I Love My Cousin


Kiki was beautiful she had brown hair w/ blond highlights, slim but had some meat on her thights (which is a nice turn on for me), very smooth legs, sweet ass, about 36b breasts, and she was about 5'. She’s always very friendly with me, not to anyone else, like always giving me hugs, and friendly kisses on the lips, so that gave me an idea that she thinks about me. It was half way through the week and I was rummaging through her suitcase and found her thong, that she wore the other day, and I saw some cum stains on it so I stuffed it in my pocket. I was laying in bed sniffing her thong when she came in crying, luckily she had her eyes closed so I put them back in my pocket. “Oh, fuck all of yous!” she said very angry and sad. “Kiki, what”s the matter?” I said sitting up. “Every ones mad at me cuz they think I’m treating Ryan like shit, but it’s the other way around. ” she said as I hugged her. “Don’t worry about it. I’m not mad at you, anyway I think that Ryan is an ass. ” I said kissing her cheek. “Thank you, your always there for me. Thank you very, very much. ” she said staring at me with her beautiful brown eyes. “Kiki, Vick all of us are going to get ice cream we’ll be back. ” said Kiki’s mom.

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   “Ok!” we both said at the same time. Kiki then stared at me and then the ground. “Ah, Vick what’s that?” she said looking at her thong hanging out of my pocket. “Is that my thong, how did you get this!” she said surprised, but not angry. “Ah. . . ” I said a lose for words. She pulled it out of my pocket and unraveled it and saw her trade-mark. She then looked at me, took the thong to her mouth and licked one of the cum stains. I was wide-eyed at what she done. “I always loved the taste of myself. ” she said sweetly and sexy. She twirled the thong on her finger and we just stared at each other, we then heard the front door open and everyone filled the house back from the ice cream shop. Kiki, shoved the thong back in my pocket and kissed me on the lips and left the room.

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   I stood there thinking, “HOLY SHIT!” That night I was sleeping out on the living room couch with Kiki’s thong in my hand trying to decide if I should jerk off with it when I herd the back room door open and close. Kiki then came round the corner of the hall and looked at me with the most sexy eyes that made me tremble in love. I took the thong and licked it where she had licked it. She gave me a look of want and walked toward me. She sat next to where I was laying and kissed me. “We can’t do this here they will hear. Follow me. ” as she put her hand out and I took it. We went out side, down the street, and to this hotel. Luckily we still were dressed and I still had money, so we got a room. It was a nice room with one bed and one bath. It was 10 o’clock so we had all night. “So what do you wanna do first Kiki. ” I said as I took her thong out of my pocket. “Let’s fuck.

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  ” she said sexy and fierce. “But, I have no condom and I thought we could start a little slow like you suck me or I lick you. ” I said as I walked up to her. “I know you want me, I know you want to fuck me, and I know you haven’t forgot our fuck when we were six. ” she said as she took my shirt off. “Your not a mussel man and your not really skinny, but you still set me on fire, more than any other guys have. I’m still a virgin, you know and no man has touched me yet, so I want you to be my first, unprotected man to let his sperm swim in me. ” she said as I took her shirt off. “I’m still a virgin also and I want you to be my first too, so ok I’ll fuck you and we’ll do all the other stuff later, but what if you get pregnant. ” I said as she took my pants off and I took hers off. “Well, I’ll have your child then. ” She said as we stood face to face naked and very horny. She pulled me toward her and she fell on the bed and I fell on top of her. My cock was resting on her stomach and my left hand on her left breast. We kissed for a very long time as I started to hump her.

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   “Now Vick, we’re not six anymore, so why don’t you put that monster of a cock in me. ” she said to me sexily. She crawled back to the head board of the bed, I planted her and put the head of my cock between her pussy lips, she gave a tiny squeal and I softly guided my cock half way in. Half way in her, she said very softly, “S-stop, please, s-st-op. ” I stopped as she pulled her head back and started to cry and whimper. “Kiki, you ok, if you don’t want to do this I can stop. ” “NO! Go, put it all in me!” she said gaining some of her strength back. So, I started again, she cried and squealed and I finally reach her hymen. I looked up at her and she looked down at me and nodded her head. With one hard thrust I popped her cherry and a bit of blood ran down my dick. She was crying and it was such a turn on, so I started fucking her fast, but soft at first. “Go, please harder. ” she said squealing. I started to fuck her wildly, each time harder and faster, she meeting all me thrusts. I don’t know how long we were going, but I would guess about 30 minutes of wild, sweaty, and intense sex.


   “AH-AH GOD!” she screamed as she creamed all over me cock. Hearing her scream made my balls tighten and my cock go rigid as I exploded in her pussy. Her pussy was over flowing with my cum and her juice. Oh, how great it felt, how great it sounded, oh god it was great. For some odd reason I didn’t slow down and she didn’t stop me. My cock stayed hard and I was still full with lots of energy, so I kept on fucking her. I never even hesitated. Our paints and squeals filled the room and the bed was soaked in our sweat, cum, and tears. I push and pulled my dick in and out of her with lighting fast speed and rock heard pounds. This drove use into the most blackest and darkest lust and desire I’ve ever witnessed. All I could do is fuck, all she could do is meet my fuck’s. All I could hear was her, I couldn’t hear myself, I couldn’t hear the bed banging against the wall, and I couldn’t hear the cars pass by outside. All I could hear was her, her paints, her cry’s, and her moans. It put me under a spell which I couldn’t stop until she told me to and I don’t think she wanted that anytime soon. Then suddenly I felt another wave of cum swell up in me, but I didn’t stop or slow done.

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   I heard her scream as her second orgasm spilled allover my cock and like a rocket exploding from it’s lunching pad I fill her once again. Again I filled her and again I could not stop. I just kept going and drifted deeper in the darkness we created. She let out screams of pain and pleasure, but no screams of stop. I put all I had left into this and I had a lot left. I put my hand on her and found she was burning hot. Her skin felt so soft and smooth and through all the pounding and all the sweat, I felt that she was shaking, but I wasn’t shore if it was fear or weakness, but I know some how I know she never wanted me to stop and with that I let out a faint moan and wave number three met her wave three and we exploded ever were. That was it, she and I were done. I slowed down and weakened my pounds. Finally I stopped and collapsed on top of her. Smelling her sweet smell, we drifted back to reality and I found my self kissing her lovingly. I lifted my head and saw her drenched in sweat, painting for air, and looking at me and all I could do was fall deeper in love with her. As we rested together, me in her arms, I looked at the clock and saw it to be 2:45. Thinking, “Wow we fucked for over 5 hours. ” Kiki drifted asleep, as did I.

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   I awoke still in Kiki’s arms I lifted my head and looked at the clock, it was 7:30. I then got up and hoped in the shower. I got out to find Kiki still asleep. I kissed her nice and deeply and she awoke. “Wake up sleeping beauty. ” She smiled and kissed me back. “We still got time to get to the house before any one wakes up. ” I said braking the kiss. “Ok let me take a quick shower and we’ll head out. ” With that she got in the shower and got out with in 15 minutes and we headed home. We got to the house and when we reach the door I pulled her in for one more kiss and wished her a good morning. I lay on the couch thinking about last night and the future of my love with Kiki as I once again fell asleep. .