Jamie and Daddy


“What have I just done?” I asked myself in horror.
What I just did was fucked my daughter. But she’s 18 now, so it’s no big deal, right? Thank heaven I’m already divorced, because if I weren’t, divorce would be coming soon.
I looked at her sound asleep. Jamie is beautiful, isn’t she? She got everything good from her mother’s and my looks. Tall at 5’8”, dark brown hair from both of us and tanned flawless skin from her mother; her mother’s small boobs (probably 34Bs), but those very long and sensitive dark brown nipples; a face that constantly turned heads even without make-up, with thin but very sensuous lips, captivating brown eyes; a small but round ass that is most people’s version of perfection below a 24” waist; pussy lips that are shaven completely, with a little bit of long dark cunt hair on her mons; and those legs, trim and shapely and oh so long. Oh, no, I’m getting hard again just looking at her.
It all started very innocently. She came to live with me after she turned 16--she just couldn’t get along with her mother any more. I could completely understand that one! She moved in, enrolled in the local high school, was an honor student, ran on the cross country team, played tennis, and mostly stayed away from the boys, though they pursued her like dogs chasing a fox.
I wondered at times if Jamie was gay. She went out with the boys only on a group date, but was closer to her girlfriends than any of the boys. Which would be fine with me--I have no problem with gays and lesbians. But it just never came up in conversation.
Maybe it was because I had little problem with nudity in the house that caused this. Before she moved in, I usually walked around with no clothes on.

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   That habit proved hard to abandon after she came to my house. She caught me with my bedroom door open while I was changing clothes on several occasions, but rather than be horrified, she seemed to pick up on my habit. She began to be less concerned with whether her bedroom door was closed or not, and that became true even when she took a bath. The moment that Jamie got home from school, she began to immediately remove her bra, sometimes right in front of me. I occasionally got a peek at her perfect boobs, and it just seemed very natural to her. Soon, she started walking around the house in panties and a cutoff shirt, again leaving little to the imagination. When she would stretch her arms up, her boobs would be shown to me, but she never seemed embarrassed about it. It wasn’t long before I was walking around the house in just my undies or a pair of gym shorts sans underwear. Again, it just seemed natural.
Then, one day, it went just a little farther than that. Jamie was just short of her 18th birthday. This day, she put on a bikini and spread a blanket in the back yard for some sunbathing. She laid down and asked me to put some suntan oil on her back. Nothing unusual about that, except that she had already removed her bra. But she was lying face down, so nothing was revealed.

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   “Be sure you get my sides, too” she instructed. As I worked my way from her back to her rib cage, she lifted herself up on her forearms to get a drink, exposing those perfect boobs to me, seemingly unaware of the effect she was having.
But I controlled myself. As I worked my way down her sides and back, she lowered herself down again, mashing her boobs against the blanket, then reached down to her bikini bottoms and rolled them down a little. “Go a little lower, please, Daddy” she requested, and of course I complied. I could see the upper part of her ass now, and my cock grew to its full 7”. I put lotion on her lower back down to where her bottoms were, until she was fully coated on her back. “Mmmm, that felt so good! I wish you didn’t have to stop!“
‘What?’ I asked myself. ‘Did she mean what it sounded like?‘ I went inside for a moment, and watched her out of my kitchen window. She eventually rolled over, briefly exposing her boobs before folding her bra in half and laying it over her nipples.
I couldn’t have been any hornier unless she were totally naked, so I pulled my shorts down and began stroking my cock in earnest. Then came the questions: ‘Did she want me to continue massaging her? Did she want me to continue under her bottoms? Or am I putting too much into what she said?’ It was less than one minute before I was cumming, shooting white globs of semen all over my kitchen cabinets and floor. I cleaned up the mess, went to the bathroom, then turned on the TV.
Jamie came in a little while later in some distress. Apparently she had rolled over on a yellow jacket, and it stung her left boob in several places.

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   “Daddy, will you please help me?” she asked plaintively. She was holding her bra against her boobs.
“You’ll have to take your top off, honey” I said to her. She hesitated, then when she realized I was right, dropped her bra, exposing both boobs to me. I got some medicine from the bathroom, applied it to the welts that had already started growing on her firm right breast, took one last long look, then said “You’ll probably want to go braless the rest of the day to prevent any more irritation. ”
“I think you’re right, Daddy. Thanks for your help. ”
So for the next couple of hours, Jamie’s boobs were bouncing under her T-shirt, and the friction caused by the shirt kept her nipples at full erection practically the entire day. But the bee stings on her right boob kept her uncomfortable, so she finally just removed her shirt. When I started to object to her semi-nudity, she said “Daddy, please! Even my lightest shirt causes a lot of pain, so please let it go today. Besides, you‘ve seen my boobs before…”
How could I refuse her? It did look uncomfortable, and since we weren’t expecting guests, I didn’t see any harm in it. Little did I know that, despite the fact that the stings were real, I was being set up by Jamie.
Later that same month, the air conditioning system broke down. Until someone could make it to our house to repair it, we were going to have to suffer in the heat. I had some fans, but moving hot air around wasn’t much help.

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   I had been going shirtless all summer already, but when this happened, Jamie pulled her shirt off too. Again, I started to object, but she showed me that she had sweated through her shirt. “And besides, it’s not fair that you get to take your shirt off, but just because I have boobs, I can’t!” Again, I didn’t have much argument there. So for the next few days, we were both shirtless. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her lovely boobs, and especially those long nipples. That wonderful sight kept me in a constant state of erection.
After the A/C was repaired, Jamie frequently traipsed around the house with her boobs exposed. Though I tried to explain that girls shouldn’t expose themselves to their dads like that, I couldn’t argue with her logic very well.
“But Daddy, you’ve seen my boobs many times before, so what’s the big deal?” she argued. Then the big question: “Don’t you like how your baby girl looks?”
How does one answer that question? It was so loaded that I lose no matter what I say. “Of course I love how you look, honey. That’s not the point. ”
“What is the point then?” she asked.
She had me then, and we both knew it. “Never mind” I said out of exasperation.

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   “Just know that I am a man, and will probably be stealing as many glances at you as I can. You’ll just have to put up with that. ” I thought that would scare her to her senses.
“So look, then!” she retorted. “You already have been anyway. ”
She got me again. So for the rest of the summer, Jamie was content to wear just bikini bottoms or bikini panties, and nothing else. I even caught her a time or two walking from the bathroom to her bedroom in the nude, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think she timed it so I could see her naked.
My cock and right hand got their fair share of exercise during this time. Jamie had grown into a beautiful young woman, and just because I was her father doesn’t mean I didn’t notice that. So I became a frequent masturbator as the summer wore on, with many fantasies of my gorgeous daughter to guide my sessions.
Toward the end of the summer was Jamie’s 18th birthday. In addition to the gifts I got for her, I also wanted to take her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Of course, she picked one 50 miles from where we live, but I didn’t mind--it was her birthday, after all.

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   “Just be sure to dress nicely--the restaurant won’t let us in otherwise. And we probably ought to pack an overnight bag--if we have any alcoholic drinks, I’d rather spend the money on a room than get arrested. ”
Jamie ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower, boobs bouncing all the way. When she finished, she again walked from the bathroom to her bedroom stark naked. I couldn’t swear to it, but I couldn’t see any pussy hair at all. Maybe it was just the light…
Soon, she called me into her bedroom, and asked “Which dress do you like the best?”
I replied “Your legs are so beautiful, why don’t you show them off?” When she exited her room, she was wearing a dress that was cut to just below her boobs, gathered at the waist, then stopped just a little below her ass with some pleats on the lower part.
“How do I look, Daddy?” she asked. She did a slow spin, and I almost lost it right there.
“You will be the sexiest lady there, I guarantee it” I replied. She smiled her beautiful smile, and we left for dinner.
At the restaurant, the guy who greeted us at the door couldn’t keep her eyes off Jamie. But when I shot a look at him, he led us to a booth in a corner of the restaurant. Jamie took her seat, then scooted all the way over, motioning for me to sit beside her. When the waiter came for drink orders, I noticed him trying to see down Jamie’s dress. I whispered to him “I’d like two daiquiris, and if you don’t check her ID, I won’t complain to your manager that you were looking down the front of her dress.

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  ” He looked at me with a horrified look, knowing that he had been caught, and merely shook his head.
When the drinks came, I advised Jamie “Don’t drink too fast--you’ll make yourself sick. Just nurse it and enjoy the taste. ” Jamie took my advice, but by the time dinner arrived, we had both nearly finished our drinks. I ordered two more, and we began eating.
Just before the second round of drinks arrived, Jamie said “Daddy, I’ve never had any alcohol before. I don’t want to drink too much. ”
I replied “Don’t worry, honey. Two drinks were all I was planning for anyway. ” She smiled sweetly, apparently a little high already from the first one. Dinner was wonderful, and as we finished our second drink, Jamie was feeling no pain. When we got up to leave, she realized that she had left her purse in the corner of the booth. When she reached over to retrieve it, her hem raised up, exposing her ass to me. My cock immediately responded to her lovely rear end, and began growing at a rapid rate. Fortunately, there was nobody close to us, and I made sure that she was covered again when she stood back up.

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   I put an arm around her as we made our way to the door, and she was all giggles as I opened the car door for her.
I pulled the car out of the lot, and Jamie’s inhibitions were gone. “I’m horny!” she announced, and she pulled her short hem up to her waist and began rubbing a finger between her cunt lips. I kept glancing over at her show as she steadily increased the motions with her hand. I could smell her juices as she came closer to her orgasm. Finally, her ass lifted off the seat as she came, and cunt juice poured from her. Right after she came, she fell asleep, and I made the rest of the ride to the hotel with a hard-on.
Fortunately, I was able to get my dick under control by the time I had to check in. I pulled her hemline back down to a respectable point, then went inside. The bad news was that they only gave me a single king-sized bed, rather than two queens. But since the bed was so large, I didn’t fight it too much. We still would have enough room for the two of us, and then some. After checking in, I went back out to the car and parked it right outside of our room. I picked Jamie up and carried her inside, sitting her on the edge of the bed. When I turned to lock the door, she fell backwards on the bed, exposing herself to me, as if to confirm that she wore no panties.

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   Her pussy looked like it did when she was 8, the last time I saw it hairless. Again, my cock began to stiffen, so I opened the bag and looked for her night clothes.
But all I could find was the clothing that she was going to wear tomorrow. No undies, no PJs, nothing to wear in bed. I toyed with the idea of letting her sleep in her dress, but I knew it was an expensive one, so I decided to try to wake her up.
Before I woke her, I went to the bathroom to relieve myself. As I exited the bathroom, I saw Jamie standing by the bed. “Daddy” she began “…would you please unbutton my dress?”
I unbuttoned the three large buttons on the back of her dress, and she simply let it fall to the floor. “I need to go to the bathroom” said my naked daughter. She started, then nearly fell over. I caught her, and she said “Help me please. ”
I put an arm around her and half carried her to the bathroom. I had to guide her butt onto the toilet seat, but I finally managed to get her there. After she finished peeing, I helped her up again, leading her toward the bed. “Honey, do you have anything to sleep in tonight?”
“How about this bed?” she answered drunkenly.

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   She fell onto the bed, then climbed to the pillow, atop the covers. I found an extra blanket, covered her up, then removed my clothes down to my undies. I slid under the blanket with her and whispered “Happy Birthday” as I laid down.
Later that night, I was awakened by my naked daughter trying to snuggle against me. I just assumed that she was cold, and was trying, even in her sleep, to warm up against her daddy. Unfortunately, the feel of her naked body against mine caused my cock to begin stirring again, and soon it was against Jamie’s ass and lower back, separated only by the piece of cotton that was my underwear. I tried to move away, but each time I moved, so did Jamie, until finally she rolled over with half her body lying atop mine, and her left leg between my legs. Her thigh was directly atop my cock, keeping it warm and stiff. I decided to give up the fight, and wrapped an arm around her to warm her a bit more.
When I did that, Jamie softly moaned, then settled back down. I could feel her left boob between her body and mine, her hard nipple pressing against my chest. I tried to fall asleep, and nearly succeeded, but soon Jamie moved again. Apparently she liked the warmth of our bodies together, and moved so that her body was completely atop mine. Now I could feel both boobs against my chest, and this time her legs were spread wide on either side of mine. I moved so that both arms were on her back, and my hands ended up on her ass.


   Again, she moaned, and I would have sworn that her ass wiggled against my hands. Once more, my cock was as stiff as a board, its head was sticking straight up between her legs, resting against her pussy lips, with only that thin cotton between it and penetration. I could feel some heat against my cock head, and I realized in shock that she was getting wet, and my cock was all but inside her.
As I tried to figure how to get out of this situation, Jamie woke up. “Hi, Daddy! You feel so warm. But why are you in my bed?”
“Jamie, honey, we’re in a hotel. We had dinner out to celebrate your birthday, but the hotel only had this one-bed room for us. ”
“That’s OK, Daddy. It makes things easier. ”
“What things, Jamie?” I was completely confused now.
“This thing, Daddy. ” And with that, she pulled my undies off my cock, freeing it from its confines. Jamie then put her lips around the head of my cock and started gently sucking and licking. Shortly, she added her teeth, lightly scraping the underside of the head, before taking in about ½ of the length.
“Jamie, we can’t…” I started before she went up and back down the shaft a few times.

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   By then, I was captive, and couldn’t protest any further. She pushed the blanket off of us, exposing her lovely lips passing over my cock again and again. With one hand, she also began lightly massaging my balls, adding to my pleasure. As I was nearing my cum, she took one long lick and a final suck on the head, then squeezed the end of the head, coaxing the cum back down.
Then she swung her legs on either side of my head, positioning her pussy lips inches from my lips. I could smell her sweet aroma, and could see her inner lips fully extended. I pulled her lips apart, revealing a fully stiff clit. I couldn’t take any more, and dived into her waiting pussy. I stuck my tongue in her fuck hole as far as I could get it, swirling it around and savoring the taste. Jamie began pushing her ass closer to me, trying to get my tongue even deeper. I pulled it slowly out, drawing a slow, low moan from my daughter, then licked her pussy from bottom to top, flicking my tongue back and forth over her clit. Her juices became more copious, and when I finally put my lips around her clit and sucked hard, she came with such force that she spurted her cum all over my face. I lapped up what I was able, before Jamie said “GOD! That was the best cum I’ve EVER had!!”
Jamie then switched positions and initiated a long, deep French kiss with me. She sat her pussy right atop my cock and began rubbing it all over. Finally, she said “Daddy, for my best birthday present, I want you to be the first to fuck me! I need it right NOW!”
Before I even had a chance to answer, she sat up and inserted the head of my cock into her pussy.

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   Jamie was so wet that I had no difficulty sliding right into her, until I got to her hymen. “Now I am a virgin, Daddy, so please be gentle. I wanted you to be the first. ”
‘What?’ I thought. ‘My daughter has saved her cherry for her daddy?’ I had never felt so special before. She raised up a little, then slowly began applying pressure until finally, her cherry was gone. As I finally sank all the way inside her, she squealed and sat still. But after her initial reaction, she pulled back up and began up and down movements. Her pussy slapped against my body, and she quickly experienced her first cum by fucking. When I reached up and began to fondle her boobs, she began the up and down movements once more, cumming again when I twisted her nipples. I could feel my own cum approaching, so I began in and out movements of my own. I looked up and could see her boobs jiggling with each movement, pulling my own cum closer. Finally, I pulled my cock out of her, letting her slide her cunt back and forth over my cock, until finally I spurted all over my chest and belly. When Jamie saw this, she had her own spurting cum that soaked my cock and balls.
“Why did you pull out, Daddy?” she asked after we calmed down.

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“The last thing I want is to get you pregnant. ”
“You forgot one thing: I’m on the pill. You can’t get me pregnant unless I stop taking it. ”
Well, that much was a relief. But back to the first question I asked. ‘What have I done?’ Well, other than getting my own daughter drunk, having oral sex with her, then fucking her (taking her cherry in the process), I’ve done nothing. Right.
“Daddy, look at me” she said. It was like she could hear my thoughts. “I concocted this plan a long time ago, on my own. I wanted this to happen, I wanted you to fuck me. I’ve been a very good girl through school, and you’ve been a very good father. Now I want you to be something different. ”
“Different how?” I asked.
“I’ve got a father--I want a lover, and you can be both to me.

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“You’ve always known what you want, honey. ”
“There is one other thing, Daddy. I’m bi…”
“Buy?” I couldn’t figure out what that meant.
“As in bisexual. I like girls too. And I would like to bring Paula into our life too. Whaddya think?”
How could I turn her down? “Sounds like you’ve got this all planned out. ”
“Good! You’ll meet her tonight then. ”
Yep, all planned out.