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 I suppose this all started at 15 when I began to browse the internet. I began watching porn and looking at sex pictures on websites. Before this, all of my masturbation was based around fantasizing only. Over the course of a year I learned just about everything there is to know about sex and almost every fetish you can think of. At 16, something intrigued me though. I found myself enthralled at a website with pictures of brothers and sisters having sex. Although I knew they were fake, the idea kinda stuck with me because up until then I only thought of Sandy as a best friend and sister, not as a woman. A beautiful one at that. Sandy was a how shall I put it, "stage worthy. " By that I mean, she was as hot as those famous teen singers like Brittany spears, Christina aguilera etc. Sandy hit puberty young so she was practically fully filled out by 15. She was 5'6" around 115lbs, B cup breasts, blond shoulder length hair and just the most athletic perfect body. I was just as hot (almost). I don't wish to brag, but I was a very handsome good-looking kid. I was almost 6 feet tall, around 160lbs and very fit from playing sports. I never had many girlfriends.

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   I cant say why exactly, i'm not sure myself. I was confident and never really insecure, my manhood was of a decent size (slightly over 7in). My sister however, never had any boyfriends. She was to busy hanging with me or her friends and she never really got close to any one. She never seemed to care to start a relationship with a guy.   For the next year, Sandy had a star role in many of my masturbation fantasies. Everytime I finished, I would feel guilty. Because we were best friends and I felt as though I was betraying her trust yet I could not help myself. I would make it a point to try and "accidentally" go into her room hoping to catch her changing. The door knobs in our house were opened easily with something thin. So I would act surprised and say the door wasn't locked when I barged in and caught her undressing. Unfortunately I never did catch her in the act. After several months of these acts, I gave up. I finally told myself it would never happen and that I need to stop it. It's wrong and all your going to do is hurt her trust in you.

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   That is, until 3 months later.   Three months had passed since I made my oath never to pursue this fantasy again. And everything beginning to get back to normal. Me and Sandy were hanging out a lot more often and would often hang out just the two of us together. This was a bit different because when we would go out together, we would always be accompanied by at least 1 friend. On many occasions someone would comment about us being boyfriend and girlfriend. We would just laugh and suck it up. But deep in the back of my mind, it felt erotic to think about it. Then one day, something happened that will live forever in my mind.  My parents had been gone for 3 days so far, and would be gone for another week and a half. They took a 2 week vacation for just the two of them. It wasn't uncommon for them to leave us home alone. For the most part we were pretty responsible. They stocked up on food for us and left $100 for emergencies. But because of there work schedules, the only time they could get vacation was for the winter time.

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   So me and my sister were stuck inside a lot together during this time. Which I didn't mind. We would always find something to do. Then all of a sudden, the AC broke. I couldn't believe it. What shitty timing.   In no time at all, the house was freezing. I took charge and called out an AC guy to see what was wrong. He told me that we needed a new unit. "FUCK!" I exclaimed to myself in my head. The $100 my parents left us would not buy a whole new unit. I grabbed the piece of paper off the fridge with my mothers cell phone number on it and called her.  "Hello?" My mother answered.  "Mom the AC is broken! Me and Sandy are freezing!" I said. "Yea mom, my nipples are getting hard!" Sandy shouted in the background trying to be humorous like she always does.

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   "Oh honey, i'm so sorry, but there is nothing I can do until I get back" she replied which sunk my heart.  She continued "Try and stay at friends during the night so you don't freeze to death, your going to have to tough it out before we get home. " "Sigh, alright mom, have fun" I said with regret because I wish they were as fucking cold as I was! "Bye sweetie" she said as she hung up the phone.   Sandy looked at me and with an obvious expression of anger on my face I told her they can't do anything until they get home so we are stuck. "Oh that sucks" she says in an aggravated voice.    I figured it was too late tonight to sleep at a friends, so I grabbed a couple blankets from the closet and brought them to my room to watch some TV. I had a fairly decent TV in my room with cable and it was upstairs so it was slightly warmer. Sandy went to her room, I figured she was going to sleep. I began flipping through the channels for something to watch and ended up on some low budget action movie. The acting was horrible but I didn't really care. All I cared about was trying to keep warm and had wrapped myself like a cocoon. Towards the end of the movie Sandy walked into my room and jumped on the bed. She began tugging at the blankets I was thoroughly wrapped in saying "Let me in, i'm fucking freezing my ass off. " It must have been around 50-60 degrees in the house by now. "Alright, give me a second" I said as I was trying to untangle myself.

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   Finally free she jumped under the covers and squeezed against me as close as she could without actually merging into me. I started getting those feelings again. Her touch was so warm and felt so good. I hadn't been touched by another girl for awhile now and I could barely keep myself from getting a hard-on right then.   She just lied there with her head against my chest as I was propped up against the backboard. Her arms were wrapped around my waist trying to get away from the cold and her body was pressed against my side. I could practically feel her nipples poking me. She was wearing sweatpants with a halter top. No wonder she was cold. Although I wasn't any better off. I was wearing a simple T-shirt and pajama pants. I got accustomed to wearing these because some nights I would have an urge to sleep in the nude and it was easy to slip off under the covers and back on if someone came in the room. By now, the movie was done rolling the credits and a new movie was about to come on. When I saw the title I almost freaked. It was a Skin-A-Max movie.

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   A very erotic one at that. One of the few I would actually watch and masturbate to. This was not good. So I looked around for the remote.   I didn't realize I left the remote on the TV stand. As I attempted to move to get it, Sandy pulls me back and grips hard around my waist. "Don't go" she says. "But you don't want to watch this do you?" I asked her. "I don't care, if you don't. Besides your keeping me warm" She said with a smile on her face. Although I wasn't surprised that she would watch a sexy movie like this with me, I was a bit confused. It would have only taken me a second to get the remote.   The movie started off with a couple having sex. They didn't waste any time with the sex in this movie. Every 5 minutes someone was fucking someone else.

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   About 20 minutes in I couldn't contain it anymore and started to become erect. I was scared my sis would see and freak out. But what could she say? She made me watch it! In my own nervous composure I didn't realize, Sandy was stroking my chest very slowly and very gently rubbing my right thigh with her other arm that was wrapped around my back. She was actually getting off on this, and much to my own pleasure, she was performing very sensual teases on me and she didn't even seem to realize it.   After 10 minutes of this, she totally shocked me.   By now I was almost completely erect with maybe an inch or two to spare. She suddenly places her left hand on my stomach and slips the tip of her fingers under my waistband. I just stood stiff because I know this move. This move is to test and see if they will allow you access further. Once you penetrate this point, you will be rejected or accepted. And I didn't move. I didn't know what to do. So, After about 10 seconds, I believe she got the idea that I wasn't objected to letting her go further and she moved half her hand into my pubic area and began slightly "stroking" her fingers through my neatly trimmed nether region (hey I like to keep it small and nice, so sue me). I was still frozen in place, in a deep stare at the 2 people fucking on the TV afraid to look at my sister. Finally she broke the silence.

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   "John" she says while still looking at the screen, "Can I tell you a secret that I have been keeping from even you for a long time now?" "Sure Sandy, you can tell me anything" I say as brotherly as possible like she doesn't have her hand down my pants.  "You know I've never had a boyfriend right?" she says as she turns her head to look me in the eyes.  "Yes, I know, but that's no secret" I reply back with as much clarity as I could.  "Well, I haven't had a boyfriend because. " She says with a look of fear on her face.  "Because of what?" I say.  "Because. . . . I. . . I. .

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  wanted you to be my. . . first" She says with an expression of lust and regret on her face.   After about 3 or 4 seconds, I threw all morality out the window. I looked her straight in the eye and kissed her on the lips. As I did she removed her hand from my pants and grabbed me around the neck, kissing me passionately. Our tongues twisted in eachothers mouths as if we each held the cure for a disease. She got up and sat on my groin, pushing my manhood down with the crack of her ass. We didn't break our embrace for several minutes as we marinated in a completely hot passionate makeout session. Like we were lovers who had been apart for so long and for the first time in eternity finally got to be together. Finally she broke the kiss and looked at me with such a look I will never forget. I could see it in her eyes and the expression of her face. Passion, lust, love, and most of all, a look of total relief. As if she was burdened by this without being able to act on it.

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   Sandy snaps me out of my gaze and says "I want you to teach me everything, I love you so much John. " "I love you too Sandy, I have been wanting this for so long" I reply to her lustful gaze. At that remark she kisses me again for another 5 seconds then breaks away. She removes the covers and grabs at the waistband of my pants. I stand on my knees so they would be easier to remove. As she pulls back my elastic waistband my completely rigid cock springs forth for her to see. No sooner then this she releases the waistband and it snaps me in the stomach which stung quite bad. I suck in my gut at the pain as I see her with her hand over her mouth.  "OW! What did you do that for?" I say reveling in pain.  "Oh my god I'm so sorry! It's just so big it surprised me" She said in a shocked tone.  "haha" I said in a giggling voice "it's not that big Sandy, some guys are much bigger, Haven't you ever seen one?" "No, i'm a virgin remember. I can barely fit 2 fingers inside me, how are you going to be able to fit that in me"? she says still in shock.  "Trust me it will fit, I guess i'm just going to have to eat your pussy real good to get you nice and warmed up" I said with a large grin on my face.  "Oh John, You know exactly what I want!" She said in a little girlie innocent voice like she just got the biggest bag of candy.   At that moment she gets up and strips her top and pants.


   She was a beautiful site. So perfect. She was my dream woman and I had permission to teach her everything I know. She had a thin small strip of pubic hair and that was it. Her pussy was that of an untouched shrine. I grab her and playfully throw her onto her back on the bed and in no time dive into her sweet nectar of the gods. I was shocked what her pussy smelled like. It smelled exactly like peaches. I thought this was an urban legend. Although I only had sex a few times, I performed oral sex on quite a few girls. And if they didn't smell bad, they were at best musky. Nothing bad, but it wasn't good either. Sandy however, did infact smell like peaches and it wasn't a covered scent. This was her womanhood in all its natural glory.   I wasted no time lapping at her gorgeous pussy with everything I had.

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   I made sure not to touch the clitoris at all until I wanted to make her cum and cum good. With every lick she moaned. She looked as though she was in paradise. She bucked her hips and grinned into my face. She grabbed the back of my head to prop herself against my face to make sure I didn't miss an inch of her cunt. After several minutes of lapping at her pussy and hearing her moan in pleasure, I decided to make her cum, and hard. I slowly inserted my middle finger into her pussy and just as I did, I began furiously sucking on her clit. "OH GOD!" she screamed out as I began finger fucking her and sucking her clit. I was making a "come here" motion with my finger, because I had heard this is how you stimulate the G-spot. I guess the rumors were true because in one big thrust she jammed her crotch into my face and splattered pussy juice all over my face. She was a gusher alright, and it didn't have much of any taste at all.  "OHHhhhhhhhhhhHHH" is all she said, over and over again as she spasmed like she was having a seizure. After about a minute I began to get worried because she was still having little spasms but she relieved me when she said " That. . wasss.

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  . . just. . oh god. "  "See Sandy, I told you I would get you nice and wet" I said with her pussy juice literally dripping off my face.  She looked at me, and then at the huge wet spot she made on her bed and said "Oh no. . is that. . . pee?" With a little giggle I said "no, you had a G-spot orgasm, feels good doesn't it?" Without even responding to my question she says "Fuck me". . . .

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  . . . "Now. " She looks me in the eye, gets up and slips her tongue in my mouth. Lapping up every bit of juice she could. She was even twice as horny it seemed now. She seemed to know exactly what she wanted. And that was to fuck me. She positions herself right on top of me and says "do it. " So I position my, according to her, big cock at her pussy hole. The moment she feels the tip of my cock at her tight wetness, she sits down, shoving almost half my cock up her pussy, and deflowering her in the process. She didn't seem to mind the pain, but I loved it. Apparently it sent a shrill through her which caused her pussy to grip my cock like a vice. Her pussy was so hot and fucking tight! I am so glad she had to stop for a few seconds because had she kept going, I would have came right then and there.

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    She begins to relax and starts moving very gently up and down on my cock. She leans down and says in my ear "I'm on the pill. " I knew exactly what she meant. With slow and steady strokes, she began riding my shaft to its hilt. In no time at all we were fucking in unison. I was drilling into her like a bat out of hell. "FUCK ME JOHN" "GOD YOUR SO BIG" were the words escaping her mouth. She went from my sister, my best friend, to a total sex crazed animal in bed with me. Her pussy juice was flowing steadily, making squishing sounds as I mashed my manhood up her cunt, trying to feel as much of her as I could. I made one big thrust and on the tip of my dick, felt her cervix. "Oh your so big John, its so big it almost hurts" she says in ecstasy.   She grabs me behind the neck and starts frantically humping me. "Sandy your going to fast, your going to make me cum" I said wanting to prolong my pleasure. She didn't listen and began to move even faster. Her juice was flowing down my legs onto my bed.

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   The smell of sex filled the entire house. We were sweaty fucking animals right now. "John i'm gunna cum, cum with me" she said as she began fervorously pounding up and down on my cock. I could feel the swell of my cum fill my balls, and knew I was going to cum. With one last massive thrust I began to cum into my sister, as she came onto my rock hard cock.  "OHHHhhh goddddd" we both said simultaneously,  "II'm cummmmming John" my sister said as she shot gush after gush onto my pulsating staff.  "Me Toooo!" I said as I began to unload my cum into my sisters tight hot dripping pussy.   We sat there, lying in eachothers arms for minutes as my sister had spasm after spasm. I could feel her legs shaking against mine. I doubt she could walk, and neither could I. Luckily our parents wouldn't be home for a long time. After a few moments my sister broke the silence, barely able to speak over our heavy breathing.  "John" she said out of breath.  "Yea Sandy?" I replied "I lied" she said which sent a nervous chill down my spine. Did she lie about being on the pill? Oh fuck, she will probably get pregnant! "Lied about what? Your not on the pill"? I said with anxiety.

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   "No no no, I'm on the pill" she said to my relief.  "Thank god. . . then what is it?" I said.  "I didn't just want to lose my virginity to you, I want you to be mine, all the time. " She said with a smile on her face.  I smiled back and said "Sandy, somehow I don't think that will be a problem. " She said "good, cause I want you to teach me more tomorrow, and every day after that. " With that, in a sweaty sexy mess, we fell asleep in eachothers arms.  To be continued?.

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