She squeezed her legs tightly around my head as she came. I came with her with one of the best orgasm I ever had. She laid on top of me for a few seconds and then got off and laid beside me. "I can't wait to see my friend," she said, "I have a lot to show her. ""You know you can have even more fun with guys," I said.

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  "Yeah there's this gorgeous guy," she said excitedly, "in my. . . . " She paused and looked at my nude body. " I love you mom," she said and we began to make out again. Suddenly my husband walked into the room. "What the hell is going on here?" I threw Gina away from me and she pulled up the sheet to cover herself. I was at a loss for words so I said, " I was just showing our daughter how to have sex. . . Why don't you help?" He just looked at me they both looked at me. "Mom?" Gina said. I looked back at her and let her know it was ok. She stared at my husband and never took her eyes off him.


   I pulled the covers off of her and spread her legs. "Isn't she cute?" I said. "Yeah Daddy's little girl is all grown up now," he said as he took off his shirt. I told her that it would hurt at first, but that I'd be there for her. I caressed her tits and held her hand as my husband took off the rest of his clothes. Her eyes got big when she seen his hard cock. "Be gentle with our little girl, She's still a virgin. " I held my daughter's lips apart as her father climbed on top. He gave her a kiss and then put his cock to the outside of her lips. Ever so slowly, he pushed his cock into her little pussy. She squeezed my hand tightly and I continued to caress her body. Her pussy clung to his cock as he pumped himself inside her, because it was so tight. He laid on top of her, completely covering her small young body. I remembered how much it hurt the first time I did it so I kept telling her it's ok. After about 5 minuets of his slow pounding she let go of my hand.

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   It was starting to feel better. She put her delicate arms around her father as he pumped her more and more. When I looked down at them, all I could see was his massive body moving in and out, and her legs wrapped around him. Soon he pulled out his hard cock and game all over her and me. She leaned up and french kissed him. "I love you both," she said as she hugged us, " you made me feel so great today. " She got up, grabbed her shirt, and walked slowly toward the door. She was sore, but she looked happier than I ever seen her. " I really, really love you mom and dad!" she said as she walked out of the room. "So what was it like to have sex with your daughter?" I asked. He just looked at me and smiled. I gave him a kiss, put on my robe, and let the room. There was something that I needed to do. Lisa was in the hall, so I asked her where her brother was. She said that she saw him go into his room a little while ago.

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  I walked to his room and opened the door slightly. He was sitting on the floor watching TV. As I moved into the room a little I could see that he was watching a porno and that there was a bottle of Vaseline on the floor next to him. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.