Jenny's Secret


I walked in and immediately started searching her dresser drawers. I was disappointed to find nothing, but my search continued. I went into the close and started looking in all the odd boxes and packages that I could find. Again, I found nothing but old clothes and shoes. Finally, I got the idea that maybe mom had hid them in a place where she thought no one would look, so I opened up her shoeboxes one by one. Half way through my search, I uncovered what I had been searching for. It was a 7” white cock that had an adjustable vibrator control on the bottom. I wrapped my hand around it and rubbed it up and down imagining what it would feel like deep inside me. I placed the shoebox cover back on the box and left her room. I was going to experiment with my new-found treasure. When I got in my room, I immediately undressed and jumped on the bed to lie down. I rested my head on the pillow and opened my legs wide. I first tried the dick between my legs without the vibrating head turned on and it felt great! I first rubbed it on my clit and slowly. Then I started pushing it against the entrance of my pussy but it wouldn’t fit, I figured it was too big for me. I put the vibrating head on slow and started rubbing my clit with it. As soon as I pushed the head against my clit, my body tensed up and I felt an electric shock throughout me entire body.

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   I immediately pulled it away and marveled at the feeling. I could feel my heart beating fast in my chest. I just had the fastest orgasm ever!I put it back on my clit and rubbed it around in circles. All the while my eyes are closed reveling in the new feeling my body discovered. Just then I heard the door creek open and I opened my eyes while trying to quickly hide the vibrator. “Young lady, what are you doing in here?” Mom said sternly. I burst into tears because mom scared me. I hid under the covers and turned over crying. I was so afraid of what she would say to me. Mom came over and apologized and said she did not mean to scare me, she just wanted to see what I was doing. She said she had not even yet noticed what I was doing until she saw me scrambling to hide underneath. “It’s ok baby, don’t be scared!” Mom said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you!”I sniffled a little bit and rolled over. My mom was holding onto my shoulders helping me roll over as another tear formed in my eye. She was half heartedly smiling while she began to talk. “Baby, you don’t have to be scared about using this.

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  ” She said as she pulled the vibrator out again. “I use it all the time. Do you need help?” Mom asked very dotingly. Before I could shake my head, she had it turned on and was running it down my belly on its way to my pussy. She had a really subtle look on her face but it turned into a smile as she neared my clit. She paused at the top of my clit with the device just barely on and asked if I minded if she showed me. I shook my head and she began to lower it on my clit. I immediately arched my back and began to thrust my hips against the dildo. “You like this, huh baby?” Mom said very passionately. “Oh YES!” I said breathing out heavily. “Don’t stop!”Just then she began to lower it down to my cunt hole and started to push it inside me. I could not believe my mom was pleasuring me like this. I put my hand down to my pussy and began to rub my clit when mom pulled my hand away. “Here, let me. ” She said as she lowered her head to my pubic area and started kissing all around.

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   “This is the side of me I never thought you would see, but I’m now glad I could show you. ” She added as her tongue flicked across my clit. She suddenly went in for the kill as she assaulted my pussy with her tongue and dildo. This was too much for me and I could feel the shock waves building up inside me and flowing throughout my body. I was coming hard and mom knew it. It put my hands on her head and pushed my cunt into her face. Right as I did that, she sucked my clit into her mouth. “Oh GOD! MOM!!!” I screamed as my orgasm subsided. Mom slowly stopped her onslaught as my breathing settled as said “There now, don’t you feel better?” She asked. “Oh yes, but Mom, what about you?” I asked. I never had a desire for another woman, but her actions made me want to give her back what she gave me. “Your father will be home soon. ” She said as she smiled. “Trust me, he’ll take care of me!”“Mmmmmmm” I moaned as I began to get really tired. Mom petted me all over until I fell asleep.

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   Before I knew it, it was super time and Mom was waking me from my sleep. “Hey Baby, time for dinner. ” Mom said. As I got up, she mentioned to me: “Jenny? Lets let this afternoon be our little secret, ok?”I smiled and nodded my affirmation. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.