Incest That Changed My Life Forever


So we took a dip in the pool, now all day my pants were about to fall off, I saw sometimes how she would look and then I would look up and she would fake a sneeze or something like that. Anyway, we are talking about divorce n stuff, blah blah, then all of a sudden, I went to the side of the pool and pulled myself out. My pants flew completely off me. First I was embarrassed, but it was very hard for me to cover my self up because I knew she was looking. So I just turned and ran into the house. As I went in the house, I saw where she had gotten turned on by me. As I saw this, looking for clothes, I was thinking to myself and doubt, my cousin?!?! No way. As I was looking for clothes, she came in the room with a pair of shorts, she gave a "mmmmmmm" sound saying looking for something. The sound that she made would have made any man fall to his knees and bust a nut, God or Jesus couldn't handle it. I replied "yes, may I have those?" She responded, "you have to come and get them. " Right then and there I was thinking what the fuck just hand me the pants, but something caught my attention right then and there, I saw that my cousins nipples were hard and she had her hands close to her vagina and clit and looking at me. This brought new light on me, but once again I got this thought, 'buddy, she is your cousin, sin sin sin' So I said to her, "you better come over here and give me the shorts now or I will slap you" she said to me "come over here and do it then" I went over there and took the shorts from her and put them on and found out it was her panties. I was thinking, what the hell is she trying to do. I couldn't tell what they were at the time because she had them in a ball while I was looking at the across the room. My view completely changed over her, I was kicked into reality, I knew she was hot and I wanted her bad, but I just couldn't, I had change in a little over 30 minutes, I'm such a shit. I was pissed, so I went up to her and said give me some fucking shorts now.

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   She then got her hand and touched my big dick. I was quick to get her hand off of me and threw her to the bed. I can't remember what I said but I know it was long because I made her cry, I said something like, what the hell are you trying to do touching me for you retarded assblaster, I'm your cousin. She cried, I knew it wasn't fake because I have never seen her cry before. So, I'm not cold hearted and I show empathy sometimes, I knowing the mistake I made, sat down next to her and said I was sorry. She then made a move on me by jumping on me and kissing me. I threw her off of me like a thrown pen across a classroom. I yelled at her again saying something violent again, like what the hell are you doing?!? She then said, and I quote her on this, because this changed and scared me forever, I finally gave in to her, "I haven't had sex before and I have always wanted you! I have just been too shy and mad to confront you because you are my cousin and I love you. " Crazy thoughts ran threw my six again, she was so hot and it was all for me, that finally hit me. After this last call for sex and a rally point from my cousin, which I wanted her too, but not as bad as she wanted me. I finally just sat on the bed and said, "Come here pussy cat. " I told her of the dangers of us doing this, she said she didn't care and wanted my big dick in her mouth. I said as one of my favorite all time actors Chris Farley in his Matt Foley speeches, I said, "Go for it. " I'm not going into grave detail about the sex, even though it was the best sex I have ever had for a virgin girl. Though I feel very sick for saying that comment, its true.

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   We had sex for 6 straight hours. I came in every hole she has that day. After that day, I have been suicidal ever since. It has been very hard for me to even go out with another women because I feel so sick for fucking my own cousin. I fell so sick for it because, no one else has beat the sex we had, that is why it is so sick yet, very, I mean VERY VERY nice to know I can keep shit all in the family. Every time I see my cousin now, I see the glance in her eyes she had when we had sex and every time I see her I know she wants it more. She ended up getting pregnant, I made her get an abortion for the fear of an inbred baby, sad to say, maybe one day I will be able to resist her, if that day comes, I can live a normal life which I once had. . . . .