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woke up with the hardest morning wood I had ever gotten. I must have dreamed about hooking up with my sister the night before. There is nothing I’d rather do than take my dick in my hand and stroke it until I explode. I resisted the urge and thought about how big of a load I could give my little sister tonight if I save it up all day.

It’s almost 7pm, I start thinking about tonight. I wasn’t quite sure if she was going to come back. She told me she had fun sucking my dick last night, but hasn’t said anything to me today, not even a seductive look. I head up to my room and put on a porno while I wait for her.

I heard both mom and dad head to bed early tonight. It was only 8:30 and they were already in their room for the night. I really hope she wants to play again tonight. I spent all day thinking about how hard she makes me cum.

Ten minutes later I hear a faint knock on my bed room door before she enters. She comes over and sits on the bed next to me and we watch the porno on my TV.

”Want me to suck your dick?” She turns to me and says.
“Yea” I reply while unzipping my pants.

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She gets down on her knees and once again takes the head of my dick into her mouth.

It was only the third time my sister had ever had a cock in her mouth, but the way she sucked me off she could have had years of experience.

Her head bobs up and down faster sucking me deeper down her throat. I look down to watch my cock slide in and out of her warm mouth. She is fingering her pussy and beginning to moan. She stops and looks up at me

“Want to fuck?” she asks

“Yea I do! “I say eagerly

She stands up slides her pajama pants and panties to the floor. I see her hairy young bush for the first time. She gets back on the bed lays on her back and spreads her legs. I crawl between her legs and on top of her lightly pushing the head of my dick between her wet pussy lips. Her pussy lips were so hot and her juices felt incredible on the tip of my cock.
I rock forward pushing my dick against her tight opening. She winces in pain but I still haven’t gotten in the head of my dick

I slowly rock back and forth pushing my dick through her wet lips and up against her pussy. My dick feels so good sliding back and forth on her pussy. She begins to moan as my dick rubs faster against her clit. I held my cock and pushed it against her hole.

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“Oh fuck!” she yells turning bright red. “That feels so good”

“Ohhhhhh!” I moan loudly as the head of my cock plunges into her.

Her pussy is so hot and sticky. I can feel a thick film of her natural lube building up on my cock. I steadily pump my dick deeper and deeper into her pussy.

“Oh my god yes Fuck me!” she screamed as her body began to shake.
“How does it feel” I ask
“It feels so good’ she moans
“You like my dick in your pussy?”
“Oh yea” she mumbles

I pick up the pace and pump my dick all the way into her pussy until I hit bottom. My dick is throbbing, I can feel the cum building up ready to blow.

“Fuck yea I’m gonna cum!” I shout thrusting deep into my little sister’s pussy.

She tried to push me away, but I kept pumping my dick deep into her pussy. She pushed against my chest to stop me. Her struggling turned me on even more. Thrusting deeper and harder into her I feel my throbbing dick ready to burst.

“Don’t cum in me!” she gasped

“Oh fuck!” I scream pulling out my dick just in time to shoot my first stream of cum onto her stomach. She sat up and took my dick into her mouth

“Fuck that feels so good!” I moaned as she sucked every last drop of cum from my dick.

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We both collapse on the bed and lay there with trembles still running through our bodies.

“be right back, I have to run to the bathroom” she says before getting dressed and disappearing down the hall.

She comes back in quietly a few minutes later and sits back down on the bed.

“I can hear mom and dad” she said

“Are they still awake?” I asked

“yea in their room’

“what do you mean you heard them”

“mom was moaning, I think they are fucking” she whispered

“oh shit!” I jumped up grabbed a towel to wrap around myself and walked down the hallway towards their room with my sister follow close behind.
As we got closer to their room I could hear muffled moans along with their bed creaking. My jaw dropped before slowly turning into a grin. We stood their for a few more minutes. The moans got more intense as dad must have been fucking my mom harder and harder. I got my sister’s attention and motioned for her to go back to my room.

I dropped the towel to the floor, my dick sprang out harder than ever. I sat down on the corner of the bed and pulled my sister close to me. I kissed her deeply as I worked my hand into her pajama bottoms to finger her pussy. She quickly slid out of them again. She got on my lap letting my dick slide into her pussy and wrapped her legs around my waist.

I used my legs and the spring of the bed to bounce her up and down on my lap.

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   Ah her pussy felt so fucking good sliding up and down my shaft. She was already turning bright red again as she bounced on my dick. I felt her pussy tighten up around my dick.

“Oh my god I’m cumming!” she yelled wrapping her legs tight around my waist. I pushed my hips up and down faster fucking her as hard as I could. She moaned louder and her pussy contracted and squeezed my dick tighter.

“Fuck yes!” I scream wrapping my arms around her tight and pushing my dick deep inside her pussy. Her pussy tightens up once more triggering the most intense orgasm. I thrusted upwards burring my cock as deep as I could as it throbbed filling her with cum.

We sat basking in our orgasms for a few moments until my dick softened up and feel from her pussy. She got dressed once again and waved goodnight as she closed my bedroom door behind her.

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