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My wife had went to visit her parents for the week end so I was going to alone for the week end. I started to think of Judy and how hot she was and how much she enjoyed fucking. I was starting to get hard just thinking about her. I picked up my cell phone and gave her a call and ask if she was busy or could I come over. She assured me she was never to busy for me. As I walked up to the door I swear my cock was half hard just thinking about what was going to happlen. She didn't wait for me to ring the bell but open the door and we had just barly got inside and shut the door and she threw her arms around my neck and put her mouth on mine and I could feel her tongue trying to get into my mouth so I just open and sucked it in. She was dressed in a tee shirt and shorts. I could see her nipples sticking out and the brown through the shirt. I picked her up and carried her into her bed room and laid her down, but she raised up and started to unzip my pants and pull my now hard cock out.
"Oh it's beautiful Uncle". and she lowered her mouth and sucked the head of my cock into her hot wet mouth and started sucking and running her tongue around the head. I grabbed her head and started to fuck her face driving my cock into her mouth. I wanted to cum so bad.
"Can I cum in your mouth baby?" She just looked up and knoded her her head and continued to suck my cock. I could feel my balls getting tight and I knew it was about to shoot.

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   I fell back on the bed and pulled her with me and she keep sucking me like there was no tomorrow.
"Oooooo Judy baby I'm going to cum" I felt the head of my cock swell even bigger and a huge shot of cum burst out the head. "Oh fuck babk suck. . . . suck my cock oh it's soo fucking good" and each time she would lower her head another shot of cum would hit the back of her mouth. As I calmed I looked down and there was cum running down the shaft of my cock. She licked and cleaned it up.
"I'm sorry Uncle I just couldn't swollow all of it"
"That is just fine baby you did great, you are one wonderful cock sucker, now I'm going to return the favor. "
I pulled her tee shirt over her head and her beautiful tits fell free. I just couldn't help but take one in my mouth and suck it. She moaned and pushed her tit into my mouth as I sucked it. I pulled her shorts down and she raised her ass to allow them to come off. I started kissing her belly and went down until I felt the top of her pussy.

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   I ran my tongue up and down the length of her wonderful fuck hole and she moaned loud and pushed up to meet my tongue. I licked her pussy and flicked her clit at the top. I had my face buried in her pussy and was tongut fucking her hard and fast. She would open her legs up then squeeze them close against my head. She was moaning and grunting with her little hands grasping the back of my head forceing me deeping into her love canal.
"Suck me Uncle suck my pussy and make me cum,,,Ohhhh it feels soo fucking good. I'm going to cum. . . Oh yes Oh yes I'm cummmiiiinnngggggggg OHHHHHHH. I continued to lick her pussy as she fell limp back on the bed. My cock had hardened again and was ready to plung into that very hot wet pussy I saw laying before me. I got between her legs and put the head of my cock at the enterence of her fuck hole and rubbed it up and down. She raised her ass trying to get it in her pussy.
"Oh Uncle fuck me now, fuck me and make me cum on your big hard cock.

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   Fuck me and shoot me full of your love juice. "
"Judy honey that is just what I came here to do is fuck that pussy of yours until you scream. " With one strong lung I buried my cock up to my balls in her sweet little pussy. She screamed and pulled my head down and kissed me on the mouth. I started taking long slow strokes pulling out until just the head of my cock was in her then shoving it all the way back in. I was in heaven slow fucking my sweet little neice. As I quickened the pace she would raise her ass up and meet each stroke as I fucked her hard and fast.
"Oh fuck Uncle you have the most wonderful cock in the whole world and I love you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me all night".
"Baby your pussy is sooo tight and hot I don't ever want to stop fucking you. I know it's wrong but it feels soo good I can't help myself. "
"Don't think its wrong just fuck me. . . Oh yes fuck me you big dick uncle.

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  . just fuck me and make us both cum. "
I rolled over and pulled her on top of me and she started riding my cock like a mad woman. Plunging it as deep into her pussy as she could and going as fast as she could.
"Oh I love it uncle I love fucking your big cock, now I'm about to cum again. . . oh shit it's good fuck me fuck your little neice. "
"Judy baby I'm going to cum. Cum with me". and with that she threw her head back and opened her mouth but nothing came out.
"Here it comes, here comes the cum you wanted", and I felt the first shot of cum burst from the head of my cock as I shoved in her as deep as I could.
"I'm cummiinngggg too OOOOOOOOOO i'm cummingggggg".
I pumped several more shots of cum deep into the belly of my neice before she layed over on top of me. We lay there with our arms around each other for a while then my cock slipped out of her cum drenched pussy.

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   She rolled off me and lay beside me.
"Uncle I'm so glad you came over tonight, I wanted you so bad".
"Judy your the best lover I ever had, you are a gem at fucking" and we both fell off to sleep.
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