I'm in control


     Hi my name is Joe and I live in a nice suburb of La and this is a story about a family I know down the street.   It started one summer when a girl walked past my house.   I was cutting the grass and when I saw her she was wearing a very short skirt and tube top and I couldn't really tell how old she was put if I had to guess she about 15.   She has long black hair and about 5'3 or so 34 or 36 D and that tube top sure made those tits look outstanding and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.   I kept looking to make sure my wife didn't see me checking her out and this played out every week for a month and it seemed that this girl was doing it on purpose and so I stopped her and asked her name but she just walking and smiling.
     The next day when I was driving to the store I drove past her house and saw her mother and she was just as sexy as her daughter. Her hair was longer, down to her ass and tits where just as big and that ass was round and shaped like a heart.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing and when I got home I went right to the bathroom and jacked off think about the daughter and her mother and I kept thinking about them. It got so bad that if I didn't think about them when fucking my wife I couldn't cum.
     The next night I sneaked out after my wife fell asleep and I went to spy on them by look through their windows and when I got there I looked through the side window of their house and I could see a young man masturbating to a book that was called Family love affair, I wasn't sure then but later I found out what kind of book that was.   Good looking kid had a nice size cock about 7 or 8 inch but I was there for a different sight and that was not it.   So I went around to the back and the next room I seen I could tell was the daughters.
     When I looked around I couldn't see her but it didn't take long.   She came out of the bathroom I think and she was buck ass naked and I got a hard on.   She was perfect and it was hurting in my pants and I was about to pull it out but the next thing I know the light went out.   I dropped quickly to assure that she did see me and I was pissed.

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     But just as I thought my night was over I see another light and so I went to take a look it was the parents and they where fucking like rabbits and I had a front row view.   She was on top and her ass looked as sexy as she was hammering down on her husbands cock it wasn't as big as thier son but not to bad.   It still seemed to satisfy her and I took out my cock and started to pump my cock and stoked at the same pace she was fucking that cock and it didn't take long to shot my load on the side of the house and thought that I better go before I was caught.
     When I got home my wife was still sleeping so I went to the  bathroom to jack off again because I still had a hard on after what I saw just a few minutes ago and a when I was done I sat down and tried to think of a way I could get to fuck those two. Then it came to me and so for the next couple days o got my ducks in a row.
     It was the night I was going to put my plan in action.  After my wife fell asleep I got my ninja suit on and got my bag and out the house I went.   It didn't take long to get there but when I did I made sure that they where all there.   I went to the side of the garage and the door was unlocked.    I went into the garage and when I got to the furnace I got out a bottle of chloroform and poured it in the air plum and left the room and went outside and waited for about an hour.   I then went to the front door and rang the door bell and was hoping that no one would open the door and after a couple Of times I was sure it was safe to go in.
     I slowly opened the door and it was semi dark and I didn't see anyone so I looked around and checked the bedrooms and everyone was out so I went to the daughter room first and tied her hand and taped her mouth and dragged her to the living room and after getting everyone in the living room I opened all the windows and took my gas mask off and started to take off the daughters cloths and as I was doing that the father started to wake up and because he was legs and hand where tied and his mouth taped he couldn't do or say anything.  
So I continued taking her cloths off and ever time I looked over to the dad he was looking away.  The others where waking up and I knew it was time to have some fun.   You could tell that they where all scared shitless and then I went to the mother and cut off all her too.

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    It didn't take long to cut all their pajamas off.   I now I was in the living room with the whole family naked.   I looked over at the son and he was looking at his mother and she was looking at me and didn't notice her fan.   I walk over to the mom and started to touch her tits and grabbed her hair and slapped her nice ass at the same time was looking at her son get a hard on seeing me treating his mother like that.
     I bent down and whispered in her ear and told her that her son was turned on by seeing her naked and see looked over and couldn't believe that her son had a raging hard on.   I told her that if she didn't do as I said I would kill all of them and I made sure that they all heard me.   I closed all the windows and turn on some music so that know one could hear what was going down in here.   I told the mom to not make a sound and I was going to take the tape off her mouth and when I did she didn't say a word.   I told her to get on all four and I got behind her and started to eat her pussy and I could tell she liked it by the moans I could hear. . . I looked up and her son was still looking at her and I could tell he was horned and wanted to touch his mom.   So I told her to move closer to her son and when I said that she didn't move so I grab her hair and said it again and she slowly moved closer to him I looked at the son and told him to lay down on his back and I didn't have to say it twice.   He laded down and I told his mom to suck her son’s dick she moved slow but did as I said but she didn't realize that her going slow just turn him on more.   She took his cock in her mouth and started to give him head his eyes rolled back and started to push it in her mouth and as this was going on I looked at the daughter.

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     She was crying a little and so I went over to her and told her to lay down and open her legs and she did and I got down on the floor and started to eat her pussy and her lips where big and I played with them and after a couple minutes she has wet and horny and her dad was now looking with interest.   I looked of to see how mom was doing and she was sucking hard and her son shot his boy cum in her mouth she started to take her mouth off and I said don't do it so she kept it in her mouth.   Then I told her to lie down and I walk over and took the tape off his mouth and told him to return the favor and eat your mommy’s pussy and she open her legs wide and he went to town and she was moaning as he kept licking.   All this action and I had the biggest hard on so I took it out and I could see the daughters eyes open wide as she saw my big cock.  I grabbed her and put her on all fours and I got behind her I took out a condom and put it on my cock.   I took some ky and made her nice a wet and slowly enter her it was the tightest pussy I’ve ever had and I got in about half and hit something so I knew she as a virgin so I pulled out and went in again making sure not to break it.   After few stokes in her pussy I cummed in the condom and pulled out.   I looked over to the dad and he watched the whole thing and had a nice hard on.   I told him I saved the cherry for him and told him to crawl over and get a taste.
     I went back over to the mom and son and he was still eating mommy’s pussy so I took my cock over to her face and told her suck my cock.   I still had the condom on and told her taste her daughters pussy and she did very happy to and then I took off the condom and threw it away and she went right back to sucking my cock all eleven inches and then I told sonny to stop eating his mommies pussy and I made her get back on all four and gave her no warning I rammed it in her pussy and she kept slamming back every time and it was so good and I told her that I was going to cum and she said please let me suck it out and I said yes and she pulled out quick and my cock was back in her mouth.  
This is part one.   If you want more then say so